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Former Gunner Robson criticises Arsenal AGAIN

The last time Stewart Robson had something positive to say about Arsenal was, nobody knows, because it was before records began. The former player seems to have a chip on his shoulder the size of the Emirates stadium, because he is never slow to comment about news coming from Arsenal and he is relentlessly negative.

The Talksport presenter has now offered his words of wisdom about the Theo Walcott contract situation and, surprise surprise, he thinks that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger has got it wrong. Most Arsenal fans are pleased about the news that Walcott is about to sign a new contract worth about £90,000 a week, but Robson thinks Theo has had Arsenal on and is about to stop playing well and scoring.

“If Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski were playing well and Santi Cazorla was getting bags of goals, then Theo Walcott would have left Arsenal in the January transfer window. Theo Walcott has come along at just the right time and will get paid double what he really deserves.

“Theo Walcott is overrated. He’s got good pace and is looking like a good finisher, but his general game understanding is not very good. Most of the other players at Arsenal have a better technical understanding of the game.”

For the record, Robson smashed in a mighty fifteen league goals in his 150 games for Arsenal. You can bet that if Arsenal sold Walcott, Robson would be the first to pipe up saying that Arsenal were a selling club and should have done what it takes to keep Theo.

Remember that Walcott is still only 23-years old. It does seem like we have been waiting ages for him to fulfill his potential, but this season he has started to do so. It would be the worst possible time to sell him. If Giroud was scoring… blah blah blah. If we had Messi and Ronaldo we wouldn’t need Theo, but we haven’t got them and we DO need him. In the Premier league today, £90,000 a week is not even a lot of money, so ignore Robson and be glad that we are keeping Walcott.

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92 thoughts on “Former Gunner Robson criticises Arsenal AGAIN

  1. leo

    Arsene wenger: “Are we looking at M’Vila? I don’t know. But I think some confusion. I told Gazidis I look good in the mirror”

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  2. leo

    Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido is on his way to London to discuss selling Alvaro Negredo to someone could be/should be or hope it is arsenal

    spuds have agreed terms wih leandro damiao acc to some sources hope it’s not them

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  3. leo

    i disagree theo deserves it if the undeserving like of park/squid/djorou/chammakh can ben on 50-60 a week why not theo afterall he has been god since the last 2 years wenger’s scoialist wage structure should be blamed for it

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  4. ArsenalsF

    90k is too much for Walcott. Why does he think he should get paid more than Wilshere, Cazorla, Vermaelen etc who are all much better than him?

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  5. synsix

    M’vila, D’villa.. just bring in someone befor we get plagued by injury issues again, wit the current crop of fit guys playin like as if there is no tomorrow, and the upcomin important games will drain them dry

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  6. leo

    Borussia Dortmund season ticket = £154. One ticket to watch Manchester City away at Arsenal = £62 &
    what kind players we get to watch gervinho/squid/santos

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  7. vic

    Thank God we re keeping theo. A bird in hand is better than 100 in the forest!

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  8. artillery1

    he is just right, when i saw WALCOT banging goals, i also want him to pay what he want!
    but later WALCOTT was not good against SAINTS n i didnt see him against SWANS, players couldnt find him n again he just got pace n finishing, he has to learn allot in ST position….
    M also in double minded state, Against City Walcot have to prove him self, If He cant than it mean He can just Beat BOTTOM team defenders!

    Against NewCastle thy were hit by fatigue n injury!

    Wenger was right we cant assess him by 1 ot 2 games!

    i Love Theo but in recent games he has created Doubts in my mind! He really need to prove himself against CITY!

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  9. Leoj

    blah blah blah!
    must it take a year for theo to sign on the dotted line?

    and who is robson anyway? he sounds like a big LOSER!!!

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  10. Nick

    @ArsenalsF Theo gets paid that much because
    A: He’s English and English “star” players get loads more in the Prem than foreign players of the same caliber.
    B: He’s a senior Arsenal player who’s been here longest and the PR Nightmare that would ensue if we lost yet another one of our “star/best” players is too much right now. Wenger can’t risk losing another high profile player so close to RVP leaving.

