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Have Arsenal chosen Biglia over M’Vila and Capoue?

Almost everyone agrees that Arsenal need some more backbone at the heart of the midfield. The sale of Alex Song to Barcelona and the recurring injury problems of Abou Diaby means that there is often too much flair and not enough bite in the Gunners central area and it has cost us a few times this season.

Arsenal have been linked with a large number of possible signings since the summer, but there has been no positive action from Wenger as yet. That may be about to change, according to the Independent. Lucas Biglia, the 26-year old Argentinean from Anderlecht, is back at the top of the list, and Arsenal could be about to make an offer for him.

He was linked with Arsenal and Manchester United in the summer, but decided to stay at the Belgian club and try to help them progress in the champions league. The campaign did not go well, but because they finished bottom of their group, he could still play for Arsenal in the next round. He is not the biggest of players, at just 5ft 10in, but he is very highly regarded. Anyway, Roy Keane, Makelele and many other midfield destroyers were not especially big.

Wenger will have had a good look at him, and will probably move this week if he is good enough, because we have a lot of important games coming up. Watch this space.

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67 thoughts on “Have Arsenal chosen Biglia over M’Vila and Capoue?

  1. Johnno

    I hope not! He seems the cheapest of the options. An agent was behind a fake bid on our behalf in the Summer… M’Villa is surely the option! Just f*cking get him already, f*ck. I hate this slow nonsense.

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  2. juhislihis

    Lopez = the cheap, failing option (24 games, 2+3).

    I am fearing that we will again go for the future-to-be-deadwood options..

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  3. Alex

    What about benzema and higuain. They arnt hyped up like cavani and falcao and we could get them cheaper. They are the type of world class players we should be gong after. Also what about if we give frimpong a go in the cdm position. He’s an arsenal fan and an absolute beat

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  4. DH

    I’m from Belgium and I probably see him play a lot more than you guys do. He’s a great player for the Belgium league, but he’s NOT good enough for Arsenal!

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  5. Haxxxan

    if wenger can waste 12m pounds on gervinho, why cant he use 8m to buy m vila? πŸ™

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  6. RT

    At least he’d be named quality I’d rather him than no-one! But if we’re offered Wanyama/Capoue I’d prefer them.

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  7. ams

    Nothing happened this january…bcoz diaby is back….this is still arsenal fc under the cursed of greedy board and stubborn manager….I dont want all of u to feel disgust later… same old story….Lol

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  8. RT

    I was hoping we’d be a bit more active in the early stages – after all this window more than any other is directly linked to whether we can grab CL football, it’s not garunteed now.

    But we all know Wenger, he’s even said so many times that ‘you get the best deals on the closing days’ etc. However this time he does have a valid point for not buying yet, in the deadwood are finally shifting.

    If we can get Arshavin, Santos, Squid, maybe even Ramsey out on loan that should give enough space to promote the youngers – and more importantly buy in the TALENTED replacement. COYG!

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  9. arsene

    well many call me mad but i am not mad my sociolist pay structure does exactly what i want IE keeps every player lower than my wage πŸ™‚
    so no big name signings and players playing out of position and good players not geting chances are just so that we dont win the pl title πŸ˜› remember top 4 is trophy πŸ™‚

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  10. AA23=LEGEND!

    We were never going after capoue, we got linked with him once, just because he would be perfect for us, people keep saying we might get him, but we were never after him in the first place!

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  11. JustJoy

    Wenger is CONFUSING Arsenal. We are link with all good players wil not sign one, go for M’vila and Capou. And stop searching and coach Well.

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  12. Zery

    The manager is over stretched, can’t concentrate, can’t build proper team, can’t extend contract of players on time and can’t finalize new signings on time. His decision regarding players he has bought, players he has sold and substitutions has made has been very poor.In general, currently he is poor football manager.

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    how about diame ov westham he is better than mvilla n biglia.i think biglia is very weak for premier unlike diame.there is also fellaini y cant wenger buy him he would be greateful to play for champion league.

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  14. Neo

    No just sign Capoue that is what we need a defensive enforcer. He can head the ball he is tall links up with play strong physical presence good work rate can play CB.

    Also get Mbiwa he can play across the line.

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  15. ablindman785

    I just live in hope we get someone, anyone, ready made in both striker and DM positions. someone we all no, i dont want to see the headline, “Arsenal sign john smith from bradford” and were all like who?
    my dream is that by friday we’ve got villa, m’vila and walcott has signed.
    but its got to happen by friday. any later there is no point getting anyone coz it will all be over.

