Have Arsenal lost Sahin through stinginess?

Why Arsenal are losing out on players by TS

So this morning it would seem that the Sahin saga has taken yet another turn in what seems to be the player opting for Liverpool. I find this shocking as he so desired to want to come to Arsenal and play for us a day ago, apparently. Liverpool are paying him more but can’t offer Champions league football. It’s surprising how many players we lose out on because of money. Let’s face it, this isn’t the boy scouts here. Players have a limited window in which to shine and most, if not all, want top dollar for their skills.

I suppose the most disappointing thing is that in a couple of weeks, it’ll come out that we lost Sahin because of 5k or 10k per week extra that Liverpool were prepared to pay. The club has to recognize that to make money, we have spend money. I agree that not all spending should be over the top but at the very least, it should be competitive. Competitive enough to beat out the likes of Liverpool who have nothing but money to offer.

The problem with us is that we attract the wrong kind of footballer too regularly. People with fresh talent but not the ability to burn up our rivals with intense jealously. We have had players like that, no doubt, but its been a long time since we had 4 or 5 of them on the same pitch.

Navas is yet another name associated with us this transfer window. Arsenal are undoubtedly a big club and yet when it comes to the transfer season we have as much pulling power over players as a meteor has over Jupiter. Navas has a £35k buy-out clause but Sevilla are willing to accept a bid of around half that amount. Ok, so not bad for the guys talent but then we hear about his 115k per week wage and things start to stutter. How do we afford this? Add that to his transfer fee, release clause, bonuses etc and our interest cools. Not only ours but the player’s too. He hears we backing off his initial wage and he thinks that his room to grow financially drastically weakens especially when clubs out there are prepared to offer two or three times his pay just to secure his services.

When will Arsenal learn that to win, that to make money, something has to change.

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96 thoughts on “Have Arsenal lost Sahin through stinginess?

  1. Saton81

    The wage cap of 90k a week has to be broken into around 150k a week only to be offered to the top players. THis way we can compete with the big boys.

    Get rid of deadwood to get the wage budget as high as this. We need to get our wage budget for some players into 6 digits like all other big clubs are doing.

    Ok some are paying above 200k a week but i wouldnt suggest we have to go as far as that. All i ask is we break our wage budget and give players who deserve it a 6 digit sum a week otherwise we will continue to lose top players to rival clubs.

    Deal with it its the truth

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  2. Me-Basil

    No, mate. We are not a Selling Club. We Sell and We Buy. We are a TRADING CLUB!

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  3. ian

    in this economy u have to spend wisely n I believe wenger always does wats best for the club, spending prudently does nt necessarily mean u stingy contrary to that it only means u r wise. In wenger we trust.
    p/s I used to look up this site cz of content of late….lets just say I am disappointed

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  4. nick

    this is not stingy business on arsenal’s side. Apparently if we were to pay 90k of his 120k weekly salary this would come out to 5 mil plus the 2 mil loan agreement then it would come to 7 mil. Why would we pay 7 mil for a player that we may only have for one year?? That is bad business, not stingy business. IF we were to get the option to buy after the loan, then it was rumored we could get him for 14 mil…so that means we would be in total paying 21 mil for a player who cant even get a squad number at real madrid….

    I can think of a few other players who we need more for 21 mil.

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  5. magtay

    This will change by the way as soon as wenger leaves. Not that i want him to leave but lets say if we had mourinho he would splash the cash and offer top wages as he knows what needs to be done but at arsenal we have a business modelwhere everything is run at a stable level and the wage budget is reasonable and if we did splash the cash it would disapoint me as wat weneger is doing is good as winning a trophy the hard way while doing it his way feels better then doing a man shi**y and buying the league

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  6. WalnutCreek Gunner

    I had doubts that Arsenal would get Sahin. Arsenal are only able to get a player if there is no competition. Sahin seem to be a top player and there was a lot of competition (which Arsenal is not good at) for his signature.

    Unless Arsenal`s transfer policy changes, it will be difficult to challenge for trophies. And looking at the way things are going, we are likely to go for another 5 years without a trophy.

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  7. Jordan

    When will they realise what they have done to the club we need big money signings
    Not really big but over 20mill. Come one!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Ag

    The fact that others pay more money than us does not make us stingy. Is it not the same club that paid tens of millions for Carroll and Aquiani to mention a few? If Sahin is what how much they won’t for him, why has he not made Madrid’s regular first team?
    He is good, but people can only get better at arsenal.
    Let’s relax and see what happen in the next few days.
    There is a trophy for us this season

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  9. ayjay

    Whilst there are various things to say tit-for-tat about arsenal’s approach to administering its finances, I do have to say in this case I feel inclined to side with the board. Putting a 2 million pound bonus on top of 5 million in wages for a player on loan is one thing if we have the option of signing them at the end of the season; indeed for a player of Sahin’s potential that would seem like very shrewd business. HOWEVER: it is quite another to suggest that we fork out 7m+ quid in order to snag a player who, whilst undoubtedly being a brilliant prospect for our team, occupies a role we do not need to fill quite so urgently as that of a defensive replacement for song and crucially, would benefit from our tuition then dash back to the Bernebeu come may. For me, that 7 million would probably be better employed buying a solid cover for one of our weaker areas- be that an aspiring striker or fullback cover. Or even as a contribution to a bigger purchase (although I am a realist in that sense.) Don’t get me wrong- I was hyped for Sahin’s arrival, but without the buyout clause it now occurs to me that we might have avoided a shafting.