    @leo… I would have the biggest smile ever on my face if Arsenal sign Negredo. Even though Chelsea just signed Ba I wouldn’t count them out.

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  11. Henry

    Same old Robson, seems a bit like Adam Kemp to me. Only ever hear from him when he has something negative to say!

    On a more positive note though…do people rate Negredo? I’ll be honest I haven’t seen him play that much so i can’t really pass judgement.

    I was in Seville and got a ticket for match against Barca
    He ran them ragged and scored a great goal

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  12. get real gonners

    We are nothing speciel! We are not contenders for anything! We are in the same class as west brom and everton! We just got a better stadiam! Even our rivels are developing! We are shit! Even swansea are better then us!

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  13. Sharkseven

    He Come Again The Stewart “Jeaolus Man” Robson Moaning Like A B*tch..You Have No Where In Our heart.Go Some where else Robson

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  14. Gunner

    Who is he? I’m not gonna lie I don’t even know this guy. Get a job and get on with your life. If u got nothing positive to say they don’t say anything. COYG

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  15. Big Gun

    Arsene Wenger: Do I ask rhetorical questions to sound intelligent? I don’t know. But if you listen you most of my interviews you would agree no?

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  16. ceezee

    Cesc/nasri/vp/song/flamini/adebafool/hleb/gilberto/pires/henry.. & so on.. Arsene couldn’t afford to keep all this great talent but a dull brainless / overrated & a failed project THEO! Whom will never b great! Ñøt a world class syndrome in his blood!…

    ARSENE / d board surely lacks ambition , the most pathetic situation i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ arsenal now is confusion! How can a club decide to flush out 30yr old aforementioned great players but still put i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ bids for “david villa” .. Arsene / d board must leave! They r parasite!

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  17. Big Gun

    Theo’s signature is worth it. Everytime he plays we at least look dangerous and direct. Keep him and sign a world class DM and CB.

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  18. Charles Cain

    Robson’s record was never that impressive. Chris Waddle only played for England at 24 years. Walcott’s goal and assists stats belie the crap that his critics spew out.

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  19. Th14

    @get real gonners you sound distraught heres a solution for you F*ck off to shitty

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  20. Ddog

    on other news, just heard West Ham are interested to siggn…wait for it…’Bong’ . i know that probably didnt tickle too many peoplews sense humour. i just couldnt help but think of the fun i could have with that as a commentator, ‘And Walcott runs down the wing with the ball, Bong goes in for the tackle. ooooh, and walcott take a massive hit from the Bong, thats gotta be a bookable offence!’ ahhh happy days.

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  21. John

    @get real gonners….

    I think you are in the wrong place to be talking like that about Arsenal, think you want to be on a spuds page, so do one you narrow minded only been supporting arsenal for two weeks reject.

    I am a supporter and I can support my club through the good and the bad so if your not a real supporter just stop pretending. Do you know what I do when Arsenal aren’t playing….I look forward to watching the next game, good or bad, I understand free speech and all that but people like you need to grow up or be taken somewhere and shot.

    Arsenal forever

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  22. vp

    He’s got a point to a degree. The fact that we are begging Theo to sign , says more about the demise of the club then it does about the ability of the player.

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  23. ArsenalsF

    @ Nick – Yeah my point is I think the only reason he hasn’t signed already is because of money. I can only imagine what lies his agent has been feeding him – ‘your the teams best player, you could play ST and get paid more at another big team’. It wasn’t a problem for Wilshere, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Ox and Gibbs, who is not only our first choice left back but has also been at the club longer than Walcott = ‘senior player’. I just can’t help but feel that if any sort of offer had come in for Walcott, he would have snapped it up. As there’s no interest he’s decided to stick with Arsenal and not even for a full 5 years.

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  24. Henry

    @admin…thanks for the update! There are not many players that could do that, so it sounds promising!

