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Germany v Ukraine – Outstanding Ozil crucial for World Champs

Yesterday’s games certainly got us all going in Arsenal-land, with newboy Granit Xhaka having a Man of the Match performance for Switzerland, Aaron Ramsey got slaughtered by the fans despite Wales’ precious win over Slovakia, and pundits blaming Russia’s equaliser on the fact that Hodgson took off Rooney to give Wilshere 15 minutes on the pitch.

Today should prove to be just as interesting, although Mesut Ozil will be the only Gunner on display, although his coach Joachim Low reckons that the Assist King will be crucial to his team winning the competition, and says he will play the whole 90 minutes in every game. ‘Ozil is in outstanding physical condition,’ said Low.

‘In 2014 he had a couple of difficulties from physical point of view. Now he is in a very different condition.

‘He has outstanding capabilities and his technical capabilities are of great value.

‘I’m not considering leaving him out for a single second.’

‘For some players it is an advantage to play abroad,’

‘I welcome this although Bundesliga is losing out. It depends on the players.

‘You can see Toni Kroos or Sami Khedira have both have developed positively in Spain. Ozil in England had difficulties in the beginning but now he is showing his importance.’

The Germans should have a relatively easy start against the Ukraine, but as we have seen there are no easy games in Internationals any more, just ask Low who saw his German team lose to Slovakia just a couple of weeks ago….

But now that the serious stuff has started I expect an easy win for Ozil and Co today….


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23 thoughts on “Germany v Ukraine – Outstanding Ozil crucial for World Champs

  1. John Legend

    I think only France have scored 2.
    Games are not easy in this tournament.
    I hope Ozil does well and tops the tournament assist chart

  2. Doctrina

    Would we consider buying Gotze to play as a striker in the false nine role as he does for Germany??

  3. w1lly

    Who slaughtered Ramsey? The front three were a constant threat and will give England a much tuffer time than Russia’s front 1.
    He had an assist and covered every blade of grass and all the pundets praised his contribution.

    1. RSH

      people on here were slaughtering Ramsey, though I question if they saw the game too. Wales don’t play the same way we do and Ramsey did a great job with his teammates to win.

  4. Greg

    I hope mesut ozil gives us a positive answer of “yes” after the euros, and sign a new contract remaining a gunner!

  5. Redeye

    I’ve watched khacheridi for a while and today confirmed my suspicions that he is a class cb, good enough for us and will improve

    1. John Legend

      I was eagerly waiting for an assist from him.
      Although, it seems Kroos outshone all the German Guys, Ozil has made a good contribution still.

      1. RSH

        yeah, Kroos and Mustafi were both really great today. Germans forwards all seemed to have a difficult time breaking Ukraine down, but easily controlled the game.

  6. Redeye

    Kroos is always class, only one close to him in our midfield is cazorla. Can’t believe people think Ramsey is world class, difference between him and Kroos is night and day.

    1. themadhurata

      No one closed him down. You can’t judge a performance when you have all the time you want on the ball.

  7. Redeye

    Once again I say sell Ramsey and wilshere and get either kroos or kante and we can finally dream about winning the champions League

  8. Redeye

    Oh and I almost forgot, he would do a much better job in that number 10 role instead of ozil.

  9. Uzi Ozil

    I saw Germany Vs Ukraine match with a Manufan. As soon as Ozil crossed that ball. He said to MI Ozil is world class. What a pinpoint cross to Bastian to score the winner….

    It was a great game. Germany are the first team to score with a two goal margin. France and Wales scored two goals but conceded one…. Ukraine didn’t disappoint… They had a good game too…

  10. Arsenal_Girl

    I think so far Ozil and Xhaka have played awesome plus Ramsey and Giroud have played very well.

    Xhaka is really getting me excited. With him as a leader and a getting a new CB, we will have a perfect defense

  11. ger burke

    ozil creates one perfect pass and suddenly he is world class again . to be honest he could not lace tony krooss boots , now there is a real midfielder. he is intrested in doing everything , even the dirty work . ozil is not a team player.

  12. SoOpa AeoN

    despite the defeat, kudos to Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka……… Ukraine’s finest!

  13. khangunners

    Lol guys there is a difference in ozils role and kroos role.I don’t get some pple.ozil is a creator hiw work is not to run up and down the pitch thays the work of no 8 and 6.the only question ill ask u guys and am sure ozil will not be benched for even a single game that speaks volumes.

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