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    this is typical of wenger , he is as mean as scrooge , yet he wants top dollar for players he is selling . this man is dragging us down to mid table mediocrity , only then will wenger lovers see through him for what he is . we are doomed to mid table position this season , and as for winning a cup no chance . please wenger fuck off and retire .

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  11. Natnael

    Nat again!We lost a key player. I was So obssesed with his rummors,i feel better now knowing da he already left us! Am thinkin da, . . . is AW scouting for other teams? As awlays money let us down. He looks like he buy d players from a money outta his pocket!

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  12. Lengai

    Why is everyone fretting over the loss of sahin? Yes he’s a good player but why should afc bring him in on loan, make him a better player and pick him above some of our other players only to see him go back to Madrid on the back of arsenal’s hard work?? Yes, if we bought him it would’ve been interesting but Madrid didn’t want to give us a better deal on the buy-after-loan deal. Good luck at Liverpool; playing for a weaker club, getting experience and making it safe back to Madrid a better player. No skin of our back there.

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  13. Gooner123

    Paying 120k for Sahin is ridiculous, and when Wilshere is back he will probably be on the bench, so why spend 120k each week for someone sitting on the bench? So it is not really about stinginess but more towards worth it or not.

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  14. Spanish Breakfast

    Hey article writer! Do some reseach first mate. The deal did not fall through strictly because of sahin’s wages. It was more so down o the fact that Arsenal wanted a permanent fee set…which Real wanted 14m, and 5m, loan fee up front, and players wages for the year of about 2m….so that 7m for the year and a further 14m to make him permanent next year. do the maths…for a player that they bought for 8m last year, who was injuried, and when fit couldnt make their team. I don’t think it was wenger was was being the stingy one for a change. if liverpool want to be real’s lackies, fair play. Realy pity we didn’t get him but Real were having a giraffe.

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  15. Buzz

    Off Topic: Let us just go back and look at a certain issues!

    How many star players extend their contract at Arsenal?

    How longer will we be bullied by manchetser clubs and Chelsea?

    Last year it was captain Vantastic now Van Cashri, previous, it was Nasri the new wonderkid, then Cashri, is this becoming a trend?

    If a club like ManU in sea of debt for owners can afford more than one 200/week contracts, why cant Arsenal?

    And why are more kids using Arsenal as stepping stones (like Fabre, Nasri, Song, even Clichy) join as kids and when they turn as stars move for bigger wages. What is the guarantee that ‘the ox’ wont follow a similar step!

    I know I would be thumped with many thumbs down but these are honest questions which the board must answer!

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  16. leo

    arsenal may have certainly moved on but some fans here haven’t,they are reacting like bunch of kids blaming others(as if i caused sahin deal to collapse)& stop blaming wenger he is clever not to pay 12m for 1 year loan deal looserpool who are dumb are paying that amount

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  17. cliffy

    Get a grip,do we have to pay over d top for player for a loan and send him back to his parent club a better player.pls think before writing ok

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  18. alhaji Galuga

    we realy miss a very key player like sahin in arsenal. i dnt knw why winger will let such a key player that could replace RVP to just go like that. here in nigeria, i read in a popular newspaper ‘soccerstar’ that sahin has agreed to join arsenal only to surf the net today and see that He, sahin has gone for medical in liverpool, that is outrageous!

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  19. makon

    Show class, have pride, and display character.
    If you do, winning takes care of itself.
    -Paul “Bear” Bryant

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  20. ArsenalisYourDaddy

    Pay Maureen 10-12 million to use a player for one year ? hell No! We can buy two players for that money.

    Maureen steered Sahin to Liverpool just because Wenger called him a fool once, only once.

    My two cents to Wenger; get another Spanish midfielder.

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  21. Barnetphiri

    Am becoming angry with this man so called wenger. A suppoter becoms hapy wen a team carries a trophy & we cnt du d@ without spending. Dnt take t as a family team its a club 4 evry1. Du u wanna loan us suppoterz here?