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  25. true goon

    @Bob,this article is very dishonest,i listen to Stewart Robson all the time and he’s not always negative about Arsenal,for example he was co-commentating on the weekend the fa cup game against Swansea.Even when we were 1 nil down he still said he thought Arsenal would win it and he regularly hails Wiltshere and The Ox,he’s even complimentary about Gervinho.
    The fact is Robson is one of the most refreshing,astute and knowledgeable football pundits,he’s also a coach,an he is an ex Arsenal Captain.Robson speaks the truth,who can really disagree with what he said about Theo’s technical ability?.You lot need to listen to what this guy says you might learn something.COYG

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  26. Greg

    Take a hike stewart Robson!leave theo alone!you had your time so stop being so damn critical.arsenal fc is bigger than you it’s such a shame that yourself being a former gunner only talks more positive in the things u say about arsenal don’t drag our club through the mud stewart Robson!

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  27. gunner forever

    Theo deserves it. If some shit can be paid 90k a week, so must he. But I partly agree with Robson. Against Swansea and Southampton I noticed that he was on the pitch when he was exchanging T-shirt! I can understand Robson being critical all the time. Can we say anything good of 11 overrated morons pretending to be good enough for mighty Red&White and a clown that is calling himself
    the best coach of Arsenal ever?

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  28. get real gonners

    I am a real supporter ive been a season ticket holder for 5 years! U mugs are the fake supporters! U really think we are in for any silverware with our players?? The anser is no!! Weve been inproving over 8 years while selling our best players to our rivels and u all got the cheek to bad talk me?? Get a grip people! Stop dreaming and wake up! We was pure class in the PAST!! We aint anymore! Wat am i spending counless thousends on??? Not to mention countless lits amd merchendise for the owners to buy cheap replacements and pocket the rest! Ill always be a gooner but u lot are just wishful dreamers! ( not all ov u are)..

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  29. get real gonners

    @ john, u sound like a arm chair supporter! I need to be shot becouse i love my club and am witnessin it crumble! Ur a knob head mate! Get out of the past and jump into the present and open ur eyes! Put down the dream pipe ur smoking! Oh and th14 grow up! Do u even watch our games?? People like u love wenger and the board!

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  30. get real gonners

    @arsenalf shut up, ive realised theres so many fake supporters on here! Ur another couch judge!

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  31. leo

    alvaro negredo is in talks with spuds i can’t believe it wtf is gazdis doing why the f*ck is he earning 2.1m a year & for doing what this is disgrace we can’t even keep up with spuds if arsenal doesn’t finish in top wenger & board out

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  32. leo

    Wenger doesn’t have ‘there’s nobody available’ excuse. M’Vila,Sissoko,Negredo,mbiwa,belhanda are all for sale. Along with many other good players
    we are running out of options

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  33. S.H

    Stewart Robson was an average player at best! He likes to talk a lot, but I never seen enough action from him. Pfft, anyone can analyse a game in hindsight. It’s always easier to sit in the comfort of an office chair, have the latest tech to reveal footage of games and draw conclusions on the screen, but how come I never saw enough of that smart thinking when he was playing!? A bloody goose!

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  34. leo

    MuchoDeporte report Arsenal & Sevilla are close to agreeing a €13m deal to sign Negredo.”

    the race is between arsenal & spuds hope we win it even though can’t believe i am saying this spuds are favorites

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  35. Mogambo

    @get real gooners, Lol- so you are a season ticket holder, ok err So you wouldnt mind if I and some of my fellow gooners meet you at the next home game and lets say give you a demonstration as to What Real Undying Loyalty is all about? You will be there now wont you or will you be hiding down the lane???
    Bugger off you mug- coming onto gooner sites and spreading vemon is all you spuds are good for.
    @all gooners, dont let mugs like this guy blur your judgement- deadwood players are leaving AFC so theres room for new arrivals and a good 3 weeks to go so chins up everyone. COYG

