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Gooner Jenkinson “Over the moon” with new Arsenal contract

The big Arsenal news story this week was that Wenger had persuaded FIVE british youngsters to commit their long term futures to Arsenal (Goodbye Theo), and the well known Gooner Carl Jenkinson is especially pleased that he is part of Wenger’s long term future plans.

He said: “Obviously I’m over the moon – really happy,”

“I see my future at this football club and I’m delighted they see things the same way.

“Signing the contract shows commitment from me, which Arsenal can always count on, but it’s a big commitment from them as well. People here clearly have belief in me, and now I have to make sure I prove them right.”

“I’m obviously really pleased with my progress over the past 18 months,” he said. “Of course there have been some challenging times along the way, and I’ve had to work really hard, but I’m pleased with where I am now and I’m so happy with the new contract.

“Now I just need to take every day as it comes, working and training hard.”

“A big thing has been made of the fact that we’re all British boys, and obviously that’s great,”

“The guys who signed at the same time as me are all excellent young players and close friends of mine.

“I’m delighted not just for myself but for everyone else – it’s great for the Club as a whole, as well as for the players. We want to be playing with the best and believe we can do that here.”

“We’re an English club and I think the core of the squad should reflect that,” he said. “That’s why I’m delighted the other boys have signed up with me.

“Arsenal has such a vast scouting system that it can pick up great players from numerous other countries, and that will always be the case, but I think it’s fantastic and appropriate to have an English core. It’s something the English fans can relate to.”

It all augurs well for the future, If only one certain other Englishman had joined the club and re-signed as well…

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50 thoughts on “Gooner Jenkinson “Over the moon” with new Arsenal contract

  1. john 3:16

    Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain and hopefully Walcott. We need to buy more British players and get the old Arsenal spirit back, players who understand what it means to play for Arsenal instead of buying these foreign mercenaries who have no loyalty whatsoever and only come over here for the money.

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  2. Wanna-be leo

    According to the mail it looks as if arsenal are trying to secure the likes of messi and ronaldo.

    NOTTTTTTTTTT shutup leo

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  3. dboy

    He’ll be gone as soon as that contract comes to an end. The exodus will continue how else will the greedy guys cash in. Our policy is not about loyalty. Arsenal board and management know that these players will eventually leave for greener pastures and after making a name for themselves at AFC the board will cash in. Just make sure we have our top four trophy every season.

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  4. Me-Basil

    We need the Tony Adams, Keowns, Winterburns, Seammans, Wrights back. Those were solid English core.

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  5. Rob


    What about if you allow @leo to continue to post transfer gossip, but he does that with the condition that he has to accept any light hearted banter without response?

    I get why you banned @paul, he was rude, and took it way beyond the line almost on a daily occurence.

    I really don’t wanna find another blog.

    Btw, anyone doubting @afc camden over the zaha thing, afc camden never called the mvilla deal, but did call the podolski, giroud and cazorla deals, weeks before they were announced. Its a good solid base to get good transfer info from.

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  6. dboy

    Rumour is out that we lost Sunzu to Reading.If this is true, How do we lose players to Reading, are we not supposed to be a more lucrative option?

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  7. leo

    @ admin i didn’t even post a comment on transfer update and @ admin can i write an article for your site please

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  8. Mowember

    @dboy of course not i think he wants playtime,and wenger proly can’t give it him straight away.

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  9. BIG O

    Brilliant RB. Most improved player this season and very keen and has faith in the arsenal team. Him, Gibbs, Wilshire, the OX, Elsfield and Gnabry are the future of arsenal. #coyg

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  10. sollygunner

    @dboy ,,,, i think reading put in a bid of 3 mill but they want 5 ,, the beast has already set a date with wenger to come to the arse and chat after his game on sat i think ,,, i get a feeling we are looking at him as a dm he has already played there also used to be a striker so may have some silkys maybe the next viera / yaya ?

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  11. Invincibles nice (1)

    Must say that when all the lads sat down and signed a couple of days after our latest win, it made Theo look like a total d**k.

