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Furious Moyes blames linesman for Arsenal defeat

The Everton manager David Moyes is absolutely certain that the linesman denied his team a share of the points in last night’s game against Arsenal at Goodison Park. In fact he says the offending linesman called FIVE decisions wrongly in Arsenal’s favour.

“There’re five which are onside, five decisions, I’ve checked.” Moyes exclaimed. “It’s a goal.

“We’ve had a sore deal the last few games, we’ve had really poor decisions against us.

“But it was the assistant who got them wrong.

“You can say you can get one wrong, but it’s really poor deal.

“It’s cost us in the end, cost us trying to get something back after a disappointing start, I thought the players played really well after that opening goal, I thought they gave it a right go.”

“Apart from the first 20 minutes, I thought we played as good as Arsenal, we’re really unlucky not to take something from this game.”

Oh well David, that’s the way the cookie crumbles; You win some you lose some; It will all even out in the end; And other platitudes lol!

Perhaps you should have told the linesman that he should have gone to Specsavers!

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34 thoughts on “Furious Moyes blames linesman for Arsenal defeat

  1. French fries

    It wasnt offside ,that fo sure ,but after being fcked so many times by referees ,it felt really good ,that we dindnt get fcked this time

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  2. gooooner

    Hard luck! Its about time that something went out way tbh, weve been the most unlucky sad! oh and by the way guys LEAVE RAMSEY ALONE!! he is class just be patient and you’ll see.

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  3. the 10 shirt

    Even though I love my Gunners, I do have to admit that I thought the Drenthe call was the wrong decision. We could all clearly see that he was way onside, but because of his pace, it fooled the linesman. We were lucky, but we’ve had these decisions go against us many times before. Call it karma, but we got the 3 points, in 3rd place with spuds peeled/mashed/fried/rotting in 4th and it was a pleasure to see Chelsea and Livepool lose simultaneously. Lets hope Chelsea vs Tottenham draw to strengthen our automatic champions league position and have these 2 muppets fight each other for 4th.


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  4. Emery

    poor decision but that wasnt the only one they got wrong last night, still im not complaining now :L

    Great to see us looking down on Spurs, possibly our worst season since AW took over and we still look set to finish above them, get back to where you belong

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  5. Aurijit

    I draw many parallels btw Moyes and Wenger…. This is also one of them , after getting unlucky with decisions…

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  6. Ibro vc

    He says “five times on side” may be he need to check that again, its one of these excuses manager’s make when they loose games.

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  7. Bruce TongaBull

    @the 10 shirt we are hie my man. Nice to b 3rd bt why did wenger spoil the Game by playing Ramsey. It was too much torture fo us. The lad shud come in the last 5min and loan hm out next season. By th way th two crowns are fighting it out next week… Chealsk vs Trotter Spud. Yaya yaya

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  8. eMMkLin

    Yeah, David Moyes!!! Talk to the hand, the ears are busy!!! Hahahahaha! Guys, I look behind me and guys who I see… Turtle-ham Hotdogs!!!

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  9. Kennedy

    I think if there is any side dat has suffer the most in d hands of match officials then it is arsenal so moyes shld just accept it cos shit do happen

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  10. Sam19

    Anyone else remember the lines man doing us over against everton in the past with Saha? What goes around comes around Moyes!! your not the only one the have bad officiating. We have had it all season and we are still third, man up!!

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  11. Big Gun

    Bout time we had some luck on our side. And Ramsey had a shocker as usual. When will he improve? I would rather have played 3 midfielders and Chamberlain on the left wing. Anyway keep it up boys, Vermalaen and Kossie were superb. The dynamic duo!

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  12. Nathan

    I agree with Moyes that the call wasnt correct. But there were a few decisions going against us, take for example a clear foul on Rosicky not give and yes another one inside teh box outrageous foul from behind by R Drenthe….
    The would be even stevens for Everton.

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  13. Nick

    Sometimes you just don’t get the calls to go your way. Usually (and by that I mean ~75% of the time) it goes against Arsenal so it was surprising to see them benefit us for once. Yes, Drenthe was onside and the goal should’ve been allowed. But you can’t say that if that goal had counted Arsenal wouldn’t have responded like they have in their last few games and ended up winning 4-1. Games over, we’re in 3rd place so bring on the Villans!

