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Fixtures force Arsenal into transfer market

Arsene Wenger is going to have to play his cards sooner than he wanted because Arsenal have a serious fixture backlog. The French manager has spoken after Arsenal were forced to play a replay against Swansea in the FA cup when Danny Graham took advantage of a defensive lapse and snatched a late equalizer at the Liberty stadium.

“I am frustrated because I wouldn’t want one, but if that’s the choice between going out and staying in the hat, I take the replay.”

There are concerns whether the players will be able to cope with the heavy load. Arsenal are expected to sign a few players this January, and Wenger hinted that he will do some business sooner rather than later, when asked if the squad was up to the task.

“Yes, if we have no injuries. Today we had four players at home and I didn’t bring on Chamberlain, Coquelin, Rosicky. Diaby’s coming back, and if we find one or two on the transfer market, why not?”

To get players into the club in time to feature in the run of matches which starts on Sunday, Wenger will need to get busy this week. He may have to abandon his typically cagey approach and make a bold move. David Villa from Barcelona is thought to be one of the main targets, but Barcelona are dithering and may need a final push.

A defensive midfielder is a must because Diaby, even if he has recovered, will not be able to play in all of those games. A quality defender and a keeper are also needed but the keeper situation is not critical at the minute. At least the injury to Giroud does not seem to be a problem, as Wenger declared he only has a scar and will be fine to play.

It should be an interesting week, Gooners.

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112 thoughts on “Fixtures force Arsenal into transfer market

  1. b3z

    @A Goonersville Citizen Athletico paid major money for Radamel Falcao from fc porto,they used the money they got from aguero, you should do your research mate

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  2. mr lean

    anyne got an update on the shirt sponsorship,we sticking with nike ? also have invented a new game called where’s ivan ? or as its more commonly known where’s Wally !!

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  3. King Henry

    IF he buys anyone, IF, it wont be what we need.

    It’ll be a silky midfield player, not a CDM, or another crap striker, not like the world class one he sold.

    Back to fishing in the bargain bins again.

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  4. viennagunner

    Arsene,sign finaly M’Villa!!!
    It is obvious that he wants only the Arsenal Shirt, he rejected also QPR in the morning. Zenit is not an option, their are rassist. We at Arsenal do not care what colour the player is, nor his religion, we accept all players which will be proud to wear the Arsenal shirt!
    So, finally sign M’Vila, and if you sign also Mbiwa we will be fine in the back row. Up front, maybe only Adrian Lopez, though we have an excellent central striker in Podolski. Just give him the chance as you did give overrated Walcot.

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  5. Ebenezer Tunde

    What is he waiting for? Arsene, spend the fu**ing money. (Wanyma, M’bia,Lopez and Saha) Must we get into a tight corner before we buy players? Come on Wenger, unzip your pockets.

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  6. King Henry

    He’s also injured 90% of the time, then gives a good game 1 in 10. waste of wages

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  7. stephen yiga

    we fans of arsenal we are tied of watching every match with uncertainty coz of weak squad.the management of the club should balance their economic gain with needs of the players. The management want to make money all times while the players are motivated by winning medals and trophies may be with money. There must be a balance between the two parties needs. Secondary to stay competitive in all upcoming competition there is need for reinforcement in midfield, central defence and central forward .Am not prophet of doom but i see no serious achievement this season unless there is improvement in the above mentioned areas. Committed arsenal fan

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