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Has Thierry persuaded Usmanov to oust Kroenke from Arsenal?

Alisher Usmanov is the second biggest shareholder in Arsenal Football club. He first joined the club by buying the almost 15 percent stake of David Dein in 2007. Six months later his company, Red and White holdings had 29 percent of the club, one percent more would have meant he had to make a formal offer to take over. Peter Hill-Wood then blocked any takeover and made it a rule that shareholders needed to give board members first refusal before they sold. This led to the takeover by Kroenke, which was allowed, but is now seen as having done nothing for the progression of the club.

Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith sold her shares to Kroenke as part of the takeover but has recently criticised the way he is running the club, and probably wishes she hadn’t. It is becoming clear that Kroenke is purely a businessman with no passion for football. There are some scary stories about the way his American sports franchises have declined since he took over, and it seems apparent that only Arsene Wenger has stopped Arsenal from slipping further and further down the league and out of European competition.

Usmanov has told L’Equipe that he speaks regularly with the former Arsenal striker, Thierry Henry, who has been urging him to launch an attempt to buy the Gunners outright. With a personal fortune estimated at around $17 billion, he could certainly afford it, but has been put off by a lot of negative press and the treatment he has received from the current Arsenal board.

“He’s pushing me to buy all of Arsenal’s shares, but I cannot predict the future.”

The fact that he has been talking about it again, after publishing an open letter last year condemning the policy of the club, suggests that he is certainly considering it. This would be great news for many Arsenal fans, but for those who want to see the back of Wenger, his words may be disappointing.

“For me, he’s one of the best coaches in the world, but it’s not easy for him. I think he deserves that players are brought in at Arsenal when they are needed.

“The best players, and not being satisfied with selling our best players to our rivals. If that happens, we can ask everything of him. But today he’s sacrificed. Because of the policy, and we’re all to blame. Everything’s in Mr. Kroenke’s hands and I hope he succeeds, even if he doesn’t go along with my ideas.

“I would like to be useful for the club, and I can be. I understand football well and can prove it, but I’ll never force myself on anyone. For the moment, Arsenal don’t seem to need me, but I remain convinced that Arsenal should have only one aim in every competition, first place and winning.

“All other theories are hypocrisy, and aimed at covering up weakness. I’m a strong man. If someone needs my help, my money, my know-how, anything I possess, I’m always ready.”

This could be the start of something very interesting, Gooners.

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82 thoughts on “Has Thierry persuaded Usmanov to oust Kroenke from Arsenal?

  1. goonar


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  2. TrueGunner82

    hopefully he can take over before the summer, i’ve said it before, but this guy will heavily invest in real “top top top quality players” In the summer(if usmanov was to take over before then) we could expect players like Cavani, jovetic he might even want to bring back Fabregas. Hope he buys out Kronke.

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  3. Bob Dylan

    I wounder how good a team wenger could build with enough funds, to have a net profit on expenditure for 10 years and remain in the top 4 is a great acheivement, but enough is enough we have funds available and we should start making more use of them

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  4. L

    Can I just ask a question ? How will he be able to overtake the owner ?? Does he have to buy all the shares or does he get voted to become the owner ? ??

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  5. usmaNOW

    Wenger feels personally responsible for signing the deadwoods and thus inflating our large socialist wage structure. Hence it has stopped him for signing some quality until this players are off our books!

    This where Kronke can come in and show some leadership by writing off this guys contracts and ship them out on free. Also at the same time make funds available for Wenger to invest in quality!

    But that avaricious leech Kronke is happy to sit on his ARSEnal and see his shareholding appreciate as the debts gets paid off!

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  6. bob

    This means nothing…I expect a statement to come out from the club or Wenger to say this is not true…Kroenke does back Wenger and lets him bring in players that he needs but they only spend what they make and those kind of players are too expensive. Also they will make Thierry Henry put out a statement to say he never said that….they never even spoke

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  7. Awesome Gunners

    A few years ago when Usmanov wanted to take over no one wanted him. We as fans where not happy with him and wanted Kroenke.

    So now we got what we want and now we are complaining.

    Next time we all should do our homework better before chosing who we want as an Arsenal owner.

    The same goes with coach and players. Changing coach and buying unnesassary players might only worsen things and not solve things.Look at Chelsea and Liverpool who are very good examples.So change isnt always the best option.

