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Gnabry debut is the only consolation for Arsenal in Norwich defeat

Arsene Wenger could only look on in despair as his Arsenal team failed to make any inroads through the Norwich defence on Saturday evening, and with seven minutes to go the Frenchman decided to take off Ramsey and give a League debut to the young German Serge Gnabry to see if he could make a difference.

Although he only had little time to make an impression, Wenger was more than happy with his contribution to the team. “I think he’s one of the guys who was dangerous when he came on.” he said. “He was incisive,”

“He looked very interesting when he came on.”

Gnabry, along with Thomas Eisfeld, looks to be the next two academy graduates to have earned a place in the first team squad and can be expected to feature in all the Capital One Cup fixtures from now on or maybe even be brought into the first team if injuries continue to decimate the squad.

The Germany youth international had already been pinpointed by Wenger as a star prospect. Just a month ago the manager said: “Serge Gnabry is a great hope for the future, I rate him highly,” the manager told Arsenal Player. “If he continues his development, I think he could play in the first team this season. At the moment he needs to work and ensure he remains fit.

“He is in the category of Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott – guys who have great power, great pace and good dribbling skills.

“He has goalscoring potential and good vision as well for the final ball. He can play centrally behind the striker or on the flanks.”

As it looks like this season could be another “experimental year” perhaps Wenger should just bite the bullet and bring these youngsters straight into the squad to prepare for another go at the title next season?

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34 thoughts on “Gnabry debut is the only consolation for Arsenal in Norwich defeat

  1. Laurentkboi

    He did well for it but we can’t blame players for the defeat its a team effort and wenger should play other formations once a while.

    We are the comeback kings but 442 with Podolski and giroud is a good choice.

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  2. Dan

    He should of been brought on for the useless Gervinho at halft time. I like the fact that him and Eisfeld are German, because they have the right mentality meaning they’ll give 100% effort whenever they play like Poldi and Merttesacker.

    The Ox has knocked Walcott out the team quite rightly this season, I hope this lad can knock Gervinho out next season.

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  3. Laurentkboi

    Saw lots of comments of a change in formation and boy Id welcome that buy realistically wenger won’t do shit a great manger but a stubborn one to.

    Huntelaar giroud
    Podolski. Cazorla
    Arteta Wiltshire
    Gibbs. Verm. Mert. Jenk

    If we get huntelaar, but v shalke swap him for poldi and wilsh with Ramsey/coq or arshavin

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  4. jk

    Finally people are waking up to how bad gervinho is if we had wingers like freddie ljundberg and pires we would be a force instead we have gervinho and walcott who run the ball out of play all the time. Promote eisfeld and gnarby and when we have first teamers playing like they did at norwich haul them off and give these youngsters a chance might wake a few people up!

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  5. jamaican gunner

    looks a huge prospect and should be slowly integrated into the first team…i wonder though when will experimentation will end and we will start to see the fruits of our labour i.e silverware

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  6. KickuPtheArsene

    It’s not good when our young talent outshines our 1st team players.

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  7. gunners45

    all AFC is just a business to make money by buying cheap an selling for over the top prices not intrested in winning tittles

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  8. Joe

    Creativity from the wings is what were lacking at the moment. In seasons gone we’ve always had incredibly tricky and creative wingers like Nasri, Hleb, Reyes, Arshavin and it benefited us at that time we lacked a decent defence and back up striker for the forever injured VP now we seem to have a more solid back 5 but we’ve lost some of our attacking threat.

    I Think Mario Gotze could be the answer if we can get Dortmund to part with him and not just for the future for now he’s incredibly talented not only technically his understanding of the game in an attacking sense is fantastic he rarely makes the wrong decision with his final ball and has great vision.

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    Guys does any1 know what happend to that PAUL guy??? He had good transfer news???


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    @jk…. Yes he got that wrong but he did get the stuff about giroud and sahin wright?? And have u heard that when mvilla was arrested whilst we was interested in him it was for an alleged RAPE not assault?? Maybe that’s why it didn’t happen??

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  11. KickuPtheArsene


    Almost certain @paul was a 14 yr old getting his kicks at all the attention he was getting. If Mvila was accused of rape, it wld have gotten out. When a few of us started to question him, he went on to insist he was 40, and drove a BMW M5 … For anyone who is mature enough, they would not need to prove who they are by trying to state how successful they are. Seriously mate, forget @paul. And beware others who claim they “know” what’s going on. Whine the scenes.

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  12. Gunnerineverylife

    We will need a massive change at the club if we are going to be title contenders again.Now dont tell me this is a knee jerk reaction because we have been seeing it all in all these trophyless years.When players like Giroud,Gervinho have a good day they are quite good but on a bad day they are unacceptable.If this happened in Man Utd,City then they would have been replaced in the next match by another player but in Arsenal they play every week because there is simply no competition for their places.We have degraded from the invincibles to an absolutely hungerless team that got beaten by a team in really bad form like Norwich.If we would have got beaten even though we had tried then I would have accepted it but yesterday’s arsenal’s performance was the worst performance I have seen.