    After match thoughts Theo were saying like i say much too much without saying/committing F**K all.
    One thing he did say though was to Wilshere when he said these things take time and as Jack knows his is going to take a long time too.

    Really does suggest the old saying to be true, you can never judge a book by its cover, i have never seen a face more angel/baby like than Theos, he really looks like butter wouldnt melt, inside his mouth inside a suana. Next time i listen to his thoughts ill try imagine all the calculations going through his mind and the difference in what he might say to us compared to what he tells bird.

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  12. TheMessenger

    Feasible January Transfers:
    Adrian Lopez 15
    Capoue 12 / Biglia 8.35
    Zaha 9
    Shaw 5
    Al Habsi 6

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  13. Thala

    Fucking Arsenal Board – Give Theo The God Damn Money !!
    Wenger Play Him as Striker .

    We need a Tricky Winger, who can hold the ball, Dribble , Cross well and Scores as-well and he should also do his Defensive Duties and certainly not Cup Tied!!??-Its none other than “ARDA TURAN”

    We need a Strong DM, who breaks the Opposition Play and Certainly Pass the ball well – Luiz Gustavo

    We need a Back-up CB, fast, young, good in air and strong – Stoppila

    We need a LB, Fast , Good Crosses, defends Well- jetro

    We dont need strikers as we have giroud , theo and poldi.

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  14. sollygunner

    @dboy ,,, i take that back just read he now is signing for reading ( but no quotes from him ?) so who knows although its says because arsenal want trial when he said he had spoke to wenger that there was no trial could be bull ??? !!! i wish we just made decisions about players offerd the right money and wraped em up quick get in grab em get it done lovley

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  15. realgooner10 AFC

    Well I’m over the moon he’s signed!! I also think he’s going to be a top right back… Fair play 2 him!!! And fair play 2 aarron Ramsey.. After all the stick he recieves..(And I’m one of them who has a pop at him) He’s stil commited to us.. That’s gotta say summat about the lad.. “THEO WHAT U PLAYIN AT, SIGN UP AND EARN THAT 90-100k A WEEK u want”!!!

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  16. Twig

    And so on the 85 minute against Swansea, and with Arsenal 1-0 down and desperately looking for an equalizer Jenkinson our flying RB strangely decided to start running towards our own half of the pitch… 😐

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  17. Mowember

    Who cares about that sunzu guy unproven young defender might be good might be. Arsene needs to focus on other weak points in the squad/

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  18. Terry Norman

    I personally like Jenks but I’m afraid he’s never going to be a world class defender, that’s just wishful thinking. I see him as a good squad player, that’s it.

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  19. vinie2000


    M’Vila primarily plays as a defensive midfielder and is described as a player who “boasts a fantastic work-rate” and is “robust in the challenge” He is also known for his passing ability and “superb vision” M’Vila has earned critical acclaim for his playing style, which has led to coaches and players drawing comparisons to fellow French internationals Patrick Vieira and Claude Makélélé.[ Under manager Frédéric Antonetti, despite playing as a defensive midfielder, M’Vila acts as the team’s deep-lying play-maker and is often instrumental in building-up attacks from the back. His importance in the team was shown in Rennes’ 1–0 league defeat to Toulouse during the 2011–12 season, in which the Bretagne side failed to produce anything offensively. M’Vila, himself, declared that Rennes struggled because he was forced to play in a withdrawn role due to “the opponents being organized to close me down” and, as a result, he was “not in the drivers’ seat” Though, he plays as a defensive midfielder, M’Vila can also play as a box-to-box midfielder as he has done at times under Laurent Blanc at international level.