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  16. realgooner10 AFC

    Barca have agreed to sell villa to an english club!! And believe its us… Hold tight!!!!!!

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  17. artillery1

    Mannn….. πŸ™
    Transfer market πŸ™

    Haaaa πŸ™

    When Fabregas n Nasri Left, If Wenger had replace them wid perfect Players, RVP had never left Us πŸ™
    MANU will win big trophies this season, every Golden Goal is gifted to them by RVP….. πŸ™

    Wenger, U wasted 70millions on dead wood, if Wenger was Wise he should have get 1 or 2 decent players but he went for DEAD WOOD quantity, not for Quality n wasted 70millions!

    hahahahahahahahaaa,,, it make me laugh, Wenger play OUT OF POSITION PLAYERS, POOR TACTICS, MEDIOCRE TEAM, n FANS says IN WENGER WE TRUST πŸ˜€ ARSENE KNOWS BEST πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

    keep faith, another 8 years wid out trophy n May b struggling in Champion ship 1st 3 teams spot πŸ˜›

    I Love ARSENAL, all i stated above is fact not my Personal opinions….

    Wenger Move Up to Board n Let some new Manager come, plz!

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  18. Tamil Sundram

    Mvila sales agents are here!!!

    unable to get real, barca, man utd, man city, chelsea, liverpool, juventus, milan and inter to buy him….

    they are now heavily promoting him to Arsenal….lol

    try QPR

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  19. Neil

    Expect us to table a bid and fart about for a few quid so much that Chelsea or Spurs nick them.

    Remember, Diaby is like a new signing(rolls eyes).

    I swear, if we miss out on a DM this window it’s time to sack Gazidis. He controls the transfer negotiations remember.


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  20. artillery1

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dont make me laugh πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›


    no 1 is going to come…. πŸ˜›

    Before there ARRIVAL WENGER is thinking Wher i vl play ARTETA πŸ˜› what abot FRIMPONG , oh CPQUELIN is there too πŸ˜›

    Speak sense not shit…..
    Wenger will not Buy, he let SONG go bcox of dense midfield n nw U ppl think he vl sign another midfielder, Wenger say We had frimpong n COQUELIN so we dont need DMF, Untill that let ARTETA play poor average DMF role…. Haaa, m B.P is getting higher …………



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  21. eddy gich

    mvilla will be a good signing considering that he is out of international duty untill 2014.the signing would also be a chance to him to reedem himself as many view him as a crook.problem is we have competitors and wenger will buy late

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  22. King Henry

    We’ll go for whoevers cheapest.

    @Neil, Wenger controls it all mate, and he thinks the team is fine, or needs 2M pound replacements so that he can show just what a genius he is in discovering talent.

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  23. Leroy

    According to the Mirror Arsenal are considering a move for Lucas Biglia and Eduardo Vargas, i would rather have Yann M’Vila as a CDM at Arsenal than Biglia and Eduardo Vargas (striker)is an out of favor player for Napoli who arsenal are considering getting him on loan, Doesnt look like were signing any World Class player yet again:(
    Its horrible seeing Tottenham about to sign quality players and theres Arsenal wanting a 23 year old striker who hasnt scored a goal this season for napoli!
    If we dont sign any World class players this transfer window we can kiss Champions League football goodbye!

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  24. Reddb10

    the cheaper option out of the lot.
    why does this not surprise me.
    Gazidis wenger Kroenke I hate you.
    get out of AFC

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  25. Tamil Sundram

    @ artillery1

    agree with you on this one..Wenger mentioned that theres Frimpong and Coquelin…and yet he doesnt field them…

    Frimpong can be excused as hes just recovered from injury…

    but Coquelin?? hes quite impressive in the games he played…burst of pace…offer quick counter in the middle..hardworking…he needs game to take him game to another level…

    the question is either Wilshere or Arteta has to be dropped…Arteta passing is superb…

    dropping Wilshere could suffer a backslash if Arsenal lose..