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  36. Uche

    Theo Walcot, the player in question is 23 years old. He was left out of the squad many times this season, has been injured this season and until recently, began most games on the bench. And still, somehow, he is our highest goal scorer with 14 goals and two hat tricks already against two premier league clubs. If Theo’s 14 goals are not good enough, is it podolski and giroud’s goals that are good enough? Managers who know their football will tell you that Theo is the only player that makes Arsenal dangerous. Not carzola, not wilshere, not podolski but Theo. Ask the Swansea manager who just engineered Chelsea’s worst embarrassment at Stamford bridge and he will tell you, ‘Beware of Theo’. I can understand arsenal players hating on Theo if we had the likes of David Villa and Gonzalo Higuain in our team. But we have Giroud, Podolski, Chamak and Bendtner in arsenal and Theo has scored more goals than all of them.

    Fellow gunners, before you slag of the one you have got, get a better replacement. When you cannot get a better replacement, keep him and give him what he wants. That is the wisdom of ages. Theo just might turn out to be the difference between champions league football and europa league. So far, his goals have played a major part in keeping us within touching distance of fourth place. I cannot even believe that anybody has a real problem with this boy, the only arsenal player that takes the fight to the opponent and does not spend half the time kicking the ball sideways or back to the keeper. Theo will surge forward even if he ends up losing that ball because he understands that you win games by scoring goals and you don’t score goals by timidly passing the ball backwards. And some folks have a problem with Theo? Unbelievable.

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  37. leo

    @hugh damiao to spuds also looks done deal spuds could dump adebayor in summer & have defoe/negredo/damiao that’s what most sources say even ginjaninja avb recently said spuds are in for damiao we are sitting ducks blame that dumba&& gazdis for this but as far as negredo goes still we have a slight chance hope wenger does something

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  38. JBC

    It’s talksport – when was the last time the said anything positive about Arsenal ?
    I don’t even click their links now, they’re a bunch of tossers with an Anti-Arsenal agenda.

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  39. S.H


    Walcott is English, Ramsey is Welsh. They will forever be protected by the British. Sad to see politics control our beloved club and so many others. It’s mainly the Internationals that make the EPL great anyway. Team England are shite, yet they keep on spoiling their English players with big wages and HYPE. It’s like a massive w**k to say we have the biggest boner! Get over it already!

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  40. Charlie

    Robsons’ chip is easy to explain. He played during the barren years at Arsenal before George Graham. When the team started to be successful he wasn’t in the team. I suspect that he thinks he should’ve been involved in the success of the 90s but let’s face it, the team was better without him.

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  41. Uche

    You cannot fault Theo’s effort and his efforts have been very effective. Theo’s goals and assists contributed in us finishing in third place last season. Theo’s assists gifted RVP so many tap ins last season. Today, RVP is a supoer rich man who earns over 200,000 pounds a week elsewhere. Theo is a gunner. He makes that effort and he never gives up. Watch him fall, get up and still run at defenders, dribble them and score goals. Who else does that in arsenal? Giroud is wasteful and can hardly create goals on his own. Podolski is probably our most lethal finisher but he has also decided that if he is not playing centrally, he might as well become a passenger on the flanks. As a result, poldy goes missing in many games. Even Gibbs is more attacking than Poldi and yet gibbs is a defender. And amongst all these players, Theo gets the most criticism? It is stupid what people say sometimes.

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  42. Jego

    @leo Damiao to Spuds not going to happen, AVB just gave an interview where he said that Damiao’s current club is asking way too much money.
    But the general point is, it looks like Spurs have got more ambition than us…. one word : EMBARRASSING….

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  43. Gunner_Nation

    I bet all the money we have we will make panic buys after we lose to Chelsea and City and most of the matches this week.

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  44. Uche

    On transfers, I say don’t worry guys. This is the perfect time to get arsenal to act because arsenal only acts when we are in panic mode. Between our games with City, Swansea, Bayern and Chelsea, two or more of these teams will embarrass us into spending some money. Don’t worry. Wenger and co can no longer get away with hoarding all the money for themselves.

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  45. Dan

    The guy is a tit.. but can you honestly disagree with what he has said here?