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  20. Goonergrez

    I am propper sick of Walcott, I think he has a lot of potential as a player and he seems a decent kid but he is acting like he is irreplaceable, RVP, fabrigas and possibly nasri were not replaceable for us but I am sure we can replace a player that has blown hot and cold, I just hope he remembers that if he does go elsewhere (probably man u where he will play on the wing) or stay with us on a bumper salary he needs to seriously raise his game and find consistency quite fast or he will be a expensive bench warmer

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  21. mario

    With the exception of Wilshere the other 4 are just mediocre.I dont think Santi and co, will hang around wanting to play alongside this lot.Ramsey cant get better,the Ox just runs like a mad thing just like Walcott does,Gibbs is error prone and cant cross and Jenkinson is a long way off from maturity.Many of them were given enough games to reach the standard-they just cant get any better.Are you telling me that this lot can challenge the likes of Barcelona,Bayern,Borussia etc.etc.Wenger is deluded and is obsessed with the so called ‘home’ talent who are just mediocre.They can’t challenge for trophies.Nice knowing you Arsenal.You were once entertaining with exotic foreign talent only to be replaced by local pretenders.

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  22. mario

    Oops!Iforgot-Jenkinson was shell shocked against Swansea and rewarded with a new contract and the so called backbone of the future Arsenal.Thanks for telling us fans to piss off and support another club,Mr. Wenger but we simply cannot enjoy watching shell shocked morons running towards their own goal with the ball and then losing it.Time for Usmanov to take over and Bergkamp or Pep to be appointed.Wenger has lost it and taking the mickey.

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  23. jon

    It’s refreshing to see somebody so excited about their club.

    Great news that Jack signed a long term deal as well. From what we hear, Jack got 80k/week. Let’s be honest here, Jack could have gotten much more somewhere else. Now look at Theo, who has been negotiating new contract for about a year. Is he really considering to leave us for an extra 10k/week? If that’s the case, Im not sure if we even want a diva like that on our team.

    Players that left for more money: Adebayor, Nasri, Flamini, Gallas. That’s not a great company, all those guys lack real character.
    Maybe we should just let him go. Everything that Wenger has done for him and now he doesn’t want to show us loyalty. I don’t like that.

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  24. Toni Balle

    From the pictures on of the first team squad training, looks like Walcott’s been training as a centre forward. Hope he contiunes there this weekend.

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  25. Invincibles nice (1)

    Delighted for/with Jenko, big future ahead and i also believe he would have been a useful player, even during the days we privileged being the best defensive unit of all time, well there or there abouts the best.

    I just think that with the way our team has evolved under Wengers tutelage, Carl needs to take more risks when going forward. I fully undersand the lads hesitance with him being so young and just breaking into the first team.

    With defending being the number one priority, theres absolutely nothing i can fault him with on this art. Like i said though he must commit more, especially considering his athleticism/pace as when i see him striding/bursting down the byline i cant help thinking that he reminds me of a younger Gareth Bale, when bale played full Back.

    I remember last season seeing Carl whip balls in from the wing with such venom, so if/when Carl starts taking players on in dangerous areas also redescovering his crossing abilities, we will have very fine RB allround.

    Defensive awareness, upper body strength, athlete along with things to come look very promissing indeed, a great asset for mighty club.

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  26. Doc

    Nice to see the British contingent being tied down, long overdue and needed as a core of any club.

    I do hope though we start looking for our players more selectively ie we have a German contingent and a fes Spanish players.

    Rather than bring individuals from say 13 or 14 different nations we need to select a few countries and focus on our youth from them as well as a few big buys.

    Germany, Spain and France seem to be our most common at the moment but with the talent in Belgium at the moment I don’t think we have tapped into it well enough.

    There is also the bonus that the domestic league is not as attractive as La Liga and Bundesliga so there is better chance them making a career at Arsenal.

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  27. Travis Bickle




    2 different people? I was under the impression @AFCAMDEN was the reliable one. @AFC_CAMDEN is someone different who may not be credible and the circle of people who chatted with @ACFAMDEN are discrediting @AFC_CAMDEN…

    Do you know otherwise?

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  28. Travis Bickle


    Think moderating @leo was a good idea. He was annoying me also. When someone claims to have “inside info” or bandies 3 to 4 transfer rumours around daily, it’s bound to create an unstable atmosphere among fans who will consequently question and bicker. If @leo was capable of rising to challenges people made of his opinions and rumours, then it would’t be as bad, but he is unable to stop himself from flooding the comments board with light abuse-induced drivel.

    Not only that, but you guys bring the transfer gossip!

