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Giroud’s record and Swansea tactics mean 1st EPL start for Arsenal?

The Arsenal and France international striker Olivier Giroud may have made 14 appearances for the Gunners already this season, with eight of those coming in the Premier League, but the 31-year old is still waiting for his first league start of the current campaign.

I have a feeling that his wait may soon be over though, for a couple of good reasons. Unless Arsene Wenger has been oblivious to how today’s visitors to the Emirates stadium have been playing away from home this season, the boss will have prepared his players for a stubborn and dogged defensive display from Swansea City, with 10 men behind the ball and very little space to play our famous flowing style.

It is games like this in which the talents of Giroud can be most useful, as we can use the width of the pitch and get balls in the box to exploit his size and power in the air, while his strength and ability as a target man to hold the ball up and bring other players around him into the game is a huge weapon.

If that was not a good enough reason to give a first EPL start of the season to Giroud, perhaps his excellent record against Swansea will convince Wenger, as his fellow countryman has three goals and two assists from seven games against the Welsh club.

Do you think the Frenchman should start today or is it another day on the subs bench for the big man?

Sam P.

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11 thoughts on “Giroud’s record and Swansea tactics mean 1st EPL start for Arsenal?

  1. gotanidea

    Giroud has a good record against Swansea, but his link-up play, skills and movements are getting worse lately. I think this happened to Giroud because he is just a second-option striker now, so it might affect his confidence badly.

    Swansea might use a very defensive strategy, but Arsenal would have difficulties to unlock their defense if the main striker cannot work well with the other attackers. Arsenal should play with flowing attacking football like they did in Goodison Park and use Giroud after the 70th minute if no goals are created.

    Arsenal should not worry of Swansea’s counter-attacks, because the 3-4-2-1 formation would help against that kind of tactic. I am just worried of Xhaka’s confidence, he might tend to play much safer to avoid the blame of getting robbed again.

    1. John Ibrahim

      Giroud did not get worst…

      its the style of play doesn’t suit him at the moment….

      to maximise Grioud scoring potential…the players need to cross the ball

      Thats what great WB crossers like Mendy and Sidbe having doing for France

      Giroud is very strong in the air

    2. neil

      Giroud .. if he wants to be first choice has to show more appetite… he was woeful against Norwich… made no moves was very static and seemed to be looking at the defender every time he jumped for a header….also no point buying Laca for club record if you dont start him.. he has 5 in 9 which over a season equates to around 20 goals… Giroud has never done that ! Keep him as a supersub and for Plan B.

  2. John Ibrahim

    If only we had signed 6 players from the former Monaco team…we would be formidable


    Martial Ozil Mbappe

    Lemar Bakayoko

    Mendy Kos Mustafic Sidbe


    1. gotanidea

      Arsenal would definitely be more formidable with those players, but Arsenal would become a French team.

      1. John Ibrahim

        Its the French that brought past glory to Arsenal

        However, we are a English club with homegrown quota….

        Hence we need more English players in the team

  3. Rkw

    Surely we have to ensure Sanchez ozil and lacazette build an understanding together … Last week was first time they played together … Cutting that short this weekend would be madness …

  4. John Ibrahim

    We cant have a bad tackle at the 89min on Lacazette and he will be out for 3 months

    We need to rest our key players when there is a chance

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