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Forget a new DM – Arsenal need a new manager!

Forget a new DM, a new manager and a new keeper are much more needed at Arsenal. I don’t know where to begin. Szczesny is the devil. He was worthless. Helpless. De Gea carries Man United by himself, while our keeper does everything he can to sink us. He is plain terrible.

Sanchez may not stay here for long. He tries, but doing it on himself is not going to happen against all teams. An average Southampton side beat us with ease, not because they are good, but because we cannot defend at all.

It’s so sad you could cry. Wenger is the doom of this squad. Podolski is not in the group when we don¡t have striker, because Wenger has some problem with him even when he isn’t injured. We play 6 defensive players who care good for nothing when your keeper assures a goal every time their team has half a chance.

They say Mignolet was bad. The problem with having no striker in the box seems to be no matter for most of the people, but we are just terrible all over the place. It’s sad but as long as Wenger is alive he’ll get a free contract. I hope he gets sacked.

I hope the Lord gives us a light of hope. We threw away so many points I stopped counting it’s sad. The substitutes were terrible too. And of course too late. I rest my case. Wenger is done and dusted and just doomed. We’ll be raped by the big boys. Thank you AKBs. I hope you’re happy!

Happy new year with the same old Wenger crap!


VIDEO – Szczesny’s errors and Wenger’s reaction!

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44 thoughts on “Forget a new DM – Arsenal need a new manager!

  1. antiwenger

    Can’t see any akbs in here,they have their heads buried in the sand like ostriches. Just wait untill we beat European giants HULL CITY 2-1 on Sunday and they will all come out preaching how their god is the best manager in the world.
    I even stopped blaming Le fraud long time ago,I now blame the current crop of fans that we have,those who sing ‘only one arsene wenger’ after beating a Newcastle side aiming for a midtable finish. Surely how low we have fallen!!!!!Mauricio pochettino yesterday did what wenger hasn’t been able to do in 14 attempts, i.e beat jose mourinho,even worse,pardew has done it,gus poyet did it last ssn,it is appalling how one can still find excuses for this out of date imposter,excellent bank manager, poor tactician

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      its as Mourihno stated …….. Wenger has the easiest job in the world… No pressure to deliver…… This nonsense only exist at Arsenal…. Even a mid table team knows its manager has to deliver or his job is at risk, he didn’t have to lose all the games of his life b4 getting sacked…change brings about evolution…….can’t see why people are scared of it……..and if u think sacking a manager isn’t class , how does retaining consistent mediocre show class?…….what we have tolerated for the past 10yrs, i bet even a bottom table team knows it needs to rise out of the ashes in order to save its status………But, Its only at Arsenal that we permit such nonsense to continue longer than a decade…..we let a dinosaur from the jurassic era continue to mess us up

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  2. Hafiz Rahman

    anyone that beat Mourinho is world class.. lets sign Pocheetti

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    1. carmiran

      You guys think too much of Mourinho….Pochettino is good, Koeman is better…if we are gonna raid Southampton again, we should get Forster, now thats a keeper. That kid is gonna take Hart’s job with England guarantee….our keeper is good, as a back up, not starter. He has some things of greatness and then some days like today. I think his mental maturity is not quite there yet…but, if we pretend that we can keep on playing Mertesacker we are in big trouble. The guy is clueless, his positioning is terrible, his pace is non existing and his capacities as a leader are in question, you can’t go on blaming others when you are the main culprit. When Sczezny decided to leave his goal today in the first goal, Mertz job was to run and cover the goal line!! he didn’t do it….with actions like that (or many other bloopers before) even if Kos is at 100% we will be in trouble…now, if Wenger doesn’t sign a dm and a cdm right away after the window open we will be in big trouble….

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      1. almostawinner

        maybe we should raid SOT and get koeman (in summer).

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  3. SUNNY13

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    1. mohawk

      Sorry, but top teams need their #1 keeper to play well in 29 out of 30 games – not 15 out of 30 games.

      Szcesny is sometimes excellent. And other times he is worse than awful. That equates to 2nd or 3rd division quality.

      Vs. S.H. he was a joke – he ensured a loss.

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      1. almostawinner

        i really hope wenger has balls to bench chesney. ospina should be #1 now, and chesney will have to prove himself vs “smaller” teams as he makes his attempt to reclaim #1 spot.

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  4. Hafiz Rahman

    overall the match was destroy thanks to Sheez…..

    everyone did ok….but not good enough

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  5. Mk2013

    It’s frustrating to see the team being beaten and you look at the bench expecting a reaction from the bench, then you see AW just seated clueless and not knowing what to do to bring the team back in the game. Then suddenly after 80th minute he does a crazy substitution followed by another one the 87th minute.

