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Has Szczesny shown why Arsenal MUST NOT sell him

The Polish shotstopper Wojciech Szczesny has been a frustrating figure at times in the Arsenal goalmouth, and we have seen him make many mistakes at crucial moments for the Gunners, but it would appear that his year on loan at Roma has given him a new lease of life.

His form for the Italians persuaded the Polish coach Nawalka to trust in Woj in their crucial opening match against Ireland. He did not have a lot to do, but when called upon he was safe and secure in everything he did, and had no problems keeping a clean sheet.

He may have a reputation amongst Arsenal fans of being a nightclub-going, unreliable smoker, but it was worth remembering that he was thrust into the Arsenal first team at a very early age. He is in fact still only 26 years of age so well below the peak for most keepers. He has also got married this year and seems more mature and settled in his nature.

I am practically certain that Szczesny will stay at Roma next season, but I sincerely hope that Wenger has the sense to simply extend the loan rather than let him leave completely.

On this evidence I believe that Wenger should keep Ospina as backup to Petr Cech for one more season, and tell the Colombian than he can go where he chooses next summer. He can then bring back Szczesny to be our number One for many many years after Petr Cech retires.

What do you think?


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10 thoughts on “Has Szczesny shown why Arsenal MUST NOT sell him

  1. muda

    The guy is a true gunner, he’s just next to Wilshere, we need their types those that bleeds Arsenal as long as they are good enough keep them.

  2. tissiam

    i completely agree with you,he should spend one more season with Roma and then come back to us,we would be getting a better&more experienced Szczesny and should keep Ospina until then even though this would be a bit harsh on him we have to remember that we,re talking about professional players with contracts also it is time for wenger to stop being too sentimental with players!!

  3. awesome gunners

    Are you serious. You are judging him on one game against a northern Ireland team that Lescott would have looked good against in any position. He could even have stood keeper.

    Watch the game again. This keep is still erratic. There was a corner where he could have easily caught but decided to wildly punch it away. And he is not good at clearing the ball when played back too him. He looks nervous when this happens.

    Ospina to stay any time of the day over him. I will always judge a keeper on someone his own age. De gea started badly for united but has improved 1000 fold. Can we actually say the same for Szczesny who was given alot of time to improve. I dont expect him to be as good as De gea but at least somewhere close.

    1. kev

      What do you mean you dont expect him to be good as De Gea.Why do you know anyone’s future.If I was to be very honest with you even if we keep Ospina and sell Szczesny i dont see him also becoming an all time great.To me he should go to Roma where i believe he can become an all time great.He is better than Ospina in terms of skill in goalkeeping but what makes Ospina better than him is that he acts more matured.You guys keep bringing up stats but we can all bring up stats for even a player who might not be better than another player but stats will make him look much better.Even hits stats show he is legendary but in actual sense he is not legendary.If u think am lying or talking too much lets Keep Ospina and sell Szcz and lets see.

  4. awesome gunners

    I hate this attitude of Gooners that we Szczesny is a “True Gooner” and he eats and bleeds Arsenal and thats why he should stay. Same is said for Wilshere, Walcott and Ramsey. My rule is if you are not good enough no matter what you bleed you should be shipped out. Sick of paying 100k plus for players who are not good enough but apparently is a true gooner just to see later when or if they get sold kissing another badge. The true gooners are the fans and not the players.

  5. davidnz

    Even though I always stood by Szcz I believe there is too much bad blood between Szcz and the club. Szcz has progressed well under the new manager and Italy is more Szcz. He was treated very badly by the club for 2-3 poor games while
    Other slackers or injury wrecks are given years before being moved on.

  6. damochy

    Eat and breathe Arsenal shtick is beginning to grate on me, who cares how passionate you are about the club if you are not good enough?…..i live, breathe Arsenal too, does that make me good enough to turn out for the club?…..This guy is just mot good enough AS YET and that is me been considerate, he had a good 2/3 seasons to make a permanent claim for the position and showed he was not good enough or ready for the task….i hate the way we are so sentimental at Arsenal, overlooking rational thoughts ams logic for sentiments…..if all these players like Szchezney, Wilshire, Walcott live and breathe the club like its always bandied about how about them playing for a quarter of the ridiculous weekly wages they earn for underperforming or been our injured for 90% of the season, nonsense

  7. goonerboy

    Is it the same Woj that said he has learnt more in 6months in Roma than 10 years in Arsenal?????

    I don’t want him here no matter what he does in a single match..
    He is immature,inconsistent and erratic…

    1. arsenalman365

      Have you watched him play? He’s much better with his feet and a much improved keeper. He probably has learned more at Roma. He’s eccentric but that’s good in some keepers.

  8. jonm

    Two years ago we signed Ospina. He came to Arsenal to be no1 goalie. He took his chance when it came and was awesom. If you do not believe me look up his stats for 2014/15 on squawka. Then we bought Cech, because he was available and Ospina is sat on the bench. He is too good to sit on the bench, look at his perfomances for Columbia.

    OK Ospina is a professional contracted to Arsenal but if he wants to leave we should let him. It is the fair way to treat him and if we want to attract players they must feel that they will be treated fairly, oherwise they will not come.

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