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Has the Arsenal boss been telling Fibs? I hope so!

There may be a simple explanation for this, and to be honest I couldn’t care less if the Arsenal boss has been economical with the truth or not, as long as Bacary Sagna and Lukas Podolski are available to play against West Brom at the Emirates tomorrow.

Yesterday, Arsene Wenger released the information that the two players, along with Theo Walcott, would miss the vital Premier league game through injury, Sagna with a foot problem and Podolski with his hamstring. Imagine my surprise, then, when I looked through the pictures of the Arsenal team training today and saw the French right back and the German striker togged up and training. Now, I am no medical expert, but a training session is surely not the best way to recover from a hamstring or foot injury.

Maybe the two have made miraculous recoveries or have had the magic sponge treatment. Whatever the reason, it is great news for Arsenal. Podolski and Gibbs have a great understanding on the left and they combine well with Cazorla also. Sagna can put in some great balls from the right. Hopefully, Wenger will play Oxlade-Chamberlain down the right. The youngsters speed and energy can help cover for Sagna if the Frenchman overlaps and West Brom push forward, and the team will have a great balance.

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35 thoughts on “Has the Arsenal boss been telling Fibs? I hope so!

  1. S.H

    The man has been coaching for 30 years. Stop patronising him as if you’ve achieved more! Instead of being an armchair coach, try being a supporter of the team first, which includes Wenger!

    Wenger is easily the best manager at Arsenal I’ve seen in 25 yrs. For those who only Wenger’s reign, take him for granted. Trust me, we will rue the day he leaves, be careful what you wish for!

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  2. Gunner

    i think it is clear that walcott is on his way out, even wenger wants to sell him. We must keep walcott and sell gervinho instead,
    walcott is so direct player and can finish and he speeds our way of play. gervinho is gervinho, he slows our game and he can’t even cross. he scored less goals and have less assist than theo.
    we can get rid of gervinho and buy zaha.
    get rid of chamackh and buyhuntelaar
    getrid of arshavin and buy lopez
    get rid of squallici and buy Mapou Yangambiwa.
    get rid of djouroue promote miquel
    get rid of fabiansky and promote martinez
    get rid of santos and buy LB
    buy new CDM
    and sell benthner, park, denelson
    then we will use lesser wages and we will have more quality in our side.
    The problem in Arsenal is we pay too much money to bad players and we pay less to good players.

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  3. Ddog

    would be great if sagna a podolski were fit, we need a good finisher on the team.
    i still think wenger should play santi on the wing, with rosicky in the middle




    Cazorla–Rosicky–Podolski(if not arshavin)


    is kosceilny still injured?

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  4. Gunner

    sagna……per mertes……..verm……….gibbs
    ………arteta…………..jack wilshere……
    my team vs westbrom

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  5. Sammie

    We gonna av a difficult game tomorrow bcos wba will not want to loss 3 straight matches.

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  6. caribbeangooner36

    off topic..
    So Walcott still giving trouble huh…just sell the guy…Who is walcott..I know that AFC, board and wenger have their issues(wage cap,not buying quality etc) but i reall hate it when these players want to hold the club to ransom..Walcott is not worth 100k…For those who think he is wrth that…Imagine 2 yrs down the line he is not performing then everyong will be asking how is ths deadwood getting 100k..this is basically how we got stuck with guys like Chamack and squid…people fail to remember that these guys came to AFC as decent players…Walcott should take what he is being offered or **** off

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  7. Mike_Gun

    sounds like Wenger has shown why we are having problems signing and resigning players, he’s not in control of it!
    “With Theo, I have no news. I personally am not involved in that directly, indirectly of course yes, but at the moment we have not made any progress.”

    so who is doing the negotiating because I’m sure if it were Wenger they would have come to an agreement?

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  8. Terry norman

    @S H
    Don’t shoot the messenger mate, the man is only pointing out what appears to be “strange” I.e. given what Wenger says about the players injuries.

    If Wenger was “whiter than white” then no one would question what he says. Unfortunately, as much as you and others may not like to hear this, he is no arc angel Gabriel and I for one trust very little that’s emanates from the either Wenger or the board.

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  9. Gunnerineverylife

    Hope Wenger pulls out some miracle to rescue us,I have criticised his decisions in the past but he seems to be our only hope.We

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  10. Gunnerineverylife

    We passed alot outside the box in the Swansea match but just couldnt create chances,hope that changes.Lukaku will cause major problems.

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  11. AFC_Gooner

    .Let’s be positive before this game. WBA have had their best season so far in the EPL and are going to take some beating. Some beating is exactly what they will get.
    .Come on the Arsenal!!!!!

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  12. Louis

    lets just be honest we have an absolutely s*** squad!! fed up with seeing some of the tosh we continually seem to be churning out on the pitch. at least the last few years we weren’t winning anything but were watching good football, now we have to watch teams like swansea come to the emirates and grab three points.

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  13. Gunnerineverylife

    So theo seems to be going as well,so we put up with all his frustrating moments,give him game time,develop him and just when he starts to deliver we sell him?Our youth project is a massive failure.

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  14. youngold gunner

    better win against WBA cause if not then bye! bye! to CL next season and
    it could be for the best!

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  15. Robin Van Payslip

    Thursday was a good day for Wenger. The stress off Tuesdays loss seemed a distant memory. The stress of Saturdays game was far away.

    However now its Friday. Wenger must start to consider his options for tomorrows game. He decides to drop in on Boulds defensive training.

    Bould is trying to teach the team how to tackle. So far it appears only Per knew what this word meant. Wilshere is running towards Jenkinson. He passes Jenkinson and shoots.

    Bould: Do you not think you should have tackled there, Carl?

