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Have Arsenal ‘illegally’ agreed terms with key target Aubameyang?

Guillem Balague has claimed that Arsenal have all-but agreed personal terms with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ahead of his potential move from Borussia Dortmund, with a fee yet to be agreed.

The Spanish football expert gets his opinions about, giving interviews on a number of subjects on a day-to-day basis, and he has now claimed that our club may have made an illegal approach for the Gabon international.

The Gunners have been strongly linked with a move for the Dortmund striker this month, with talks believed to have taken place with the player’s agent, as well as club officials having flown to Germany to discuss a potential deal with the BVB club.

Of course talks are not allowed between Arsenal and Aubameyang without permission from the selling club, which is usually only given once a fee has been compromised, but it is not unheard of for permission to be given prior to a fee being in place.

Balague is quick with his tongue however, and claims that any agreement would have been illegal between Arsenal and their target, but says that the terms have already been lined out regardless.

He said: “They have been comfortable until now because they know that the player has told Borussia Dortmund that he wants to leave,” Balague said.

“The agreement with the player, I’ve been told, ‘will be very easy to reach’.”

“Everything has already been put in place from that side of things.

“But as you know you cannot say that say that an agreement has already been done with the player because that would be illegal.

“As you know, Arsenal have always been looking after money and not over-spending.

“This market has been absolutely crazy. I mentioned in another video that the agent of Jonny Evans is asking Manchester City for £4m, along with the £20m transfer fee.”

Could we have made an illegal attempt to negotiate with the Dortmund star? Would the BVB have allowed us to talk to their player prior to agreeing a price?

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35 thoughts on “Have Arsenal ‘illegally’ agreed terms with key target Aubameyang?

  1. Konstantin Mitov

    We might fail the deal because we’re always counting pennies. Reports change opinion on whether but I refuse to put too much hope because our transfer negotiations have failed us before.

    1. John Ibrahim

      we dont have unlimited funds….there are other expenses too

      Even Conte has reveal chelsea cant compete with Utd financially….let alone City


      He is worth whatever somebody is willing to pay mate. Man United just spent £275 million all up on a 29 year old Sanchez. Auba is 28 and has atleast 3 maybe 4 years left at the top off his game. I’m sick off fans talking like it’s their money being spent . The club is finally looking like doing what we need to move forward and people still find a way to complain saying he ain’t worth it . Come on guys

      1. Vlad

        Umm, actually it IS my money that they are spending. It’s also yours, and everyone else’s who buys Arsenal merchandise. So I’d like for them to spend it wisely. United can do whatever the F they want with their money (Sanchez deal was beyond stupid and ridiculous, if you ask me, because it’s gonna ’cause more problem for them).

        1. stubill

          Once you pay for something, that money is no longer yours, if you buy a TV from a shop, does that entitle you to tell them where to spend the cash? No, thought not.

          1. jon fox

            A stupid, irrelevant and facetious answer which in no way tackles the question of exactly who funds football clubs. If you -as it appears, -do not accept that fans, world wide keep football alive- AND FUND IT- at top level then you are not engaging that organ between your ears.

      2. jon fox

        JPSAFC1, Yours is NOT the most intelligent post I have ever read! Not our money, eh? Who else funds football clubs do you think then? The Chancellor perhaps or Corbyns “magic money tree” ? Why not try living in the REAL world, for a change?

    2. Break-on-through

      Depends how many shirts and stuff he sells/brings. Neymar is not worth 200m for his footballing, but he will bring allot of money back into the club. Coutinho is not a 100m player never mind 140. Not sure if he’d recoup that back seeing as Messi and other SA players are already there. As well you have to account for the market increasing twice-fold during 2017. 70m compared to two seasons ago would be maybe 30 to 35m. Also it’s euros so it’s maybe 63m.

      ..and if we miss out on a player because of a 10m difference, well then you have to ask ..are they targeting players we really need ..or what?

  2. Maks

    If we loose another potential signing just over 10 mil difference then it will be Arsenal is back again with their horrific transfer policy.

    1. Mobella

      You must be a billionaire to call 10m just. Can please rescue us from Stan by offering him just 3b. Please.. please… please.

  3. Phil

    So Sanchez didn’t know what was on offer at Manure until AFC agreed to negotiate with the buying club?Agents talk to Clubs and other Agents all the time.Most deals are agreed with the players before the clubs have even agreed the price.

  4. tas

    don’t tell me we made an illegal approach to sigh a player and be banned from buying AUBA or other players until summer if so its another neat trick not to spend again but for shore Aubameyang will cost more in the summer

  5. Quantic Dream

    £50M plus Giroud is more than generous for Aubameyang. If BVB refuse the deal we should forget about him and move for £30M rated Nabil Fekir or even Malcom. Those guys are REALLY good and much younger than Aubameyang.

    1. McLovin

      Do you really think Fekir would go for a mere £30 millions? After all, he’s got 20 goals already this season, and he’s a CAM!

      Would love to have him onboard though.

      Plus I think £50 millions + Giroud loan fee (few millions) would be a great deal:
      + we get Auba
      + we get money
      + Giroud gets to play and feature in the WC
      + we can sell Giroud in the summer

    2. John Ibrahim

      At current super inflated market rates, Macolm cost close to 50m while Lyon will not release Fekir for less than 50 as well

  6. Irakli

    Something strange is happening here with arsenal fans. Seriously, in previous transfer windows you were blaming Wenger for “penny pinching”. And now? Delegation consists of Gazidis, Fahmy and Mislitant. It raises a clear question: penny pinching board or wenger? I do believe that the blame should go to the board! At least for now.

  7. GB

    No, terms are obviously agreed with his agent which is not illegal. It’s a loophole but everyone uses it. BTW, aparantly Liverpool have agreed a deal with Lemar.

    1. John Ibrahim

      but they are not willing to pay the over price fee of 90m…..

      Lemar is likely to sign a new deal which will escalate the price further

  8. Shortboygooner

    I think auba will be a arsenak player by this time tomorrow. We just gotta beat pesky chelski tonight and things will look brighter. I am hoping kreonke has finally listened to the fans. Okay we lost sanchez. He was a gd player but never loved the club anyway and I feel we now have a team player who will bring some much needed creativity. When aubambeyang comes. I think he will hit the ground running and encourage lacca as well. One of them will hit the wings probs lacca and ozil and miki will be assist machinces for our pacey LA pair this time of LMAO will be here when we laugh our asses off at mtd

  9. Fabu

    For god sake i’m so tired of you guys really …’s not wenger ‘s money its not responsible for transfers …omg you people are so idiots

    1. tas

      and its not Pep Guardiola money and its not Jose Mourinho’s money so how come they can spend and AW always against big money move

      1. Phil

        No you right Pal it’s not Wengers money and he has been proven to waste it before.No transfers in unless Sven and Raul approve it.

    2. bran911

      It is Wenger’s money, he can add £1 and make every Arsenal fan in the world look like a clown just like him.. or you forgot that famous Wenger move when buying Suarez from Liverpool?? Where were you that day?

  10. The Centurion

    Hi everyone if eventually we sign Auba,what will our starting 11 look like???I would like to see

  11. Lance

    Please is it true that Aubameyang, if we sign him, can’t play for us in the Europa League? BVB played in the champions league but dropped to Europa and have yet to play a game. So why is Auba ineligible?

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