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Giroud Loves Arsenal, but especially Diaby!

Giroud praises the Gooners and Diaby by AM

Olivier Giroud, in an interview to FIFA’s official website, has praised his French team mate Abou Diaby and has also shown his delight at playing for the ‘Knowledgeable’ Arsenal fans.

The French international forward, who is yet to score his first goal for the Gunners, has said that he is proud to follow in the ‘footsteps’ of French legends like Henry, Viera and Pires at the club.

“Even as a young boy, I dreamed of playing in the Premier League. Remember, there were several big-name French players doing well at Arsenal at the time, guys like Patrick Vieira, Sylvain Wiltord, Robert Pires, Thierry Henry, among others, and that made an impression on me. I’m very proud to follow in the footsteps of all those ‘Frenchies’, and I hope to make my mark at the club as well. I really am pleased with my decision to come here.” – Giroud was quoted in

Giroud was also full of praise for another French international who has left his mark this season, Abou Diaby. The striker said that Diaby’s presence in the midfield is ‘tactically’ very important for Arsenal, and that it is very ‘reassuring’ to play alongside him.

“Abou is absolutely essential to how we approach games tactically at Arsenal. He’s an athletic, complete player, extremely effective at winning the ball back, but also at distributing it and driving into opposition territory. He’s a very important player for the club, but also for France, and he’s doing everything he can to leave his injury problems behind him. He’s a great professional, and it’s reassuring to play alongside him.” – Giroud said to FIFA.

In the end, the former Montpellier striker has praised the fans highlighting how knowledgeable the crowd is at the Emirates. Giroud said –

“The atmosphere in the stadiums is pretty much what I was expecting; the support from the fans is amazing! They chant non-stop, and I felt very honoured that they even sang a little song about me when I arrived. On top of that, the fans are very knowledgeable. They applaud when you block a clearance, when you drop back to help in defence, or when you put in a strong tackle. It’s actually a tremendous way of looking at the game.”

Giroud would love to break his scoring duck in Arsenal’s next match. Just one goal from his boots can boost his confidence and open the flood gates as his quality is never in doubt. Allez Olivier!

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31 thoughts on “Giroud Loves Arsenal, but especially Diaby!

  1. 9jagun

    Personally i have notice Giroud loves to talk. He shld better talk with his legs cos i like him.

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  2. imran

    He is exceptional player, v dnt knw tht much better as Wenger knws, n in Wenger Trusts, thy are very especial, e.g Diaby… 🙂
    Giroud time is nt far, Saints will b crushed by him 😀
    His Movement n Mobility is Supreme n than dare to shoot from large distances is amazing 😀
    Come on Giroud, prove ur all doubters Wrong 😉

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  3. coundyy

    He will be a legend if he continues with this mindset and just remeber it took Henry 8 games before he scored his first.

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  4. S.H

    5 games in 2 weeks coming up. Giroud is bound to score in one of these games. Don’t be surprised if he’s a late bloomer like Kozzie.

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  5. green gunner

    I’d like to see Diaby score a few too. Then we can use the term ‘complete midfielder’

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  6. Gooner#10

    all he needs is that elusive first goal.i expect big things from this guy.he will start scoring against soton just like former legends Henry and Bergkamp

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  7. h-gooner

    chim chimini chim chimini chim chim charroo who needs van persie when weve got giroud!!!!!

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  8. goon

    We should create a great atmosphere at emirates for Giroud. That will give him some confidence and I’m sure he will score goals

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  9. Arthur

    He reminds me of Higuain but with more strong air pressence, God i can´t wait to see a goal from him 😀

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  10. Rasheed

    Giroud will score against SOTON given that Henry & Bergkamp opened their scoring account with this team. Up Gunner

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  11. Pula

    Watched Giroud from his 1st season at Montpellier, even before all the big clubs noticed him…from the beginning you could see that this guy has class.

    For his size he is very easy on the the ball, very good when it comes to acrobatic volleys, silky finishing and incredibly strong in the air.

    However if you guys only look at his continuation in terms of how many goals he scores you’ll miss this guys best quality…that is his strength and ability to win balls in the box to set up assists for other attackers and midfielders. We have one of the strongest mids in the league with top class finishers like Arteta, Rosicky andCarzola in the middle to leach of him.

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