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FULL Arsenal injury update for Man City match

There was some very encouraging news for Arsenal on the injury front yesterday, after Jack Wilshere posted a video on a social network site of him moving freely without his protective boot and calmly slotting a penalty past a young player in the team he coaches.

Apparently, the Gunners could now have him back around a month earlier than previously thought, which would see him back in the squad around the end of this month, and with a bit of luck that would leave just the unlucky Mathieu Debuchy in the treatment room.

We are still waiting on the fitness of Abou Diaby and Serge Gnabry, who have just a single appearance between them this season but according to three other Gunners currently out of action could all be available to face Man City at the Etihad stadium on Sunday.

Our club captain Mikel Arteta has been out with a calf problem since the win over Dortmund in late November and was expected back in training this week, but now the Guardian has reported that he has had a setback and will still be out for another four weeks.

Kieran Gibbs is due to have a fitness test to assess the state of his ankle but there is a good chance the England international left back will be okay to play. His international team mate Danny Welbeck is in a similar situation although his thigh injury is more likely to keep him out a little bit longer.

But Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott will all be closer to match fitness and all three could start or at least feature. Things are finally looking up for Arsenal but how many times have we heard that before? Let’s just hope that we have seen the worst of the injury problems.

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20 thoughts on “FULL Arsenal injury update for Man City match

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy

      The secret to the recent games success was Sanchez, Santi, Ox and Rosicky.
      Those four are quick, and change direction on a dime. This destroys a defensive formation and creates confusion about who is man marking whom.

      The get into the defense so damn quick, that people back off them so not to get burned.
      Three of them must be on the pitch at any given time. That is what is needed at City.

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  1. mohawk

    Sports media love to stir up imaginary trouble.

    They are now claiming that Poldi is “striking out at Wenger” simply because, when asked, Poldi stated he did not know why Wenger did not play him.

    This is attacking Wenger??? Nearly everyone was asking the same question weekly. No one on the planet understood why Wenger did not play him. I am not sure Wenger knows at this point.

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  2. Cappieee

    Oh, Wenger. We just want a perfect formation, Tactic, changes at d ryt time and 3points. We have what it takes to beat d so called top 4 teams. Up gunners, buzzing for a win.

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    1. muda

      @cappie, I will happily go with your last point which is (3points)

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  3. Hafiz Rahman

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  4. Godswill

    Who ever is back, Le Coq should be in the team. Let Aterta and Flamini wait for now. In Sunday’s match, we need very strong and fearless youths infront of our back four. Ospina and Bellerin should keep their spots. Happy that we are about to have a full house. The problem will now be the Manager with his selections per match.

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  5. fred cowardly




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    1. GunnerJack

      Why do you want to play Bellerin, Gibbs and Walcott out of position?

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      1. lugdush

        Im with jack. I would play:




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  6. Mk2013

    It’s good to have all gunners back to full fitness. But hope AW does not go back to his experiments that caused us to loose lots of points in the first half of the season.He should stop his long failed project of trying to build the team around Wilshere and stop those unfamiliar formations that he was doing at the beginning of the season.He should stop displacing better players for the sake of his project.

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  7. fed-up gunner

    I know our team is good; but if we can just get defender and DM; we ll b good

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  8. Brada b

    @ the ending of the transfer window or even when the window closes alot of u #gooners are going to b disappointed because that man isn’t going to buy any1 or hes going to buy some unknown name player for cheap who is going to get injured in the 1st month then u going to hear the #wengerout so im goin to start ot from now #WENGEROUT!!!!

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  9. arsenalkid1970

    Abou still there why? This is madness for gods sake let him go to the 4th division for free and see if they want him. It’s madness bad business.

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    1. ethangooner

      Football fan really has short memory. Still remember how easily Diaby glide past players at times. AS long as we just offer him a pay-as-you-play deal, I’m happy to take chance with him. Very talented player, unplayable when he is on form.

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      1. SaveArsenal

        Look I would love to see Diaby glide past players but realistically when would that happen?
        How many 1st team games has he played in the last 3 years?
        At this point it is farce to keep him as a thin chance that he will be fit when we need him.
        Once again we had a threadbare midfield and he wasn’t available to help.

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