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Frimpong hoping to emulate Alex Song’s rise to Arsenal first-team

The Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong has only recently returned from injury and Arsene Wenger thinks that he now needs some regular first team football to get himself back into shape. With the midfielders currently at Arsenal’s disposal, Frimpong is unlikely to get much playing time at the moment so Wenger has arranged for the Ghana international to go on loan to Charlton until January.

Strangely enough, Charlton was the team that helped Alex Song improve enough to become an Arsenal first-team regular, and Frimpong is hoping that this loan period help him to emulate Song. Frimpong said: “Hopefully I can follow in Alex’s footsteps.

“He came here when Charlton were in the Premier League and he did very well to help the team.

“He improved his game and that is why after he left he went to play in the Arsenal first team. Hopefully I can follow in his footsteps and do the same thing.”

“I’m very happy to be here, I know Charlton is a good club which has been in the Premier League for a number of years,”

“At the moment they are in the Championship, but I am just here to get playing and help the team push up the table.

“The whole reason why I’m here is to play games. I have been injured and for me to come back and play straight away in the Arsenal team is a big ask.

“The manager just told me to come here, play a few games until January and see what happens.”

All Arsenal fans can only hope that he doesn’t get too committed to Charlton’s cause and come back with another injury like his loan to Wolves. A fully-fit Frimpong could be exactly what Arsenal need in front of their defence in the second half of the season….

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17 thoughts on “Frimpong hoping to emulate Alex Song’s rise to Arsenal first-team

  1. jk

    If frimpong committed himself purely to football he might improve much quicker the same with the ox! We seem to be the only club where their youngsters seem to think they have made it after just a few games except jenkinson there is someone who looks completely focused on improving

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  2. Coyg

    After recent performances too see the current arsenal team come accross so frail is such a concern! A major overhaul is still required in order for us to be competitors In any competition. If we had a team like the one below, not only would our stadium be full week in week out it would justify our tickets being the most expensive in the world !!


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  3. Graham

    For a few matches now I have seen our back four exposed because of a lack of defensive midfield cover. Arteta has done a good job but he is not a defensive midfielder. Frimpong seems to be the only natural DM we have at the club. I suggest Wenger considers playing him when he comes back from his loan if we are not going to sign one in January.

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  4. Coyg


    Jenkinson/bellerin/k. Walker – lk6 – tv5 – beins/Rodriquez/Gibbs

    Diaby/felliani/mivilla – wilsher (c)


    Ox/gerv/pedro – giroud/ podolski/tw14 – fernandinhio/tello/xisco

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  5. S.H

    Pongie is still so green. He needs to mature mentally. I admire his battling ways, but sometimes his more brawn than brains. Technically he isn’t the most gifted and his passing game needs more work. I do think he’s an asset to Arsenal though. We SO badly need some steel in midfield against grinding teams like Stoke, West Ham, Norwich etc. I really don’t see him as a starter with Wilshere back or when Diaby is 100% fit.

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  6. ThosiGooner

    Frimpong is still raw talent, gritty but still untethered in his challenges, and with a passing accuracy that needs to be improved. Song was just like him when he first started. He needs to keep working at his game because he can be rest assured that Arsène has enough patience for his players.

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  7. AremaniaGooners

    The most thing i loved about him is his determination to fight, to win the ball, to win the game ..
    I think its more required than talent, flair, etc for DM position.
    Hope the best came from you Pongie, see you at Jan !!

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  8. Gunnerineverylife

    He will be very useful when we are leading in the second half.Replace either Cazorla or Wilshere with him around 70 minutes,Frimpong’s aggressiveness,Arteta’s brain and suddenly our defence will look lot more secure.Even when we are behind and need to commit more men forward I think we can replace Arteta with him and release the box to box midfielder more forward,something like what Mancini used to do by replacing someone with De Jong to release Yaya Toure.Lets hope he turns out well.

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  9. Dave

    Hope it works out for him, I have high hopes for the lad and the fact that hes picked his homeland over england hopefully means he wont become a big headed egotistic money grabbing dick like most english players (i am english and it annoys me) I would like to see him loaned to a prem club in january so he can improve like jack did (what wenger wanted last year) then next season he will be given his chance as we rest arteta

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  10. Jonny Martin

    Are you all bark raving mad ? Frimpong is S. L. O. W. I’ve never seen him make a challenge which is not about 5 seconds too late ! That’s why he gets so many cards. Age won’t make him quicker.

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  11. Gunnerineverylife

    @Jonny Martin I think you need to check your E.Y.E.S. and your C.L.O.C.K.

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  12. Lockay

    The loan is a good move for him…
    He started to think that he made it.
    Another one ( like Ramsey ) who got lazy ( and who is lazy ) and should concentrate more on his game and what he is paid for instead of passing his time on twitter talking shyt and promoting a word coming from his deluded mind.

    He is a Dench stupid idiot and he is no where near, NO WHERE NEAR GETTING ON SONG STEPS, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

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  13. gunner39

    santos, ramsey, squillaci, fabianski, chamakh, denilson & bendtner …… that’s enough

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  14. Ayokuu

    Age can’t make him fast but he can learn proper timing and good positioning. Song is not also speedy and he’s a rigid player, he’s just always at the right place at the right time.

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  15. Doc

    I hope things work out for the lad i love his determination he just needs to mature properly and i think there is a great player behind it. Its going to take a while but i dont think he can get the experience with arsenal maybe a long term loan with a good mentor but i hope arsenal keep him under their wing for the future. hes worth the effort

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