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Has `Old School` Giroud nailed down Arsenal central role?

Ever since he signed for Arsenal over two years ago, the France international striker Olivier Giroud has divided opinion, both in the football media and among the Arsenal fans. While the big man has had plenty of praise for his hard work and contribution, many of us believed he would never be a good enough finisher to lead the Gunners to real success.

But after beating Aaron Ramsey to be the top scorer for Arsenal last season, Giroud has pushed on again in this campaign, starting with a great goal and a Man of the Match award in the Community Shield. And despite the arrival of Danny Welbeck and the former Man United man settling quickly, Giroud still seems to have his manager’s backing for the centre forward role.

In an report, Wenger was full of praise for his countryman, especially the mental attitude and desire he showed to come back early from that unlucky Tibia injury. The boss also spoke about him giving the team something different and even suggested that he was a bit of a throwback to the striker’s of old.

Wenger said, “I believe in his mentality. He’s a positive guy. Even when he misses something people forgive him because he has a positive mental impact with the physical impact as well.

“He worked very hard [to return from injury]. After the World Cup he was not completely ready at the start of the season but I always said you always see the players back in November.

“The surgery made him realise – sometimes you love it and you miss it. Our fitness coaches told me that he was extremely motivated and that’s why he came back so quickly.

“He gives us different options because we can go for a longer ball. We have plenty of players who can play short and he gives us a variety in our game.

“The first goal he scored against Newcastle was a typical 1970s goal. You love it as well because you see it less now.”

I think that a lot of the negative criticism of Giroud in the last couple of years was because his lack of pace was costing us, but maybe that was because he did not have the right players around him, especially last season due to injuries.

Now he has Welbeck, Alexis and the Ox providing the pace he lacks. So is Giroud the man to be the pivotal point of that pace and lead Arsenal on to great things?

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37 thoughts on “Has `Old School` Giroud nailed down Arsenal central role?

  1. Goonsquad8

    I’ve said it since day 1 I am a big fan of Olivier and I like what he brings to the table. But having said that we need to play to his strengths and he (& the team) are at there best when Olivier is flanked with wingers and pace.

    When wenger throws 4 CM’s behind him his weaknesses are easily exposed. But when we play with pace, width and play players who can cross we see the best of giroud. I really wanna a see a front 4 of Sanchez, ozil, Walcott and giroud

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    1. KickAssFan

      Gilberto! Oh, my Gilberto!!! The days of purely fantastic football!!! Sign him!!! Santa Wenger, I wanna watch him play just one more time!!! Plz, daddy!!!

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    2. Wazzzimbo

      Giroud has certainly looked different this season, looks like he worked on his finishing a fair bit over the summer. He has deservedly nailed down the starting berth for the time being, and looks in top form, let’s hope it continues!

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    3. jonestown1

      School boy pie-in-sky analysis if you don’t mind me saying. Listing seven top class players only one of whom is even remotely “gettable” is lazy analysis. Only 1 or 2 of those players could perform the role OG is asked to – you should question the system Wenger obviously wants to employ rather than abuse an Arsenal player who is decent in the “old school” role assigned to him. And sticking “Ribbery” in the list is pure dumb.

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  2. jeff

    OT sad day for the football world but I’m happy to have wittnessed one of the greatest player of all time play for the team I love! Thanks King Thierry Henry for all you’ve done for Arsenal!!!

    I am sure one day (in the near future hopefully) he will come back to Arsenal and do great things once more but as a member of the coaching staff!!

    My favorite plyer of all time!! COYG!!

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    1. YingYang69

      Who thumbed that comment down. If its because he wasnt your all time favourate well surely you can still appreciate how he would be for others. I think admin should look into it, they may be a spud troll.

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  3. jgrim

    Before last season I questioned him because of his pace’! After last season I believed with the right people either side of him he could do a good job! This season I have to admit he’s ours he’s good and he deserves 100% backing from the fans! We have sanchez welbeck Ox theo Campbell etc with pace to burn so he is the perfect foil and gives us options in a front line that is capable of winning the league! I also believe 50 million quid buys us a worse striker! With a few possible exceptions! I’ll go on record saying in the window I do not want to see another attacking option brought in! I want two players, fm cf and that’s it we are done!

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    1. The Analyzer

      So an arsenal player deserves 100% support from fans only if he is doing well? Are fans not supposed to be giving 100% support to any player who goes onto the field wearing arsenal colours? Does this explain the moaning witnessed here and why others refer to emirates atmosphere as a mortuary?

