Flamini joins Hleb on the scrapheap. £6m anyone?

After the news today that Barcelona are willing to dispose of Alexandr Hleb for a measly £3m if they can find anyone willing to take him off their hands, it seems that he is not the only ex-Arsenal player that is finding it hard to find a job outside North London!

Mathieu Flamini left Arsenal at the same time as Hleb, but on a free transfer because he refused to sign a new contract, but his “dream” move to AC Milan hasn’t been quite the step up he believed it was at the time.

He has been mostly consigned to the reserves bench, behind Gennaro Gattuso, Andrea Pirlo and Massimo Ambrosini, and it looks like the Italian giants have decided he will never be good enough to step in their boots.

The latest rumours say that both Aston Villa and Newcastle are interested in bringing the cut-price midfielder back to the Premiership for just £6m, but a good haggler could probably get both Flamini and Hleb for £7m for the pair!

Do you reckon they both may be regretting leaving the Emirates before they were established stars? Haha!

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65 thoughts on “Flamini joins Hleb on the scrapheap. £6m anyone?


    I reckon they deeply regret leaving Arsenal…as have many other players who left for supposed greener grass but the grass aint greener anywhere than at the Emirates….we’ve got the best pitch in the world!
    But as we’re trying to build up our strength in depth and as Denilson and Diaby have not stepped up to the plate as well as we hoped…..along with the sale of Fran Merida, it may well be a good idea to buy Flamini and Hleb both back for combined £7m as they’d still be good back up players!!

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  2. True Goon

    Wouldnt take either. They had their chance at success here and both of them showed us all that they arnt loyal and neither fully established themselves either. Wasted money.

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  3. Champion

    I thought Flamini had been ‘forced’ to stay at Milan, signing a new contract earlier this year, because they wanted him to stay. Man City were interested before but I reckon Spurs will register interest soon enough, they love chasing our cast offs.

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  4. arsenali

    fabregas should learn from these two plus thiery henry if he even considers moving to Barcelona.

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  5. fanagooner

    Just too bad for them, we don’t want them back! It’s wrong what they did to us and I think this will help to convince Cesc about staying! But in any case, we do not even need Flamini, we already have Song, he’s more than perfect for us! Talking good about Arsenal, that’s all they’re left to do!!!

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  6. Dalyop Jugul

    I think, Arsene should go get FLAMINI back home,Dont leave him in the cold please. we spend resources to built him up and i think he was just been a bad student. we need Flamini back! lets not let pride come into play. If he comes back , he will do everything for the club.. Help me beg Arsene please..

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  7. nicky

    Everyone is entitled to a second chance in life as we are all mortal.
    I would take Flamini back like a shot but I’m NOT the manager. AW will decide.
    A word in Cesc’s ear….”The grass isn’t always greener so take care”.

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  8. Chris

    I would take them both back. Flamini is perfect back up for song and diaby and hleb back up for arshavin. They know how we play and for that price it’ll b a great move for arsenal

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  9. Lanz

    I hope who keep asking that Wenger bring back Flamini can now rest. He was a one season beauty! These people miss out something very important: Wenger is a developer while most managers use finished products. I am certain that Fabregas’ development will become stunted once he goes. Let us wait & see.

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  10. John

    I know the fact that they walked away is not to be sniffed at but these things happen and I would take both.

    Helb is far superior than Walcott and forged a brillant partnership with Sagna when he was last with us. I watched him play v Barca for Sutggart and he was awesome….. great link up play, ability to beat a defender and always tracking back.

    Flamini would be excellent along side Song in the middle of the park and would add some much needed steel and hussle (he has a great engine).

    I think we have to see the bigger picture which is these two would bring is closer to winning tropies and the prices are knockdown.

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  11. Arsenal Royalty

    I’d definitely take Flamini, he can compete with Song for the defensive midfielder role.

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  12. demzdimmydemz

    i wouldnt take helb! but ill sure take flamini. that would be our defensive mid troubles out the window and put denilson back onto the bench with the rest of the over rated list! but you cant quit arsenal for the greener grass because then u relised you played for a team who builds players and you went to a team who ends players lol.. oh well.. if u dont wanna play for arsenal leave.

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  13. Ste

    wenger has already sed hes still lookin 4 another defensive signing which cud mean a defensive midfielder like flamini who already knows the pace of the premier league id take him back hes also not scared to make a challenge what arsenal were missing last year apart from vermaelen

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  14. sam

    maybe campbell is an exception but wenger doesnt take back players who left. especially flamini, he left on the free and le stubborn would have to pay a fee to have him back, forget it!!!
    the fact that they proved to be disloyal arsene wouldnt touch them.

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  15. P.J.

    Would take Flamini back in a heartbeat, even for more than £6 million. Wenger would be stupid not to take back someone who combines so well with Cesc.

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  16. ab

    i will never take them back..they werent there when we needed them most!

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  17. singapore-fan

    nasri has arrived and he’s waaaaaaaay better than both has-beens combined!

