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Feyenoord tell Arsenal – Let us keep Miyaichi another year!

The Dutch giants Feyenoord very kindly took the young Japanese starlet Ryo Myaichi on loan in January after Arsene Wenger failed in his bid to get a “special talent” work permit for the 18 year-old.

The youngster scored on his debut for Feyenoord and soon became a regular starter. He impressed all and sundry with his silky skills and mesmerising runs, which of course the Dutch side fully reported to Wenger and his scouts.

He did so well that Wenger has decided to bring him back to Arsenal for the pre-season games and tour before applying for another work permit before the season starts.

But Feyenoord don’t want to lose him! Their technical director Martin Van Geel is hoping to persuade Wenger to wait another year before taking Miyaichi into the Gunners first team squad.

He said today: “We would love to have him here on loan for a year,”

“Arsenal know we are good for him. Now we can only wait for their answer.”

You can wait, but the only way you will get him back is if Arsenal can’t get a work permit. Otherwise pick another one of the Arsenal kids!

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14 thoughts on “Feyenoord tell Arsenal – Let us keep Miyaichi another year!

  1. JEL

    I feel staying at Feyenoord is in the best interest of all parties, although I think Wenger should definitely bring him back for pre-season training with Arsenal. There is no way Ryo is going to start for Arsenal next season, so it makes much more sense for him to continuing developing in Holland as that extra year of development could be be all the difference in Ryo going to that next level of class…

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  2. goonermani

    i prefer him to be loaned out again next season so that he gains more experience and comes in directly to our first team squad the following season …
    we have enough proven talent.. its time to start playing with more experience players and get more n more trophies to our club..

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  3. junaid8

    He should stay at Arsenal as he can be a good squad player for us. He will be our only natural winger at the club which is quite important (Walcotts naturally a striker Arshavin is a centeral attacker so are the rest who play wide for us).

    However if I was Feynoord I would loan 2 different Arsenal players are Ryo will expect a larger wage after his sucessful debut season and even if Arsenal did agree to loan him out contract offers will probably stall as their in financial problems + cant afford to pay high wages.

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  4. Mike

    In total agreement. There is such a thing as forcing a player. Leave him at Feynoord or better yet, loan him to a lower league club in England so he can develop in the English game.

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  5. Ash4Arsenal

    I’d rather him gain more experience at Feyenoord. Unlike other loanees and clubs at the other end, they actually PLAY him and he’s in their first team.
    However, he should play in our pre-season so that wenger can see him first hand and talk to him and he could get used to our style. This would be the best option.

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  6. Augustus

    No wenger shld not let him stay 4 anoda yr he shld cum nd fight 4 1st 11 sheet he a grate player arsenal hv been looking 4. GUNNERS 4 EVER

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  7. Goonz-a-blazin

    Leaving him to play in a sub-par league, where he is clearly better than everyone does him no good i’m afraid. Fans get to see him more, he plays more, but playing more doesnt mean better development. What matter is the timing with which he is exposed to different levels of the game. There are many areas of his game which need development in order for him to be a true super-star, but he doesnt need to improve on much to be a regular squad player at arsenal. He is already there in many respects, Except from his build, and his reactions to physical challenges. Neither of which will improve playing in the Holland.
    Wenger is right to bring him in for the summer. One big gauge is to see how he responds, and improves while playing with Far better players! this is the reason Bendtner, Randall, Cruise, etc are being shipped out after being in the youth set-up for so long. These are the kind of players who are great for average teams, but struggle in the step up in class, eg. Defoe, Crouch, Lennon. Great players get better when playing with Better teamates! Wilshere, Ramsey, Frimpong are all Prime examples of what makes great players. Miyaichi is of the same quality. I remember him on trial at Arsenal and he had 1 good game and bad in 2 others. The fact that he has improved as much as he has, in such a short span of time, and in such stride means he has what all stars are made of!! He should be with the Arsenal first team for sure, even if he isnt playing much.

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  8. cardiffgooner

    lets see how he gets on in our pre-season. i saw a couple of his games in holland and ill be honest….im excited. the way the kid drops a shoulder and beats a player with his pace is incredible could be a real star of the future. the sooner we integrate him into the squad the better. we can always loan him out again if needs be but i think training with our first team squad will improve him even quicker.

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  9. Madtowngunner

    to goonz-a-blazin: the dutch league, and feyenoord in particular is an excellent place for him to be this year. A year of playing at the second biggest club in Holland will be excellent for him. Also, bulking up has little to do with where you’re playing, but how much time you’re willing to spend in the weight room. I also seem to remember that RVP developed at feyenoord, and he’s quite alright now. I think that although he would likely help out the team next year, it would be better for him and for Arsenal to let him stay in Holland, at least until January.

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  10. Aniruddh

    @Goonz-a-blazin The league that you’re talking about is the same one from which the likes of Vermaelen, Kuyt and Suarez, among others, have been bought and they settled in pretty well in England.

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  11. arzenal

    i thbink he should be loaned to the championship rather than feyenoord, plus lets not make him get too attached as well as there football is different to that of the english so championship or even league 2 will be better for him

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  12. X

    While I wouldn’t mind him going on loan to Feyenoord,
    I would prefer Bolton(Look what they did for Jack) or a Prem/Campionship side

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  13. Arsenal Future Manager

    Lets see if he has potential to handle the EPL during friendlies, if he can, then we apply for a permit, if it is successful which I hope, then we use him n Arshavin as back up to Nasri n Walcot, and starting both of them during Carling Cup or the odd FA Cup matches, maybe we should loan Feyernoord Welington Silva and see what they can achieve with him

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  14. arightdavee

    Wenger should loan him out to a english team in the championship league, it would give him a season to adapt to the english game, which is vital; so next season he can come to the first squad with experience of the gnish game, and we dont have to wait for him to adapt to it. Every foreign player that comes ot the premier league or english league takes a season or so to adapt, so I think this would be best. Otherwise, if this can’t be done, just let him stay at Feyenoord for another season and bring him back to fight for his place and wait for him to adapt straight into the premier league.

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