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Has Germany done Arsenal DOUBLE favour by dropping Ozil?

We do not really know what goes on behind the scenes or in the thoughts of the manager at our own club Arsenal, no matter how much we may read about the goings on in north London, so we are bound to be even more in the dark about other teams, making my thoughts on Joachim Low and the Germany national team just educated guesswork.

The simple fact is that the Germany boss has left the Arsenal play maker Mesut Ozil out of his latest squad for the World Cup qualifying games against Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan, has reported, explaining that his decision was based on the idea that Ozil would be better off recharging his batteries.

Low said, “With Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira, I assume that they will be better rested during the international break.”

“This is more important to them at the moment. What is crucial to us is that our players are in peak condition next year.”

This is good news for Arsenal, as we also need Ozil in peak fitness for the Premier League season ahead. However, we also need an Ozil who is going to give his all and there have been suggestions from a few quarters that the German’s heart is not in it as he is set to leave when his contract runs out next summer.

So perhaps being dropped from the Germany squad gives Arsenal a double boost, as it reminds Ozil that he needs to be in form and not just fit to guarantee a place in Low’s squad and, more importantly, the starting line-up, for the World Cup in Russia.

So rest up Mesut, then get your finger out when Arsenal get back to action!


9 thoughts on “Has Germany done Arsenal DOUBLE favour by dropping Ozil?

  1. Eddy Hoyte

    I thought Wenger said he’s injured?? and even before he came on against West Brom, he posted #Back in training a few days before Monday.
    So maybe J.L is just trying not to even stress him? why do we keep bothering ourselves with stuffs like this??

  2. Mobella

    I don’t why people called him lazy player. Running around like headless chicken or bursting his gut in the middle of park is not his skill set. His only in English that all these rubbishes are being talking about. Have you ever seen any coach whose his style of play is base on techniques, skill and finesse complain about him. I know he has his limitations but he is not as useless a some fans and ex players make us believe

    1. Lugdush

      And who is that “finesse” coach, a succesfull one, thar you name?? Name one succesfull coach who doesnt demands full comintment and run their ass to all his team… who is that “technique, skill and finesse coach that u are talking about? Guardiola is the nearest that u named, and he demands all his players runs his socks to get back the ball quick when they lost it…who? Besides wenger, is happy with lazy, soft and injury prone players just because they have a “nice touch”??

  3. the barrel

    Mr Speedie is Ozil a hard worker to you? Ozil has got a “dont care” attitude. He is lazy, but skillful and he needs 300k/week for his laziness. I would give that to Sanchez, not Ozil

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