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Good and bad news for Arsenal ahead of Everton clash

It is absolutely vital that Arsenal bounce straight back from the disappointment of seeing our one goal lead away to Watford with 20 minutes left end up in defeat. In that case you would like your next Premier League match to be against a struggling side and few are having a worse time right now than Everton.

The Toffees have only won two EPL games from eight so far this season and after spending a small fortune on players during the summer transfer4 market, that has really put the pressure on their manager Ronald Koeman. It appears that the Dutchman’s concern has transmitted itself to his players as well as they once again struggled to string two passes together at the weekend.

The nerves in their side are palpable and they were only saved a damaging feat at Brighton by a daft tackle in the penalty area that allowed Rooney to bag a late leveller. The other good news for Arsenal ahead of this clash is that Everton are also in the Europa League and their Thursday night game is at home against the French club Lyon so they cannot afford to rotate heavily.

The bad news for Arsenal is that we are in a similar sort of situation after the Watford loss and that Rooney penalty may have given our opponents a timely boost. The draw after being behind probably feels almost as good as win and they will certainly be fired up after seeing how badly we coped with the late pressure from the hornets.

Any lack of effort from Arsenal on Sunday and there will be trouble. We may be glad that Everton are up next but are they thinking the same about us?


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17 thoughts on “Good and bad news for Arsenal ahead of Everton clash

  1. ThirdManJW

    Everton have been shocking this season, yet despite this, Arsenal will do what they always do, and make a rubbish team look brilliant! We’ll probably make Rooney look WC again as well.

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Bad news is that it’s an away match. We have yet to win an away match in the premier league

    Good news is What Thirdman said about Everton being poor so great chance to win our first away match. Also will have Alexis back hopefully.

    Eleny and Xhaka did not do well in the last match. We need to change CM players. I think we spent too much on Xhaka. For £35 million I was expecting a lot more to be honest. Eleny is worth the £5-7 million we paid but neither is of the same quality as Kante, Matic, Pogba, etc

    1. nosa

      d bad news is that Everton is the only club that drew man city this season and those players you mentioned can you afford them

  3. Sue

    Most teams can be poor until they play us!! I said earlier our record against Koeman isn’t very good, plus Shrek always scores against us so it’ll be an interesting match
    Please try & win Arsenal & don’t ruin yet another weekend

  4. Uzi Ozil

    I remember some seasons ago.. We played Sunderland or one of those Darren Bent team (remember him). Commentator was like he is yet to score in 8games or so. Then boom, He scored against Arsenal. Arsenal won the game at last but an out or form player scored.

    That’s our problem. Don’t be surprise if we lose or draw to everton as we make this not so in form teams look great at their turf. That’s the problem and that’s why we won’t win the league and even Europa which will be harder when teams from champions league comes in. Never been this pessimistic but honestly I m a tired. Still love, respect and support the team but we deserve better than this

    1. Adam Criniti

      Was chatting with a buddy of mine(die hard City and knowledgeable futbol fan) earlier today and during our conversation without a hint of sarcasm
      he asked me if Arsenal fans were content with the club finishing outside the top 5 for the remainder of Wengers tenure and if not did they have the collective sack 2 do anything about it.

      I looked at him without a hint of reservation and said “Arsenal futbol as we remember it is dead and buried”

      Stan, Gadzis and Wenger can all rot in futbol hell.

  5. waal2waal

    we’re meant to take all 3pts – so long as we manage to keep all 11 on the field – the only worry is everton can knuckle down to fight for a point. meanwhile we’ve shown tendency at times to have a soft underbelly. i don’t know (anymore) which arsenal will turn up on matchday sunday?? what i do know is that consistent failure to lure quality player(s) to our team is a recipe for disaster.

    1. gmv8

      We so desperately need leadership on the pitch, and a rocket up the backside of some of those players. We should go all out for VVD in January and forget about Lemar etc.

      1. Gmv8

        Southampton are interested in Walcott, so maybe a swap deal? In other news, Mike Ashley is selling Newcastle – who says fan pressure can’t work? If Arsenal fans united Kroenke could be moved, otherwise we will continue to struggle against Watford.

  6. gmv8

    Supporting Arsenal feels like torture now, dreading, rather than looking forward to the next game. Maybe we can take Kroenke to the European Court of Human Rights, as torture is illegal, while we are still in the EU?

  7. Yossarian

    Everton should be doing a lot better than they are, and I think their poor form has been one of the biggest surprises in the EPL this season. But they are a good squad with a good manager, and it won’t be long before they turn a corner and start improving.

    Arsenal however, are doing the same as we do every season, therefore there is no reason to expect us to improve. So despite Everton’s recent woes, it wouldn’t surprise me if we lose that game.

    And of course Rooney will probably score, because he always does against us.

  8. abubakarr bangura

    guy its so disappointing when u c d way we played during d 2nd half . after the first 20 min u always knew there is going to be a winner goal against us , lunkily we had a glorius chance for Ozil to kill d match but could not take it and eventually we lost .

  9. summerbreez

    Mr wenger picked up a tired team they did good enough the first half but they started to tire by the end of it we lost it >>>>I dont get it we had wilshire coq ozil and many more available from ufa squad that could have kept it together for us

  10. Hard to be a Gunner in 2017

    Arsenal current problem isn’t about how weak and naive ozil is but it actually goes down to players fans are scared to talk about.
    1. KOS: this player hasn’t been 100% fit since Noah started building his ark in the bible. He’s a weak link but who can talk about it. Nobody!
    2. Cech : this dude gotta give way to Martinez, period. 11 penalties so far and he’s on the opposite side , poor Cech.
    3. Arsenal fans: world player hypers ever. We easily put our hope in players and boom, in 2wks we crying foul. Let’s ignore these greedy players for a season and all shall be well.
    4. Wenger : no comment on this dictator. He will finally take us to championship this year or the next.
    5. Alexis : Goodbye Alexis, you’re a disgrace to arsenal if u think without u we will die. Leave in January, and I bet you miss London.

  11. Franklin

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we come out with a bartered armor but its highly unlikely thou. I hope we bounce back swiftly. The Europa looks like the perfect way to get our confidence back to 100%

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