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  46. Martin

    Stop giving this buffoon Robson editorial space, the man is an idiot,he got sacked from Arsenal TV and will now say anything to get his ugly mug on the TV…..lets be honest he wasn’t exactly a legend at Arsenal…..

    Also why Oh why does @leo pop up every transfer window with what is meant to be “in the know” information on transfers he never ever been right!! To me he just checks the same news outlets that everybody else does….

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  47. mo 2

    The guy is spot on, Theo Walcott on £25mill five years with add ons an absolute disgrace. ROBSON is spot on and arsenal have played into his hands .7 years he finally produces some average performances and FICKLE FANS start raving about him and il tell you why becuase he is ENGLISH, he is Average at best, valencia, young,bale,lennon,moses,chamberlain,pienaar,sterling I can go on and on, every single one of them wingers will blow Walcott away and each one has a better work rate and isn’t as selfish as him. 90,000 a week my word he is lagging all the way to the bank. Arsenal = FOOLS

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  48. mo 2

    @ uche, get ur head out of Theo’s a**** he’s shite, podolski,Giroud have been at arsenal for less then 6 months not 7 years don’t forget that. Another biased English player loving comment. Foreigners have made the Premier league wat it is don’t EVER FORGET THAT not the over rated British players FACT

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  49. DrPepper

    Stuart Robson talks sh*t because he wants talk sport to pay him, he is a c*nt that was sacked by Arsenal and should be ignored.

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  50. jj

    sorry but a lot of fans on here are a joke. last month all i saw n heard was pay him what he wants put your hand in your pocket wenger spend spend spend. now we do, its oh hes over rated n gettin too much. make up your mind n stick with it.

    for me tho i think hes one of the brightest young fowards in the country.. because of his natural pace n abilty to finish the sky should be the limit for him n wed have been fools to let him go

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  51. RT

    It’s utterly disgraceful how sp*rs are showing us up in the transfer market. A few more signings and they actually could overtake us WTF is everyone at AFC playing at. Why, why do we see it yet they sit there with their ridiculous salaries doing NOTHING for our clubs SUCCESS. Not profit but success

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  52. sperez

    Walcott was a ‘victim’ of Wenger’s policy. He was a promising youngster when he joined us and thus Wenger inflated his wages. At a young age without having to prove nothing he was already overpaid. Then, I don’t see nothing wrong when Theo asks for better wages.
    He didn’t live up to the hype but Wenger rewarded him with a disproportional salary anyway. So, no wonder Theo thinks he is now woth almost 100k a week. City and Chelsea corrupted the game paying exorbitant wages for thier players, but Wenger just did the same with the young ones.
    Well, Walcott is not the player we all expected him to be but at least he contributes with the team unlike useless shite like Diaby, Djourou, Squillaci, Fabianski, Chamakh, etc.
    So, I’m pleased with Walcott staying at Arsenal. But Wenger has to go. He has so much power at the club that he decides how much each player earns. He even sanctioned his own salary. Top earner at Arsenal by the way. £140k a week. LOL! What other club does allow this aberration to happen? Wenger even opened his stupid mouth to give his personal approval for the board and their alienation of Usmanov.
    Wenger should manage the team only. Maybe he fears Usmanov. Maybe he feels his stupid experiments with the team would finally come to an end. Maybe he knows deep down he’d have to be accountable if Usmanov had power at Arsenal.
    Wenger the clown out!

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  53. ceezee

    @ sh yeah rite, english r almost second/third to anything great in sports.. Tennis/football/cricket e.t.c.. Theo is just too english! Ramsey is ǻ joke!

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  54. Invincibles49

    I know Walcott is a great player and he deserves all the recognition and wages. But don’t you think there is minute possibility that Walcott has actually made use of this Arsenal crisis to turn the tide in his favour ? Due to 1. RvP leaving 2. Giroud not performing upto the expectations 3. Worse start to the season in the last decade 4. Tremendous fans’ pressure 5. Some exceptional performance by Theo , the time was right for him to shape the negotiations unilaterally in his favour. He knew that under such a pressure Wenger or the board cannot let him go as it would be lead to ultimate chaos across Arsenal fraternity. I am not taking anything away from this exceptional young talent . All i am trying to say is that if we were not so crisis stricken then also walcott would have stayed at lower wages but he made the most of this golden opportunity. Anyways i am glad he is here.