    So please Im not saying what you are asking or saying is wrong. But sometimes we should be careful what we ask for. Maybe this club will be in shambles without Kroenle and Wenger. Or maybe it will be better.

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  8. goonerache

    Usmanov in—— that yankee out!!!!!!!!!!,
    Kroenke is a shit owner …. he doesnt really care about football or arsenal for that matter…. when do we ever see him at home or in away matches ??u
    usmanov seems to care a lot more than this yankee ….. i mean wat kinda owner sells their best striker to the team that beat you 8-2 that same season ???? Wheres the pride in that…. th board and the owner are a bunch of sell outs…… and the sooner they are out the better for arsenal.

    Usmanov pleeeeeease take arsenal off that w**kers hands….. Red Armyyyy!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Neil

    This is a tough one.

    First of all, Kroenke must go.

    However, would Usmanov be the answer? Yes, he has the money, but if he went mad and spent 400m on players on huge 200k+ per week salaries…what happens if FFP actually comes in?

    We could end up in a real mess, but FFP is not 100% certain to ever happen imo.

    In saying that, any owner needs to be wary of it at the moment. Even Man City have curtaled their spending lately, prompting Mancini to have a bit of a moan.

    Mancini has NO reason to complain. If City can’t assemble a title winning team after forking out over 400m in transfer payments, after player sales…he’s useless. Ok, they won it last season, but this season United seem to be on course for the title. In the same period Arsenal has had a transfer spend of minus 45 million!

    Under Kroenke, Arsenal are the lowest spending team in the Premier League after player sales (2008-2013). And by some distance after Newcastle’s recent spending spree.

    Back to the main point, I would like Kroenke out, but if Usmanov comes in I would like him to just make sure we don’t lose our best players and that at least one, possibly two marquee signings per season come in. It would be great knowing that every season we would be in the hunt for any player available, be it Cavani or Falcao.

    Just don’t go mad and put us in trouble ,but I’m sure he would be a better option than Kroenke…but who wouldn’t?

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  10. Neil


    I believe the board (including those who sold to Kroenke and in return got cushy jobs for nothing for life) have an agreement that they will NEVER sell any of their shares to Usmanov at any price.

    Can’t see it happening, but money talks. I’m sure some on our board would sell for the right price…unless Kroenke just loves slowly killing his sports clubs.

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  11. Gunner till the end

    Theirry Henry is my idol! I have loved henry since a kid, he is my footballing hero

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  12. Gunners

    Wenger doesn’t want usmanov. He wants to be the main man and he wants to prove everyone wrong by winning and staying financially stable at the same time. It’s been 7 years and is good to know if nothing improves at least we have a back up plan

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  13. US4rsenal

    He is somebody who rightly feels our pains and understands football.

    The seat is crying for you Mr USMANOV!!!

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  14. goonerwave

    Just got to Keep saying this… Kroenke OUT…. he is raping our beloved arsenal of its soul..

    Asking wenger to fight for the EPL title with kroenke at the helm is like asking a heavy weight boxer to fight with one hand behind his back..

    COYG !!!!

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  15. jimbo

    were told that theres money to spend now ,what what difference would there be usmanov to over if wenger can find the right players now ,hen will he .its him that needs to go ,go,gooooooooo,be for its t late 8years wiyhout a trophy how many to clubs would stand that,any manager in tha premership could manage that even qpr ,fuxx off wenger andtake your pthic excuses or les with you

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  17. L

    I don’t want arsenal to end up like Chelsea or city. Or united !! If this guy means business and wants to compete with the likes of man city n united ect ect then he just has to patient like the rest of us !!! I’m sure there is money available to spent on top class player but I believe in AW plans.. Try and attempt to win the BPL with the squad we have now.. The only player today who isn’t fully signed is Sagna && whilst the rest of the squad is available over the coming years.. I can see us competing with top level..&& yes there will consistency ( no player leaving ) He (AW) might sign one or 3 player in the coming tranfer windows . Personally I see AW plan && if some y’all prefer this dude taking over && turning us into a mad club then idk what 2 say ..
    In Arsene I Trust

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  18. ks-gunner

    Chelsea was playing that other day on heavy snow and that Abrahomiviq was sitting there with his smurf jacked watching the game… we need usmanov as he cares and is willing to invest into the club….he is a proper football fan and Arsenal fan…..

    i think the yankee is trying to max the value of the club by making profit….and if the time has come to the limits he is going to sell his shares to usmanov on a high prize……..

