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Gaz: Wenger under pressure – And the glass is now empty!

With only one win in our last seven games, and that being against Leyton Orient, all gooners have been really down in the dumps lately. The fear factor that we once had, has completely gone now, and it seems every team we come up against these days believes they can take points off us. Its Blackpool next at Bloomfield Road, and anything less than a win there would surely be viewed as a disaster. But with the Seasiders sitting just one point above the relegation places, they are going to be a tricky nut to crack, as they are fighting for their Premier League lives.

Arsene Wenger is a man under pressure right now, as in the last six weeks, he has seen his team go out of three cup competitions, and draw three consecutive league games, against clubs we should be beating. So if Ian Holloway was to get the better of him on Sunday, where do we go from there?. Almost doesn’t bare thinking about, but you can understand why I have some worries. One thing is for sure though, every manager that we face from now on will have no trouble motivating their players to play Arsenal. They know we are “on the ropes” and very vulnerable home or away, so if our lads are feeling sorry for themselves, then perhaps the darkest days are still to come.

I was a “glass half full” kind of guy up until the Blackburn game last Saturday. But after watching that game, and seeing our players body language on the pitch when the final whistle went, my glass is now empty. I think that the confidence and belief we had shown before the Carling Cup Final, is a very distant memory, and getting that back is going to prove impossible for the duration of this season. We have some very tough games coming up after Blackpool, and if we aren’t careful, we could end up finishing in fourth place, which would be terrible. The least we deserve from this campaign is an automatic Champions League spot, so lets hope we can win a few games ugly, to make sure this happens.

Speculation over Arsene Wenger’s future isn’t going to go away anytime soon, and hearing about the scuffle at the Emirates between pro Wenger and anti Wenger fans last Saturday makes it even worse. I can’t help but feel that our manager should come out and speak publicly about this issue, as ignoring it won’t make it go away. Like I said in my last article, if Wenger isn’t prepared to spend big this summer on top quality players, then he should leave. I want to hear him say that he is changing his philosophy, as this one has clearly failed, and that he WILL improve our squad GREATLY for next seasons title challenge. If he can’t make that guarantee, then the board should seriously start looking for managers to replace him, as if things don’t change dramatically next season, then the minor scuffle that took place between Arsenal supporters after the Blackburn game might get a `lot more serious.

I don’t know about anybody else, but in recent years I have felt like the guy who never gets invited to the party when the transfer window opens. You hear all the rumours of players that might be going to all of our main rivals, for big money, and their managers coming out and saying that they are looking to strengthen their squads. Then a journalist asks our manager what his plans are, and he just says that he is happy with the squad that he has. The best we have heard from Wenger in a transfer window in recent times is that he “might” sign one player. He seems so lazy when it comes to doing any business, and for the sake of 1 or 2 million extra pounds, he would rather walk away from a deal, than fix the obvious weaknesses within our team. You only have to look at the Mark Schwarzer transfer that never happened. Why he didn’t just pay what Fulham were asking completely baffles me. We would probably be sitting at the top of the league right now if that deal had gone through, especially when you look at some of our goalkeeping howlers this season. But instead of splashing the cash on guys that can help us out THIS season, he will spend 3.5 million (ironically the fee Fulham were asking for Schwarzer) on an unproven Brazilian hot head called Wellington Silva, who “could” be an Arsenal star of the FUTURE. Doesn’t make sense.

The news that we are on the brink of signing the young Charlton defender Carl Jenkinson, and that we are trying to poach yet another player from Barcelona’s academy, FV tells me that Wenger isn’t ready to change his flawed philosophy just yet. This has been greeted with the obvious reaction from the anti Wenger brigade, who are literally at the end of their tether now with the Arsenal legend. I’m starting to think that Arsene simply doesn’t care about the fans that question him, and he only listens to the fans who treat him as a God. He also comes across now as someone so obsessed with the future, that he forgets about the present. Why won’t anybody on the Arsenal board tell this man to stop being so stubborn, and bring in some world class players?. Think of the morale boost, both the players and the fans would have in anticipation of next season, if we finally brought in some star names. It would also convince Fabregas and Nasri that Arsenal CAN challenge for major honours, so they will want to stay for another year. We all know that there is a ton of money in the transfer kitty for new additions, and all gooners WILL NOT accept another summer of penny pinching.