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  13. Paul

    I wasn’t banned just decided to keep it low… isn’t like that… Sorry for that information about M’vila though

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    @kickupthearsen… LLOLLL I didn’t realise that happend. Maybe he was a fake then but he did get stuff right.. Good entertainment either way lol

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  15. Gunblast

    Guys!! we should be worried with our standing now! Losing points to under achiever teams is unacceptable. HOw can we be champion if the point we should have collected easyly slip away. Consistency is the factor. Where is the consistency. A player that showed no consistency in their performance should not be in the team. Do We need to name a fews we think not. Wenger should now better if he did his job properly.

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  16. KickuPtheArsene


    LOL. You’re an idiot for believing @paul. Sorry, but £200 is pretty funny. (“hey guys, Arsenal have signed M’Vila! I’ll put £200 on it. My “source” says its a done deal!”). Is that how it went.

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  17. true goon

    yeah we’re short o genuine wingers,seen gnabry play a few times and he looks quality technically.We need to move him and eisfeld up into the first team squad to put pressure on gervinho and ramsey

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  18. ERG

    Il name you my best starting 11 in the prem no arsenal players in it.
    443 formation.

    Joe hart in goal
    Ashley cole left back
    Ivanovic right back
    John terry center half
    Vincent kompany center half
    Yaya toure center mid
    Juan mata center mid
    Wayne rooney attack midfield/forward
    Van persie striker
    hazard right forward
    David silva left forward
    Only my opinion but i dont see any players other then Cazorla or Arteta who can get in to a dream 11 at a push.

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  19. gooner

    I think having all of these talented guys ain’t gonna be enough…cuz look who will they be learning from their tricks of trade…if gnabry is going to learn from walcott and gervinho then wat he’s gonna do with the ball we all know…i know they do have their talent of their own but it will only blossom to its maximum…when they will learn from someone who actually knows how to…

    i think ramsey has stepped up a bit this season juz because he had a whole year with arteta and now cazorla might be helping him….so if we are going to play 4-3-3 then we do need proper wingers…who can dribble past defenders with ease…

    gervinho used to be a good dribbler but without any end product…game against norwich showed that without his dribblig ability he’s a deadwood…

    i think a mixture of gerv and walcott would be an ideal wide man…gerv’s dribbling ability and walcott’s finishing

    we are in dire need of top class talent in striking positions…wouldn’t mind neymar come to arsenal….but hey i also want to be president of USA too…

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  20. MBB

    He did really well for such a short debut. He set up the forehead so nicely but once again the forehead flopped and hesitated allowing Bassong to track back and slide in. Had that been Walcott, the Ox, or even Gnabry they would have banged that one home.

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  21. jack

    all bullshi– until our mighty manager fu— off we are doomed at best 4th in leaque and no cups just a plonker

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  22. jeddahgunner

    Sloly but surely i came to the conclusion that Arsenal schoul reevaluate his international scout’s team .Arsenal lately had heierd football players who are not at the level to paly with arsenal team.I hope that Arsene schould be more critical by selectin new players.

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  23. TIMO

    Gnabry Just play well for three seasons, demand for a pay rise and be told Arsenal has a wage structure ( which now is becoming a WEDGE structure to our winning silverwares) and then be branded Greedy and not loyal to the club. What next? it is obvious; be sold and replaced with another upcoming talent.

    What then will be the fate of the club? simple, finish above Spurs and qualify for Champion’s league. Sell top players and buy so called replacements and increase Ticket fee.
    God help Arsenal

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  24. Arsenal1Again

    Anybody see the pattern here.

    Last season, we got humiliated big style against Man Utd and Coquelin was the standout performance in a defensive role.

    This season we got humiliated big style by Nor Cty and the stand out performance was Gnarbry.

    Coquelin’s subsequent chances became scare last season.

    Gnarbry’s subsequent chances this season will be scarce.

    So stop getting excited.

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  25. Hafiz Rahman

    2010 Ramsay

    2011 Wilshere

    2012 Oxie

    2013 Gnabry

    2014 Toral ? Eifeld??

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  26. Paul

    Alright, truth be told I am actually 14. Don’t keep me down for having a dream about Arsenal, we all do.

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  27. jhbgunner

    Wow and the nagging starts again… Then we win two games and people will say “oh look how good we are… I told you”… Its called an upset for a reason, and wow do you guys get dramatic about it… First its “great team, so many midfield options”etc. then its “there’s not enough good competion,the squad is rubbish” and crap like that, all in the space of one game! I wonder if man u fans got this dramatic when they lost…?

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  28. Ashendren reddy

    Why doesn’t anyone shoot from distance.
    Arsenal always trying to pass the ball into the net.
    Shoot now and the please.

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  29. jack

    don’t worry all fan’s we keep Wenger win nothing listen to crap all the time once he’s gone we will be back

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