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Fair Swap? – Walcott to Chelsea, Fellaini to Arsenal?

Although most Arsenal fans wouldn’t have minded if Theo Walcott had left in the summer, his improvement this season (despite being sidelined by Arsene Wenger) has convinced us that letting him go may not be such a good idea after all….

The latest rumours, from the respected UK paper The Telegraph, are saying that Chelsea have also noticed his improvement and are going to make a bid to get him on a cut-price deal this January, with the England winger more likely to choose our London neighbours over Liverpool simply because he will be practically guaranteed Champions League football.

None of us really want to see Walcott leave but it now seems inevitable unless Wenger is going to allow him to leave for free in the summer, but I am certain that Arsenal fans wouldn’t complain if Everton’s Marouane Fellaini came to the Emirates in his place. The big Belgian international has been on fire this season and has been scoring goals for fun. He has also indicated that he is ambitious and will probably leave Everton soon.

Fellaini has stated his preference to join his Belgian counterparts at Chelsea, but a quick look at the betting shows that Chelsea and Arsenal are both 5/1 to sign him this January. Well we do have Thomas Vermaelen to help him settle in!

Would Arsenal fans be happy with swapping Walcott for Fellaini?

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57 thoughts on “Fair Swap? – Walcott to Chelsea, Fellaini to Arsenal?

  1. GoonerSouthAfrica

    In my opinion Fellaini is not quite worth his price. We should keep Walcott at all costs!

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  3. Briano

    But Fellaini doesnt play on the wing!!!Yes we have the OX but lets face it Gervinhno and Ramsey arent cutting it on the right wing so who do we play there!!!The Ox is young and we shouldnt be pinning our hopes on him every game.I think we should just try and keep Walcott and sign a DM in January!!!

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  4. mohamedaziz

    keep walcot bring felaini get sell diaby rocsky ramsy and the dead woods of charmak girou schilaki the korean santos denilson ashavin bendtner all these just adding to asnl finances

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  5. muzora

    There is no meaning letting walcot leave instead wenger has to add more quality players in the squad if he needs to fight 4 trophies this season.

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  6. meja,TZ

    After all lets forget that AW doesn’t entertain recruitment of superstars especially those from EPL.

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  7. Amol

    Replace walcott
    withal better player
    Thts never gonna happen

    it would better if theo remains at arsenal

    Fellaini would be a good signing to strengthen the midfield

    but can arsenal pay such high transfer money

    for fellaini

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  8. h-gonner

    Why would We sell a player who helps us assist so much and also scores Now n again…JUST BUY MORE WORLD CLASS PLAYERS FORGET SWAPPING FOR GOODNISS SAKE!!

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  9. Q8

    Hmm lets see
    Arsenal=not ambitious
    He will not join us also everton will finish above us and they have a better manager so why would he leave them to join us.

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  10. Billy

    If we sell Walcott I’m gonna be physically sick…wtf ate the board/wenger up to – stop destroying our club!

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  11. Mudah

    Don’t even try to let walcott go no matter who you brought in, if u wanna add someone add someone period “fellaini will be a welcomed addition

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  12. ks-gunner

    Fellaini would be a solid transfer… even though he is a tall guy he has some sick football skills…he would boss the miedlefield at ease with the likes of wilsher and cazorla…with his hight and power he would be eable to help us defending.. especially set pieces…and also score crucial goals ….the hack on this is that he would probably cost a lote more then our club transfer records coz Everton aint a Cheap selling club to seel theyre best players for nothing just like we do…and probably Wenger would come up with something like that we have already a Fellaini in Diaby….which is almost true but the difference is that our guy is fragile…and Fellaini a power house …ps forget Falcao…watch Edison Cavani is the real deal….

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  13. harugongo boy


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  14. Dan

    Chelsea can sign Walcott and Fellaini if they want. Just because they take Walcott away from us doesn’t mean we automatically get Fellaini. They’re a team with ambition, and as a professional, Fellaini will always choose Chelsea (for obvious reasons).

