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Frustration for Arsenal stars as Brazil beat Chile

It was a game of frustration for the two Arsenal stars involved in the international friendly between Brazil and Chile at the Emirates stadium today but for very different reasons.

Alexis Sanchez started for Chile and was the best player on the pitch for either team. Right from the first minute the Gunner was chasing down and harrying the Brazilians and he often came away with the ball and sprung into attack. Unfortunately for the 26-year old striker, his efforts were not quite matched by his team mates and they did not lead to a goal either.

As it was a friendly the referee was lenient because Brazil would have had a lot more yellow cards and probably at least one red for the constant fouling of Alexis and others that stopped Chile from building and sustaining momentum. Alexis definitely did not deserve to be on the losing side but Brazil substitute Firmino scored with a rare incisive move and that was the only goal.

The frustration for the new Arsenal centre back Gabriel was that he did not get onto the pitch for his international debut. It was only his first call up though, but with six subs allowed Gabriel must have hoped for at least a cameo appearance. Perhaps the tightness of the game stopped the manager Dunga from changing things in central defence but neither Miranda or Thiago Silva had a particularly good game, with Miranda lucky not to concede a penalty.

So frustration for them but some good news for Arsenal as they will now have almost a week off and should be fit and fresh for Liverpool on Saturday.

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16 thoughts on “Frustration for Arsenal stars as Brazil beat Chile

  1. JAmerican

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    1. fred cowardly

      That’s true.

      If we got somebody for a few years and he helped us get trophies then that’s all that matters

      When Henry left for Barcelona, nobody was angry at him, quite the contrary. We were grateful for the trophies and his hard work over the years.

      If we got Dybala or Lacazette, as long as it improves us to win trophies, I don’t care if we are used as a springboard

      Loyalty is dead in football anyway

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    2. sevenitti

      Concerning Henry, he’s claimed he became an arsenalfan after leaving us for Barcelona.

      Ole Gunnar Solskjær was also a liverpoolfan.

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    1. Nokia810

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      1. YingYang69

        Can you not see that his good totally outweighs anything resembling bad.. why would you want to speak of arguably our best player in that way.

        Their not robots, there will be down times on occasion.

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        1. Nokia810

          maybe my anger towards sanchez is misguided
          i do appreciate his work rate and will to play for the team.. but what annoys me is that other players specially ozil gets a lot of stick because of what sanchez does on the pitch…(if u look carefully even the united goal in fa cup is sanchez’s fault who monreal exposed when he decided to press in the midfield)
          Fans support alexis even when he is going through a bad spell but are way too quick to slate other players for having a poor game (eg: i saw A LOT of arsenal fans balming ozil for the UCL exit!!, or fans asking for walcott to be sold after the west ham game)

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      2. dan

        You complete moron u must b a spud fan as they know nothing about football either!!!

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  2. Greg

    Fred cowardly@
    True that bro! Some footballers in the world have become like mercenaries!

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  3. RSH

    That Brazil/ Chile game was way too physical for a friendly… Gotta love South American rivalries though, lol. Sanchez had a decent game too. As others said, just glad he’s not injured. We’re almost there guys! Only Welbeck has been injured so far and theres a chance he’ll be back for the weekend as well.

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  4. Jim A

    I really can’t understand how this system works. Players that are paid 40,000 to over 140,000 a week by a club are expected to give their all while maybe nursing an injury to get further injured by playing through it?
    Let players play for their countries in a relaxed summer setting for 2-3 weeks.
    Imagine having a clause in a players contract that they would only get paid their full salary if they play for the required % of games.

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  5. CraigZWE

    Honestly we should have a clause in contract that should they get injured on international duty they don’t get paid while in treatment room.

    Club pays for their life style

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  6. Nokia810

    People need to realize running a lot and chasing every ball does not mean having a great game. All sanchez does is overcomplicate things, lose the ball and then chase it down and then all the fans shout around “What a GREATTT player!!! ozil is a lazy f***… he should learn something fro sanchez..”
    Do you guys really think that sanchez’s poor form and arsenal’s great form and run of results are mere coincidence. whenever sanchez has a poor game arsenal seem to play the way we know they can.

    To all those who thumb me down (probably A LOT), i know truth was going to be too bitter a pill for yu to swallow.

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