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Giroud again as goal sets Arsenal on road to big win

I would not say that Arsenal started this game away to Swansea City with all guns blazing, but it was at least a lot better than the awful starts we made in the two previous games and we did match the early intensity of the home side without really getting our fluent and threatening football going.

THat led to the two teams cancelling each other out to a certain extent and chances were pretty thin on the ground in the first half, which is why the opening goal was a big plus point for the Gunners and once again it came from our big centre forward Olivier Giroud.

The France international star had just missed getting a touch on a ball across the box from Ramsey but he was on handin the 37th minute to finish after Alexis Sanchez retieved and chipped into the box and Ozil’s header was blocked.

That made halftime a much happier time for Arsenal and we took full advantage of the confidence boost, coming out strongly after the break and putting Swansea under serious pressure. The second and third goals owed a lot to luck as both were big deflections from Iwobi shots but we were good value and there was no luck in the fourth as Alexis produced a fantastic finish.

A comfortable win that takes Arsenal above Liverpool, at least until they take on Man United tomorrow.


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28 thoughts on “Giroud again as goal sets Arsenal on road to big win

  1. Juhi McLovin

    Hmm. I think that was the best display we’ve had for a while. Our only problem was occasional misplaced passes, which were totally unnecessary.

    We got bit lucky with the goals but if you create enough goal scoring opportunities, goals will follow.

    This was the best possible response. Looking at Alexis on the bench though was worrying.

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    1. Trudeau

      I’m not too worried with his reaction, he always wants to play 90 minutes. More worried about a Costa type offer coming in for him. Honestly don’t know how you turn that kind of money down.

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      1. Juhi McLovin

        Aye, although I’m not too worried about the China money. I just wish Wenger splashes the cash and ties Sanchez down. No need to drag this whole season long.

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    2. LagosGunner

      Alexis is a fantastic player.

      He is infact the best Arsenal player currently, and he is immensely talented.

      But no player is bigger than the club and the fans who scream your name every week, he needs to chill out and remove the unnecessary antics to his game

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Say what you want about Clements. But Makelele is the man who created and defined what a DM is supposed to be as well as do…

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      1. Break-on-through

        I just looked up 50 best defensive midfielders in world football history, on bleacher report. Allot of very exceptional players, too many to name.

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  2. Greg

    Great to see “own goals” back to his lethal best with a double today!

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        1. Tidan2

          Ok. Changed my mind. They are hard to compare, but Giroud takes it for the wow factor.

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  3. SoOpa AeoN

    if the scoreline were the other way round, the question would have been …….Who is wenger??? L()L
    Yeah our striker is back……. Thanks to mr “Own GoaL”

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  4. RSH

    Slow first half, dominant 2nd half. Iwobi motm, shame He didn’t get credit for second goal. Still areas to improve for sure but glad we made this a simple win. We needed the boost

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  5. ras911

    Good win after a worrying first half! Sanchez going off the pitch and throwing a tantrum like a spoiled brat ruined this win for me.. It sends such a bad message.. He didn’t even sit with his teammates and i hope Wenger and people around him let him know how bad that looked.

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    1. rkw

      Coz he knows he is not surrounded by enough quality players to win top trophies … Of course he’s pissed … Wenger needs to make a statement of intent in this window to keep players like him on board

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      1. ras911

        Yeah his reaction will definitely overshadow this win. I can’t help but be worried now

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        1. Inkfight

          Adore the guy as an Arsenal player, but am very disappointed by this behaviour. He is clearly trying to send out a message when he throws these tantrums in public.

          The good thing about Sanchez is, with him you know even if he’s not extending his contract – he will continue to give over 100% every game and keep performing.

          Maybe he will only be an Arsenal player till the end of this season – but if he stays fit, he’ll be performing better than most.

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  6. AndersS

    On one hand it was really good and really important to get that away victory. On the other hand I don’t think there is much else to be happy about. We gave so many chances away due to our usual horrendous organization, when we have lost the ball, and if it wasn’t such a poor side we were playing, we would have conceded several goals again.

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  7. Trudeau

    We fans usually read too much into a loss and too much into a win. This was an unconvincing win for me against a poor side (the penalty call was 50/50 and two own goals). On the flip side a win breeds confidence and if we can find form over the next two games then we should go into the Chelsea game with our tails up. Still not convinced that Xhaka-Ramsey can take us very far but they certainly grew more into the game in the second half. MOTM Iwobi both for some deft touches and more importantly his work rate.

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  8. zion

    Here is what I wanted to say! “In terms of simple goal-scoring, Giroud’s season so far is a relatively emphatic argument against his critics, in terms of quantity and importance of goals. There’s still a sense that unless Arsenal play in a specific way he can be a passenger, but when they do work to his strengths the results are fairly clear, at the moment anyway.

    And yet there’s still the nagging feeling that Arsenal look better with Sanchez in the centre-forward role. His goals mean it would be very brave to drop Giroud at the moment, but they looked more threatening earlier in the season when he was confined to the bench, and indeed after he went off in this game, Sanchez’s movement creating holes for others to exploit.”

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    1. Jim A

      Don’t agree with that assessment at all. I will give you mine if we had our best goal scorers AS and OG on the pitch against MC and Everton at the same time we just might have 4-6 more points instead of none.

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  9. NY_Gunner

    To all the “whingers” who came out talkin about us losing to our so called”bogey team” …BITE IT

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  10. tissiam

    great win but i know i’m going to get slammed but sanchez needs to stop his “public”displays,he is starting to look like a spoiled little brat if he is not happy about something why doesn’t he wait for when they get back in the dressing room instead of making a show for all to see,COYG!!

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