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GET IN! Has Usmanov just saved us and become Arsenal FC’s hero?

Maybe there are some Arsenal fans out there who think that the owner of our beloved club, or should I say major shareholder as that is the official way to describe the American billionaire Stan Kroenke, is doing a bang up job in the way he runs Arsenal Football Club.

Once again I should correct myself as it is not ‘the silent one’ who actually runs the club but those yellow animated characters of his that do the actual running of things. Oops another mistake, that is Despicable Me I am thinking of, but most of us will see the connection and forgive the confusion.

So like I said there may be some Gooners fully behind Mr. Kroenke for all I know, I just have not met any of them and the opinion I get from Arsenal fans is that the best thing that could happen to Arsenal is for someone to buy him out and start running our club as if winning the Premier League title was a realistic goal rather than something to dream about but not really do anything about.

The only realistic contender for this position was the club’s second biggest shareholder Alisher Usmanov, so when it was reported this week that Kroenke was trying to buy the Russian’s Arsenal shares it was extremely worrying. Good news has been reported by Metro today, though, because Usmanov has refused to sell.

Usmanov said, ‘In recent days there has been speculation relating to a possible offer for my 30% stake in Arsenal.

‘As part of that I can understand the anxiety that these rumours are causing to the fans as reflected by the Arsenal Supporters Trust.

‘In light of this, I would like to be clear that I am not holding any talks with Mr Kroenke about a sale.

‘My interest in Arsenal from the beginning was long term and my intention has always been to buy additional shares should they become available.

‘This I did with the purchase of the stake of my business partner Farhad Moshiri with which I increased my shareholding from 13% to 30%, and also with my proposed offer for the stake of the majority shareholder which valued the Club at some £2bn. That offer remains valid today.

‘I have always been and will continue to be an ardent supporter of Arsenal and I see my 30% stake as an important aspect in protecting the best interests of the fans in the club.

‘It has been well documented that I have no say in the running of the club, that my views differ from those of the majority shareholder and that I would take a different approach to delivering footballing success.

‘I would like to assure supporters that I am open to various future scenarios – a constructive partnership with the majority shareholder, the purchase of his stake either alone or in a consortium, or if a party appears who shares my and undoubtedly the majority of fans’ visions for the club, I could consider the question of selling my stake.’

Well thank fork for that is all I can say. Now how about turning the tables and offering Kroenke enough money to persuade him to sell?


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25 thoughts on “GET IN! Has Usmanov just saved us and become Arsenal FC’s hero?

  1. Clive

    Ursmanov is a life saver.
    Selling to that American will be d end of Arsenal.
    Ursmanov please…please….please don’t sell

  2. Mind the gap Mike

    Arsenal fans hold the power to get Kronke out, simply do not go to the next home game, a near empty stadium has two effects, firstly no sales of match day food,drink or merchandise and secondly, even silent Stan cannot keep ignoring the fans wishes, repeat at every home game, just a few persons with Kronke out banners and he will sell up…Ok so season ticket holders miss some paid for games, long-term gain is power back to fans and the support of fans everywhere. If season ticket holders are not willing to do this then shut up and accept mediocrity !!

    1. MarlonE

      Playing in an empty stadium would only be an inconvenience to Kronke. With the money being made on the television rights the tickets are just a bonus. All he needs to do is put enough money into the club so they are not relegated and he will make a profit and that is all he wants.

      1. gmv8

        No – it is bad for him, because it is bad for the sponsors, when it’s televised and reported around the world. Liverpool fans did it, and look how quickly their demands were met, and that was in the days of less tv coverage. Walk out on 67th minute to represent 67% of the club. Once again a big thank you to Mr Alisher Usmanov.

  3. Redmau5

    How do we get Stan the f#ck out of our club
    He’s basically the architect

    There’s no point getting rid of agent Smith

    Who will be the one to save us all

  4. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    The real hero is Arsene. After the turmoil created by others at the club last season he had again come through and pulled this club back to being title contenders.

    My only regret when Arsene extended his contract for two years was – why only two years? We need you for longer than that! That is why every morning I place my hand on my Arsene Wenger poster and pray that he will be here for years to come. But can one man’s prayer make a difference? I don’t know. But what I do know is that if all of you great goobers join me then may be we will be heard. So from now on everyone at 7am GMT place your hand on you Arsene poster and pray that he continues to lead us for years to come.

    1. Redmau5


      I have a statue of him….won’t go into what I do to it
      What happens at Arsene club…stays there

    2. Drew

      Oh is that the prized poster of the Man I have torn up on my Toilet floor waiting to be wiped ?
      The Oh so Great One who is apparently perfectly happy with watching our prized assets walk
      out the Door for nothing! in the process setting our club back even further.
      Oh! it is.
      A man who thinks a one legged footballer like Iwobi (who would not look out of place in a Long John Silver eleven) is good enough for AFC.

    3. Durand

      You changed your name didn’t you?
      Merely curious is all; we’re all friends here.
      Its the comments and the phrasing. Perhaps sarcasm i missed about the poster and wenger worship.

      Really tho, poster? Tiger beat magazine, Teen, lava lamp and blacklight too aye?
      Just funning with you, except for the poster; hope you’re joking for real

  5. bran99

    We have two good rich Arsenal fans who would like to take over from the silent killer, why don’t Usmanov and Dangote just share their money and give the American what he wants and the team remains under them?

  6. Luyolo

    Does Kroenke even have a conscience? Can he PLEASE just sell his shares and leave us the heck alone! We don’t want him! This man is running arsenal to the ground and only cares about making money

  7. Tas

    Stan is so so so clever he just offered to buy shares at a high price knowing full well Usmanov won’t sell by doing so he just put the price of his shares up, hope his gearing up to sell soon and bye bye


    Gazidis’ bonus was £919,000 – meaning his earnings for the past year were £2.61 million.
    Gazidis get a big fat bonus for failing this does not make any sense,

    1. stubill

      Financially he’s not failing at all, far from it, he, and the club are failing on the football front though.

      All kroenke is interested in is the bottom line, being successful on the pitch doesn’t matter at all to him.

  9. MPDwn

    Usmanov is a hero.

    I really hope he can form a consortium with someone to buy the rest of the shares. Remove stan and his shit head son from our football team.

  10. Yossarian

    That’s a relief!!!!

    It would be absolutely fantastic if Usmanov could take-over the majority share-holding.

    Then we’d be one of Europe’s biggest footballing clubs, instead of just one of Europe’s richest clubs.

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