    Also, nothing that happened yesterday in the Arsenal vs Everton game can compare with the absolute mockery of officiating I watched immediately following when I caught the Real Madrid vs. Villareal match. The ref gave 2 yellow cards to the same player for Villareal (1 in first half, 1 in second) and he didn’t send him off. Villareal were awarded a free kick, Mourinho protested and got sent off. The Both Sergio Ramos (2 yellows) and Ozil (Straight red for protesting). Total joke of a game by the officials.

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  14. Robert

    Even if that goal stood boys would upped the game to a higher gear, make no mistake the table doesn’t lie. Allow me bask with pleasure not with all that pain i have gone through this season behind me

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  15. C-BOY

    the same referee who officiate arsenal vs everton at emirate stadium,giveth everton an off side goal (saha’s goal)that officiate the match drenthe goal was on side and moryes was’nt furrious then but happy and now that the law of kerma caught up with them he is furious.ha ha ha.

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  16. arct stigah

    The player who scored the goal was not off side, but the other player who was off side continued to run towards goal, thus being involved in play, and that made the goal off side. READ RULES OF THE GAME GUYS. THAT WAS OFF. THE LINESMAN GOT IT VERY RIGHT

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  17. budgie

    Sorry davy, u was robbed, but we needed the points more than you did, If it”s any comfort to you the three points will help us finish above spuds! Every cloud has a silver lining! C”est la Vie!

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  18. Bolly

    Ok criticise Ramsey if he has a bad game (which he did not, just should have buried a couple of good chances) but stop asking for him to be loaned out! He is an outstanding player and the captain of his country. A goal will settle his nerves in front of the net.
    He played well last night.

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  19. Yomi

    But Drenthe also brought Rosicky down in the box and it was neglected.. I think they were compensated..

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  20. Olabosipo

    Referee made many wrong calls against Arsenal too especially during yesterday’s match & many other matches,though d Drenthe score a valid goal but the linesman mistakenly judged it offside, but how about d tackle Drenthe made on Rosicky in d box, wasnt that a penalty too. So Mr Moyes should take it as fate because shit happen

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  21. paulligar Akuom

    Mr moyes,wengar had been in this ur position several times in his carrier as arsenal manager.instead of positive things 2 come out of it,fine and touchline ban be careful with ur comment or u get hooked

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  22. SoyuzBot

    sour grapes. Take it on the chin mate! V. Persie hit the post, what do u think about that luck mate?

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  23. bob

    What about the penalty that was not given….the more he thinks and talks about things not going his teams way, its the more it will happen, that is how the universe works.

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  24. Nick

    I didn’t say it earlier, but I thought Song was really poor yesterday. I’m getting a little tired of his Arshavin like passing with the occasional brilliant pass to RVP. More consistency is needed from the man.

    I got immediately nauseated when Wenger pulled Rosicky off and put Djourou on. All I kept seeing in my head was JD giving away a PK and the score ending 1-1.

    Also, Afobe has been loaned out to Reading for the rest of the season. Hope he gets some starts.

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  25. Sam19

    Completely agree about song, I’m getting tired of his lazy play, he knows he will be in the team week in week out because he is our only decent CDM and he just takes that for granted. He plays with no drive anymore. Hopefully vertonghen (if he comes) will make him up his game a bit to compete for starting 11 place

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  26. eche gunners77

    don’t blame song,he is human not engine we need another defensive midfielder to compliment him.

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  27. the 10 shirt

    @Bruce Tongabull

    Yeah I agree with Ramsey, although i might not loan him, but rather use him only for cup games. The boy pees me off how many times hes missed this year. People complained about Arshavin but when the Little Russian had an opening he buried them home! I’d prefer to see Rosicky anyday in CAM, hell even Song could do a better job than Ramsey.

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  28. Aussie Jack

    I`m quite sure the use of modern technology would improve the fairness of the game but I would also like to see decisions reversed based on that technology. The referees decision need not be final.

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  29. amby_ohis

    i really feel sorry for moyes and everton. in my opinion the linesman was aweful. maybe he’s a gunner,lol. it’s about time we got some frem the officials. gunners for life!

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