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Has Wenger already given up on Arsenal title challenge?

Arsenal were handed a fantastic opportunity yesterday and they blew it, big time, by playing like a bunch of no-hopers and crumbling to another painful away defeat, but was that all that was blown away by Watford at Vicarage Road?

After the game with his comments on the Arsenal website Arsene Wenger did not sound as if he was holding on to much hope that his Arsenal team could recover from this and actually challenge for the Premier League trophy this season, especially with the Man City side under Pep Guardiola sweeping all before them and looking like champions already.

The boss said, “It will be difficult, of course. At the moment we are not looking too much at Man City, we are looking at ourselves. We have to bounce back from our disappointment today. We look like we can make results when we play our game like we did in the first half. But we need to be at the level like that for 90 minutes.”

To be perfectly honest, I do not think that the Gunners were all that great in the first half either. The headed opener from Per Mertesacker was our first attempt on target after all. The failure to grasp this great opportunity given by us playing last after Chelsea, Man United and Liverpool had all dropped points worries me as it suggests we just do not have the winning mentality needed to win the Premier League.

Does Wenger know this as well? Is he already looking at a top four finish as success this season?


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10 thoughts on “Has Wenger already given up on Arsenal title challenge?

  1. Durand

    Top 4 finish is a success every season for Wenger, Gadizis, and Kronke. It costs too much to challenge for title so Ivan and Stan aren’t interested.
    Apparently after this Summer window profit, its too expensive for Champions league as well.

    Europa league qualifying is the new Wenger trophy, heard it here first, lol.

  2. ThirdManJW

    The title was never on the cards anyway. Arsenal are dead! It feels like the club is just going through the motions these days, because no one within the club really cares whether we win, lose, or draw. Only the fans care! Three defeats already, and all of our wins have come in games we should easily be winning anyway, so it’s really not looking good at all! I thought we might be in a battle for 5/6th, but that may even be a bit optimistic!

  3. Colin Decoteau

    I would disagree with the comments that its only the fan’s who cares ,i would suggest that its only the fan’s who is willing to make a stand against this regime are the ones who cares.

  4. Nothing changed

    Wenger even admitted in an interview before the season that the title was not the target for Arsenal.

    Besides, you would have to be a bit of a dingbat to believe that this group of players, going into the season with three players not wanting to be part of the club and currently carrying two players in Sanchez and Ozil who don’t believe in our future, we’re going to play like brothers in arms.

    Like what now feel like “always” Wenger’s teams do not have the ability to streak together 4 wins in the PL (unless the schedule is super favorable).

    The always disappoint after a few results that give a glimmer or consistency.

    A team mirrors its manager, Wenger is indecisive, weak, and has no pride (if he did he would have moved over long ago), the team is the same no fighting spirit, weak and not fit to fight for the shirt because of lack of pride.

      1. Nothing changed

        No, he admitted the PL was not the target. In true Wenger fashion, he set a target unrelated to winning the PL. His target is 80 points and he will miss that as well.

        The only target he should have is to prepare his team to come out fighting with intensity every game. Once that basic attribute has been installed he can worry about the rest. No effort, no consistent result no matter who plays. This is the PL and you will get a fight for 90 minutes every week from every team if you don’t match that you are in trouble.

  5. Sam

    Even before the season starts we the sane fans already knew that we are not going to be among the title contenders. Wenger has successfully turned this club into the biggest joke in England. No body takes us serious any more

  6. Arsenal 1963

    What has happened to my Arsenal? Since when has our defense and midfield look at the first option when getting the ball to pass the ball square or back and not look for a forward pass? We should not even be worried about teams like Watford.

  7. Nothing changed

    I don’t think it will happen but in all likely hood I think a 4th place would be the best result this team can expect.

  8. Vlad

    The title was a dream to begin with. City, Chelsea, Utd are all stronger than us, and unfortunately it’s a fact. I think Wenger and Co. were trying to get back into top 4, but at this rate even that will prove to be a challenge. I can’t believe I’m saying it (’cause I hate it) but we should go all out and try to win the Europa League.

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