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Have Arsenal fans EVERYWHERE already given up on this season?

Lagos based Arsenal fans have lost hope for the season By Sylvester Kwentua

Arsenal fans based in Lagos, Nigeria, have given up hope of ending this current season with a trophy! Even the FA cup, according to a lot of them, is not in our hands anymore, especially as we still have Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United and Manchester City in the competition. In fact we may as well look at the Cheltenham betting offers rather than the chances of Arsenal winning a trophy this season.

Many of the club’s fans over here gave their opinion, while speaking with this writer during an ‘All Arsenal fans’ interactive seminar early this week. They poured out their minds when asked to give their assessment of Arsenal’s season so far. This is what they said.

Segun Lawson: “Arsenal football club causes me nothing but heart burns! Every season I feel positive about us lifting a trophy but just before the end of the season, I realize I must have expected a lot from them. What else will a fan expect from his football club except winning trophies? I feel our case is spiritual and we need to look at our situation from a spiritual angle”.

Thompson Obi: “My brother, I won’t lie to you; this season has been a total mess up for us. Can you imagine the amount of shame and pain this Wenger of a man is causing us? This man should just go because it is so glaring that he can’t win us major trophies again. Even the FA cup this season is not a sure thing for us because we still have big teams in the competition and if we are to meet any of them in the Semi-final or final, you know how it will end, so I will spare you further details”.

Sarah Kanu: “As a lady, I have always supported Arsenal Football club! Even my female friends make fun of me whenever I get demoralized as a result of Arsenal losing a game. My fiancée is a Chelsea fan and whenever my darling Arsenal loses a game, he taunts till eternity. When the season began, I boasted to him that this season was our season of lifting the premier league trophy but as we speak now, he is the one with the bragging right because his team is top of the league and they don’t look like slowing down. I tip Chelsea for the league, although I am not happy conceding the league to them but truth must be said”

Kehinde Badamosi: “Arsenal had better started preparing for the next season because as far as football is concerned, they have failed already this season. No trophy for us and it is sad but what will be sadder will be if Arsene Wenger refuses to resign at the end of the season. I find it difficult not supporting Arsenal; in summary, I am addicted to Arsenal football club but please, enough of the seasonal failure. The admin of the club should consider winning major trophies, just to make the fans happy.”

Bobo Sampson: “Nothing for Arsenal this season, we just have to face the truth. We are out of the Champions league, even without playing the 2nd leg. We the supporters are just tired of being title pretenders and not contenders. Mr. Wenger should please for the love of the club he spent years to mold, leave the coaching seat for a progressive coach who knows how to achieve results. He should not be too stubborn to listen to good counsels”

Fellow Gooners, what is the mood among Arsenal fans in your locality? Please share with us.


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8 thoughts on “Have Arsenal fans EVERYWHERE already given up on this season?

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    Not me
    I hope we win the FA Cup
    I hope this will be Wenger’s final season with Arsenal and he can finish with a trophy
    I hope we can finish 2nd in PL
    I’ve given up on CL though

  2. Budd

    What kind of news is this? Who is this writer? The title probably should say : me and few pals from Lagos supporting Arsenal gave up the hope for a good season. Slow day at the office?

      1. Break-on-through

        If no interest or care well then I don’t see the problem. I’ve no interest in cleaning toilets, that’s why you don’t see me cleaning them, nor will you see me complain about it after I’ve ignored cleaning them.

  3. frank

    We won’t win the Premier League, too far behind.
    We won’t win the Champions League, Bayern Munich are too good.
    We won’t win the FA Cup, because Wenger can’t beat the top teams that are left in the competition.
    Yes I have given up on this season and it is time for the board to start planning for next season.

  4. Break-on-through

    I like how you got two different sides of the peoples feelings and showing how everyone has something to add whether you’re a wob or an akb (Arsene kills baby’s). Refreshingly fair and impartial.

  5. Jansen

    It was clear to me in December that we would not win the PL or the CL and that we would likely drop out of the top 4. I even posted an article on here reflecting that believe (back in December I believe).

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