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  18. leslie

    what makes u guys think flamini would be the same player he was if he returns?please he’s been on the bench all these while at ac and we can’t waste time and resources building up his confidence.lets rather use what we have in creating talent like frimpong and song,rather than to dwell on the past.

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  19. Stevie-G-

    i bet barcelona try and sign the MIGHTY nasri after fabregas and every always says arsenal r crap coz we haven’t won anything since 2005 not suprisin when they keep takin our players basically barcelona r just arsenal we cant be that rubbish why cant they just shop somewhere else

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  20. Nasri75

    why should we take nack Flamini? since left us he has done nothing to suggest that he has even improve. He is not rated at Milan or anywhere else so why take him back?

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  21. jack

    Flamini still has Arsenal in his heart. He was at the Emirates when we lost to the scum in the Champions League Semi Finals 2 years ago. Him and Beckham were in a box, and Flamini was visibly sad for us while we were getting beat. It was on TV. Flamini would be perfect. Don’t know about Hleb though, we have far better players now (nasri, Shava,…)

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  22. Davi

    Buy him back! Milan are retarded for not bringing him into their team. He did the job of 2 players at arsenal. In the 4-4-2 he was like song and diaby combined in a way.
    A midfield of song, flamini and cesc would just blow everyone away.
    Forgive and forget. Wenger treated flamini badly at times, flamini has treated the club somewhat badly (although we really should have tied him down with a contract much earlier in the season once it became clear how good he was). This guy could turn us into winners again.

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  23. sam

    Gettin flamini back would help us keep cesc as they were best mates at arsenal and also flamini is a lot better than denilson I duno why people blast diaby he will come good unlike denilson who is poor at best

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  24. Davi

    Hleb was also a very good player. He was our best dribbler and he set up a lot of chances with brilliant through passes, but I think he got kicked to much by the thugs of this stupid league. Nasri could surpass him in a few years I think, but hleb was extremely effective for us.
    I dont know if we should buy him back now because I dont know what state he is in, but dont forget he was a very good player for us.
    Flamini you can count on because he was all about running and working hard. He is a real winner, and would do wonders for arsenal if we could buy him back.

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  25. Dave

    Flamini would provide the ideal back-up for song…(thats all he is now) but i doubt wenger would sign him and fair-enough really

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  26. real cese pls stand up

    boss will never bye helb or flamini back… but he should considering the price they might prove to be great signings.

    they will join arsenal even on pay cut…. trust me they are desperate to be back at the emirates.

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  27. sam

    knowing wenger, this topic is just a waste of time. none of them will never wear arsenal shirt again.

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  28. emma

    hmmm giving all this comments i think someone should personaly talk to wenger about this guys i know wht they did isn;t tht good but let him forgive and forget and get them back they will help us to win something this summer

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  29. michael

    these players have shown disrespect to arsenal football club,and should never get the oppurtunity to wear an arsenal shirt again.i also believe arsenal football club are above taking back players who have screwed us around and forced a move only to come back with their tail between their legs,talking shit how i should never have left and arsenal are the greatest club in the world………would any any other big club take back players who showed disrespect to their club….well then why should arsenal??

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  30. Oscar

    Don’t blame Flamini alone. Wenger was part of problems of Arsenal. Arsenal have given everything to Fabregas yet he is not happy. Always moaning about leaving. Flamini never had half of what Fabregas is getting at Arsenal. I am 100 percent gunner and will be happy Arsenal resign Flamini but I will not share tears if it doesn’t happen afterall he made his money and we have not won trophy since he left. Every football fan knows Arsenal FC need alot of rebuilding work to do and Flamini is kind who will improve our team so it will be in our own interest to go for it and save our stupid fucking pride. Flamini case is almost same as Fabregas who left barcelona and now he wants to go back to Barca yet Barca is happy to pay far more money for him. Wenger is failing us !
    Shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  31. JImmie

    IF I am the manager I would consider taking flamini back, But to take him I have to consider Frimpong,and Eastmond satus, weather both of them are ready to face PL or need more time.
    No for Helb though as he is slower now.

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  32. rajent

    i like to see both of them in Gunners squad this new season..And just put off Cesc in Bench. let him regret. He thinks he great player and want to Barca..but he forget that Barca sold him bcos do not have faith in him. The man who make cesc is teh Great Arsene wenger..

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  33. reece

    lol at some of you, saying nasri is better than hleb lol. He is not where near the creative force for us that hleb was. He could be eventually, but at the moment not even close. the plays that hleb used to do were not only effective, but mesmerising to watch. where as watching nasri is just too indirect for an attacking mid. arshavin overtook hleb when he arrived in jan. but last season, his form, his attitude and his whole work ethic has been terrible. and id love to have both of them back because they are good friends with fabregas and they all fully understood the way each other plays and thus we played some of the most creative football i’ve seen. i mean even adebayor who needed 5 clear chances to score managed 30plus goals

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  34. zed

    Bring back Flamini, Hell no to Hleb! Flamini will add competition and allow Alex song to drop back to CB if needed. That would also show diaby that he needs to become more consistent and allow denilson to move on since he’s never been good enough to play that position.