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    1. davidnz

      @Mk2013 to be fair it is hard
      when your defense concedes
      2 crazy goals in one game.

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      1. Invincibles49

        If it was once in while incident, no one will blame Wenger. But you cant disagree that defensive mistakes/blunders are becoming a regular feature of this team and instead of addressins it in the transfer window, Wenger continues to ignore it and do patchwork . The buck got to stop with the manager.

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        1. almostawinner

          also.. gotta love the 80min+ subs. not sure whats going on in the old man’s head.

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  6. Invincibles49

    Wenger’s shambolic tactics around transfer windows are losing subtelty now. Coquelin’s regular playing time and Chamber’s positioning to CDM is a blunt hint that Wenger is going to ignore this position once more and sign only a CB. What is more disturbing is that he actually messes around with team’s formation which potentially cost us points just to have a solid reason to defend himself from fans’ wrath for not making proper signings. How can such a man be in charge of such a glorious club ?

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  7. antiwenger

    this is exactly the problem with arsenal fans….”no need to panic as we will get top 4″……are you listening to yourself?? and then what after we get top 4??i guess we assemble a squad good enough to finish fourth the following season, and the cycle continues. We are now a team aiming for fourth even b4 the season starts,and some fans have settled for that.The 5th richest club in the world, the club with the highest ticket prices in the world, and the best we could do is fourth, and maybe the odd f.a cup once every decade.

    In all honesty, i want us to finish outside the top four, maybe this will stop the rot and force the board to act.Before anyone calls me plastic, we have been qualifying for the CL for many seasons now,FOR FINANCIAL REASONS ONLY,where is that money? can’t even afford a £10m defender,ticket prices rising every season,so what’s the point of finishing fourth??

    Oh,and who gets paid £8m every year just to finish fourth?? Wenger must have the best job in the world. He picked his own boss,can never get sacked.LAD

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    1. jt

      haha mad props to wenger though that he picked his own boss, who does that? #likeaboss

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  8. Invincibles49

    Read on “Arsenal’s top 4 rival Southampton….” .. LOL.. Real progress this season.

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  9. WiserthanWenger

    Wenger is like a doting father who can only breeds brats like Giroud, Wilshere, Sczeszney etc & weaklings like DuckerSucker, Diaby etc..

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  10. Hafiz Rahman

    The House of Rahman demands Wenger to be released with immediate effect

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  11. Demwan Jones

    It’s all gone cold…
    And no one wants to change
    It’s all so wrong…
    But no one wants the blame
    It’s all gone cold…
    There’s nothing left to gain
    It’s all so wrong…
    But who am I, who am I to say?

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  12. davidnz

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    1. almostawinner

      sorry; wenger has to take some responsibility for preparing for injuries. happens every season. so plan for it. or plan for failure.

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    2. DB9

      Firstly if you think Wenger has done well for keeping us near the top four you’re clearing your average deluded arsenal fan who settles for second best if you see that as what arsenal football club should be aiming for.

      Anyway, you’re also deluded if the state of the squad ‘amazes’ you. We’ve been notoriously injury prone for some years, everyone knows this, especially Wenger. He should buy more players to remove this problem. Granted you noticed we’re a centre back short, but I would still buy another 2.

      It really annoys me seeing AKBs who lack ambition when we overpay for mediocre performances and for Kroenke and Gazidis to fill their pockets and Wenger not to solve clearly evident problems in our squad.


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  13. Robin Vanpayslip

    Dude has a keeper that is convinced he is Neuer. What more can you say?

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    1. dilla

      shez has a big ego, and so far all wenger has done is massage it.

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    2. mohawk

      Szcesny claims he has command of the box – this is more than delusional.

      Szcesny often makes some great reaction saves, but he has absolutely NO command of the box and he never has – his decision making is the worst.

      So who is planting this nonsense in his head – his father and Wenger most likely.

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  14. dilla

    I would welcome any of these managers:

    Ronald Koeman, Diego Simeone, Jupp Heynckles, Rudi Garcia, Joachim Low, Jorge Sampaoli, Dieter Hecking, (manager for Wolfsburg-check them out this season they are nasty).

    Jurgen Klopp? I’m not so sure anymore. They are currently tied for last place in the Bundesliga.

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  15. antiwenger

    Wenger has done a remarkable
    job keeping Arsenal close to top 4.’