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  55. PatLloyd

    How can you criticise a defensive midfielder for not scoring? and i tend to agree with Robson- but hope Theo proves us both wrong

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  56. mario

    I totally agree with Robson.Walcott is just a pretender to make up the no’s with some flash in the pan performances.Wenger should be focussing on real quality players like Michu( absolute bargain for Swansea) rather than wasting time with this piece of shit.Most Walcott fans it seems do not know much about football.

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  57. Thala

    I feel we dont need Negredo . we need a creative Player who can hold the ball and give final ball. we have enough finishers. Poldi, theo, Giroud. we need someone like Turan or Belhanda or isco .

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  58. troy

    Mo2 why don’t chill out abit with the anti british abuse as I’d like to remind you and all the other non english arsenals our brits off that arsenal is actully a ENGISH CLUB now that my friend is a FACT not just a opion

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  59. Invincibles nice (1)

    I do hate Robson and his narrow minded bald head for he looks only to speak of everything negitave with the Arsenal, even the teams who won titles and went unbeaten he would say you cant call it a great team coz they havnt won cosecutavely or hed hate people speaking of seeing the best football that they have ever seen from a British side so instead he would focus entirely on the midf & back line leaving too much space when on the backfoot for opposition to run onto, bluddy moron should know that to play total football you have to sacrifice defence somewhat and you cant have the beer belly bus parkers of his time hanging about.

    On this occasion he has an element of truth to his words, Theo is lacking far too much on certain aspects of his game, all the coaching he got when he were a youngster put an end to Walcott ever being an Henry, for if he had of been educated in france or Spain even Germany he would have been a truly frighteningly awsome player.

    We need to work our other players into harnessing Walcotts pace to get the maximum result, its a real pitty that he cant do it alone and moreover he even makes it more difficult for others using him than it should be, as his movement allot of the time can be headscatching, they dont know if he wants it down the byline or over the top, straight through the centre or played too feet and when do you ever see our players playing one twos with Walcott that actually come off, definitely not around the box if any.

    Im just hoping that theres an end to our players leaving, begin then telepathically knowing eachothers game inside out and the Walcott that we all thought we might get comes to the fore.

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  60. Taylor

    i think blind loyalty is stupid, to all of you that say were real arsenal supporters because we never question bad decisions and support good and bad? you are fools. when you care deeply about something you question, analyse and try to remedy things that go wrong. this is simply not happening were in a groundhog situation using the same washed out players, tactics and even excuses. it seems like deja vu when we hear them. All you supposedly loyal supporters who never question and witchhunt all the people who have the b*llocks to stand up and say were not happy it is YOUR fault for accepting this s*it and continuing faith in a hopless regime. we are a sinking ship whether you believe it or not, maybe a waiver in faith is exactly what is needed to galvanize the board into action. just accepting the s*it they feed us with blind faith is what the board want as we dont question there actions. This is exactly what the banks did to us we give them our complete faith and they f*ck us over thinking that we will not question their actions. and where did this get them? they are among the most villified institutions in the world.

    Accountability within buisness is a driving force of excellence. if you are accountable for your actions you strive to do better so you are accreddited with good not bad. Sadly no-one at arsenal is accountable, is it the board for witholding cash? or wenger for not spending? or a collusion between the two? is it the players? the millionaire dolites who languish on the pay roll? if im at work and dont pull my weight i get sacked. these players just sit and collect their cash for doing sweet fa. it is a faceless mass, the players manager and board all push the blame somewhere else. The buck has to stop somewhere and that is the problem with us, it is made impossible for us to rest that at anyones feet, therefore protect them all from blame.

    To all you who supposedly love arsenal and preach faith while we crash and burn are our biggest enemy. The saying goes :ignorance is bliss. If you all love arsenal you should question and criticise. The people who dont are cattle to be fed off by the corporate machine.