    Jenkinson: What?

    Bould: Tackle. Jesus you’re an idiot

    Jenkinson: Could you please use it in a sentence?

    Bould: Shut up. I’ll just show you. Come on Jack, try get past me.

    Wilshere runs up and as he tries to pass Bould, Bould tackles him.

    Jenkinson: Oh I get it now. So we are trying to stop the other team scoring?

    Bould: Thank God I don’t have any hair left to lose.

    Wilshere runs towards Jenkinson and goes straight past him.

    Bould: WTF? Why didn’t you tackle?

    Jenkinson: Could you please use that in a sentence?

    Bould walks over to Wenger

    Bould: You pay peanuts you get monkeys

    Wenger: That stupid Ivan is trying to get rid of Sagna too. At least he can cross

    Bould: I’ll be honest with you. I don’t think we are going to get anything out of these guys.

    Wenger: OK we need to just outscore the opposition then. I just don’t get it. We have good attacking players so why are they not scoring?

    Bould: We are not stamping ourselves on the game. We need to press. Only Wilshere was pressing. Arteta and Cazorla weren’t.

    Wenger: I love Wilshere. The last time I had this feeling was when I saw Diaby for the first time. I thought Diaby and I would rule the world.

    Bould: Its a damn shame

    Wenger: for sheezy

    Bould: We really need pressing out wide. Gervinho and Ox can’t do that too well.

    Wenger: Thats why I tried Ramsey there.

    Bould: He is terrible

    Wenger: How dare you?!? He is our talisman. Everything goes through him

    Bould: Sorry

    Wenger scratches Bould behind the ear and gives him a biscuit

    Wenger: Its OK. Ramsey is ahead of his time. You don’t get it but you will soon

    Bould looks puzzled

    Wenger: Lets call Gervinho in and see if a chat will do us any good. Have you ever spoken to him?

    Bould: Nah

    Wenger: Me neither

    Bould: Let me go get him

    Bould returns with Gervinho

    Wenger: Hello

    Gervinho: Sup

    Wenger writes on a post it note ‘OMG is that a combover?’ and passes it to Bould. Bould looks at Wenger and nods

    Wenger: So tell me something. What is it that you actually think you are doing on the pitch?

    Gervinho: Shrugs his shoulders

    Wenger: So when you get the ball what do you do?

    Gervinho: I run

    Wenger: Why?

    Gervinho: I like playing football

    Wenger: Do you not think you could do better?

    Gervinho: Shrugs his shoulders

    Wenger: Is there a reason you have no clue?

    Gervinho: TBH this is my second season here and no one from this team or club has ever spoken to me

    Wengers gets a post it note and writes ‘anyone want him on loan in Jan?’ and slides it over to Bould. Bould writes ‘are you crazy? Even we wrote him off in our year end accounts!’.

    Wenger: OK I can keep this anymore. What the hell is it with your hair. You are bad. Get over it. Stop walking around with a band around your head thinking no one realises. You don’t see Bould growing the hair on the back of his head and then combing it forward and holding it in place with a band around his forehead!

    Gervinho: But Bould doesn’t have any hair on the back of his head

    Wenger: Sorry Steve, that was insensitive of me

    A tear runs down Boulds cheek

    Bould: Its OK

    Wenger: Fine Gervinho. See you on the bus for tomorrows game.

    Gervinho: Boss, I thought the game was at home

    Wenger: No its not. See you on the bus

    Gervinho leaves. Wenger turns to Bould

    Wenger: OK lets think outside the box. The deadwood. Lets see how they are doing and if we can use them to kick start our season.

    The deadwood is waiting in reception. Chamakh walks in

    Wenger: I want to talk to you about tomorrows game

    Chamakh: What game tomorrow. Nobody told me about a game tomorrow

    Wenger: NEXT

    Chamakh leaves. Arshavin walks in

    Wenger: About tomorrows game

    Arshavin: Yeah yeah I know. On the bench.

    Wenger: No I think you can make the difference

    Arshavin: So I finally get to play in the centre?

    Wenger: No

    Arshavin: I play much better in the centre

    Wenger: I needs to gets my props brah. And I get that by changing players positions.

    Arshavin: Change me back to a central midfielder then

    Wenger presses his intercom

    Wenger: Security

    Two guards come and take Arshavin away

    Wenger: Make sure you leave him on the left side of the pitch

    Bould: So?

    Lunch bell goes

    Wenger: woohoo

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  16. Terry norman

    Just a normal supporter me mate, nothing special my misses tells me that every day.
    I’m on Facebook as Terry W. Norman and am a member of the arsenal fans group on there.

    @robin van payslip.
    Mate you are absolutely brilliant! This was your best yet, loved it!

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  17. Terry norman

    @robin van payslip
    Would you mind me copying your last post to my Arsenal Fans friends, they would love it.

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  18. Pedrogooner

    N1 payslip! At least someone is making light of our demise. We get a little bit worse as a team each year. The only reason last year appeared good was because the Dutch moneygrabbing robin van penis scored so many goals. I actually get bored watching us thesedays. It’s the lack of movement that does it for me. They all look like they are at training as they show no urgency at all. The only exception for me is wilshere. When Walcott leaves we are in trouble as he is the only player looking to run in behind our opponents defense. Sad times 🙁

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  19. theman

    fergie knew his offensive play lacked something so made efforts to improve the offense AW knew his offense covered 4 his poor defense and went on together with his board to further deplete his offense now they are reaping their fruits,the gunners offense will come back and that’s what AW is hoping 4, the question is when?

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  20. gooner23

    Ive got a feeling were gonna win this match..cmon arsenal dont let me down 2-1 to the arsenal cmon lads

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