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Frimpong – I am not ready for the Arsenal first team yet

The Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong returned to training earlier than Jack Wilshere after his 7 month layoff with a broken leg, and has played in more reserve games that the young English international, but he is adamant that he is still not yet ready to be thrown into the Gunners first-team just yet.

He said: “I still don’t believe I am 100 per cent right – obviously I am playing but I don’t think I am ready for the first team yet,”

“I still need two more 90-minute games for the Arsenal reserves, then I will be fine.

“It is difficult when you play for the under-21s, because even though you’re playing for points it is still not as competitive as a first-team game. The pressure is totally different.

“But coming back from a nine-month injury, I just have to make sure that when I come back into the team, I am right and ready. I don’t want to push myself if I am not ready.

“Once you keep playing you build up your confidence and everything falls back into place. But I am sure that when the time is right and I am called upon, I will do a good job for the team.”

There is no doubt that Frimpong has the qualities you need when you come up against battling teams like Stoke or Norwich, but I guess he always seems to give everything when he is given a chance in the starting XI, so maybe he does need to be a little fitter than Wilshere before he returns to the first-team……..

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16 thoughts on “Frimpong – I am not ready for the Arsenal first team yet

  1. Johnny Banana

    Frimpong’s a beast! He’s omnipresent on the field when he plays, prob why he needs that extra bit of time to improve on the fitness!

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  2. TKC

    He better be ready for the game versus United…
    I wanna see van Persie get Frimponged. :p

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  3. Dan

    Its a strange one with Frimpong because I think he’ll want to play regularly, but I don’t even see him making the subs bench with Diaby and Rosicky coming back + Coquelin doing rather well when he’s been played. I think Frimpong should go on loan for the season and then Wenger will have to make a decision between him and Coquelin at the end, because I don’t see us keeping both.

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  4. imran

    Hope so U vl b return Best as Others, but wid cool temper 😛
    2nd half Performance was amazing, Thy are bcoming Good at offense 1ce again, Some eye catching play by Wilshere n others creativity!
    but still nt at best! We vl come wid Best next week IN-SHA-ALLAH 🙂
    ***Diaby, hope so vl b fit again 😉 U knw, Only Diaby n Wilshere n Rosicky (OLD ARSENAL PLAYERS) Create Real chances, mean thy dare to dribble, love to take players on thm, dribble past thm n thn Produce Beautifull passes!

    *** Except Cazorla , in past of two games, Players dnt seem even dare to dribble past Defenders, Dribble side ways pass back ways, tht make Us Furious, n yesterday thy did it in 1st Half, But Jack presence gives other confidence too to move offensive , play forward….

    *** NW Players Returning back, I Believe If Diaby started along side Wilshere, thn V will Beat MANURE 😛
    cox, DIABY like Yaya Toure Hold ball, take defenders ON, n Create Space for others, Same as Jack….. N WHN Rosicky vl come back, Thy vl Spin Opposition 😛

    *** But m very Angery at Gervinho, I hate Him cox no vision no crossing waste full dribbles, I dnt Believe He is Arsenal player…………. On Other HAnd PPL criticize GIROUD, look just 1 good cross since he came in TEAM, was played too him n look HE was to convert it in Goal bt was unlucky nut Created full Goal Scoring Chance n v scored…

    *** Sagna Walcot OX Arshavin Wilshere all can play LONG bALLS, Sagna In Special, Hope so next week thy Vl Use GIROUD Aerial Power completely AS THY WILL HAVE SOME GOOD TRAINING SESSIONS 😉 ….

    M sorry for Gervinho Fans, really if he had stayed, there will b no cross by Arshavin no Goal No win, HIS injury is Great Blessing In Disguise, Hope so he vl remain for long time!
    n PLZ PAY WALCOT what he want, he coming on its PEAK… We cant let him go… Seriously, LET GERVINHO go n keep walcott… look On LEFT OX n POLDI are there Who need Waste (GERV), n on Rite no 1 best than Walcot!
    So y Should v sell him over matter of money :/ Ridiculous!

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  5. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal need a Fierce and strong player like Frimpong……a player with character and give hard and tough one to oppositions…

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  6. mo

    i know this has nothing to do with this but i saw this on transfer. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger wants to sign Newcastle United winger Hatem Ben Arfa, 25, as he resigns himself to losing Theo Walcott in January.

    but i think winger should sign demba ba as will both has PL exper and can help arsenal alot.

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  7. realist

    Arshavin and chamakh plus 10m for ben arfa and ba will do me nicely thank you.

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  8. S.H

    Frimpong needs to mature mentally. I’m glad he knows this. I still believe he makes brash and careless tackles when he doesn’t need to. I love his combative style, but he needs to tone it down and focus.

    We all love him for his character, but lets not allow that to cloud our judgement of him as a footballer. I think he lacks pace and his passing is shocking. I hope he has improved with his passing range. For now, Coquelin is more reliable.

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  9. Iamspeedie

    @ realist it’s about arsenal football club not yourself or anyone else smh

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  10. Invincibles nice (1)

    I think that with media and pundits stating he got Frimponged could have refs too quick to reach for there cards while i think its hilarious i wouldnt want our player been sent off for one or two over zealous tackles

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  11. Junior

    I still have doubts over Diaby and Coquelin… Diaby needs to be free of injury and I’m sure Coquelin will not be happy sitting around with Wilshere back now. Frimpong loves the club and I feel is more willing to fight for the club. Frimpong can easily become a fan favourite, not to mention Chuka Aneke and Yennaris around. I think Ramsey is going to struggle also, Eisfeld is hot on his heel and when Rosicky is fit he will fall future back I’m sure. Hopefully he can find form though. IF Walcott is to leave I wouldn’t worry to much about a replacement, Gnabry will come through allowing Ox more game time. Ardhavin will most likely leave by the start if next season allowing Ryo in. This is what I could see happening, possibly because its what I done in my FIFA 😀 bar Chuks Aneke + the signing of Adrian Lopez!

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  12. KickuPtheArsene

    I respect a guy who is willing to admit his own limits. Good luck when he does return. He would add presence in midfield – he’s a big boy.

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  13. neil moxon

    He will be eager to make an impression when he comes back
    just hope he doesn’t make to many rash tackles and get himself into bother with the refs,all the best Frimpong glad to see you back.

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