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  35. arsenal_dead

    we should not bring any of them(flamini or Hleb) back coz we have moved on without them we have a strong defensive midfielder in song who is loyal to the club.We don’t need players who have one leg in the club and the other leg out,we need players who are committed to the course.

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  36. dickto

    Once brought back the two will be perfect since they know the nature of our game and will not make any mistake of engineering another move,work hard to prove they are still good.the depth in squad is necessary and we will have a better bargain even in wage.they are experienced too.AW PLSE CONSIDER THAT.

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  37. makenzi

    You guys you are forgetting players like wilshere, Ramsey, Jay Emanuel Thomas, Frimpong, Eastmond in midfield. These guys no longer have a place because they fluffed their chance. Let the guys I have mentioned, who are the future of Arsenal be the replacement for Song, Diaby, Denilson, Rosiscky, Cesc, arshavin, who pay in midfield.

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  38. makenzi

    midfield option I forgot Nasri. So we have Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Fabregas, Song, Arshavin, Rosiscky, Ramsey and Eastmond. These are facing competition from Jay Emanuel Thomas, Wilshere, Frimpong, Lansbury who I think will step up this season. Remember we should not block development of these young players by buying or bringing back those who rejected us (Flamini and Hleb). Personally I was hurt by the departure of flamini

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  39. Josh

    waste of energy because AW will never take them back especially Flamini who left on free trasfer after the club had suffered to bring him up! Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  40. Marc

    Whatever people want to say we have missed them 5 times more than they have missed us. We were twice the team with those two in our midfield, even without Arshavin and Vermaelen.

    I’d love to have both of them back, chumps like Nasri and Denilson would be back on the bench where they belong!

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  41. arsenal_dead

    Hey, you guys are forgetting one thing,Nasri is not a clump he performs.I have not had you complain about Arshavin, last season the guy let us down terribly coupled with his unnecessary bluffs in the press.Nasri can’t be grouped with dennilson.

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  42. Goons_with_Guns

    I would love Flam to play alongside Song in a 4231, or on the bench in a 4141.

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  43. Damn_Gallas

    I think only Hleb regrets it but not flamini..

    If I was given the chance, I would sign them back, especially when they are so cheap.

    Flamini, Hleb, Fabregas and Rosicky used to be buddies, and with them, I hope they can persuade fabregas to stay in arsenal.

    Flamini together with Song would be the perfect DM pair. Diaby, Frimpong and Eastmond can be the back up. Hleb is good at holding the ball and dribbling. He can definitely play on the wings and even play in fabregas role.

    If wenger does resign these 2 just like how he did with campbell, then I would be the happiest gunner fan this summer.

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    WE MISS THEM???????????
    we were struggling to stay in the top 4 with them in the team, now we can actually contend for the league. they had their chances….TOO BAD 4 THEM!!!!!!

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  45. Marc

    No gunner for life – we were STRONGLY and CONVINCINGLY challenging for the title nd one of the best teams in europe the season before they left.

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  46. Clemmento

    Flamini and Hleb may not have the form they once had while in arsenal, but resigning them would be a welcome addition.. problem is.. arsenal is a stingy club.

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  47. Coby Jones

    Wow!!! i am so amazed by all the comment you guyz have made well rilly if i was Arsene Winger i will rilly want to have them both Back on the team…paring Flamini and Song in DM…would be the perfect DM…Hleb a perfect player who can drilling and hold on to the Ball…Here is Africa we Arsenal supporters call Flamini FBI in DM…Helb is call Breeze…Gunito

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  48. doosty

    y did they leave in the first place,if i had the chance i will only bring hleb back bcos of his magic dribbles.to with flamini.

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  49. Mayor of Arsenal

    You guys should not be carried away, those guys are not in the form that saw them leaving the club.Moreover, Arsenal & Arsenal fans were begging & trying for them to still but to no avail.Flamini didn’t shine until the season he chose to leave, while Hleb was a mere dribbler. No need calling them back.

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  50. adam

    HLEB NO! although his assists were good but couldnt score to save his life.. i was gutted when flamini left, he wasnt the most exciting player but was a work horse.. aw didnt give him a good enough contract offer so he left! which is typical tight arse aw! i dont agree with high wage demands but im getting sick off seeing no trophys and spurs creeping up our arses!! and flamini would make our unit more solid! (and in flamini;s last season we had a gd season- he only got noticed that yr because wenger gave him a solid run in the team, other seasons he filled in the gaps ! like when he played left back in our best run in the champions league!! )

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  51. Davi

    “Flamini didn’t shine until the season he chose to leave” – wtf? He never had a chance before then except for the CL run where he played left back… And he DID shine in that role!

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  52. pupa

    i saw hleb play 4 stuttgart n surely the had increased pace n more aggressive against barca…if i were wenger i would reconsider signing both hleb n flamini for the midfield part.Am sure this guys can help beat man u and chelsea this season n hopefully lift a trophy…with the current signing i dont think we heading to the trophy way…but to the 6th season with fairplay price only…:0)

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