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  26. robbie

    Pathetic we won’t even be signing biglia! I want mvila so doe most fans so the ones who pay the club money don’t get players they want because arsene is too stubborn buy MVILA just imagine how much pressure can be dropped arsene or maybe u need some seriuos pressure PATHETIC day 8 other teams have bought already! Duh! The window is open now wenger not just summer or don’t u kno yet

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  27. Gunned

    Wenger is a f**king ba*tard nd never gonna learn instead all our rival clubs are boosting their squad as quick as possible but the old stupid wenger wont do it quickly nd as usual wait for the last week of jan.
    Im nt f**king expecting anything coz of the f**king stubborn wenger

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  28. Neil


    Not what I heard. I know Wenger names the player he wants and the transfer amount not to go over…but Gazidis is the one who calls the selling club and does the deal. He is known to be very, very, very slow.

    If Wenger is saying stuff like …”Ok, go for Fellaini, but no more than 8 million’ then he needs a good kicking.

    Here, i’ll give him a hand. This is how much to offer:

    Villa: Up to 18 million
    Capoue: Up to 18 million
    Wanyama: Up to 16 million
    Diame: 3 million (buy out clause)
    Fellaini : up to 26 million
    Walcott: 100k per week and stop messing around
    Biglia: up to 8 million
    Shaw: up to 8 million
    Cavani (now we’re dreaming) up to 40 million
    Benzema: up to 20 million

    Quick tip Arsene., make the first bid about 20% under the planned final offer. This will make sure they don’t take offence. Tell them the final offer IS THE FINAL OFFER!

    Jeez…just give me the job lads, we would have a few of these players by the weekend.

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  29. tobi

    Guys get this straight,We are not sure to buy any central midfielder. We have Coq,Frimp,Aaron,Arteta,Wilshere,and Diaby. All this guys are good but its just that the team needs leadership and winning spirit which Jack is already giving us. In my opinion I think Wenger has a reason for not wanting M’villa anymore. Y’all don’t expect arsenal to buy every player we are being linked with and being linked with a player doesn’t mean we are interested in him yet. The media are just writting stories to fill the space on their sites or papers

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  30. King Henry


    This is the issue fella, Wenger did exactly the same thing with Mata and Cahill.

    So you want 25M for Mata, we’ll give you 10M. No the price is 25M, ok we’ll give you 12M……Chelsea come in, ask the price and slap 25M on the table. Job done.

    We did this badly with Jagielka, to the point that Everton politely asked us not to darken their door again.

    He’s so tight with the money you’d have thought it was his………..oh hold on, that’s where its going, dividend city.

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  31. caribgooner

    I wonder if we will buy anyone…People i would welcome any player to AFC that offers steel…
    Biglia is a top player…Did anyone see Biglia early on in the CL…Biglia is an Argentine International,dirty and has an eye for goal…trust me we can do worse than biglia….but the question is ARE WE BUYING ANYONE?

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  32. JohnW

    The biggest predicament at Arsenal is indecision, and I think it’s set to cost us again this season. Look at it this way, everyone sees that we need a strong, fast and experienced midfielder to play alongside Arteta, but despite a fixture pile-up that will last until early March, Arsenal is not yet in the market. And it has been the same for a very long time. Had Arsenal been decissive enough, the likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Drogba, Van Nestelrooy, the list is long would have played at Arsenal, because we were ( so we’re told) the first to scout them.
    What’s there to decide on whether to give Theo 90k or not? How do you expect a player to give you 100% if he doesn’t know his next destination in the next few weeks? Assume Theo has decided on Liverpool or Tottenham next season, do you think he would give you 100% at the detriment of the team he’s set to represent? So decide to either sign him up or sell him, period.
    And yet two players, a left back and a holding midfielder could give us the sort of competion that will give us atleast a 20% lift, which we really need.

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  33. atandayusuff

    why is it that wenger knows the world class player and he doesn’t buy them again but to me i m a goonerz and dont believe in wenger at all.

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  34. realgooner10 AFC

    I’m just on a course… As soon as bk home.. I’ll give u all the link.. And u can make ur own minds up…

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  35. Gigi

    Arsene is a bad negotiator.
    He thinks he is still than unknown manager of a mid table in the previous campaign team, whi can get Henry on a cheap because no one wants him at Juve.
    I just dont see m uch going on and I dont expect too much either.
    If we sign ONE player that would be it.

