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Furious Arsenal boss Wenger to tug Xhaka in for crunch talks

Granit Xhaka is claimed to be set for crunch talks with Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger today, following his unnecessary red-card at the weekend.

The Swiss international was sent off against Burnley on Sunday with his side leading the tie 1-0, and his actions have so far been slammed on fans, pundits and the manager alike.

Arsene Wenger went into meltdown after the incident, and even got himself sent to the stands following the stresses that followed, although the Frenchman refused his order to leave the arena, as well as having a tussle with the fourth official after the awarding of an injury time penalty to the opposition.

Xhaka now looks set to feel the wrath of Wenger following the unnecessary situation he put his fellow team-mates into, and there are also rumours circulating that the incident may have persuaded the Arsenal boss to look at alternative midfielders this month.

After the game, Arsene said: “He has to control his game, and not punish the team with his lack of control and his tackling.

“We don’t encourage our midfielders to go down in tackles, we want them to stand up and not make these kind of fouls.”

Wenger will have had plenty of time to watch over the incident, as well as time to reflect on the circumstances, and is now said to be ready to unleash his frustrations with the player, having already warned him about his discipline.

Xhaka is expected to pick up a four-match ban, which will see him miss the tough FA Cup trip to Southampton, as well as the crucial Premier League title battle with leaders Chelsea.

Do we need to bring in another midfielder? Can we trust Xhaka in that important central role?

Pat J

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14 thoughts on “Furious Arsenal boss Wenger to tug Xhaka in for crunch talks


    As much as I hate his needless tackles, I still feel he will come good with time. I love the guy’s passes. Apart from Carzola, I don’t see any other player who has vision for both short and long range passes as Zhaka. Let’s be patient with the guy.

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    1. atid

      Not sure being the main dm, suits his game, but let’s not forget whilst he got himself sent off, it was his replacement coquelin, that gave away the needless penalty.

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    2. Dawa

      I`m beginning to feel Xhaka is not good enough. I don’t think his passes are that good.

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  2. atid

    And who at the club is going to pull wenger in about his problems?

    It’s a massive case of the pot calling the kettle black. Wenger needs to keep his control too, he isn’t exactly setting a good example.

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  3. quantic dream

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  4. Kostafi

    I thought he was a DM when we bought him but Wenger has since said he is a box to box CM. He needs to improve his tackling. Both red cards from Moss are questionable. AW should have appealed the first one- it was a tactical foul worthy of a yellow. The Burnley tackle showed poor judgement but the rule book makes no mention of studs up or scissor tackle. The rule book mentions only the phrase ‘dangerous tackle’ but the PGMO has since been feeding the ‘studs up’ and ‘scissor’ tackles to the media as deserving of straight red. The Burnley tackle on Ozil was much worse with the player actually hurting himself (hence dangerous) in the process. That was deemed worthy only of a yellow. Xhaka’s tackle was not on a player in motion and the player easily got out of the way. He was one of the best players on the pitch until that moment. He had been stomped on twice by Burnley- Sky refused even to show replays of that because he stood up to the player- Defour. At the end of the day it is passionate frustration, any more reds and he might be getting his wages docked (unlikely).

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    1. Kostafi

      In a FIFA test of video technology last September, the Video Assistant Referee upheld the referees decision in a France-Italy game that a studs up challenge was a straight red. The context was that it was not dangerous. Only English refs and the English media sing studs up like it is in the hymn sheet of the rule book.
      Bring on video replays!!

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      1. Kostafi

        was NOT*

        Incident 1 : Italy 1 France 3; Sept 1, third minute France debutant Djibril Sidibé goes in studs up on veteran Italy midfielder Daniele De Rossi, whose team-mates begin baying for a red card. The referee opts for a yellow – and the video official agrees.

        Referee decision: Upheld

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  5. summerbreez

    Firstly I dont think It was a bad tackle perhaps a yellow look at the amount of bad tackles Arsenal suffered through the years and beside that tackle was important he had to do it to fix the situation he took one for the team I am sure it was not worth a red card I like xaka and his strength and mind frame

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  6. Jansen

    He should be given the remainder of this season to get used to the PL. Next season we can hold him accountable to the expectations his price tag warrant.

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  7. Ronny331

    FlaminI on the pitch and Wilshire off it seems! Guy needs to keep his head down.

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    And who is going to bring Mr Wenger in to talk about his antics in the Tunnel.

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