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Former PSG star rates Ozil as best player in England

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil has been hailed as the best player in the Premier League by Crystal Palace midfielder Yohan Cabaye.

The Palace midfielder has been linked with a move to the Emirates a few times over the years, but the move never materialised and he ended up joining Paris Saint-Germain, only to fail to break into the first-team plans.

He has since returned to the Premier League, and believes the best player in the division is Arsenal’s Ozil.

‘The strongest player in England, I think? Mesut Ozil,’ Cabaye said. ‘He is really, very strong.

‘You get the impression that he does not care, that he is nonchalant, but at one point he will put a pass that nobody has seen.

‘He always knows everything before everyone else. That’s what is fabulous about him.’

Arsenal fans are quick to slam the German when he is under-performing or failing to show enough fight and energy on the pitch, although it could be argued that he is quick to be criticised due to the high level he has brought us to expect from him.

Ozil contributed with 18 assists and goals combined last term, which is deemed not good enough, but comparing those numbers to many other players would see him come out on top.

The German is into the final 12 months of his contract, and has so far refused to agree terms on a new deal, and is currently being linked with a move away from the club.

He is claimed to have sounded out Barcelona who have money to burn following the sale of Neymar, but he looks more than likely to still be at the Emirates come September 1.

Is Ozil in with a shout as best player in the PL?

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16 thoughts on “Former PSG star rates Ozil as best player in England

  1. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    I think he meant technically which is not so far from the truth…ozil is one technically gifted players in the league..I just wish he turns up every game

  2. Frank

    Hahahahahaha that is the biggest load of rubbish I have read in a long time. Thank you, you just made my day. He isn’t even the best player in Arsenal hahahahahaha.
    I will grant him he is one of the most gifted players but is also the laziest player in the PL.
    I could name at least 10 players with better stats than Ozil last year. Even Walcott and Giroud had better goals/assists per games than Ozil. Not to mention the four teams that finished in front of us have better no.10s, hahahaha even Sigurdsson playing for Swansea was better.
    Ozil is the most overrated player in the PL.

      1. Frank

        No one else wants him and he is on easy street with Wenger in charge. Why would he move? He doesn’t have to defend, contributes a goal or assist every now and then, is never substituted, is getting paid a fortune for minimum effort and the fans love him for it. Haha I just find it so amusing. He has scored 3 goals in 2017. 3 goals in 20+ games. How is that in anyway acceptable for a no.10?

        1. Waal2waal

          no one else wants ozil – mayb you not thinking straight. we need him period and today will show the difference he brings to this side.

          1. Frank

            Mate I can guarantee that if the going gets tough out there against Stoke at home, Özil will go hiding and cower on the sideline like he does every other tough game he plays in.

    1. Windsor Bob

      I will say no more than you are a TWAT Frank
      go and support Accrington Stanley they also know nowt

  3. Arsenal_Girl

    If Ozil put 110% effort in every match he would be amazing. In 2015-2016 he scored the most assists and nearly got Henry’s assists record. Unfortunately, we experimented with Theo up front and Giroud went on a 12 game non scoring streak, so the finishing wasn’t there for Ozil to get the record. That season Ozil was a big reason we finished 2nd place

    Lacazette seems to work hard and Alexis always works hard. Imagine if Ozil did the same this Season. Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette would be an amazing trio

  4. John Ibrahim

    2 more weeks to the window closing

    If fans are unhappy, this is a good time to voice concerns

    and not wait till mid season to complain and disrupt the players

    1. Arsenal_Girl

      I know
      Lacazette and Kolsanic are very good signings but not enough
      If we don’t get any more, I don’t see us challenging for the title.

      This can still turn into another disappointing summer unless we get at least one or two more signings ie CM, CD, another attacker

      1. John Ibrahim

        hoping for 2 more signings as well

        Draxler and Lemar would be nice

        but losing them both to Liverpool and Utd without trying would be terrible

  5. Viera Lyn

    Nothing like one underachiever blowing smoke up the ass of another…we know that Ozil has some incredible technical gifts, but to be considered the best you have to bring more than just assists to the table…for me, a top player has to possess a more well-rounded game, which doesn’t mean they need to be a beast on both ends of the pitch, but they must have the ability to take their game to another level when it matters most…although he amassed some record-like stats early on, it set the bar too high, so when people expected him to duplicate those numbers each year the pressure seemed to get the best of our soft-spoken star…obviously that’s not an excuse for what has happened in the meantime, but it’s important to make note of a few things: (1) his best year was a transition year for many of the traditionally dominant teams in the EPL, so that clearly made the numbers appear better than they actually were and (2) Wenger’s system, or lack thereof, didn’t do him any favours; by playing him out of position and by not acquiring world-class striker and/or right-side forward that would best fit an Ozil-centered offensive scheme certainly hurt his chances to repeat his earlier peformances, (3) the loss of Cazorla, who took a lot of pressure off Ozil in the midfield and was highly efficient when it came to getting him the ball in space, negatively impacted his effectiveness and (4) he likewise missed a good chunk of games and frankly never looked himself when he eventually returned to the field…overall the Ozil experiment has had mixed reviews and rightfully so, but I do have some empathy for the man because he has always carried himself the same way, whether for Real or the German National team, yet he has only suffered any lengthy down periods with Arsenal…to me that goes directly to this club’s inability to surround him with the necessary players to succeed, especially for someone who is a pass first type of player; as such, this simply highlights our club’s ineffective and antiquated transfer policies…frankly I’m disappointed in both Ozil and our management team for not stepping up when it counted because they had a chance to do something special, but they didn’t have it in them…there is no one that better exemplifies our recent history than Ozil, brief moments of greatness undercut by long periods of disappointing play, only made worse by his mopey posturing like a younger slightly less awkward Wenger…what a terribly waste

  6. ruelando

    Just looking forward to the match, Ozil got a nice compliment from a decent player, however that is not the opinion of many and stats are actually crap, a player can stay in one spot and still have better stats than someone running around, unless you see for yourself what that player does in a match, STATS are crap.

  7. Adajim

    Ozil isn’t a lazy player, it’s just that his pattern of play differ from ours and our expectations of him isn’t what he is.
    Being a one time club transfer record holder, every1 will expect him to carry the whole team on his shoulders performing magic and wonders each time he is on the pitch but he! That is not Ozil, Sanchez could be that, pple are different, Ozil personality isn’t the one that wants attention, he is the kind of guy that likes to be in the background, his personality doesn’t take anything away from his quality. Just like mouriho said in time past, Ozil isn’t that player you see everywhere on the pitch (like Ramsey) but will always have his moments of magic, when he does and the chance get converted every1 praises him but when the chance is wasted, no one remembers his magical moment

  8. Waal2waal

    many have got short memories – does noone recal ozil instrumental in dismantling england almost single handedly. never underestimate his footballer credibility he is considered amongst the best in our league, europe and in the world.

    all too often our problem has been our failure to surround him with quality. he provides amunition for strikers to complete the job – and when it comes to discusion on ozil qualities whos right CR7 or you? we lucky to have ozil with us – such quality is not so easy to find.

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