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  36. Sundancer806

    Gervinho has been highly dissapointing … An exceptional goal against Chelsea but thats where it ends. Defenders read his dribble attempts every bleedin’ time and he’s offcially taken over the “no football brain” gauntlet from Walcott. I know that has nothing to do with the point of discussion but i had to throw my thoughts in there. We should be looking at players like Fellani and even M’vila for power. The squad need to believe they can be winners. They must wear the mental shirts of the Invinsibles 24/7 (even if they are not half as good) … A lot lays on Wenger’s head. I pray he has the strength to take us to success soon. Gunner 4 Life .

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  37. semon

    We are linked with almost every player ??? Kindly post the artical once the signing is done. Don’t post for the sake of posting( Advertisement).

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  38. troy

    Is bob the only writer on here he must done 15 post since the start of the yr

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  39. henry

    Mvilla turn down offered from Qpr.
    Mvilla just 7m.come on wenger!
    Arsenal need a though DM.

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  40. jack

    M’Vila for around 8 mil should be a done deal but our idiotic fuc-wit or a manager will fuc- around as usual and sign fuc- all.

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  41. Bruno

    It is such a no brainer! Just get the 3 guys we need, we will respect you if you fight ur need to be stuborn!

    Get m’biwa, m’vila/capoue/wanyama and a classy guy with a killer finish that can move in the front like villa!

    We’re good for it!


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  42. goonerguy

    Wow, i really hope AW proves that he still knows what hes doing because hes running out of time and thanks to Arsenals first half nonsense against Swansea, now that we have 3 matches in 7 days;
    I dont think there ever will be a player like Henry and the gang that literally used to own other clubs, im an Henry fan myself and I still remember the kind of situations Arsenal used to come out victorious from.. well the past is the past AW; Lets all agree that you have made some mistakes in the recent past but its time to show the Arsenal fans and all the majot leagues out there why is it that AW has taken care of Arsenal for 16 years(maybe more)
    C’mon Wenger!!! C’mon Arsenal!!! You’ve got the money now(Yes, We all know that now) please for Arsenals sake use it to get QUALITY mate not deadwood players, btw the hype abt Arsenal trying for David Villa is bloody exciting, he will indeed be a very huge contribution to the club.

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  43. Tej

    Biglia is the man that you need.
    I am an Anderlecht supporter, I love this player. Realy a big maestro.
    Don’t let him go to Italy

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  44. gon

    Many are saying vargas is a flop at Napoli so he isn’t good for Arsenal. Henry was on the bench for Juventus before Le prof signed him…..lest you’ve forgotten. Currently Kaka is a flop for madrid but He was the best in Milan. DON’T FORGET MICHU NOW ……………..Some will desire to have him now.

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  45. mrinal

    of course mvilla
    god damn it ..arsene , are you sleeping
    buy mvilla fast
    i hate slow transfers
    before man city or chelsea we need mvilla

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  46. Louis

    Lopez is not good enough, we need someone that can improve but is also already a great player. Gazidis is a man city fan that’s just obvious, AND FOR GODS SAKE someone sign M’Villa!!!

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  47. Diego

    Someone tell me that they remember konnorplianka from the Euro? He really caught my attention really young but really talented! He runs past players like Messi and has a killer shot….. Konnorplianka! From Poland! Come on!

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  48. YK

    Many forget we have the same problem with Alex Song in the team last season , may it is even worse than now, but Arteta obviously cannot do the job, we need somebody that is disciplined to stay back, if this Biglia guy is the man for the job, then bring him on!

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  49. YoungGooner

    Im confused t see why Coquelin and Frimpong are being overlooked, fair enough they’re young and have a fair bit to learn but their not going to learn it sitting on the bench are they? Seeing as we now know of Diaby’s muscle issue why not try rotating between these 3, using Diaby in the more important games and the other 2 in less important games.

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  50. tonyk

    Have watched coquelin and frimpong and they are just not good enough. Would they get into the united,city or chelsea team. We want players that are better than united,city or chelsea as that is the only way we will win anything. Players to go :- Gervihno,Arshavin,Squillaci,Sagna[you can tell he wants out],
    Diaby always on the treatment table],Frimpong-always injured,Coquelin-just not good enough,Santos Players in:- Capoue,Leighton Baines[cover 4 Gibbs] maybe Lopez and cover for Jenkinson at right back. Play Podolski down the middle,

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  51. goonertron

    I don’t really care who we get, just want a proper CDM so we can move Arteta up to CAM when Carzola isn’t performing.

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  52. proudgooner

    m’villa to biglia to a 16 year old playing for tranmere rovers to no one

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