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Did reaction to red card earn Wilshere’s Arsenal reprieve?

I know that some Arsenal fans were furious with Jack Wilshere for the angry reaction to a challenge by a Man City under 23 player that got him sent off in a reserve game this week, but I for one was not too bothered and can understand why the England international star lost his temper and according to The Mirror I am not alone, because Arsene Wenger has had talks with the player this week and has apparently changed his mind about Wilshere leaving Arsenal this summer.

The boss was thought to be ready to give up on the injury ravaged midfielder making it as an Arsenal player and so when Jack failed to control himself on Monday night at the Emirates many thought it had sealed his fate, but the report claims that the sending off has not had influened Wenger, who has decided to give the 25-year old another chance with the Gunners.

As Wenger said…”At my stage and with my experience in football, I can understand a lot – especially what happened to him,”

“Ideally he wouldn’t have responded at all but when you have gone through what he has gone through, with bad tackles, it was a human reaction.

“At the moment he is working very hard to come back after his fracture so another setback would be terrible and it was a bad tackle.

“You know how much I love Jack and his talent,” he added. “I started him at the age of 17 but today in the football world you need to be a consistent presence.

“What is at stake for Jack is not his quality, his talent or his determination, it is whether he is a consistent presence at the top. I hope he can manage to do that and after nobody questions his quality.”

In fact I think that the incident, and his subsequent reaction to it, may actually have worked in Wilshere’s favour, as it shows that the player has some real passion and that was something that a lot of his team mates have been lacking.

Wilshere wrote on social media: “Felt good to be back on the pitch at the Emirates even though it ended earlier than I thought. My passion and my hunger is back, buzzing for more games.”

The fact that Jack also played very well for the hour or so he was on the pitch and reminded his manager just what a talent he can be cannot have hurt either, so do you think we will be seeing a lot more of Wilshere in the Arsenal first team this season?


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33 thoughts on “Did reaction to red card earn Wilshere’s Arsenal reprieve?

  1. mark

    Sorry, I don’t buy the ‘he showed passion’ argument. He lost it, and I would argue his ‘passion’ or temperament is what has lead to him being so injured in the first place. He dives onto tackles and over stretches himself, and then either injured himself, or encourages the opposition to hard tackle him.

    For me, he is the master of his own downfall so far, but he could be the master of his destiny as a great player, but he needs to sort his head out, AND his desire to dive in.

    1. Incarnate

      If there was just one player I’d keep around despite a terrible injury record, it’d be Jack. I’d like to believe he’s one of a select few footballers out there whose passion for their club trumps just getting a paycheck, they dont come around so often.

  2. kev

    How I love players like Jack Wilshere who have passion as well as talent.I wouldn’t blame the City players too much as he was literally running them riot up until the fight.Wilshere’s talent is so much that he’s been able to show in every single season since his big injury that he can still make it.Even if he gets injured this season or if he leaves to another team and gets injured he’ll still be able to remind people of his old form because it’s just meant to be.To every rule there’s an exception and I’m hoping he’s the one to be the exception.Unfortunately Diaby was part of the rule and I hope Wilshere will be the exception.

    1. kev

      Bad news:News coming in is that Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has rejected a contract worth £180,000 a week.He has told Arsenal and board that he’ll leave for free next summer as he has no plans to sign ever again.
      A bid of £40 has since been made in the past hour for Ox and is likely to be accepted as he’ll go for free if not sold.
      Sanchez update:Another meeting with Sanchez has proved fruitless as he has once again said he’ll be leaving for free and has zero intentions of signing.

  3. Andy Hallewell

    Look, so long as he’s fit he won’t do any worse than some of the other we have in midfield at the moment. And he does have a creative spark and eye for a pass that we’ve missed since Santi and which Ozil cannot provide consistently. In terms of temperament, we could do with some fight and constructive aggression BIG TIME. One of the few stand out memories for me in the EPL since we last won it was Jack squaring up to Darren Fletcher and his mates at Old Trafford a few years back. The shock on United faces as they recalled a time when Arsenal players were actually prepared to match their football ability with some REAL BITE a la Keown Adams Viera Parlour and co. was something to see.

    1. Andrew Elder

      Mesut Ozil has created 10 real chances so far this season, it’s not his fault they can’t be converted, blame our misfiring forwards especially Welbeck.

  4. Ivan

    JW is very popular with a lot of fans so in fairness he deserves a chance, firstly in the cup competitions.
    Personally though I tend to agree with those who say that he has not improved since he was 17 and that we saw from his 29 Bournemouth appearances that he has still not learned to tackle and assisted with only 2 goals and scored none. He also continued to run down blind alleys.
    Like I say I know he is very popular so I’ll put my tin hat on as I post this.

  5. Jean

    And these are the guys Mr Wenger puts his faith in season in season out. Wilshare doesn’t spend much time on the pitch and when he does he throws tantrums. Great

  6. ozil10

    Wenger to Nelson ” It will be a tough trip to Crvena Zvezda?”
    Nelson ” Oohh! Where’s that? The name looks more frightening than Bayern!” ?
    Alexis to wenger” Thank God it’s not ABRACADABRA FC otherwise I would’ve surely left. I hope they are not farmers coz I want to play against the best”
    Wenger” Calm down Alexis. They will prove that they are the best by spanking us 4-0″???

  7. lcebox

    The Ox says no to new contract Sky sports says…….
    Not sure if im happy or not he looks like hes gona break out this year but then he may be protesting the transfers so far.
    On the other hand he may want his center midfield spot weather he will get it if he goes is another thing.
    Reports of 180k a week if he turned that down when hes worth just about what he gets already then he really wants out.
    l just hope to ……. Arsenal learn something that its taken so long to learn and tie these players to contracts before they get the power.
    What a let down so far this summer l for one was really hoping this was the year that would change us around.