In closing, I just want to state that I am not against us signing players for the future, as this is a crucial part of any football club. My issue is that we aren’t getting the balance right between youth and experience. Arsene Wenger will argue that his current players will be better off next season, after having another year together. He will say that his players will learn from experiences this season, and put things right next time around. I would argue, that this generation of Arsenal players is too used to falling at the final hurdle in competitions, and that fresh blood is the only answer to our problems. New players, new mindset. Simples.

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26 thoughts on “Gaz: Wenger under pressure – And the glass is now empty!

  1. bilzo

    as much as i dont like to, i do agree. but its hard for a manager to declare he wants to re-vamp the team, because how does that make the players feel? if he then failes to secure a player.. like the goalkeeping scenario.. he cant just declare in public that our keepers arnt good enough.. because if then the transfer falls through we end up with a rubbish, underconfidant keeper.. and we all lose. we just need to buy 2 or 3 good players in key areas. we dont really need to spend more than 40-50million on them in total either.

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  2. Andre

    Hi Gaz….I agree 100%
    At one point I even felt Jose Mourinio would be a great call as manager (although the only good game they played was against 10 man Spuds).

    We in South Africa are almost at the point of not wearing our kit on game day as we don’t know what the result will be. Would Arsenal have the “guts” to come from 2-0 to win 4-2? Not these days…something is lacking.

    I don’t want to be “that team” that trains youngsters only to sell them at a premium. I want trophies and I have waited long enough.

    Great blog!!

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  3. jay r

    yep stop being stubborn wenger am sure even the arsenal players have lost faith in him, i mean i havent heard fabregas say anything about winning the title this time around only vanpersie has said a word or two

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  4. hm

    cannot ‘bear’ thinking… sweet baby jesus, is this article from africa again? get your grammar right.

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  5. Jumbo

    lets be honest, even the board prefers it this way. (maybe with the exception of the russian and the american). I dont see wenger changing his way atm. Last season we finished 3rd, this year we are (currently) second. He will probly use that as an excuse that the team has improved.

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  6. arsenal4ever

    he is prepared but for me should leave. We are pretty much on the heels of Young and Mata. Hazard will be interesting in the summer. Wenger should go if staying after Falcao. What a striker!!! Missed out on him for a few bucks again. Pathetic fool.

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  7. JJ

    Yea Andre! I also feel the same way!

    There is no guts and therefore no glory!

    It really hurts to see us play so bad while nobody wants to step up and take responsibility! All we hear at the end of every season is “next year!” What about this year? For the 6th season running I am the laughing stock of my circle of friends because I defended Wenger!

    I agree youth is very important but when the going gets tough we need real men to grind out victories and we need real leaders to help us comeback after a defeat!

    We have neither! United have Giggs and Scholes who they can always count on, on and OFF the field! I am ashamed to say I admired the way United came back from 2-0 down! It was great to watch (sigh) because it took real guts and determination to do that. The qualities you need in champions!

    I don’t believe we should win the league based on our performances over the season! We are too inconsistent! We are in second position because United and Chelsea also haven’t been at their best. Next season will be a different story as they will spend heavily in the transfer window in order to not make the same mistakes as this season. We on the other hand will buy 16 year olds from barca so that we can sell them for a profit in 2016!

    Name me an current Arsenal player that is a real leader as well as a workhorse who can do the hard yards when it is needed! Once there was guys like Viera and Adams. I challenge you to name me a player with the same qualities in the current Arsenal squad…

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  8. monsor

    @hm: when did they crown you with the title. . . . . professor of english?. . . . . .i never remember seeing your name in the guiness book of record. . . . .you are a fucking racist. . . . .how can you use such a statement “IS THIS ARTICLE FROM AFRICA AGAIN? it tellz me how matured you are. . . . .Nevertheless,do u speak French? if u do compare ur self to those living in Franch that livez all their life speaking their native language. . . . u cant be as perfect as they are. . . . .English is not an African language. . . .they learn it.Become a professor in French then u gain my respect

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  9. elvi

    i would not be happy to see manager like mourino at arsenal who set the team for 2 year with 150m n give 1 or 2 trophy n go.
    problem in arsenal is not manager it is the policy from board or where i don’t know.
    wenger can give us title but he really have to sell…n sign…. 5-6 new faces.
    DEFENDER = cahill, vertoghen.
    MIDFIELDER = J.barton/charlie adams.
    WINGER/FORWORDS= n’zogbia, podaski,
    m sure club like arsenal wouldn’t cost lot to bring in the mention players n we have about 7-8 players who we can sell.
    but who n what stops to sell those players who cannot give anything to arsenal y are we still hanging with…
    almunia =who make mistakes out of mistake.
    eboue = who we see hardly on the field despite full fit but cannot make any diffrient where he is playing.
    bendtner= given so many chance to prove
    @23= lost him form n still playing him thinking what he had done for us …but never, now he is going out not down.
    denilson and daiby= playing in midfielder but not working as who they are n what they have to lossing ball as soon as they get n always miss pass.
    rosicky= complatley out of game….not only form.