    Arsenal is going to suffer from this anywhey as the tension is high enough and we are about to fall in mediocry bec of lack of transfers and sucess…..coyg

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  19. Hugh

    Usmanov is a criminal, come on, do we want a criminal at our beloved club? Be careful for what you wish for gooners…

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  20. Lix

    U don’t have any proof yet you call Usmanov a crook. Which do you prefer Usmanov that wants investment in the club or Kroenke who will rather take a lot from the club (he is the crook to me). Arsenal’s business model has a lot of flaws? Arsenal will soon drop from one of the ten world richest clubs.

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  21. Ray

    I like this his quote “Arsenal should have only one aim in every competition, first place and winning.
    All other theories are hypocrisy, and aimed at covering up weakness.” Wow dis is so true, usmanov unlike kroenk knows footbal an luvs arsenal as a fan. What else can ωε ask 4 4rm our owner

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  22. goonerupnorth

    just want to ask this question again everyone for some actual clarification as it went unanswered before. What happens if Usmanov writes to the club and says he actually wants to buy it, maybe even pay well over the market price so all the current owners receive a huge windfall. Is this even allowed. How does our board and shares system actually even work.

    From what iv read we have Stan at around 3.2 billion net worth, however I have also read that it isnt cash, its mostly investments and other business, where as on the flip we have Usmanov who is worth around 18.1 billion U.S and from my understanding has a huge simply vast reserve of cash. So my question is why doesn’t he just write to Stan and the board and offer the share price plus say 25 or even 35% above the market value extra to each member and make them even wealthier, if he truly wants to own the club because of passion and not profit then this wold not hinder him at all? thoughts people?

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  23. MG

    Kroenke OUT!

    Usmanov IN!

    Pay off all the clubs debts and watch Arsene do his job, he will smash it again, all Wenger needs is for someone to untie his hands from behind his back.

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  24. Gigi

    If it means we keep Wenger, we keep the good guys, we get rid of the deadwood no matter what loss there is, and we buy a world class DM…so be it!

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  25. Maverick

    What fans dont seem to understand this is all tactics of Usmanov trying to force his way in, i very much doubt Henry is involved in any of this. All these fans that want Usmanov in you best be careful what you wish for. Everyone is bitching and moaning about supposed money ‘going missing or not being spent by arsenal at present. Anyone taking money out of the club without listing it in the financials would be breaking the law as Arsenal is a PLC. As it stands no shareholders are taking money out and they don’t want to it is all media spin.

    Usmanov is not a person you want in the club…… are complaining about money issues……..who was the one that wanted dividend payments when the club said no……USMANOV, this guy is like Bush, sweet talk all the fans the voters then when he gets into power he will screw us over 100% guaranteed, there is NO EVIDENCE he will stick to his word there is no evidence any more money will be given and if he does give money he will definitely put it against the club, this is they guy that wants to get payments from the club and refused but yet everyone sees him as our saviour.

    THe people in the board love them or loathe them know what he is about and they know him to be abramovich mk2 he will want his ego being rubbed so he will take over everything the club will suffer and he will load debt to the club…….all of the people that want usmanov in have been brainwashed by him and the media, he is an insidious person and will damage the club beyond repair, he don’t care about arsenal all he cares about is his ego and him owning the club and using it as his toy, the board is not dumb they doing things to keep arsenal alive long after they are gone Usmanov is doing things for the here and now and doesn’t care about what will happen in the next 20 years he just wants to be the owner of a new toy………..if he gets his chance you watch how all of sudden people will be screaming ‘WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO< WE WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK" but it will be too late then.

    Don't care if i get lots of thumbs down, but the people that want usmanov are media driven sheep that don't do their research and look deeper than the crap that is been said… some research and see who wants to take money out of the club and load it with debt i am sure you will be surprised!!

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  26. Gundam

    welll….. he turned my denver nuggets into a making up the numbers or possible play off position kind of team

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  27. WoodyD

    This article is trash. Simply stating something doesn’t make it true. All the writer needs to do is google the records of Kroenke’s US sports teams to understand that they have not, in fact, gotten worse under Kroenke’s ownership

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  28. sku

    There is a theory that s being banded about that if we go the route of Chelski (not that Iam advocating it) the owner can leave the club in ruin with mountains of debts. I say nonsense to that because our model (Kroenke’s) is the one which is scary. Think about it he buys the club (SHARES) and puts nothing in after that and wait for good returns (appreciation of his SHARES) He then can leave sell the shares all gains for him where as Chelski and City the owners have nothing to very little to gain they have put in more than they bought.I think that makes it very difficult for Usmanov to buy at inflated pice as @ goonerupnorth alludes because Kroenke will have hit a jackpot and it is probably what he wants and business people can see that. Im convinced that is what Stan Kroenke wants as a business person I would want that and beleive me he is sitting holding all the aces I hope Iam wrong.