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  61. mo 2

    Troy. Ur point being wat exactly, The bottom line is this Theo Walcott is crap and all British players prices are inflated Fact!!! Look at some of the foreigners available for half of wat Arsenal are paying or have offered Walcott, demba ba, michu strikers just like walcott is ‘apparently’ who would you have. Fans on here slating giroud the guys been here months and he’s getting stick for wat?? Walcott has been shite for 7 years but fans lift him up becuase ‘he’s one of own’
    By the way I’m British I give credit where its due, the only world class English player is Wayne Rooney the rest are over hyped purely by British Media. Had a look at fifa world x11 recently 🙂

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  62. philthompsonsnose

    I too believe that there is an element of truth in what Robson says..and he usually does say some other very annoying but interesting points regarding the demise of our great club..
    On Theo.. I believe he is actually our best striker at the moment..
    That doesn’t however tell the whole story about the others..
    My take on the whole thing is that our forward players are so poor that Walcott knows this and believes he is far superior to all his nearest challenges..and why he has been dragging his heels of late.. This brings me on to our transfer targets..If Theo does sign, then he will be guaranteed either the main striker role or at least to play everygame when fit..
    So…AW is NOT going to buy a striker as we have Podolski & Gervinho who can play centrally if required..(albeit poorly in Gervinho’s case)
    I think we are more DESPERATE for a true Centre Half and a box to box powerhouse midfielder to bring some stability..

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  63. Pete

    Rennes say that Yann M’Vila, who has been linked with a move to England, has asked to leave the club, report Sky Sports.

    Rennes general manager Pierre Dreossi says “Yes, he feels like leaving. But it is not a priority for us to sell. If he has to leave, he will leave. But if it is not worth it for him or for us, he will stay until the end of the season. It is all moving towards England or Russia.”

    Arsenal, Tottenham and Queens Park Rangers are said to be interested in the 22-year-old French international midfielder.

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  64. get real gonners

    The club is taking us for fools! The truth hurts some people! Most people prefere to just bend over and take it but some ov us like to stand up to thos mugs who are ruining out club! Im being called a spurs fan and a shitty fan coz im unhappy at the way we play and the way we are being misled in the market! Real gooners want a change! Im passionate bout arsenal! I want us great again but some people on here are living in a diffrent reality!

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  65. LoCkAy


    Spot on again mate…

    I was talking about that with Borussia Dortmund supporters and they could not believe how pricy were the tickets at the Emirates.

    I told them sarcastically that when you have Messi and Ronaldo like players, that is what you have to pay.
    I realise that, us Arsenal fans, are mugs… Because we are paying the most expensive ticket seats on the land ( in Europe may be ) to watch overpaid rubbishes…

    Walcott getting £90 to 100,000/week is obviously a rip off but we have no choice because he is the player who looks good at the moment.
    I know it will change because the truth being said, he is not world class and never will be. He will have 2 great games and then disappeared into oblivion.

    Are we going to see players of the caliber of Henry, Berkamp, Viera, Adams and more?
    May be, but not with the “Wenger crew”, their time is getting close to an end.

    Personally I don’t want him to buy ( he might bring one of his clowns again… Gervinho and Ramsey style ). I rather see the money fluctuate and be used by the next manager.

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  66. robdogunner

    Consistent in patches……lol.
    Says it all.
    They should put a clause in his contract that says he only gets paid for the “consistent patches”.

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  67. nick

    @ get real gooners
    U r the only realistic fan right now….. How can u fckinn ediots continue to support this board and coach…. The like of chelsea, man u and spuds are improving squad and we r below them in every way and we r not….. U fans who talk highly about this ediot wenger aare ediots….. We neeeeeed waaaay better players….. U guys don’t spend ur hard earning money and that’s y u talk bullshit everyday…. How many of u guys actually played competitive football…. Its alll about WINNING, wen it boils down….. Wat we r doing is utter Fackery and I am not a supporter I’m an arsenal winner, and my money about now is currently being hijacked by no ambition club…. My arsenal spending days are overrrr….. I’m not rich, wenger and the board are….. I have 2 jobs but I still put away some for arsenal (bakk then))….. Now I’m being robbed!!!!!! U ediots, nothing will change if it doesn’t start with us!!!!!!! Wenger outttt!!!! If he wanted better players, all he wud ave to do is put the club at ransom…. But wenger has got it EASY at ARSENAL….. Wud love to c him try disss shit elsewhere…..

