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Full Arsenal injury update – Wilshere and Sagna return reduce the list even further

Arsenal may have lost their first game of the season yesterday but (just for once) Arsene Wenger cannot blame an extensive injury list as has been the case in many other seasons. Bacary Sagna had returned to training with the first team training before this weekend’s game but there is no need for Wenger to rush his return to the first team thanks to the fantastic form of his young replacement Carl Jenkinson.

But the one returnee that all Arsenal fans have been waiting for over a year for is the supremely talented youngster Jack Wilshere, and Wenger has revealed that he will be playing for the reserve side in the game against West Brom tomorrow afternoon.

Wenger said: “He will play on Monday, he will play his first game with the under-21s, maybe an hour or something like that. It’s another important step but he has not played for 14 months so we have to calm your [the media‚Äôs] impatience a little bit.”

Of course Arsenal fans will be keen to see Jack back in action for the first team as quickly as possible, but after 14 months out there is no reason to risk a relapse with the midfield options available at the moment. And don’t forget Emmanuel Frimpong also returned to the action last week.

Once these are reintegrated into the squad, Arsenal will have Thomas Rosicky as the only outfield player still on the treatment table, and on Friday Wenger said about him: “Rosicky is two weeks away, he is not far away.” Little Mozart was brilliant in the second half of last season when called upon, maybe he will have the same role this season?

This just leaves the problems with our goalkeepers. Wenger has no choice but to stick with Vito Mannone in goal, despite his unconfident showing yesterday, as Wojciech Szczesny is still two to three weeks away fom a return. As for Fabianski, Wenger has remained tight-lipped over his mysterious “shoulder injury” supposedly sustained on international duty with Poland (although he didn’t play). I guess we’ll find out the truth about that one day.

So now Wenger has nearly a complete squad to play with, and it is now up to Wenger to utilise them in the best way to get us nine points from our next three games!

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19 thoughts on “Full Arsenal injury update – Wilshere and Sagna return reduce the list even further

  1. Simon

    Manonne was afwul yesterday and lost our game!!!! Although he was quite good in the first games of the season. Hope he can restore his form!!

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  2. aceGunner

    the loss will bring our players back down to earth so now they are aware of their faults early on in the season, we could see it as a blessing in disguise.. will jack and bacary coming it make competion for a starting place that much tougher which will make sure all players will be playing at their best…COYG!!!!

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  3. aceGunner

    @simon says, i felt the same way mate.. the only way that manone could have made a claim 4 the number 1 was if he pulled off spectacular saves 2 prevent the goals

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  4. jermaine

    this is great timing as diaby is out for nearly a it will be wilkshire vs cioqulan for the spot beside arteta. I have also been imopress with ramsey but were does this leave theo?

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  5. k

    I think Arteta and Wilshere should both play a similar role but with Arteta doing most of the tackling. Arteta has been amazing in the defensive role.
    Arteta winning the ball and moving it around quickly.
    Wilshere retaining possession, moving the ball forward.
    Cazorla creating chance after chance.
    Best midfield in the league

    Rosicky, Ramsey, Diaby, Frimpong, Coquelin, etc. not even making first team, that’s depth for midfield.
    I think we need a LB backup, Santos doesn’t do it for me.
    With a new leftback our second team is:
    New left back//Mertesacker?//Djourou//Jenkinson
    I put a question mark next to Mertesacker as it’s debatable between him and Koscielny for first team. With Chamakh he could be considered 3rd choice as Giroud and Podolski could both play there, but Podolski seems to be playing more on the left.

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  6. Always a gooner

    if mert makes mistake next game …you fickle fans will ask to drop him and bring back koscielny …….its not mert fc or kos fc its arsenal fc go gunners !!!!….support all our players even if they play awful …In arsenal we trust

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  7. kamal

    We need to learn how to defend set pieces….both goals of chelsea and the city game were set piece….Away wit the zonal marking,,return to good old man to man marking

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  8. dan

    Manone is a clown he will lose us more points i said after liverpool game even though he kept a clean sheet that he looked dodgy and was flapping at crosses he is not good enough and wenger will regret not signing a decent keeper to challenge shez!

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  9. jhbgunner

    Glad to have these guys back… Only concern is how they will gel with the new boys although I have faith. Btw need to work on target practice, looked a bit like a rugby match with the shots yesterday… Give the keeper something to do COYG

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  10. Jay Gooner

    Well it was a lesson well learnt.. Defensively we were shite! But it’s a good thing it came early in the season rather than late. Have ample time to hopefully pick up again. Don’t think mannone was at fault.. Le Kos had a terrible game and was at the center of both goals but u have such days where no matter how hard u try. Biggest loss was injury to Diaby that changed the whole shape of the game, we lost the physicality and the height in the middle of the park.Cech made 2 really good saves n giroud was clumsy again. Could have won the game… Oh well, have no doubt we will bounce back. Especially with all the first team players coming back.. Can’t wait to see jack back in action .. COYGs!!!

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  11. Laurentkboi

    Yesterday was a team at fault, not one player played as well as before now be honest it was a huge disappointment but failure is good if one learns from it.

    We are arsenal, we will learn from it.

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  12. jkhhbhh

    mannone did nothing wrong…like many other keepers,mannone was expecting a touch from koscielny so he didnt know which way to go

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  13. bm

    Koscielny was at fault for both goals not the keeper …. Shit happens n it did yesterday…let’s look forward… Come on arsenal

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  14. ojikiti

    Arsenal test of kos was a futility in exercise, Mert ve nt giv it out dis season well Diaby injury may ve contribute. Thank God Jack is back to fill d void

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  15. Ganaz

    Kosci had just a bad day but does not mean he is not good,we should learn how to embrace our heroes.Any one can do what happened and it was not Mannone’s fault.The whole team struggled the moment diaby got injured.Let’s point to that rather than picking players who in the past 5games have performed wonderfully.Be supportive to the team.And it’s foolish to think that the coming back of Jack will solve all our problems or that we wont be defeated again.So COYG

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  16. Jeremy

    What happens to Vermalean? Forgotten that he is our captain?
    and i think Gibbs is doing a great job at LB..
    And Chamakh ahead of Ashravin? SERIOUSLY??

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