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  29. baz

    I don’t want to be a man city or chelsea . Even with Ushamnov this will not happen as arsenal already have the foundations to succeed . Great history , Great stadium , Great reputation , Great manager and a Great fan base !!!

    Imagine what could be achieved with some level of external investment !

    Come on Ushmanov make us better than great !!!!

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  30. kebab

    I hope it happens .. everyone knows that Americans do not know much about football ..
    they like money. they have no passion for football.

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  31. ams

    Even usmanov get to incharge…financial fair play is just waiting to be imposed..I dont know if it just too late for us…

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  32. goonerwave


    could you please supply eviedance to your clam of Usmanov?? I am an avid support of our beloved gunners and would no way want any so called “CrooK” taking control over the team

    However this is growing evidance against “stan Kroenke”

    please just please go have a look at all the american clubs he owns and look at their downward spiral.. rising ticket prices and sellin of their assets “players to you and me”..

    Here lets give you a little healping hand here

    these are some clubs which stan controls

    Denver Nuggets… St louis rams…. Colorado avalanche.. lets start their a little home work for you..

    Now you claim the share holders are not taking money from the club…

    Have you never heard of Dividen’s??? these are payemnts to share holders when ever a club / business makes money..

    surely stan and the board must be getting money.. and i can assure you that stan would’nt be involved unless hes making money..

    we are all gunner and all love our team.. can u explain to me what good Stan has done for our club.. im curious or obviously vbery blind


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    the yanks have very bad track records when it comes to english football..
    they call their game in the states football when it’s actually handball..

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  34. Arsenal1Again

    Kroenke’s team Colorado Rapides were the MLS champions in 2010.

    He has not made any teams worse.

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  35. chris


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  36. apc

    koronke wont sell until we are debt free and making more dosh. doesnt make sense to sell now unless usmanov offers him a great return on what he paided. or we fail to make top4

    eitha way i want him gone asap

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  37. mo

    The floodgates of will truly open n sea of cash will come out. Cant wait imagine having neymar etc

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  38. The Goon

    David dein + usmanov could bring our great club back to its former glory !

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  39. Uche

    And the man says, ‘I’m a strong man. If someone needs my help, my money, my know-how, anything I possess, I’m always ready.”

    That part just warms my heart. And I cannot help but wonder …how bad can things be with Usmanov? Yes he may hire and fire like abramovich but can you honestly say that we are better than Chelsea? Chelsea is ambitious and does not tolerate crap. Within our seven barren years, they have won a truck load of trophies. What’s wrong with that? Can you imagine Santos playing in Chelsea? Can you visualize Ramsey in a chelsea T shirt? Can you imagine Abramovic saying that fourth place is a trophy? I got to tell you, there is nothing about Kroenke that I like. He is just an investor waiting patiently for his cow to fatten before he cashes in. Football needs passion. Kroenke has no passion. Usmanov is passionate about arsenal and while that may not be enough, it means a lot to me because I know that he will not stand bye and watch the fans get tortured by all the nonsense going on in arsenal. For once I think it is okay for us fans to be selfish. Usmanov will soothe our pain and make this club great again. Kroenke on the other hand does not give a sh1t.

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  40. matspanar

    Kroenke…go back and play besball or American Football! We want Usmanov who really know how to play football or soccer (kroenke call it soccer thats why he doesn’t know to manage football)

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  41. Gunnerineverylife

    Lot of Usmanov haters are brainwashed by media.Has he taken your money?It was a dog eat dog world,what do ou expect in those situations?half of the billionaires formed in that time are like him.Kroenke has ruined all the teams he has owned.Usmanov is better than Kroenke on any day.

