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George Graham – Coming fourth is not a trophy Wenger!

The ex-Gunners manager George Graham is upset that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board refuse to go that extra mile to actually win a real trophy rather than just aiming to qualify for the Champions League, and even then don’t expect to get past the quarter-finals!

Arsenal are currently odds-on in the Premier League betting to finish in the top four, which may change if the Gunners fail to beat Spurs next weekend, but Graham thinks they should be aiming higher than that. “The problem with Arsenal is their objective is to finish in the top four rather than aiming to win the Premier League title,” Graham said.

“They’re quite happy to finish fourth and qualify for the Champions League. I understand the financial importance of the top four but, if Arsenal get through to the knockout stages of the Champions League, they class it as success and that’s a problem for me.”

“Wenger has got to look at himself and see where he’s not had success and work out why his old rival Sir Alex Ferguson has, at Manchester United.

“Fergie has built teams over the years while he’s still been winning trophies and that’s the thing that makes me sad about Arsenal.”

Despite Wenger being the figurehead of the youth development program, Graham still thinks he is the right man for Arsenal, he just wants him to be more ambitious.

“No, I don’t think Arsenal should sack Wenger.” he concluded. “He’s still one of the best, and most desirable, managers in Europe.”

The policy of aiming for fourth place is a problem for Arsenal fans as well as George Graham, but i guess it is still better than finishing fifth! Wenger pulled off an amazing recovery last season to win third place and it looks like he will have to do something similar this season if we are going to be in the Champions League next season.

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33 thoughts on “George Graham – Coming fourth is not a trophy Wenger!


    well said george,keep wenger coz sacking him will be too dangerous,the problem is he is not as ambitios as he has been….and am not blamng him coz you cant blaming wenger,coz you cant be too much ambitous with 15 million as a maximum price for a player,and with board that doest pay the stars more than 100k

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  2. Coyg

    Not winning a trophy for 8 years, not parting in the final stages of a major competition for 6 years, is no different to supporting Everton! In comparison they haven’t won nothing for 10 years but have been in the final group stages of a major competition in theist year.

    Think before you make judgement, what’s the difference between us and them???

    Nothing apart from both sets of fans are MUGS!!!!

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  3. k

    We already know that and so does Wenger.
    But the difference between us fans and the board, is that they don’t give a sh*t. I previously defended Wenger for a short time but I take that back and apologise to anyone who I disagreed and argued with. The game against Fulham was disgraceful with the exception of a few players. Scoring 3 goals should be enough for a win when you are supposedly a top four club, but then again we aren’t a top 4 club anymore. It looks like, and I hate to say it, Tottenham have passed us along with Everton.

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  4. Slypem

    Well said GG. For the board its fine coz they will get a lot of bucks every financial year, but for us supporters we will always have heartbreaks! We cant even watch soccer with Man U supporters coz they mock us everytime and seeing that the team is getting worse by day. We need players with experience and presence in January. Gunners for Life!!!

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  5. Seany

    I agree with him that Wenger should stay as I feel he can lead us to glory again. And while I always advocate Arsenal staying with in their financial means, every one knows we have money in profit to spend, so its about time we spent. This is the only way forward. Whether its Wengers stubbornness or the Boards reluctance to release the cash, it must change if we are to compete.

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  6. DrPepper

    No George but 10th in 1993, and the 12th we finished in 1995 (the year you were sacked happening in Feb, so season was really your fault) was positively brilliant.

    Lets not forget which manager made Arsenal a mid table club, it wasn’t Arsene – lets try and keep perspective

    Both Gharam and Arsene have won things for Arsenal, but never forget the lowest we have finished with Arsene is 4th

    I know that difficult seeing as most fans here started supporting Arsenal post 2000. But Arsene really is the best thing that has ever happened to this club

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  7. spider

    Who agrees, another season without a trophy and Wenger goes, 8 in a row should say it all.

