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Frimpong set to be sold by Arsenal

Emmanuel Frimpong signed on with Arsenal when he was nine-years old, and has made 20 first team appearances, but may have made his last, if the reports suggesting that the Gunners are ready to sell the 20-year old in the January transfer window.

Frimpong went on loan to Wolverhapton Wanderers in January, to help the youngster get playing experience and sharpen up his skills, but a cruciate ligament injury cut the spell short. Having come back from his injury recently, Frimpong has played just once for Arsenal this season, in the Capital One cup, and Arsene Wenger has decided that he is not going to make it as a Gunner, according to Metro.

With his contract up for renewal in the summer, it has been decided to try and sell him in January, in order to get some money for the player, while freeing up a place in the squad. Hopefully this will mean that Wenger is looking to add a defensive midfielder to the squad, as this was the position they were hoping that Frimpong would fill.

Wolves are, apparently, impressed with Frimpong and are keen to take him back on loan, but Arsenal are looking for a permanent solution. It is a shame, but he is the latest in the line of academy graduates to fail to make the grade at Arsenal, Wilshere and Gibbs being glaring exceptions to the rule.

So the questions will start again, M’Vila, Capoue, Wanyama or somebody else? Or will Wenger let another window pass by claiming that there was nobody good enough available?

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33 thoughts on “Frimpong set to be sold by Arsenal

  1. Melo

    Frimpong posted on Twitter last night saying this was all bullshit and that he’s not looking for a permanent transfer, just another loan deal:

    “Subject to rumours am not leaving afc I am positive of going on loan this week which am really excited about and I am fully commited to afc”

    “And am not in my last year or looking to be sold just to clear matters thank you and going on loan to get games and cum back to arsenal”

    Think I’ll take the word of the man himself rather than whatever hack of a journalist put this story together. Being a football journo in this country must be the easiest job in the world.

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  2. Gunnersince15

    Am I surprised? Of course the answer is no. Frimpong, is an excellent player, who sometimes plays with his heart, instead of his head but he is fighter, who’s not afraid of getting “stuck in” when the situation demands it. He’s still very young and will be an outstanding player, in the near future. It’s a shame we are thinking of selling him, when there is so much dross in our squad, who are hanging on in there for the money and nothing else. That’s not their fault, each and everyone of us would do the same. The people to blame are those who thought they could carry on indefinitely buying players for pennies and selling them at a big profit. Now were stuck with the unemployed and the unemployable and selling our better players, to balance the books. IT’S HARD TO BEAR and more difficult to watch our great club being made look ordinary by the likes of Fulham.

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  3. unknown

    Wat rubbish! How does ramsay get t stay then? he sud b the 1st t leave! This guy is red n white through n through! Pls kp him sell ramsay!

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  4. Mbokor tony

    And someone hlp me wake wenger nd remind him about one of his weakest link that is nt good enough for a sub let alone a starting place. He should be loaned or sold out pleeaass. Aron Ramsey .

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  5. Dan


    Regardless of whether it is permanent or just a loan the point is that Wenger doesn’t think he’s goo enough, which is probably accurate to be fair to Wenger. We might aswell sell Coquelin aswell and use the money from both to go and sign Capoue. I think Wanyama will go to Utd. And M’vila…

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  6. True Gunner

    He ain’t going no where only on loan looks like someone has been getting there information from, come on do some proper research before you print ridiculous articles

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  7. Mbokor tony

    If u sell, pls buy. Thats the law of business. This club keeps selling nd they never buy a better replacement bt rather go poking under age school boys groom them up and sell them to thier rivals for all the millions to enrich thier pot belied share holders. Sick of being an Arsenal fan. Gunners Beyond wenger’s era.

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  8. Hademe P

    Not just Frimpong alone. There are several others that are not worth being in that team.They should all be cleared to make room for others , that is if the stubborn Arsene will ever see qualities around the entire earth planet.The exit of Song has created a big loophole that needs urgency.T he rumour of Eden Dzeko is milling once again but it may still end up a pipe dream because am not convinced that Wenger will change his policy that has set us back miles behind. LOVE ARSENAL, HATE WENGER AND THE BOARD.

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  9. Adebisi Ayo

    I simply don’t believe that report.It’s bullshit,at least Frimpong himself has debunk it.

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  10. Jim

    In the 15 year reign of Arsene Wenger, how many young players from the Arsenal Academy have made the grade?

    Cole, Wilshere and Gibbs. That’s it. Three amongst God knows how many kids that have been through the Arsenal Academy. This is a damnable, indefensible failure by any measure.

    Ask ourselves another question. What has happened to the 99% of these once hopeful, potential, talented kids? How much profit the Arsenal board has made from selling the Academy kids like cattle. It’s damned shameful and immoral if we just think about it.

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  11. boom boom POW ...wankerz

    Frimpong jheez wot a name (lol) ….but he aint the reason we are sitting in 8th on position …..I like frimpong….sell squillaci, chamakh, djourou, flapianski n santos …get ur paraoities straight

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  12. g882

    So were up for selling a lifelong gooner who always steamrolls through matches with 110% for the Arsenal, whilst the likes of Squillaci are still here in the squad eating up the wages??? Jokers.

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  13. braaf

    Let’s hope it stays according to Metro. Frimpong is young and very talented and takes mean free kicks. On top of that he is can provide very good cover for the back four which will give Lecoq the opportunity to attack more. As for Ramsey, he is a very good CENTRAL MIDFIELDER and that’s why he deserves to stay. We have been critting him based on his performances as a winger. That’s not his natural position.

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  14. gunner forever

    I am disgusted with Wenger! If he sells Frimpong and keeps Ramsey then he has nothing to do in football. Old brainless idiot! Poor, poor Aaron got his foot broken, oh my poor Aaron, my only son. Stupid old tw*t, many players broke their legs but it didn’t turn them to sh*t like Ramsey. He used to be Rambo, now he is Ramass!

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  15. jk

    So what id M’vila banned from international football for 2 years thats even more of a reason to buy him. His price will drop and wont be fatigued by international duty!

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  16. Ene (kc)

    Full fit fripong is better than six years injury Diaby and unreliable ramsy whom there contracts are reniewed behind close doors.

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  17. Kingbong10

    if i ever see Ramsey out on the right wing again ,I will swap my testicles for strawberry nerds

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  18. true goon

    dont belive it how can we offload a lad like that when we still have squillaci,park,chamakh,bendtner,djourou and santos

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  19. mystic

    Based on Frimpong’s Twitter denial LAST night, this is a silly article and anyone who rises to it is no better.

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