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  42. craig2500

    To Buy Kroenke out its gong to take allot of money only Usmanov would have the funds needed to dish out near £600million. It annoys me that people think that if that did happen we would then turn into Chelsea or Man City without knowing anything, first of all Usmanov is the kind of financial wizard that could help the club get commercial deals that would generate cash within the club. Our commercial deals have been so bad over the years the fans and transfer money is all we have had to live on and he could change all of that maybe to a point where the seat prices could eventually drop. Kroenke will sufficate the club slowly, Usmanov would not of had Deins backing this whole time if he thought he would destroy the club

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  43. Big Gun

    Usmanov should approach Gazidis and Peter Hill Wood and say to them whatever Kroenke is paying them, he will increase it. Of course I would love Gazidis and PHW out, but the fact is Kroenke, Gazidis and PHW are all peas in the same pod. They are all benefiting from Arsenal’s current financial model and would be stupid to abandon it, unless they were offered more money from another source. If Usmanov is owner, he would also call the shots and allocate enough money to Wenger without any intervention from Gazidis. This is one option for Gazidis and PHW to turn on Kroenke and would be a big vote in favour of Usmanov. Of course Usmanon would first have to buy the remaining shares at inflated prices from Kroenke. It all depends how desperate of a situation Arsenal are in and when Usmanov decides it is time to make a move.

    I’m am happy about this rumor if it’s true. It shows Usmanov still has great interest in our club and undoubtedly would spend on big names and pay market related salaries. With a sound financial advisor at the helm, we wouldn’t have to spend millions and millions like City or Chelsea…just enough to have quality and without every other team swooping in on our deals.

    Usmanov is the way forward people. Stan Kroenke’s road leads to mediocrity and a trophy-less cabinet – his home soil ‘sports franchises’ and the last 8 trophy less years are testament to that. Hats off to Wenger for keeping us in the CL, but I think we all deserve a better and more passionate owner for our beautiful Arsenal.


    Let us fans be heard, somehow we need a petition or letter of some sort signed by all us gooners addressed to Usmanov begging him to launch a takeover. Our loyalty over all these years has fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes. The only thing it seems to affect is our pockets.

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    @ Maverick and Hugh, Well said.I’m not happy the situation the clu is in at the moment but I wouldn’t trust the sneaky bast~rd as far as i could throw him…… I await lots of thumbs down from the fickle cretins!

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  46. Sami

    We love Usmanov, we do. We love usmanov, we do. We love usmanov we do, oh usmanov we love u!!!!

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  47. Wil

    I’m American and I’m thinking usmanov and Dein is the way to go but I don’t want our club to turn into another Chelsea or man city

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  48. Richard

    Only if Stan thinks he can make a big enough profit will he sell his shares, if not were stuck with him and the Marley Brothers (the next time you watch “The Muppets “Christmas film you’ll see Ivan with his chains)

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  49. allan1340

    Wil says that he will not our club to turn into another Chelsea or City!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell are u talking about??? Where we are now and where City or Chelsea are now??? Last year Chelsea became Champion !!! What we became last year?? or 8 years now??? We are a club that is happy to be 3th or 4th only, Are you realy have so low ambition same our board or manager???? Our ambition is becoming so down at we want only be above Tottenham and forget about Mnu or City or even Chelsea!!!!! Then you are afraid we turn into Chelsea or City???????????? I am f**ing disappointed of some fans, of course with respect for you and the others who has same understanding about the case.

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  50. Dave B

    Can I just ask a question ? How will he be able to overtake the owner ?? Does he have to buy all the shares or does he get voted to become the owner ? ??
    Someone asked this question earlier on – does anyone have an answer?

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  51. King Henry's Mate

    @UCHE I feel and share your pain. Lets hope Usmanov can pull off a takeover and restore our great once club to its former glories. Here’s to the Russian Revolution; Kronke and Sly Gazidis out. Usmanov the Red in.

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  52. USAGooner

    It is indeed true that Silent Stan’s sport franchises here in the USA have taken a turn for the worse since he got involved, most notably the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League. They have been terrible, but since he took over full control of them in 2010, he has had to relinquish control to the Nuggets (Basketball) and the Avalanche (hockey) so that he could get approval from NHL ownership, so to blame him for those two teams would be short sighted.

    I worry about wealthy benefactors because of what might happen to the club if they ever got bored of spending large amounts of money and decided to sell. We need only to look as far as Portsmouth to see what happens to a club once a wealthy benefactor leaves. I’m not saying Usamanov would leave, but it makes me nervous.

