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Gnabry call-up is GREAT news for Arsenal

The young Arsenal forward Serge Gnabry has had a pretty torrid season due to injury. The knee injury he picked up over a year ago has put a big brake on his progress with the Gunners and barring a miracle in Arsene Wenger´s team selection for the FA cup final on Sunday, Gnabry will end the season without adding to his 18 first team appearances.

The 19-year old has been starring for the Arsenal under 21 side recently but as reported by the Daily Express, he was resigned to using our pre-season traing and matches to force his way back into the manager´s plans for the Premier League squad.

Gnabry said, “I’m hoping to make an impact in pre-season to get the manager to see that I’m back on track again. I’m hoping that this pre-season goes well for me and that I can establish myself.

“Pre-season is there for everyone to show what they’ve got. It’s the start of the season so everything is new. I’m hoping to make an impression.”

He will have a chance to impress before then, however, and that is great news for the player and the club alike. The dynamic youngster has been called up by Germany for the Euro under 21 championships this summer and he will be keen to play and prove that he can be an important figure for Arsenal next season.

Unlike players like Alexis who could do with a rest, playing in a summer tournament should be a big help to Gnabry who last season started to show real promise. So let´s hope the lad has a good tournament and is ready to shine for the Gunners.

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7 thoughts on “Gnabry call-up is GREAT news for Arsenal

  1. josh37

    Hope he does. Would love a loan for Gnabry next season to a mid-table club for selfish reasons. It’d be brilliant to watch him more regularly. An undoubted talent

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    1. inapropriatetelletubbie

      I Agree I think we should Loan him out, but to someone in the Championship, someone destined to come up, thing about the Premier League is everyone has money and scouts these days, gone are the days of teams like Portsmouth who would be desperate of Loans to make Squad numbers. So the Premier League sides now look for more permanent options even Leicester signed Kramaric for 9 million. Playing for someone like Middlesbrough did wonders for Patrick Bamford (*Chelsea Loanee) he played well over 40 games for them and scored 16+ goals. Point being Gnabry needs regular games at a senior level, he would be a sub in the BPL at best. Championships the way……….

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  2. Robertthegooner

    It will be good for him to have some more playing time before he comes back.

    Agree with josh37 that a loan will do him and us good

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  3. Hafiz Rahman

    in the past we always have heaps of u21 call ups…

    but how many actually became good or world class???

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    1. Darwin

      player development is always like that Hafiz. you never know who becomes good or world class or flop until they play regurarly

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  4. dragunov762mm

    None of your “world class” standard I’m afraid. It happen one in hundreds, and it’s happen everywhere you go in this planet. Exceptional talents are rare, and they are surely need process to develop. You didn’t think Leo Messi or Ronaldo blossomed in 1 or 2 years did you? So, all the clubs can do is eternal seeking. If we lucky than we’ve one. Hector Bellerin for example (not world class as you standard I believe). Natural selection is happening everywhere, specially in world football.

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  5. kenyanfan

    oh..i miss you HAFIZ RAHMAN…
    where are you bro?…but dont worry, am substituting you very well..getting thumb downs just as you used to saying gnabry can come good look at how many I will come out with. and adding—–Oliver G might be sold if we buy a W.C striker..
    i insist, according to stats Benzema is not that right person..last season he scored 22 out of 46 games (AS A STRIKER AT REAL) he’s equal to Giroud…
    Some fans here believes that being a true fan means pointing out the positives and ignoring the negatives that costs us titles…
    as long as i fancy arsenal- and that i will do for life-,thumb me down but i will call a spade a spade and put a corrective positive criticism where necessary..

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