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  10. Asif

    Read a fantastic post … just go through if you have patience & have sane thought process & not a AW licker

    If what I hear or read for that matter is true, then the uprising has begun. This is what Arsenal shareholder Mr. Darren Epstein had to say:

    “I think the majority still believe Wenger is the right man for the job but it’s those players who are letting him down. “But there is a split between the fan base because there is a growing number – albeit still in the minority – who believe it is time for change. “But it got nasty between fans. Some were leaving early and having a go at Wenger and then those who were saying: ‘get behind the team’ and defending the manager. Passions were running high and there were some fights. It got nasty. “Personally, I still believe in him. But he should make a change in his philosophy. Sign some new players, stop all contract negotiations and decide on a few players at the end of the season. They are the ones letting him down.”
    Now for me, hmmm…enough is enough. But if you read my blog, I am sure you already know that. Look, I am going to be very honest here. I trusted him, and had faith in him a lot upto a certain point, but then his attitude towards what should matter- ‘Football’ faded away, and so did my trust.

    On the same day Mr. Mourinho lost his unbeaten 150 game home record, was the day a lousy team of red and whites walked off the pitch of a booing Emirates Stadium. It was a game which was indeed embarrassing to draw. Why? Well if you go over the facts it’s easy to understand. Rovers entered the Emirates with no away clean sheets this season. And mind you this is the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC. The last time they came here we witnessed a 6-2 thrashing of Blackburn inspite of the away team taking the lead twice!

    Arsenal had most of their full squad back. Yes, our captain did not start but Cesc is not the be-all and end-all of Arsenal. Arshavin, RVP, Theo and Nasri all played, so in terms of quality, we were not short. As of now, Rovers stand 14th in the league table, and us, well we stand at 2nd. We drew against a team which went to Manchester and conceded 7 goals.

    But lets not get off-topic here should we.. Coming back to our manager…What can I say?

    It’s just his ego. It’s so inflated, and so ‘fat’ that he redefines the word egotist completely. He thinks he is always right, and the rest are wrong. He thinks that one day he is going to win something and say “I was right and you were wrong.” Well, in all honesty any Gooner would take that day even now, but that’s not the point is it?

    Why does he show so much faith in certain players at the club ? No clue. It actually shocks me. Does he think that suddenly one of them will start playing like superstars? I am tired of naming names so I will just leave it at that, but it’s starting to prick my nerve’s quite badly.

    He will not spend, but at the same time charge the highest ticket prices. £134 for 1 away ticket, can you believe it??? He will improve the club’s infrastructure without improving its value in terms of players and brand. It’s not that I hate Wenger, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just these small little stupid things the man does which pisses the hell out of me.

    Is it not possible for the club to pay out some amount of funds for transfers every year? It does not have to be 50 million, but even 15 million shall do. Nobody’s asking for a Buffon or a Messi. Even a goalie like Steklenburg, and a midfielder like Hazard shall do something to this team.

    Good players come at a price, but sadly this never occurs to our manager. His ideals of having the perfectly runned club is seriously faulty. No club can be perfectly run. To do that you not only have to please the players, but also the crowd (Local as well as the Global). At this moment, nothing is happening, and for the past 6 years the only thing Arsenal is doing is pleasing neutrals, who lets face it don’t give a damn anyway.

    Then we have his optimistic attitude. In matches which we lose unexpectedly he will come out with the most bizarre reactions. Where SAF calls a media ban to let his players know how upset he was, Wenger says ” we have to assess the problems ” and some more bull-****…! How long does it make to build a team, 6 years??? The point is that he is trying to make everybody in the team a product of Arsenal, not seeing the big picture that sometimes there are other players who are just better.

    I know, [and trust me I do] that by the time this post is published I will have a few blokes harping on the fact that I don’t know anything about the game, I am this, and that, and I should respect Wenger for what he has done for this club. I suck, and blah, blah, blah…

    Of course, any Gooner including me respects the man for what he has done. But both of us equally feel the same need for a performance in a season, forget about trophies. And this even you know.

