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Has Wilshere ousted Ramsey from Arsenal’s starting XI? Where is the Welshman?

It was yet another injury to the Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey that coincided perfectly with the return to full fitness of Jack Wilshere, and the Englishman has grabbed his chance with open arms. But when Jack got injured in the first Cup game against Chelsea it was expected that Ramsey would come back to replace him. Wenger said in the build up to the Bournemouth match: “From Wednesday night, we had of course Jack, who was injured. We had very good news yesterday morning. I saw him walking normally and his scan was good. He’s not out of the game on Sunday yet, so that is positive news. We’ll have Ramsey back in the squad….”

But Jack miraculously recovered, and Ramsey was left on the bench for the Cherries defeat, but he was brought on for Chambers with 15 minutes left as Arsenal tried (and failed) to save a point.

Even more surprisingly, Ramsey wasn’t even on the bench for the game against Palace, and Wenger instead had Maitland-Niles and Reiss Nelson as reserves, and they were both given game time with Nelson replacing Ozil after 72 minutes. And just to make it worse, when Wenger was asked about Ozil and Wilshere’s partnership Wenger replied: “We combined well from midfield yes. In the first half it was enjoyable to watch.”

So what has happened to Ramsey now that Wilshere has come back to steal his place in the team? There have been mutterings about Ramsey only having 18 months left on his contract and if not re-signed by June we could have yet another contract rebel on our hands.

Do you think he would leave if he is not a regular starter?

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29 thoughts on “Has Wilshere ousted Ramsey from Arsenal’s starting XI? Where is the Welshman?

  1. Phil

    Jack returning to form with a run of games is a bonus.After all these years I’m not convinced Ramsey is a pivitol member of our side but Wenger always plays him when he is fit.The Balance has looked better the last few games with no Ramsey so it will be interesting to see the line up on Wednesday

    1. Midkemma

      Wenger always plays him when fit… on a article about how Ramsey hasn’t even got a sniff in recently.

      At least use a relevant player like Xhaka. 😉

      1. neil

        Funny how we stop winning when Ramsay is injured… would be good to know the win percentage when he is jn and out of team…

  2. wilshegz

    Ramsey should be converted to a CAM as he is in Wales and get a proper DM like Nzonzi to play beside Wilshere/Xhaka.

  3. Nothing changed

    When both fit I would choose Wilshire over Ramsey any day. However, Ramsey seems to be one of Wenger’s darlings so it is hard to imagine him not featuring soon.

    For me, on a relative basis, Ramsey’s best position is in the center. He offers little IMO out on the wing and tends to drift inwards and resort to sideways passes when played out wide. In the center, both Ozil and Wilshire offer better vision and creativity if you ask me.

    It will be interesting to see if Wenger will try to play Ramsey out wide just to fit him in and it will be interesting to see at whose expense the Welshman will play out wide particularly if we sign to new players who are naturally better outside than Ramsey is.

    Personally, I would not start Ramsy and only use him to replace Ozil when he is not giving 100% or needs a break or to sub-Wilshire in the second half of games. To play both Ramsey and Wilshire or Ramsey and Ozil makes little sense to me.

  4. Murray Macleod

    I would seriously drop Bellerin and try Ramsay there,
    For me Bellerin is quick but his passing and defending are not good enough.

  5. rkw

    with miki in its though to see a future for ramsey if wishere stays fit … ramsey was always a bench player who made it in to the starting 11 coz of wengers favouritism … i still have a good chuckle when some of the kool aid crowd were frothing at the mouth on reading fake news about his imminent transfer to barca … some people never learn

    1. Maks

      Yes, I dnt like Ramsey not cos of him but Wenger.
      Atop of that Ramsey is not that good as his lovers would want.

  6. PIRES

    Right now jack has done O.K but not that great(Wenger has been extremly patient with him when some on here were calling for him to be sold)…We have to stop this hype.Ramsey has far more goals and assists to his name.and even defensively he works hard .

    1. Maks

      Pires? Again one who is repeating his posts from article to article… or is it somebody else under the same name? Pires was usually defending Wenger.

      “defensively he works hard”
      My God! Where? In FIFA 2018 when you are playing him?

  7. Maks

    Where is Ramsey?
    For me… nowhere… sell him asap while his not injured.
    With the end of Wenger caming I cab clearly see the end of Ramsey at Arsenal FC. He reminds me on some bad decision Wenger made like:
    1. Pushing him in starting 11
    2. Playing him almost on all the positions in the team (except on goal) just that he can start
    3. Not resigning Fabregas who wanted to come back

    He had to be Arsenal captain cos he is a perfect symbol of Wengers downfall. This post of mine is all about Wenger not Ramsey. The points 1, 2 and 3 describe Wengers personality which led us to the level of being 6th in the PL: deluded, narcistic, egomaniac, touchy…

  8. Kats

    I won’t miss him. For me, he has been a medioker for av very long time.
    Özil and Jack are so clever with ball and they even make Lacazzet and Xhaka awakened.
    I wished Walcott, Coquelan and Ramsey OUT. 2/3 so far…

  9. ThirdManJW

    Ramsey has never been good enough, and Jack is a technically better player, and is more suited to Wenger’s system. Sell Ramsey asap so we don’t lose yet another player for next to nothing!