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  29. Gunned

    Galatasaray had a bid rejected of 2.5m for Santos, Arsenal want the double of it i.e., 5m, with Blackpool also interstd. And Sunzu is’nt going anywhre latest media report. His first stop is Arsenal.

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  30. AFCEdwards

    Just listened to an interview that went on for about 10 minutes on SkySports from an apparent Arsenal expert and all he did was slag off Wenger, Arsenal and Walcott. Then I realised it was Stewart Robson and I’m now trying to forget all of the rubbish that I just heard…

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  31. Cesc

    Kévin Gameiro? Possible? I think he would be good. Around 15M, PSG have 5 decent strikers as it is, and he is 25. Different to Giroud..not such a header but, fast, good finisher.. plays off the back line more. YouTube him. Interested for your opinions.

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  32. Gunner

    If Jenks could not be anything other than ecstatic then he has issues! Getting paid whatever for playing football??

    I guess as a fan you have got to feel for Wenger for last few years because he did the same thing in 2005 2006, identified a core group of young players he would add to and he felt they would be the future. Only problem was he did not bank on the likes of Fab, Ade, Song, RVP, Nasri leaving. As well as the likes of Diaby and Eduardo getting injured they way they did, one hasn’t played, the other was never the same player after he came back.

    This time round his core group is domestic mainly. Actually it might work better. It sounds biased, to say you want domestic players over foreign because to me you want the best and that’s it!
    But maybe having a core group of domestic players might do the trick?
    However, they could still leave for more money by going to MC or MU

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  33. green gunner

    Why would Wenger let Theo play CF if he was planning to sell him?
    I hope he stays and settles into his new role. Hopefully by end of year, or sooner both he and Giroud are on fire in front of goal. Then either play both in a 4 4 2 or rotate as mourinio does with benzema and higuien.

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  34. mohawk35

    Jenkinson has proven himself this season with mostly good games and only a couple of weaker games. Quite the opposite from you know who.

    4 of the 5 signings are great news.

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  35. M-G

    Dear Mario & vinie 2000 & all you other crying little boo boys: Hah, listen to yourselves, call yourselves supporters of AFC!??!!?!??!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    We need players who want to play for this club. We need players who support this club like we do (When I say WE I mean real GOONERS, not people like you who only support the boys on a good run.) AND we need to get behind those players, give them the confidence they need to do well and develop into the world class stars they are.

    We dont need players that get hyped up by the media via their agents only for people like you to latch onto their ‘names’ and we dont need ‘supporters’ who moan, bitch, cry & slag off our squad.

    Do you really think the management, coaching staff and scouting network of this great club know less about footballers skill and potential than reporters & agents looking to satisfy their own interests?




    Theo, you need to follow their lead and prove you have what it takes to be the next great Arsenal legend up front, sign the contract.

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  36. jjedwards92

    id f***ing love a new viera what a beast 1 of my all time faves!!!! battels he usex to have with kean awsome best football eira ever!!!

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  37. mohawk35

    @admin I can’t believe it myself but I am standing behind @leo.

    As much as we all are frustrated with @leo when he reports rumors as fact, he has not done anything to hurt or assault anyone and sometimes a group benefits by having certain quirky characters to liven things up.

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  38. ripple

    Jenks we love that you signed. In fact 4 of the 5 signings are nice bit of fantastic Arsenal news.

    I want Walcott to stay but I also am sick of his contract nonsense. Walcott knows what Arsenal will pay and what he can expect as a gunner. So why does this saga continue? Please get it settled – one way or another.

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  39. leo

    @ admin am i allowed to make comment or not come on dude it’s christmas show some spirit ok i won’t abuse anyone come on now

    (ADMIN COMMENT – Okay Leo one last chance – Don’t blow it!)

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    Someone said it like 5 new signings that the kind of crap that Mr Wenger and the board feed on. I also have to question two of the 5 K Gibbs, a good player but has glass legs always injured, Jenkinson good player but not good enough.We need new blood quality players if we want to win something. 4 place every year not good enough for a club like ARSENAL.

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