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  53. John Worth

    If Usmanov comes, so many of you are expecting him to come in and compete with the likes of Abramovich and Man City. This would ruin us. We are the Arsenal, Class is permanent. If Usmanov comes in and starts baling us out of his pocket what will we be? We won’t be the self-sufficient club that is trying to win things, we would just become another bank that buys titles. That is not the Arsenal Way. That being said, if Usmanov comes in and runs things the way they have been run, maybe more efficiently than I would have no problem. But stop panicking, with our new Emirates deal, the stadium debt is nearly paid off, once that is gone we will have money to spend. Money, that we earn through our own revenue stream, not from the endless pockets of a billionaire.

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  54. Philthompsonsnose

    Never going to happen unfortunately
    We have more chance of making a signing this window than Usmanov taking over…

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  55. RT

    Not saying all of us here speak for ALL Gunners… But it honestly looks like there is a majority forming definitely towards Silent Stan’s removal (with most also seemingly agreeing on Usmanov being the ideal replacement).

    So why on earth are we not making more racket?Wwe really do have more power than we think, I really think we could be on to something if we just made more of a SERIOUS uproar about KROENKE OUT!! More chants during games, more protests pre/post games.

    COYG it’s what we all want lets get the ball rolling here lets get him out of OUR beloved Arsenal!!!!

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  56. Big Gun

    @John Worth The board have been stringing us alone with that that twaddle for the last few years. Seriously, if it was such a sound financial plan, why did we have to sell our best players just to stay afloat? Wenger was obsessed with this youth policy he created years ago. Those were the players supposed to be representing Arsenal now and winning trophies. Cole, Nasri, Fabregas, Song, RvP and a few others were all sold because it was the only way in which the board could balance the books. The pathetic wage structure and Wenger’s inferior signings made things far worse than what they could have been. I don’t trust Kroenke or the board at all and I think the carrot they have been dangling in front of us all these years is not real.

    Kroenke needs to be bought out ASAP. I have no business with a stingy yank who knows nothing about football and is passionless about our Arsenal. We need an owner who loves football, Arsenal and wants the best for our club. Billionaires like Usmanov don’t get rich by squandering their money. They are shrewd and I believe his money at Arsenal will be spent wisely and necessarily.

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  57. John Worth

    @Big Gun

    Roman Ambramovich, every Sheik who owns a club. They are billionaires, they know how to manage money or else they wouldn’t be where they are, I agree with you. But none of them spend wisely at the soccer level. Perhaps you should do some more research on Kroenke before you call him a yank who doesn’t care about football. And don’t compare Arsenal to the likes of his NFL or NHL franchises. The NHL and NFL are on the either side of the spectrum in terms of how money is allocated per team, rules, transfers, trades, pay wages, and the fact that they are in two different countries, one of which has a population size nearly 5x that of England. Sole ownership of a club would be a horrible thing, what is going to happen when Usmanov gets bored, or he isn’t as genuine as we all think. Kroenke is building for the future, creating a platform for which this club can compete on in the future, and what that can withstand economic shocks and ownership power struggles. Usmanov is a quick fix for people like you that don’t want to do things the right, Arsenal way. Be patient, look at the relationship between the fans and the likes of the Glazers and Abramovich.

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  58. craig2500

    @ BigGun, the players were sold to pay off the stadium debt because of our poor commercial deals and lack of investment from Kroenke, but everyone on here wants him to stay then blames Arsene for our troubles

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  59. King Henry's Mate

    @BigGun Your right about that Kronke. He is only interested in managing the club in the cheapest way possible and selling playing assettes until the big TV money comes in. Then Usmanov or another investor will have to pay him big money for the shares to get the club off him. He was hoping that Arsenal fans would not tumble his little game and beleive his red herring of more jam tomorrow when the FFP comes in. Come on Gunners lets try to find some way of putting pressure on Sly Gazidis and Kronke and get them out of our club.

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  60. true goon


    He would probably have to offer way above the market rate for the remaining shares,i can’t see Kreonke leaving for anything less than close to double the price he paid for them,this would mean Usmanov paying probably double what the clubs really worth.Usmanov is clearly a good businessman so i can’t see him paying that much,but you never know.

    On a different note i think Usmanov believes that the real reason we don’t buy is not because we don’t need to because we have 2 players for each position,but because of financial constraints.If this is the case then why doesn’t Wenger come out an say so,instead of making silly excuses?.Also,financial constraints cannot explain why Wenger makes strange decisions week in week out,and they don’t explain why Stoke have a better defence than us.

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