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FC BASEL 1- 4 ARSENAL: What the statistics say…….


Arsenal were on hand to beat FC Basel 4-1 away from home thanks to Lucas Perez who scored a hat-trick to ensure that Arsenal continued their decent run of form away from home. Arsene Wenger’s men would be brimming with confidence now going into the Stoke City game at the weekend with two consecutive away win to their credit. Once again Arsenal were superb against the hosts dominating in the midfield areas to show the strength of the team. With Arsenal’s victory, we take a look at the statistics behind the victory over the Swiss giants FC Basel.

The Gunners have more shots they reflected on the score line as Lucas Perez stole the show with a hat-trick. Mesut Ozil was at the end of one shot following some good footwork outside the box which was blocked by the Basel defence. Sanchez hit the cross-bar from the free-kick as Arsenal dominated the host with their total attempt on goal.

5(FC Basel) (Arsenal) 7

The Basel side had more shots on goal here but failed to hit the target on more occasion while Arsenal had shots on goal in relation to their ability to hit the target more than the host as Arsenal lifted themselves up to the top of the Group A standings.

7 (FC Basel) (Arsenal) 3

With Arsenal flamboyant showing on the pitch and with the top quality performance of Xhaka, Gibbs and Mesut it was evident on how Arsenal dominance in the game. A total of 44-56% as the visitors passed the ball around confidently to secure a vital win. The fluidity behind Arsenal’s game against Basel says it all as the visitors continue to keep the good fruits down the lines.

44 (FC Basel) (Arsenal) 56

Obiweluozo Martins

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7 thoughts on “FC BASEL 1- 4 ARSENAL: What the statistics say…….

        1. Arturitou

          that’s the kind of mentality that are restraining our players. If we want to win the champions or the league or any competition, we need to beat the bests.

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  1. Juhi McLovin

    Dortmund just equalized.. damn.

    So here’s one hoping for NO REAL or NO BAYERN, please!

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  2. ThirdManJW

    Just a little reminder to the fans worried about a tough draw in the last 16: remember what happened a couple seasons ago when we got Monaco, which was the easiest draw in the last 16, and that they had lots of injuries.

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  3. Onochie

    Funny Arsenal fans,when a pundit says he doesn’t believe in this Team winning the champions league or going further than last-16,arsenal fans will slate him calling names and sort,yet the same Arsenal fans are praying that we don’t meet the big teams,have you forgotten that this is a league of champions? If we want to make a statement,we have to start believing in ourselves,its high time we removed that mentality blocks of being inferior to some teams,if the arsenal fans are afraid of some certain teams,then don’t blame any player/s when the team is beaten by one of those teams. This is Wenger biggest challenge,instilling belief into his players in big matches,if he can do it like he did some many years ago in the past,then there’s no team that we can’t beat. Remember that not all the teams are going to play like west ham

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