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Face facts! Mesut Ozil will NOT be signing a new Arsenal contract

The contract sagas of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have been going on for over a year now, but for some reason there are still reports in the Arsenal media that the German could still backtrack and sign a new contract. The latest “news” is that he will only sign if he is given Jack Wilshere’s Number 10 shirt. As far as I can see this EXCLUSIVE was first aired on Wednesday, but it sounds like it was written by ‘Phil Space’ to me, especially as Ozil is off with the German national team at the moment and would hardly speak to that rag anyway.

There is nothing to see here I assure you. Nothing has changed. Ozil will not be signing a new contract. Arsenal will NOT be offering 300,000 a week to either Sanchez or Ozil, and they will both be looking for massive signing on fees at their new clubs next season.

Jack Wilshere, if he decides to stay (at least there is a real chance of that one happening) will continue to wear the Number 10 shirt, and the media will continue to make up rubbish stories to entertain the masses who have already got it in for Ozil.

Okay is that clear?

Darren N

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16 thoughts on “Face facts! Mesut Ozil will NOT be signing a new Arsenal contract

  1. Pablo Picasso

    And people on here tried to compare him to great DB when we got it.

    Don’t let the door hit you on your way out and please carry along Arsene with you.

    1. arie82

      Dennis was never play as winger, hes play as striker, and later as second striker, even as attaking middlefield.
      Peoples see dennis in oziel couse similarity to skill, passing and vision as playmaker.
      But blody hell, wenger play him as winger, and peoples often critism oziel couse cant defend, not traking the ball or not running enough like ramsey.
      Give oziel no 10 rule, like his second season, when he nearly broke henry assist record.
      As long he play as winger and play badly, i blame wenger.

      1. Budd

        Watch the 2003-04 game against Tottenham and let us know who was playing on the right side most of the game.

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

          If you all remember Wenger often benched Dennis Bergkamp in his final year(s) to the amazement of pundits at the time. And it was not because of his being the “nonflying Dutchman”.

  2. Nothing changed

    I am shocked I thought Ozil and Sanchez just had not gotten around to finding a pen to sign their new contracts.

    Are you telling me these two players don’t want to be at Arsenal? Could have sworn they appeared more motivated than ever on the pitch and are both putting up record stats this season.

    Maybe we should have sold them?


  3. Patch

    Wenger doesn’t get backed by the board things could get worse when he’s gone. That’s unless the board have been saving for investment under the new manager, Ozil is not the player he was and Sanchez looks slightly tired I think we’ve had the best of him. Let them go we want 2 world class 24-26 year olds

  4. Max

    Yeah, Arsenal didn’t want to extend their contracts when there was a time to do it. Arsene doesn’t care – he has Ramsey who can replace them both (at the same time). 😉

  5. Atid

    The thing is we would have to pay around £600k a week each to keep these 2. Let that sink in, over 4 years that is approximately £125m for 2 players that have failed to.lead us to the title over the last 4 years. Ok they managed to lead us to 3 Fa Cups and 3 community Shields, but their legacy will be remembered as taking us to EPL & champions League failure and non Champions League football for the first time in 21 years.

    I would prefer to bring in 2 £30m players in the summer and pay them £150k a week

  6. Gunner22

    Good riddance, we don’t want them either.
    Id take the Europa, league cup and fa cup and maybe the super cup and still call it a successful season playing with the b team
    Promote the b team next year with a few additions and a new manager
    Wenger can still leave on a high and be forever remembered, but knowing Wenger , he’ll bottle it up sooner rater than later

  7. gunnersrocks

    They both dont deserve to wear this shirt..i would even forgive ozil but alexis..he shld nt forget that we gave him the chance to show that he still has it in him after rotting in barca bench..but the way he is playing now…errrr.ozil time is up and he shld be sold aylest fr 15mil max

  8. the barrel

    They will be remembered as the players who made us play Europa League after 20 continuous years in Champions league. Dont let them mess up with your mind. Ozil will wear No.10 in Turkish team, thats where he belongs. Not in Arsenal. Does he think he is better than Wilshere?

  9. Ox

    Don’t give Ozil the number ten let him keep 11 that’s a perfect for a player that turns up 11 times a season ?

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