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Have Arsenal got EPL momentum at the PERFECT time?

One thing that Arsenal have done really well in the last few years is to put very good runs of results and performances together, often just when we have really needed to. There is a theory that the Gunners need to be up against it to really produce our best stuff, but I think you have to take the awful luck we have had with injury problems into consideration as well.

As we know all too well, the first half of the season was not the best for Arsenal, but apart from an early exit from the League cup at the hands of Southampton, it has not hurt us too badly. 13 points off the top of the Premier League with 16 games left is not insurmountable, especially if Man City take something from Stamford Bridge this weekend, but is still highly unlikely.

More realistic and still a pretty good finish after our start would be third place or even second. If we continue with our current form and do not suffer another injury crisis but get the likes of Welbeck, Arteta and Wilshere back as expected, I see no reason why not. Arsene Wenger suggested in an report that the team has great momentum at the minute and keeping this going was vital if we are to have a good season.

The Frenchman said, “We have a good momentum but let’s keep the urgency level very high and we know how quickly the momentum can die in football if your quality drops a little bit. We have a good opportunity to finish well this season so we have to show that we can compete in every single game now and earn our right to win the games.”

Aston Villa at home next and then a massive game away to the spuds. but they have just crashed out of the FA cup and could do the same in the League cup against Sheffield United on Wednesday. Then they travel to face a West Brom revitalised under Tony Pulis. If we can win that or at least play well and not lose, it is Leicester next and we will really be on a roll and putting real pressure on our rivals, so have we hit the accelerator pedal at the perfect time?

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2 thoughts on “Have Arsenal got EPL momentum at the PERFECT time?

  1. BarryL

    We have a good chance to go on a sustained, successful run in 2nd half of this season to match the great first half of 2013-14. Key matches are:
    Feb: Spuds (a); Monaco (h)
    March: Monaco (a)
    April: Liver Birds (h)
    May: Chelski (h); Manure (a)
    All the rest are WINNABLE!!
    Man City game shows we know how to win big away games, we’re getting back to full strength + we have back-up CB.
    Got to keep the winning habit going

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