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Forget Ozil and Sanchez, Jack Wilshere is definitely getting a new Arsenal contract

There are millions of conflicting stories in the media about Ozil and Alexis coming to the end of their Arsenal contracts, but as far as I am concerned there is no chance either of them will be at the Emirates next season. But all the reports about the delays to Jack Wilshere’s contract talks have never worried me in the slightest. Jack has been without us since he was a little boy and is a Gooner through and through. He himself has often stated that he will sign soon after talks are started and Srsene Wenger has never doubted that they would come to an agreement.

Now Wenger has taken a moment to single out special praise for Wilshere as he told “I believe that he has really improved tactically and defensively,”

“When he does that his defensive game becomes even better because Jack has a great quality when he wins the ball, he plays well when he prefers pressure. He has that little burst there to take you out of pressure, and then suddenly he can open the game up.”

“We must give credit to this guy,”

“He has come through and his performance [at Palace] deserves some credit because it demands some character.

“Overall I have a big respect for Jack because it’s all nicey-nicey when you are super-talented and are the greatest player ever at 17, but to come back to that level when you have seen what he has gone through? That shows a special character.

“I never thought his career was over because in my job what is a very important quality is that you always continue to believe in human beings. I believe everybody is alive for a fight so I never gave up on him.”

Just those few words of praise has made it clear that Wilshere will be staying as our new Mr. Arsenal for perhaps his whole career, and finally fulfil his early promise to become an Arsenal legend at the end of it.

Sam P

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12 thoughts on “Forget Ozil and Sanchez, Jack Wilshere is definitely getting a new Arsenal contract

  1. Sean

    Jack to stay, buy a new DM to partner him in centre.
    Alexis to PSG in Jan, accept whatever they offer & ask for Draxler in return. Ozil wont leave to Summer & buy Nabil Fekir from Lyon, Lacazettes good buddy also, perfect replacement.

    Summer is coming soon as we wont do much in Jan only if Alexis leaves so we should be planning for a few more exits in Walcott, Debuchy, Elneny & Ospina. Cech needs to be a no2,Mr reliable when needed sort of thing so new GK also.

    Only way can stay at least close to the likes of City, United & Chelsea. I would say Liverpool also but they are just spending Coutinhos 130m from Barca before he goes!

    1. Maks

      I would agree with everything you have said but Im afraid that “our” club wont spend that much money. Maybe they will buy one replacement for Alexis but if Ozil goes Wenger will put Ramsey on his position and we will fall even more.

  2. Simon

    Jack looks indispensable already.

    That’s impressive considering his long absence.

    Pray he doesn’t get any injury soon

  3. gotanidea

    Good plan, but I am not sure whether Draxler and Fekir would be willing to join Arsenal or not. Draxler is also not Sanchez’s replacement, his playing style is different but he is much taller and stronger, which is very good to be a target man.

    I hope Arsenal can get them, plus some players from Barcelona (except Andre Gomes and Alcacer).

    1. Sean

      Draxler can play LW has done alot & for a big man can move quickly, technical & great finisher. Id also like to say Lemar from Monaco but his price tag will be massive once again. Another CB also n we wld be set to go

  4. Nayr

    I wish we showed the same love we show jack wilshere to aaron ramsey.

    we love to criticise RAMSEY but has been ever present for us,won us two fa cup finals,scores alot for a midfielder,decent number of assists,has never created any fuss about wanting a move away like the likes of chamberlain..

    what ramsey lacks is a good midfield patner..was amazing with arteta and is also amazing for wales.

    please admin write an article about rambo


    1. jon fox

      Methinks you are trying to pass us off a Ford Granada as a Rolls- Royce. But we are not so easily fooled. Fact is Ramset has now been with us for 7 years and apart from a first half season of 2013-14 , has never really convinced the majority of us. I don’t say he cant play, after all Granadas get you around rather well but they are not going to win any Formula One races. Are they!

  5. Me

    I cannot believe people are actually taking this seriously !
    Last season I don’t recall anyone saying that we need Wilshere back – on the contrary I remember most people saying he was a financial liability.
    But this year he is indispensable.
    I would like to see him get another contract but to forget Ozil and Sanchez and pin your hopes on someone as unreliable as Jack Wilshere is madness.
    And this garbage about him improving defensively watch the palace game and see for yourself..
    I have absolutely no confidence in Wenger at all…

  6. Dtunes

    Wishere Ramsey and Carvalho would b a nice 3man Midfield, Zaha/Draxler to replace Sanchez on d left n Mahrez/Fekir for Ozil on d right, CB like Koulibaly, Widmer to compete with Bellerin

    Zaha/Draxler Laca Mahrez/Fekir

    Wishere Carvalho Ramsey

    Kola Koulibaly Mustafi Bellerin


  7. jon fox

    Clearly , Gooners are split down the middle on the “should and will Jack stay” question. My take is that we have to play the cards from the hand we currently hold. In other words , in the knowledge that Sanchex and Ozil will not be here next season and that after them Wilshere is our most naturally gifted player. That is realism , after all. I am for giving Jack a new , but shortish , say 2 year contract with a stay fitness clause affecting his wages. Since the start of last seasson , and apart from his broken leg, which was not one of his usual long term ankle problems therefore, he has stayed fit and to my mind re-signalled in recent displays his desire, fitness and talent to stay and fight for our cause. How many other current squad players can the same be said about, who show all three of those qualities? Right now I can only immediately think of Cech who is though not the great keeper he was five years ago, so he too is debatable You probably have to go down to AM-N or Nelson to find similar desire, fitness but not as yet, the PROVEN quality of Jack. I would also add Kolasinac, under the right manager, who would play him in his most effective role. And even coach our defence, but here I am in the realms of fantasy! So it would be madness to sell him , in my opinion. Even more so , were he to leave BUT XHAKA, ELNENY, COQUELIN, MONREAL and several other unreliables were to stay. Bur unless talks have actually opened with Jack, which no one bar those involved(or not) seem to know, there must be a realistic and mistaken chance that he will go elsewhere. And to me, that would be yet another Wenger blunder. Fingers crossed he re-signs then.

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