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Gollum warns Wenger off his Precious Zaha!

Arsene Wenger has rubbed Ian Holloway, manager of Crystal Palace and Gollum lookalike, up the wrong way by admitting his interest in making Wilfried Zaha an Arsenal player. Asked years ago on Soccer Saturday who would play him in a film, the eccentric Holloway suggested the Lord of the Rings character, and he is continuing the analogy with his obsession about his precious, the £20 million rated winger.

“Why is he talking about my players? I don’t think that’s right and proper, with the greatest respect.

“I don’t think anybody who manages any other club should actually admit who he likes and what he should be doing.

“I think that’s totally bad etiquette. He can say what he likes about his players, not mine.”

To be fair to Wenger, he was asked a specific question about Zaha, and was quite cagey with his answer.

“We are looking at every player who could strengthen our squad, but he is not more on the list than anyone else.”

Maybe Holloway is over sensitive because he knows he is going to struggle to hold on to his star player in January, with a number of clubs preparing bids. Holloway has declared that Palace will not sell the player and that he does not want to leave, but that is sounding increasingly like desperation. If only he had a magic ring he could slip onto Zaha’s finger at the start of January and make him disappear for a month.

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24 thoughts on “Gollum warns Wenger off his Precious Zaha!

  1. Aaron

    I cant believe Holloway has said that! I really dont understand, maybe he was told by a reporter Wenger talked about signing Zaha and got frustrated. Because Wenger didnt actually say he wants to buy him. You could see he had respect for Crystal Palace as he didnt confirm interest. He didnt say he wanted him and didnt say he did. Holloway had no right to say that

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  2. David

    I don’t need Zaha at rate of 20 millioneuro… We need establishment player at right price rate not player like Zaha in this rate… Buy word class player to win us PL and CL… We need our Arsenal back

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  3. budgie

    Holloway is talking the boy up to create as better price for him, I would rather keep Walcott, there is no guarantee that Zaha will cut it in the big league, and our boy is just reaching his peak, give him his pay rise Arsene , fourth spot is slip sliding away!

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  4. leo

    who takes this guy seriously anyway no one gives a crap what he thinks if arsenal makes an offer zaha will join us he is a gooner just like jenkinson hollow man won’t be able to do a sh*t about it

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  5. leo

    it’s funny because if i remmeber correctly he was going crazy when rooney wanted to leave manure even SAF wasn’t as worried as gollum he spoke for nearly 30 mins about rooney more than his own team

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  6. leo

    Arsene Wenger’s search for “two players” involves Gotze & someone in Ligue 1 acc to sources gotze looks unlikely arsenal are monitoring someone from dortmund could persic/kevin groskertuz or even lewandowski wenger confirmed last night to french media he wants to bring in 2 players besides henry the henry deal is done could be till end of the season

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  7. leo

    Overall, at least there are Wenger hints, media rumours, insider rumours that some good stuff could happen in Jan
    lars bender/ivan persic or even matri of juve acc to media

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  8. Invincibles nice (1)

    Keep Zaha for all i care, hed probly only want to be a striker if he joined us, probly think he could be the next Thierry

    In my opinion there are better young English wingers out there than Zaha, the two young men at liv and swa for instance, ourselves should attract a much better class of winger than a liv and most definiely more than a swa can

    I believe we should look abroad for a winger if that is a pos we are looking to fill also for that matter we should be looking abroad for our next striker, the standards are better the prices are fairer so its a no brainer for me

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  9. rocky

    Thats fair enough, he’s protecting his player. We didn’t like Barcelona mentioning Cesc because it gets in the players head when they should be concentrating on their football. However its just the media twisting things trying to make a story, Wenger rarely comes out and mentions his transfers targets. “Carzorla who? never heard of him”

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  10. Caribgooner

    Who cares.right now we need established players.get Navas and forget this kid.if we get him all well and good but don’t spend 20 million on a kid.that can get you a quality oversees player from da german or spanish league

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  11. Top-GuNNer

    Jesus Christ calm down Smeagol. Wenger is the last person you could accuse of this sort of thing, the man is more cagey than a Russian Mafia Boss. Imagine if it was Barcelona who wanted Zaha then he would know the true meaning of tapping up

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  12. Dan

    I could understand this if Palace were an established Premier League team who were consistently in the top half, but they aren’t, so he should have kept his mouth shut.

    The way Holloway is carrying on you’d think Zaha is at Messi standard smashing goals in every week. He’s a good prospect, but he’s never actually played at the top level.

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  13. LoyalGOONER

    If he goes to man shitty, he will ruin his career. (A. Johnson & S. Sinclair)

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  14. Princely

    Wenger don’t be greedy sign walcott up.your’e not only hurtin d clubs ambition but d fans dat pay huge tickets to watch arsenal play mediocre football.

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  15. Robin Van Payslip

    Actually he is just reacting to what he was told. He was told that Wenger mentioned Zaha by name. What Wenger actually did was the opposite.

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  16. Invincibles nice (1)

    @ Gooner i think the earlier comments you made to be a very solid point, when you touched upon Dein having no ability in holding onto some of the Invincible stars consisting of Edu 27, A Cole 25 Wiltord 30 Sol 32, Vieira, Henry & Lauren.

    I have massive respect for Dein just as you and the rest of the fans have im sure.
    After reading your comments i have realised that there is nothing to suggest that Deins influence would have stopped the exodus, then remembered that most of our star players were all contracted to Dein Junior.
    Like you brought up there have always been a case in our very best players leaving, also on that list were Anelka who were only with us a year before rocking the boat, someone who we didnt mind leaving Flamini who had just broke into the first team before he left (Dein might not have been in Flaminis case but neither were Gazidas or Kroenke who numerous blame departures with) then theres the other half of one of the most awsome duos ever seen in Emanuel Petit, the brilliant marc Overmars were another who looked for greener pastures, in fact the only worldys wich i can recall who stayed loyal are Bergkamp, Wright, and our famous defence, some might add Kanu, Ljungberg or one or two others but the (valid) point that @ Gooner has made, player exodus has been the norm for the Arsenal for over twente years now and maybe Gazidas, Kroenke are in fact not the Devil

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  17. Cesc

    Zaha is good BUT do we need another YOUNG winger when our future is looking so bright? Maybe only for competition but Ryo, Gnabry are coming through nicely. Maybe an EXPERIENCED winger is what we need, because who is the mentor to these young wingers and competition now? Only out of position CAM’s?! We need a natural, experienced slightly older winger. Jesus Navas?! (Probably less than 20M too!)

    What do YOU think?

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  18. Cesc

    Wingers to consider–> Gaitan, Navas
    CDM’s to consider–> Felliani, Capoue, M’villa
    LB’s to consider–> (Should have bloody got Jordi Alba instead of Santos but Gibbs will come better), But replacement for Santos; Baines, Domenico Criscito

    All players I think are attainable..

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  19. Ian Mason

    I’m a bit surprised to hear an Arsenal supporter making unpleasant comments about the manager of another club.
    Be that as it may, we may lose Zaha, he’s at a club that hasn’t won anything for several years – but I doubt he’d go to another in the same position.
    BTW – My uncle (Charles Preedy) played goal for your lot in the 1930(?) cup final. I don’t think he, and his fellow professionals, would have appreciated the unpleasant and disrespectful way in which modern-day Arsenal supporters apparently feel they are entitled to speak about people they don’t know.
    You do not do credit to your club.

    I did not make up the nickname and just used it as a metaphor from lord of the rings and zaha as the precious i didnt really say anything bad about olly who himself spoke about Wenger without being aware of the facts

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