    This has to be a joke mr davidnz!!!!!!So now wenger is being paid £8m a year to keep arsenal close to the top 4??Mind you,Southampton lost 8 key players plus a manager in the transfer window,they now sit fourth, 3 pts ahead of us.We can no longer use injuries as an excuse because we have always had them,and if wenger was a smart manager,he would have addressed this problem by having better squad depth,but instead he chose to send a defender out on loan despite being short in numbers at the back,foolishly chose not to sign a defender despite an array of good defenders on show at the world cup.So now who is to blame?I guess it’s anyone or anything but Wenger

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  16. mohawk

    Wenger and the board always dismiss any protests as the work of a disgruntled few. They blow it off as easily as they flush used toilet paper.

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    1. almostawinner

      yeah, how dare the fans get mad? do they think AFC exists only to please them?

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    2. shynachez

      ….and to convince ‘Wenger and the board’ that such protests are not just ‘the work of a disgruntled few’, THE WHOLE SEASON TICKET HOLDERS SHOULD BOYCOTT ONE HOME MATCH AND LET THE SQUAD PLAY IN AN ALMOST EMPTY STADIUM….thats as simple as arsenal keeper taking a sip after a horrible mistake…

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  17. mohawk

    You would think that when Wenger was forced to play Monreal at CB and Bellerin at RB only a few weeks into the season he would maybe begin to realize magnitude of his failures.

    It now seems clear that even a complete team meltdown will not force Wenger to recognize and admit his failures. And if he does not even admit his failures……… he certainly won’t correct his mistakes.

    The good news……. Wenger did finally stop playing Ozil and Cazorla on the LW after a many months of witnessing that debacle and months of fans screaming and begging for him to stop. So maybe there is some hope.

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    1. antiwenger

      be patient with wenger?give him some breathing space? are u kidding? if 10 years of mediocrity is not patience then i don’t know what is.David moyes barely lasted a year at utd,In some clubs eg Chelsea, managers barely last 6 months and are shipped out based on two poor results. Di matteo won the CL ffs bt what happened to him.
      Meanwhile at Arsenal, it has been a decade of mediocrity, we have seen it all,the fans have suffered deeply,others have committed suicide along the way(true story).. yet we are being asked to be a little more patient, for what?another decade waiting for one f.a cup?

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  19. pubgooner

    1. Schez long balls were so funny. Reminded me of cartoons. High balls to our midget forwards which always landed on big daddys wanyama and co. head. While our midgets bobbed up and down like a yoyo hoping that big daddy wanyama will hand over some slice of the action, which never happened. Always losing possession. While the 8 million pound boss and his crony just sat there as if everything was perfect. A simple instruction to schez to stop long balls would have gone a long way… funny!!

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  20. Zulu-boy-SA

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    1. almostawinner

      this right here is the problem: “And demanding more than finishing 4th you will be asking more than what Arsene can achieve”: it did not used to be more than we could achieve. wenger has presided over and fashioned our decline by numerous onerous decisions (selling our best players to top-of-the-board rivals, failing to pay what’s needed to get WC players…. … ). he has proven that w/o accountability, even great men succumb and rot. should’ve left after FA cup win, but not as smart as Ferguson. now i’m worried he’ll end up tainting his legacy. sad for him, players and fans. guess couldnt say no to the 24M.

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  21. Cutietobby

    We need an experienced strong DMF but what this stupid wenger is afta is a 16yr old boy…. Pls AW, we don’t need any foolish player for the future anymore, we want results now… Chelsea has 3strikers already and are eager 2 sign another… All wenger is afta is average players… Well, Mr Wenger, they won’t last in Arsenal, we need Cavani upfront, Scherinderlin in DMF, a new left back, new set of defenders lik 3, new Keeper…. And overall a new MANAGER…. I’ve always given Wenger a chance 2 become an AKB but he has neva impressed me dis season… #Always an AOB till wenger leaves#

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  22. akuma gouki

    Stop press!

    Mr. Arsene Wenger admits defeat, and retired from football activities.

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  23. nernlorg

    Happy New Year guys! It’s good to be back. When I left shortly after the transfer window shut at the end of August, I said Wenger had said goodbye to the EPL title and to hell with Arsenal fans. He did so by brutally snubbing the fans and refusing to buy the players needed to strengthen the team and then going to Italy for a charity match. Clueless is an understatement. This man is something of a zombie — he lacks the awareness, during matches, to give appropriate instructions and when to bring on impacts substitutes. He has been so for the last 10 years and is not about to change any time soon. The longer we tolerate his foolish authoritarian behaviour, the longer we fans will suffer and continue to be at his mercies. He does not care whether some Arsenal fans have committed suicide elsewhere!

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  24. Schrodinger

    Wenger is ruling Arsenal like a military General and the board is happy with it . Infact there is no board, just stan and wenger.

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