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  68. John

    @get real gonners & @nick

    My previous comment was a bit of a rant but through fustration, @get real gonners you might be a season ticket holder, you might not but you make me think of you as one of the fans at the stadium booing when a pass is intercepted, wow that’s really going to get that extra bit of adrenaline pumping for the players to chase down and win the ball back. I by no means am happy with the players we have to see leave but the players that are here make up the team now, the team I support, the team I want to succeed and win, win games, win the season, win the cups and will whoever is still here playing, cheer, incourage and support as players, they are the ones who can win for us, so remember when your bitching that basically they aren’t good enough you’ve stopped beleiving and supporting our players, the ones out there fighting for our team, yes I want to see more players in and less players leave but for christ sake, grow some pride, shout I am a gooner and we are going to tear your team apart, don’t let our past success make your sour towards the players we have today and support your f@king team, ARSENAL . . . ARSENAL . . . ARSENAl

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  69. jerry

    Hey John its supporters like you who we dont need at the club the ones who have no ambition for Arsenal sit in your armchair and pretend you support Arsenal and let us proper fans moan when ever we lose or we dont buy players other wise the club will never move forward.

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  70. LoCkAy

    I might intend to agree with Robson on this one…
    I know his criticisms have been over the top sometimes, may due to bitterness or something else, but the fact is Walcott is not a great player and we know how invisible he can be ( sis Southampton ).

    I know deep down he is trying very hard to emulate Thierry Henry, but in fact, he is not trying hard enough. May be the weight of the wages might put a bit of pressure on his shoulders and “force” him to perform week after week. I doubt it, but we will see…

    Robson critics should more constructive…

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  71. John

    @ Jerry, Sorry if you think that, we are meant to be supporters, i think a great many people have forgotten the role we are meant to play as supporters, we are the fuel that keeps the team fighting and if we stayed true to that for the full 90 minutes singing our Arsenal hearts out at least we could say we were fully behind the team and gave it our best not only jumping on the band wagon when the going is good

    Maybe those people should content their selves playing fantasy football

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  72. S.H

    I think Robson’s an idiot, but I must admit he is 100% right about Theo Walcott! At last, an Englishman has spoken honestly about his countryman. I’m glad someone has the integrity to tell the truth. Walcott is the most overrated player on this planet! Those loving Walcott support the idea that SPEED is the only thing you need to become a pro footballer, and all that technical nonsense and using your brain isn’t all that important. Just run like a dumb dog and the English will love you! LAME LAME LAME!!!

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  73. Neil

    He got sacked from his job at Arsenal, I think that’s why he is so bitter towards the club and Wenger in particular.

    I think that’s the reason but Arsene may have bummed his wife. Maybe.

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  74. Big Gun

    @Neil Don’t think so. The only person Arsene bums is young welsh boys.

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  75. Ashwin

    well i’ve never been a fan of Walcott and even more so after the disappointment of not doing the number 14 shirt justice. But credit where its due, after having watched one disappointing cross after another from Sagna getting thwarted by the first shortish defender on the near post, it was really nice to see that ball which Giroud scored off against newcastle. The bottom line is we need people who have the ability and technique on the ball to deliver and finish like Walcott has shown recently. The aspects of understanding the game as it develops, well we can hope that as he plays upfront he can see things better and be decisive (correctly) and execute.

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  76. Ashwin

    To add to that, symbolically a much talked about player like Walcott preferring to stay at Arsenal is better than him joining the trend of players leaving after having established a name for themselves. That is actually nice for a change. About wages, well again when looking at the big spending clubs this isn’t too high.

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