      1. HA559

        It’s a fair indiciator, it’s also too high an offer. 5 years of investment in the player and now he wants to leave because he had a good 2nd half to last season and a decent start this year?

        Since Wenger won’t be leaving might as well sell the Ox if he doesn’t sign, no point keeping him. Then there are players who don’t become better in the team like Walcott, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Coquelin and now even Bellerin on his big contract. These players will see to the end of the contract if you can’t sell them. But as Long as Wenger is here Walcott can finish his entire career here at Arsenal. Why not loan him out and see if he is good enough in another team instead of keeping him here for an 11th straight season.

    1. kev

      I’ve had it confirmed the Ox has turned it down and a bid of £40 has since been made for him in the last hour.It’s likely to be accepted as he’s told Arsenal if not he’ll leave for free.He’s not going to force any move though.

  8. Gooner100

    Jacks quality. He is ozils replacement. He needs to be played in an attacking role where he doesn’t need to go to ground trying to win the ball back from deep midfield. He has an eye for the pass and a passion that Ozil lacks. He is prepared to drive at the back line and gives it 100%. As long as he’s fit (the million $ question) I’d be happy to play the guy behind lacazette. A bit more aggression, speed, grit and determination in the last third is what AFC need to break down the teams that want to play deep against us.

  9. Shortboygooner

    Ibeould like to see Jack play as a deep lying play maker/defensive midfield as he was for England at one point. I think a 4-1-2-3 system would work well. Coq or Wilshire as the dmf then Xaka and Ramsey or ozil and the CM. I think it will force ozil to work harder as well as provide us protection for the back 4. Our current squad is not awful although could be better. But it is being managed awful

    1. R.Openshaw

      At last someone saying what I’ve always thought. He was England’s best player every match at DM under Hodgson. He’s at least as good as Dier there. Also starred against Barcelona there. He can’t go past players further forward any more like he used to. He’s not wasted at DM. It’s simply his best position.

    1. Taiwo

      Spot on! I have learned to ignore comments when Jack Wilshere is involved. No point arguing as it leads to nowhere.

      Arsenal ranks (Management, Manager and Fans alike) are nothing but highly sentimental discussing him. Unfortunately, most assertions are clueless and baseless. Passion and potential is all we hear when JW is involved but never consistency and proven ability. Jenkinson, Walcott, Welbeck, Debuchi, Gibbs, Sanogo and the likes are also passionate about Arsenal as well as the weekly freebies attached. They can as well age and retire in this club since they possess same quality.

      Our mediocrity seems to know no bound, it permeates the entire Arsenal ranks, yet we continue to moan of lack of credible silverware. I am sick of the wailing wailers to be honest.

  10. Mr pat

    Well the Europa league draw is out and frankly arsenal have two options this season the Europa league cup and family cup because man u did that last season and it worked, they got into champions league via Europa cup and that led to attracting top class players and if we win it it might persuade alexis to stay, to try and go for everything this season is sheer stupidity because we haven’t got the quality of players besides I’ll bet none of the top 5 clubs do the double in any competition this season so people anybody got wengers number to let him know the stark reality or else we sink to mediocrity next season

  11. RSH

    Wilshere is a waste. Hasn’t done anything since he was 19. As others mentioned he’s popular with the fans and with Wenger, which is the only thing keeping his Arsenal career alive.

    1. Kamikaze

      True and so sad…i dnt know why people are too much excited about him,these type of players arent taking us anywhere though i admit he was once my fav player at arsenal

  12. HA559

    Financial fair play is just a joke of a gimmick. PSG bought Neymar and now it looks like Mbappe for a combined easily over £300m closer to £350m. Thats a disgrace to football. Every day goes past by and I’m caring less about football, mainly because of Arsenal and Wenger reign now but these other stuff outside Arsenal affecting football as well also being a factor

  13. Nothing changed

    It would a surprise and another pointer on how mad Wenger is if a red card by Jack revealed something to Wenger he didn’t know and reflected positively on his chances to make the squad.

    We have too many players according to Wenger and hence he will not bring in fresh new talent. Sell Wilshire and buy Seri. We can not afford to carry so many injury prone players and we need to refresh the squad and bring in players who not heard the same of Wenger’s messages for the last 10 years.

    If you refuse to refresh the manager, refresh the squad, ours feels stale, tired and unhappy to be here.

    1. COYG_CA

      The only way the squad would be refreshed would have to follow a change of the manager, Wenger is Wenger (which IS AFC at this point in time), while things are as they are regarding organization and management, what you see is what you get: same ol, same ol . . . .

      1. JJPawn

        Wenger will sell (the newly re-auditionied) Jack if the a reasonable offer came.

        He is injury prone due to his late passing, over confident antics, and he cannot play in England with goons patrolling the backfield.

  14. achaks

    Oxlade Chamberlain has never impressed me as a player…. He is brainless. Sell him. We got bellarin and kolasinac and Montreal… Sell him and buy young talent to cover up for bellarin…

  15. Andrew Elder

    As much as I like Jack we cannot rely on him because of his injury record. As for the Ox he obviously doesn’t want to play for the club that backed him for many years, sell him for £40m and buy Van Dijk (he is not worth £180k a week). His goal scoring record is terrible so is his consistency and I would prefer Reiss-Nelson anyway who is far better at the same age, more technically gifted and knows where the goal is. A great natural talent which I hope we nurture and keep long term.

  16. deleny

    and what da heck is wrong with that big chested dude oxlade??! He dont wanna sign tha thing?? Let him sodd off too. i dnt blame anybody. wenger started this whole issue in the first place

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