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  4. Budd

    King Henry just retired. Is anyone on this site writing a thank you piece for him?

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    1. jgrim

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      1. Budd

        He actually stayed one season after we lost the UCL final. Many people left after that but he stayed.

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  5. BarryL

    Giroud is v underrated because he’s not RvP, but his qualities have been missed while out injured.
    He leads the line, holds the ball up taking pressure off MF and Defence, has physical presence in box, and has great touch for big man (his 2nd on Saturday, and touch for Ramsey’s Cup Final winner).
    He will help Welbeck develop into a real goalscorer, and his combination with Alexis is going to be fun to watch.
    Allez Olivier

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  6. Robin Vanpayslip

    With Sanchez coming this completes our forward line. Now we have pace, power, aggression and skill up front. They complement each other well and all three of the front rotate which is actually an amazing tactic by Wenger.

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    1. The Analyzer

      By the way how many goals have he scored at man u for the one million pounds he earns per month?

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      1. jonestown1

        Hafiz is misunderstood IMO. He is a droll, WUM who attempts irony in a low-key manner and shines a (dim) light on supporters previous bandwagon demands – hence his “M’Vila/Capoue etc” DM list he cuts and pastes on a regular basis – these were players many on here were demanding at one time. “Falcao” is another of his favourites – can you imagine the stick Wenger would be getting now if he had signed RF and benched him for all but an hour of the season. Not worth thinking about really. Note his cute observation on another thread today that if Arsenal had signed world class players in 8 positions we would now be challenging for the title. Nostradamus he ain’t but mildly amusing maybe. He is however unusual in one respect in that he never responds or takes the bait – an internet voyeur if you like.

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  7. fred cowardly

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    1. The Analyzer

      Your analysis is weak and simplistic. In 2011/2012 van persie was the top hoal scorer in the league and arsenal finished some 15 points below the league winners. In 2007/8 Adebayor scored some 27 or so league goals but arsenal finished third. In 2009/2010 Anelka was top goal scorer with less than 20 goals. Did this mean there was no league winner coz there was no 30 goal scorer. I can add last season as well.

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    2. Godswill

      But we had RVP and we did not win the league. Top strikers matter but those behind them are important too and most importantly the “manager” at a particular moment. Give this team a top DM, a top CB and good matchday selection plus arsenal reconciling with that sp*d fan Injury, we can push on well till May and then take stock.

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    1. Twig

      Yes. If we keep our Galatasaray/Newcastle form till the end of the season. I’d say we have a 9% chance of winning the league 😉

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      1. Budd

        9% ? Hmm, that’s something to fight for if true. I thought our chances are totally gone by now.

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        1. Twig

          No, it’s not totally gone. Even West Ham has a mathematical chance of winning the league…. maybe little bit 0.9%

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        2. jonestown1

          Mate, open your eyes and try reading the posts first before launching in. Why you barking up Budd’s tree? He agrees with you numpty.

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  8. davidnz

    Do we actually need to buy in January?
    Just loan two central defenders.
    Then in the summer have a good clear out
    and buy two quality CB’s and a DM.

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  9. 007

    I think Henry set the bar too high for all incoming strikers at Arsenal. Many have come, been decent, but failed.

    They can only be one King!!!

    OG does okay with the right team around him. The fact that he has Welbeck / the in coming Theo, + or – Sanogo eyeing his spot has added further encouragement for him to perform even better. I challenge you to hit the 25 goal mark this season OG, just 5 short of what Sanchez will get (heeehe).

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  10. mark

    Aah…the same Giroud that everyone (not me) was slating 6 months ago…what a difference half a season makes…decent player, decent striker, glad we have him. Football fans (FIFA 14 fans?) can be so fickle with short memories…….

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  11. royalman

    If Giroud wasn’t injured we would hv performed better than dis. Anyway he is back n we all see his impact. He is different in style to most of our players. Up ball, physical n assist is wot I love him for. Welbek n sanches ll definitely bring best out of him .

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  12. Prof

    Hafiz Rahman, what a childish understatement from you about falcao! Falcao is a big name truly and agreed he’s strong and fast but where on earth does his current form prove him worthy? He only guarantees goals in your room not on the pitch, as at present.

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  13. Gunner Mac

    You forgot to mention Diaby. I think the latest is January 3rd……….2016. Don’t mean to be negative, just couldn’t resist it.

    Clinical finisher is what Arsenal have missed so far, along with a fit first choice CB pairing. Big statement against United when he came on and scored a screamer with virtually his first touch. Could be a great season for him and he could be the catalyst for a great run of results.

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