    Can you imagine that midfield – Fellaini, Ramires, Hazard, Oscar and Mata. And then if they got Falcao next summer, Bloody hell

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  15. synsix

    y cant we have a differnt wage policy for al the ever injured player dribblin and runnin at doctor’s desk/may half pay package or somethin like that when they are not fit enough to train/in this way atleast some dead wood wil surely leav

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  16. kieran

    not gona happen.if walcott leaves he will be replaced by a second rate player like taarabt coz profits mean more.Board has 2 go!

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  17. WEMO

    Stop settling for second best no more.
    This is The Arsenal. We don’t need to swap when we need them both. Tired of this.

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  18. raj

    If we Sell Theo to Chelsea we will well and truly be fucked He will cone back and haunt us. We need to keep our best players and also buy quality. Get rid off the deadwood asap. Can’t believe what the board is doing. I say let’s boycott until they listen to us or get petition and get usmanov and dein in

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  19. Igwe

    Please from today, any great Arsenal fans that living in UK and paying to enter stadium please anytime you comment here, add UK to your name here, so that we can direct word to those fans that living in UK, i need changing.. we need our Arsenal back, Gunners for life.

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  20. lmyyyks

    Fellaini will give Arsenal the much needed solidity in midfield. Just buy him and keep Walcott.

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  21. ArsenalBrasil

    If the owner of this website was Arsenal manager , our club would be worst and worst with those idiot’s idea’s.

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  22. sube

    Everton at the moment are playing far better than Arsenal.
    There is no reason he would want to move to Arsenal.
    Arsenal are almost destined to finish outside the top 4 this season.

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  23. ArsenalsF

    ‘look what happened to liverpool’…stupid comment, they got a guy in who spent lots of money and now they suck, yet you want to get a criminal ukrainian billionaire in to run our club? i don’t think so mate

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  24. highbury44

    Wenger won’t buy anybody in Jan ,he never does.We all have to accept the best players will never come to Arsenal because of our wage structure.Why would they,if Man u ,city,offer £200K+ and the best we can offer is half this.4th place is anybodies this season and we have as much chance of getting it as anybody else.So stop your moaning and living in the past ,when we were the best,and get behind the team.

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  25. Amit S

    Anyone but not Walcott….. and that too…to a rival like chelsea…never…

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  26. 3Dwin

    What the hell is wrong with the board!!?!
    Can they just give walcott the 100k/week wage like seriously.. He is the most senior player at arsenal n is arguably one of the most consistent players up til now! And if they are really worried abt that extra 15k/week affecting arsenal finance, couldnt they just cut 15k of their “pocket money”??!!

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  27. synsix

    y in the world would he move to Arsenal:
    1- To play out of position (our professor might even play him as 3rd choice goalkeeper )
    2-to earn half of his current wages
    3-to play in europa league next summer (thrs no chance we r gonna b in champion’s league) or
    4-to b booed down by we pathetic fans after every slip up

    Guys its hard but we have to accept it that we r just not that good Arsenal anymore

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  28. Martin

    Typical Theo is just starting to show the potential we all hoped he would then he leaves!! We are so amateur in the way we deal with our players with regards contracts.

    As for Fellani we have no chance of signing him the BIG clubs will go for him, we are now competing for players that Villa, Fulham Sunderland, Everton are chasing

    Sad but true

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  29. GUNNER

    Cavani, Mbiwa, Fellaini IN
    Sagna, Walcott new contracts
    Djourou, Chamakh, Arshavin OUT
    we dont need Zaha we have Afobe

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  30. Hasibullah

    Y we should sell walcott, we can cover it by selling other players such as:

    1-Chamakh——-at least 3 million.
    2-Part———-at least 1 million.
    3-Squillaci—–Release him at summer.
    4-Arshavin——at least 5 million.
    5-Djourou——-at least 4 million.
    6-Diaby———at least 10 million (because of consecutive injuries ).
    7-Rosický——-at least 8 million considering his injury an age (32).
    8-Fabiański—-at least 2 million.
    9-Santos——-at least 2 million.

    TOTAL——-32 million+35 million investment equals 67 million.

    Now we need these players:

    1-Fellaini——worth 20 million.
    2-Baines——–worth 8 million.
    3-Isco———-worth 15million.
    4-M’Vila——–worth 15 million.
    5-A world class CB—-9 million.