    I hear the usual arguement that ” You think Wenger sucks, can you ever reach his level”, “Can you perform better?” Firstly, I do not require to reach his level because I am not a manager. If I was…that would be a different story. Secondly, there is no question of me performing better because I am not in his position.

    Arsenal is a well run club, but yet there are some issues which are so clear and yet so poorly addressed by our manager. Ever wondered why Arsenal players are so injury-prone? United had 2 players who looked surely out for the season and yet they are back – Rio and Valencia. We had 1 player with an achilles injury and he’s missed the whole season! Are the training sessions not good enough, or are they so difficult that the players just prefer to go down clutching parts of their body? Something is wrong somewhere. Someone may have screwed up some equations or something because somehow its always Arsenal, always. Be it injuries, or a crazy stubborn egotist, Arsenal is there.

    Wenger is never receptive, and it is his way or the high way. He may not show it, but that seriously is the case. The worst part is that when a manage has this attitude, they do well. But our managers highway reeks of a sewage tunnel…

    He can never inspire any player who is not playing well to do something which makes a difference to the game. Players like Denilson, Rosicky [although he is one of my favourite players] and Diaby. All they do is add another player to the pitch without ever contributing or doing anything useful at all. Might as well play with 10 men.

    For United its Hernandez, or Carrick. All of them contribute to the team. Name me one player who does not contribute in any way, doubt you can. Whether its Fletcher moving into the wing, or Rafael putting in a cross, or even Carrick for that matter playing a long ball to Giggs, everybody in that team contributes. As for us, we just have 8 or 9 out of 11 players pitching in.

    If there are no new additions to the trophy cabinet, Arsenal will require a massive rebuilding this summer. And by rebuilding I mean clear out, change in club objectives, planned targets, and hopefully if its not too much a slight deviation from the Arsenal philosophy. BUT, But, but… if our stooge of a manager disagrees then don’t expect a trophy for the next few years. All is not well at Arsenal Football Club, like the way this man portrays it. The faster you get that illusion out the better for The Arse’.

    Fire away at the comments…

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  11. Hordun

    Wenger should simply leave, he’s tatics are no more working, we need a new coach: one who is able 2 agree with the fans opinion & one who maintains a realistic positive attitude & not someone who dwells on blind optimism or an egomaniac who is too big 2 accept he is wrong. Aving said that, this season was our best chance of landing a trophy(giving chelsea’s poor form & united’s fragile team) & guess what: he blew it. As 4 me, i’m not buying his end of d season lies & consolation anymore. don’t knw abt u guys.

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  12. realistic tony

    wenger has to go….as there are so many changes that need to be made it would be too much to expect him to be able to handle it…his mindset would need to change for a start.And for the most stubborn man in football that is a HUGE ASK!!!!
    The team he has assembled is really only good enough for challenging for 4th place…and the quarter finals of the champs league…no better than that. The reason we were fighting for 4 trophies was that we had lucky draws in the fa cup, we qualified in a weak group in the champs league and aside from demolishing spurs in the carling cup, we had easy draws there as well. We maintained 2nd spot in the league due to the fact it was the poorest standard (results wise) i can remember and to be fair we hit some winning runs with our key players hitting top form.
    I watched porto destroy spartak last night and was well impressed with their style of was a bit like watching arsenal with a lot more urgency and power upfront.
    So i hear we have been linked with the manager….if that is half true i can only hope that it comes to fruition.

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  13. Bellerophon86

    Great article. When thinking about his lack of spending, I always think of the interview he and Alex Ferguson had. AW was asked what United player would he want in his squad. He’s reply was Cristiano Ronaldo. Then he said that for a few million more Arsenal would have signed him, before he moved to United. People complain about CR being arrogant. But no one can argue that he’s one of the elite footballers in the world. We missed out on that player because we (AW) was too reluctant to spend a bit extra in a young player. He wants his ‘project’ to succeed with no regard as to how the project is tainting this club’s image and history.

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  14. Arunavameister

    Well, to all u AW haters out there….NOTHING can be done about the “managerial crisis” until the end of the season…The least we can do now is to get behind the players and the manager atleast until the end of the season…the only thing I agree upon with Asif is that,I too admire rosicky a lot and really feel sorry for the guy for his poor form after the injury….

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  15. WillyG

    Think about it. Look at the first team, and it’s best substitutes. Do you honestly think that they can win the Premier League? The Champions League? The FA Cup?
    The Carling Cup, maybe, if the other teams don’t play their A-Team.
    …And that’s the best that Arsene Wenger can come up with.
    And that’s what the fans have to put up with, for 6 years!!!
    …and there’s no guarantee that things will change if Wenger stays.
    We’ll see more of Diaby and Denilson and Eboue, that’s for sure.