  10. Thenry

    lol at the expert fanbase deriding our own
    Ramsey is a fantastic footballer with a great engine and a work ethic gives his all when he playes
    H was one of the best players at the last euros or did people forget that
    It’s really sad to se our moronic fanbase who keep attacking their own players as if they know all about football and tactics
    Do you forget that he has scored in two cup finals
    Ask yourselves what have you achieved when criticising others
    At the rate at icy the moronic Arsenal fanbase hating their own players and
    Manager so viciously what too player would cme and play for us
    Look at teams like pool or spuds don’t an fuk all but their fans support their teams no matter what
    It used to be like that at Arsenal but now we have the worst fanbase in football
    I know because I have bee a season t it holder since the 70s
    Hat a spoilt bunch of useless fans we have now mrs so sad to see

    1. Maks

      Great! Moronic, a?
      Not all fans are born with the privlige to be season holders since 70ties and it does not gives you divine status not to be morons as well…
      …Our players are not born Arsenal (look at Alexis) so why you are so touchy about “attacks” on Ramsey and not on Ozil?
      I think thats moronic a well.

    2. Savatier

      Even though I doubt you are a season holder since the 70s I have to agree with basically everything you’ve said. Most fans on this webpage seem to believe they will be the next Wenger, Ferguson, Ancelotti, just because they can accomodate players on the FIFA game and reads football statistics and transfer news page as if those were real sources to get a valuable opinion. So as things doesn’t work like they want to, they completely forget what is our primary goal as fans, to follow and motivate or team every week.

  11. Grandad

    With a top quality defensive midfielder like Danilo of Porto there is room for Ramsay and Wiltshire in a 4_3_3 system.xhaka is the man who is surplus to requirements but AW seems oblivious to his weaknesses.

  12. Ingleby

    The problem with Wenger is that he is a man with a very high set of personal standards – the most laudable and at the same time damaging being loyalty. His first loyalty is to the owners who pay his wages (very appropriate in most walks of life), the second loyalty is to his players and he refuses to ditch those who fall below par -again loyalty to staff in most employment situations is applauded. Last of all – and it’s by a very long way comes his loyalty to the fans. Yes – he does verbally acknowledge their importance – but that is to the club as a general factor as with the bricks and mortar of the stadium. So far as he is concerned there is little room left for the fans once he has kept his moral standards up in respect of owners and players. He will never change and the ultimate irony is that what would be regarded as admirable attitudes in most areas of life have actually worked against the interests of the fans in recent years and probably the club itself in the longer term.

    1. jon fox

      Ingleby, You make some fine points but your conclusions drawn from them differ rather from mine. I always maintain that the lifeblood of all football and of all clubs is fans. Harm and denigrate them and you ipso facto, harm the you club you refer to as well. I also, like you, maintain that Wengers undoubted loyalty is to his boss, Kroenke and as you mention but do not STRESS, the man who also pays his large wages. Wenger is a highly intelligent man and also well aware of the damage he is doing , even in the longer term to Arsenal, by staying on and on and on, while getting further away from the top strata clubs. Some may call this loyalty and in a way it is. But others, more astutely, would call it lining his own pockets at the expense of the morals and club values that he always claims so righteously to uphold. I believe Wenger is stubborn beyond the capabilities of most humans, naive where footballers and tactics are concerned and foolishly loyal to those who don’t deserve it long term, like Walcott, a succession of rank bad CB’s over the years, Senderos, Djourou, Merts, also duds like Almunia, Clichy and Denilson, among a very long list. His latest blind loyalty is to Xhaka , a loyalty borne out of stubborness, which is akin to loyalty in practice. What SHOULD be called for to replace this loyalty/ stubborness is modern thinking, tactical nous and an ability to see when he is being taken for a ride by certain players(in the vernacular, conned , in fact). He needs to be altogether more in touch with the realities of football life circa 2018, which have greatly moved on since his glory days pre 2005(A VERY LONG TIME AGO!!!) Those are my conclusions but I firmly congratulate you on what you wrote

  13. Innit

    After all these years “fans” still don’t spell his name correctly lol. It’s Wilshere not Wilshire.
    Its not that difficult. Seriously

  14. Abiola

    I think we need to respect Ramsey, he has been one of our best players in Arsenal. He has come to our aid a couple of times particularly at FA CUP Finals (when it matters most).
    I like Jack too and it’s good he is proving his fitness. The best suggestion to Arsene is to rotate the 2 players effectively.
    I am looking forward to Mykil joining us as we will have options at the Middle to move the ball forward.
    I sincerely miss Santi and really sorry for his situation.


    Ramsey is a Good player but has to be given the freedom to attack more with someone covering his back… Xhaka was not that player… now Wilshere is an Attacking midfielder but I believe he is smarter on the sense of when to go forward and when to stay for cover. That is something that Ramsey needs to work on. For know I wish Wenger keeps the same line up vs Chelsea. Elneny if asked is really disciplined and when he is in possession he looks for wilshere ozil or Xhaka and that was good, maybe he can grow he is only 25. We still need a new DM (Kevin Vogt or Geoffrey kondogbia), CB, AM & GK.

  16. Durand

    Ramsey can’t go soon enough. Xhaka playing much better with Wilshere beside him. That’s how midfield partnership works; cover each other and work together.
    Ramsey abandons his partners. Coq and santi magic, coq and Ramsey tragic. Xhaka and Ramsey nightmare almost every game. El neny and Ramsey didn’t work either. Jack and Ramsey didn’t work either, remember?
    Time will tell if Ramsey is problem, lets see how Jack and Xhaka get along, i say successful.

  17. LAGunner

    Why is this an either/or situation? You have 2 players with talent that have shown the ability to contribute when healthy. Maybe not consistently, but both have had very strong runs of form. They also both have a history of injury. We need both for depth purposes. They should be rotated to keep everyone fresh. I agree with Albertogunner that Elneny showed poise as a supporting DM to Jack and Xhaka. Same could work with Ramsey and Xhaka. Fans get too caught up in a choice of one player over another. The selection should depend at least somewhat on the opponent. Ramsey plays in games where defense is less of a concern. Jack in games where we need a bit more discipline. With EL and Cup games still part of the equation, we need a lot of quality. This idea that only one must stay is ridiculous.

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