    EPL squad:

    . Szczęsny
    . Wilshere-Fellaini-Arteta
    . Cazorla
    . Giroud-Podolski



    . Szczęsny
    . Walcott-Giroud


    . Szczęsny
    . Cazorla-Fellaini-Wilshire
    . Walcott-Isco-Podolski

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  31. Rory

    If Walcott goes,
    sagna, vermeaelan, mertesacker, gibbs
    cazorla, wilshere, arteta
    chamberalain, podolski, arshavin
    but i dont think there is a gooner in the world that wouldn’t mind him leaeving!

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  32. true goon

    how come you guys dont realise the decision has already been made walcot’s leaving.IF he doesnt sign b4 january how can we keep him?.Theres already quotes in the paper about how he wont be rushed into a deal,its november nearly december and he’s talking like that how much more time does he need?Arsenal have obviously not handled this very well but we must face facts if he talking like that then he’s not gonna sign b4 january no matter wat,therefore he’s definitely going.
    At the end of the day i support ARSENAL not theo.

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  33. Invincibles nice (1)

    I will be very suprised if we are not to recruit a quality striker this coming window with there being alot of good options available as in Lewendowski Huntelaar Lorente Cavani Ba Jovetic also maybe Hernandez Dzeko plus more, with all the other big clubs desperate to sign Falcao or Neymar i really believe it most likely that we will get the one in wich we persue

    While i do take Arsene at his word i were disapointed however in hearing Arsenes response as to why Arsenals failures on strengthening when remarking that the right man were not available or that they wernt as good as the options already within our squad, when i heard this i immediately thought back on the circumstances in wich our players did depart and realised that clubs dont sit around in wait for the right players to become available as you will be leaving to much down to chance, they will on the otherhand offer huge incentives to the player the club or both, so to sum it all up i will be truly pi**ed if i im to hear any reasons as to why we cant recruit players of real quality while sitting on substantial transfer funds

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  34. Brandy

    Needs to buy big in january cavani top quality striker fellaini for number 10 role change or system a bit push santi wide sell walcott if he wants out we have gnabry and chamberlain!needs to then buy a def mid and left back who starts allow us ta play gibbs on wing if have to

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  35. 1nil2theboys

    All you Gooners banging on about keeping Theo need to get real.He’s a goner.Another rat abandoning the sinking ship.Only ones we can really count on to stay are Jack and Jenks (lifelong Gooners) and all the deadweight that know what a good thing they’re on.Sacking the board and changing the wage structure is the only way we’ll get top class players in.
    On topic-Yes,I’d love it if we got Fellaini (and Baines while we’re there) but like Theo,the Dutch skunk,Na$ri,Cashley etc I’m sure they’ll go to more ambitious clubs than us.
    We need change.We are Arsenal-a top club.We shouldn’t be shopping in the bargain basement.

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  36. Richard

    Don’t be silly, when did we sign a really top class player, we get tha wannerbees and the nevergonnerbees

    we are now an average team with an average manager and a less than average Board in an above average ground

    If any of you were really tasty palyers would you sign for the Arsenal, earn 50% less, have very little chance of any silverware unless it was astepping stone to something better. Now be honest.

    A major transplant is needed to save us from the suits that are ruining our team.

    What odds are there on which players will be leaving in the summer if not before or are our standards so low that no one will want to buy (assett stripping is the definition I think)

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  37. Nick

    F’ that! Sign Thei to a new long term contract & play him & Giroud up front Ina 4-4-2. Trade AA23 to Everton for Fellani. If we “sell” Theo then I say we make a statement and spend the money on Falcao & put everyone on notice that we mean business and were coming after every team with a vengeance!

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  38. hamid

    In the light of new events, the reality is Wallcot to Everton and Fellaini to Chelsea and Arsenal to relegation. Arsenal is drifting to championship and there is no stopping it, unles you London fans don’t do something about it. BOYCOTT A HOME GAME ALREADY!!!!

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  39. john

    is joining Arsenal from Everton now a backward step? Everton have a proud history of their own and could now be over taking Arsenal as a bigger club

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  40. eskimo

    Arsenal are more than capable to win the league and champions league with the team they have I would love to see new faces but players on big wages must leave first I would also change the formation but wenger knows best arsenal should sign Munoz 3mil from colocolo Torres nilo 3mil from tigres and bring back park just to actually give him a chance like were giving giroud.

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