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  16. Bulge

    Sure, no Arsenal fan is happy with the teams current delivery. But why should we call for Wenger’s head now when everyone praised him after we defeated Barca. Wenger is also human and doesnt know tomorrow, so for this we just have to stay behind him and the team for the remaining games. He wouldnt have known that his best two keepers will get injured and will not get a keeper in January. We all know that with Fanbiaski or Cheesah in goal Arsenal couldnt have dropped those recent points. When you look at the EPL table you will notice that it’s not that we havent score enough goals as compared to the Maggots, but we have conceded too many goals. Every keeper and defence line concedes goals and thats inevitable, but we have conceded too much when Almunia is in pole’ The points we dropped while he was in pole are the ones putting us behind the Maggots. We havent win points since Cheesah got injured in only four weeks. I believe this team is strong when we have Cheesah back. Common you gunners, stay with the team pleaseeeee.

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  17. Michael


    You’re a fu33ng prick, insinuateing that an article with a grammar issue only has to have been written from Africa again?

    Have you every been to school beyond your Kindergarten?

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  18. Asif


    All the Arsenal fans do stay with the team. stop this stupid hoax cry…u don’t remind people to rally behind the team. the question is of patience- if day in & day out & for 6 yrs u can see the same trend & mistakes getting repeated, u won’t feel good, right ???

    That’s what has happened to the fans – they feel hopelessly let down by AW who they used to respect a lot. pls note that if u squeeze a lemon too much, it starts being bitter…

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  19. Mak

    I’ve supported Arsenal since I started talking football with my dad and this is the only time I can’t defend my lads when having a pint with fans from other teams in the PL. I mean, seriously how can I defend players who, week in, week out don’t look like they give a flying f@*$ whether they win or not! My Manure fans boast their strike force, Chelsea boast their mature, experienced team. My Loserpool fans boast their Manager, who has impressively kickstarted their dying season, and the Spuds…. Well the fact they shocked us at home is enough for them.

    I won’t winge and moan cause everyone has stressed more or less the same. We aren’t good enough period! Fans cries will yet again fall on deaf ears, directors are happy with Wenger because he makes their bank balances happy…. Nuff said.

    Disgruntled fan.
    Ps. To the comment posted earlier asking whether this article from Africa again, please sir, a type-o does not imply that an article is written by an African.. I take great offence as I am an African who has a post-grad degree, speaks and writes English as a 2nd language and lived with some of the most illiterate people in Europe(Kent UK). This is a website about Arsenal as the address implies you f@$king pleb!!!!!

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  20. richie

    We should sign Hulk or Falcao, they are very very good goalscorers

    And I also have to tell you, that the team of those 2, Fc porto is very very close to finish the season unbeaten, i don’t know what’s the total of games they have been unbeaten, but it seems that they might overcome our record. So now wenger will not be the only manager having that achievement, thanks to himself, he should have signed hulk time ago, without his 32 goals Porto would be nowhere near the unbeaten record.

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  21. Gaz

    @richie. I like your two suggestions. We definitely need a natural goalscorer, as we usually create a hatful of chances. RVP is technically great, but he tends to need 3 or 4 good opportunities until he finds the back of the net.

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  22. toby

    big up all the african fans !!!! i love your country and i love your pride and passion. the more african based fans at arsenal the better ! and thier spelling is allot better than some people on here, mine included.

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  23. Peter Lingi

    We need a Coach who is tactically capable and a manager who can motivate when things go wrong! Someone who will buy top players at bargain prices! Once upon a time this was WENGER!!!! Remember??? Now because of his stubborn and arrogant attitude he has thrown all his good reputation down the drain! I am offended by his arrogance as an Arsanal Fan and he must do the decent thisand go end of this season! I hope Arsenal get someone like Guardiolla and he will win us trophies! What a great manager he is and probably a good time for him to change club as he has achieved everything at Barca and would relish a new challenge! I hope the board tell Wenger to go for failing the club and the fans! He is a true wasted fool who has messed up and has no humbleness to change as a man! What a disgrace! Really he is!!!

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  24. Kayode Kadiri

    @ hm, what is the meaning of that or are you a racist? what if the article is from africa, what problem do u have with it? people have the right to express their opinion and if you have a problem with that, just keep your mouth shut, bloody racist!!!

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