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  8. tommyt

    I think we should maybe get a new manager next season and see if Wenger will stay on as either the position David Dein held or as director of youth management. A manager like Mourinho would go well at Arsenal. I know he plays what some consider ‘boring football’ but he wins things and with Wenger out scouting youth and potential for him it could be an amazing project. Probably just a silly idea though, what do I know? Im only one of the mugs that pays hard earned money to go and watch them week in week out.. lol

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  9. Johnny wanna

    Pls I need to ask a question. Can’t we succeed without Wenger?
    If NO, then what happens if suddenly he dies tommorow, then Arsenal is done for.
    I will support Arsenal with or without Wenger and i know we will succeed one day.

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  10. braaf

    Here is the difference between Arsenal and Man U. Man U has mountains of debt and Crappy old stadium. Arsenal has almost 0 debt (stadium debt excluded) and a world class stadium and a fantastic youth system. At least with Arsenal it can only get better.

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  11. lopez

    against fulham Mannone was terrible…Arteta had a bad game but at least he assited one of the goals. Walcott was great. We really need a descent goalkeeper, if you watch carefuly on the highlights against fulham, Mannone couldhave done much better on the first and second goal,the penalty was not Mannone’s fault but a good goalkeeper would have kept those two balls out !!

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  12. Giddy

    Am i the only person thinking that wenger technically has lost the plot? He is the manager and is responsible for having adequate playing squad that can challenge but one thing is true that all of us arsenal fans can agree that we don’t have a unit that can challenge for the title. And there comes wenger who should know more but declares we have enough players to challenge eh?
    I lost confidence especially wen he left Cahill to go to chelsea, Arturo vidal to Juve, etc

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  13. George kaingu kombe

    4th position wll be amiracle fr sure,bt if only wenger do magic this transfer window bt champ out fr Arsenal.

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  14. true goon

    old traffords not a dump.And we dont have a good youth policy the best 2 youngsters we’ve produced are ashley cole an jack wilshere.What other youth players have we produced?none all the ohers were bought.Wake up

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  15. Richard

    The club is bigger than any individual and if AW was not there somone else would be in charge.

    What concerns me is that the quality of manager required may not be intersted because of the financial restrains the Board have implimented.

    Penny pinching isn’t exactly the word I’d use but in top team footballing terms were tight bastards, and we are definitly getting what we are paying for. The Fans who provide most of the income ( as Silent Stan keeps hold of his) are not getting what they have paid for.

    But of course in two years we will be able to compete with any team in the world (financially) but how long is it going to take to build a team, will the board change their policy on spending and wages. “On yer Bike” leopard don’t change their spots and we’ll be having these types of conversations in 2, 5 or even 10 years until the fans take back the control of their team and the likes of Gazidis has been well and truly found out I just hope they have not done too much damage that may take years to repair if ever.


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  16. Archimedes

    Kroenke’s lack of glory in the US is evidence for what this club should expect despite paying the 3rd highest wage bill and selling the most expensive tickets. It has gone all too dull.

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  17. sperez

    At least Dein didn’t sell his shares to the american bloodsucking parasite. The rest of the board did it, however. PHW is in business with Usmanov’s rival, hence his disapproval of the uzbek. Nothing to do with his character as have been told by the press. PHW is an old fool. He is as backwards as Kroenke. PHW, Kroenke, Wenger and Gazides should go asap.

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  18. Dan

    1987, Sh*te Hart Lane, second half. Now that was a team with commitment and bo//ocks.

    Wish we had a team like that now.

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  19. sperez

    Braaf, stop deluding yourself. ManU has debt problems but they have a manager with ambition that knows how to adapt. With Wenger, we have a complacent manager that lost the plot completely. Do you know our wage bill has been increasing considerable and we are not far from Manu’s? The difference is that ManU know how to spend their resources wisely. Ferguson won’t pay shite or unproven players exorbitant wages like Wenger does. We have a squad full of dross that Arsenal can’t shift because they’re in big money. Therefore, our wage bill structure prevents us from buying top players or paying good players better wages.It makes Arsenal less competitive and instead of learning from past mistakes Wenger keeps doing the same things that hinder the team. Our wage bill is money down the toilet and Wenger is to blame for this mess with his ‘equality policy’. You cannot expect an intelligent manager to reward players with similar wages. Can you see City paying almost the same salaries to Kolarov and Aguero? Does Messi earn the same as Busquets? Does Ronaldo have similar wages as Albiol? Our resources are waste on dross. This is a severe case of mismanagement and our wage bill alone is a sackable offence. So, don’t brag about the manageable debt at Arsenal because this let more resources at the hands of a fool like Wenger to things up.

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  20. Skysmith1

    We are here lamenting…Arsenal fans are jumping ships cause they are tired of Arsene Wenger’s Sh*t…he lacks ambition and preferred to finish 4th which is absolutely bullsh*t..

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  21. Big Gun

    @Sperez Yes, well said. And who is to blame for the sh*tty wage structure we have? Who is to blame for signing players like Park, Chamakh, Denilson, Squillaci for 20 years on 5m pounds a week? You get my point. Why sign these unproven players from foreign leagues on such long and exorbitant contracts? I really do not see the logic in this, and you are right, it has completely crippled our club, especially investment in the transfer window. Just shows you what a bunch of morons we have running our club.

    I admire Wenger for his eye for talent, but as mentioned above, he also got it so wrong plenty of times and took a huge gamble on certain players, which we are still sitting with sucking up the wage bill. His tactics also are stale and every team knows the Arsenal way. We are predictable.
    This is why I think Wenger needs to leave. Who in their right mind keeps playing someone like Ramsey especially on the RW? Who would play Santos who was carved the game before we played United, only to be carved again by Valencia and not subbed at half time? The man is completely nuts, and I also think he is far too soft on our players, especially in training. How often have we heard from ex-Arsenal players how much harder their new teams train?

    Arsenal has become a powder puff club run by a Frenchman with no backbone. His attitude is portrayed in our players…their lack of desire and fight to win. This is NOT the Arsenal I grew up watching and loved. Sure we have debt on the stadium, but why do we have to go to such lengths as selling our best players every season to pay it off? Surely public income, tickets, endorsement deals etc should be paying it off quite steadily? Why in the hell did we have to sell the top goal scorer of last season to our arch rival of old? 24m pounds is something they could have made up elsewhere…I mean sell a few of our deadwoods or make another plan. But don’t keep selling our prized assets every season.

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  22. Big Gun

    @Richard finally someone who is able to read between the lines. Come 2014 after the stadium is paid off, we will be hearing another excuse as to why Arsenal cannot invest into new players and change the wage structure. By that time, Arsenal will be a mid table team and it will be very very difficult to attract big names and even continue to sell our players, and in turn will take YEARS again before we can challenge for titles. By that time the board will be so used to us gullible fans paying for exorbitant ticket prices and merch, that they will continue raking in the profits at our expense. Who is to say the board are actually telling the truth? They have lied to us plenty over the last few years, so why should we believe them now??? Only a gullible mug would.

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  23. Gooner 1

    Arsen WENGER AND THE BOARD ARE ONE.They want to make as much as they can for their own pocket.You can see they are buying cheap players and Hoping to turn them top players .Then sell for big money.They are suppose to buy top players in jan,wait and see because all this talk is to make the fans excited.JAnuary come ,no quality players could be found for 2 million.They don’t want Usamove on the board because he will disturb all their tricks.Taking a Micky at the fans.How long the fans is going to pay for a very expensive season ticket,and expensive restaurant .Every other is having a good laugh,they knows that they can win a game at Emirate.

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  24. arsenal4eva

    I jus need the fluidity, creativity, free flowing attacking futbol dat our team av before…pls Wenger!…do somethin, b4 it getting worse..

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  25. GunnerMan

    Arsenal should have never fired George Graham. He is one of the more knowledgable coaches, that knows how to put action to a plan, I have ever seen.

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