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  22. Gooner3183

    Sahin’s the mug! Liverpool REALLY! there barely good enough for Europa league

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  23. canadiangunner


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  24. SD

    Wake up! The transfer policy has to change from the BOTTOM. We can’t offer as much to top players because we offered mediocre players 50-60k wages. I’m hoping that this is what changes. We start offering players that transfer in more fair wages rather than keep everyone close on the pay scale to make it feel more like a family.

    You want one guy getting paid like he should be, and the guy on the bench looks at the starters’ salary and says, I’m going to get that one day. It will help competition in the squad to alter the pay structure, as well as help to keep the best players at the club.

    As for the Sahin deal, it sounds like it’s mostly Sahin’s own fault. He balked on the medical just hearing that there were some unresolved issue in the talks between the teams, Arsene got pissed, and Liverpool came in at just the right time.

    Also, why are you even mentioning Sahin’s wages as a discussion in Sahin’s decision? He gets the same pay either way. It is only how much of his contract that the team he is being loaned to is paying. This shouldn’t have anything to do with his decision. I have a feeling that if he goes to Liverpool it means that Arsenal either never made an official bid or it was rejected. Although, Sahin may have soured on the idea of coming to Arsenal himself, it seems less likely as he seemed to be pushing for the deal to happen before Liverpool swooped in.

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  25. leo

    @german gunner talks with m’vila started 2day more news will be revealed soon in next few days wenger is trying to offload some of the players heard a strange rumor 2day that denilson is a target for ac milan lol

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  26. Mark Simpson

    have been an Arsenal supporter since the first game i saw against Man U in 1978! Whilst i am gutted that i have not been able to experience a victory parade and stand out side Islington Town hall and cheer our boys on the Balcony for sooo many years now! I am glad that the board exercise some caution in the transfer market!
    Man City are in so much debt and one day just like the Malaga debacle the owners will get bored as will Abramovich! The same is for Liverpool!

    Its part of being an Arsenal fan to be frustrated with the board! But in reality we have never been big spenders or broken records for high salaries!!

    To be honest of course I wish we had a bottomless pit of money that we could buy the best and be the best in the world and win everything! But Having supported Arsenal through the boring boring days I suppose i am used to being frustrated!

    But if it means that the board have to be carefull with the money and actually pay thier bills so that there is still an AFC that I can support well into my 80s just like my dad and my grandad before him! I am grateful to the board for running the club in such a sustainable way that there will be an AFC for my Grandkids to support!!

    Im not sure Man City Liverpool and Chelsea fans will be able to do so as there is only so long you can keep spending more than you are making!

    Anyway the longer you have to wait for a bit of silverware the more you will enjoy it!!

    Being an Arsenal fan is so frustrating but it always has been and like Nick Hornby says! Supporting a football team is worse than being married because you can divorce your wife you cant change your team!

    Anyway if you look at it this way! We pay our bills but at the same time Mr Wenger has given us some beautiful footy to watch! And He has kept us better than that rubbish from the other side of North London! And is ensuring that there will be an AFC for another 100 years

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  27. Felipe

    To be honest, we don’t need sahin. Wilshire is going to be back better than ever. Now, what we need is a defensive mid like M”Villa. We also need to cut the wages by selling: Park, Bentdner, Chamack, Arshavan, and Squllacci. After that, we could invest some money a Sticker up front and we don’t need anything else!!! (4-2-3-1) Szchesney – Sagna – Vemalen – Per – Gibbs – Wilshire – Mvila – Walcott – Cazorla – Padolski – Giroud

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  28. max power

    SCROOGE does it again Mr Wenger and the Arsenal board still counting every penny they spend just to make sure they have enough for the big dividend’s they get.
    Nothing is going to change as long as Wenger and co are
    running things.

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  29. Millz

    *sigh* Why are people so short sighted. We didn’t “lose” Sahin, we just basically refused to be mugs by paying an upfront fee plus a years wages to develop a player for Madrid. At least £7mil for 1 year without an option to buy?! Madrid must be laughing that Liverpool decided this was a good deal. Glad wenger didn’t take this up. Add another 7mil to that and we can buy a decent midfielder outright. Well done wenger….. Just make sure you buy someone else!

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  30. Andrew

    What are you people missing?

    Sahin’s first choice was Arsenal, but Arsenal refused to come to terms with Real Madrid.

    Real Madrid received a better offer from Liverpool and therefore Sahin will go to Liverpool.

    It is a clear case of Arsene Wenger playing hardball with Madrid and Madrid refused to budge. Liverpool were happy to agree with Real Madrid’s terms and capture the player.

    Why is everyone so misinformed?

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  31. Omar

    Sahin would have been a great signing, but if Madrid didn’t want to sell at the end of the season then I think Wenger made the right decision to end his interest. Liverpool are paying Real £5 million to loan him + paying the player 90,000 a week- that’s bad business (and typical Liverpool nowadays) I personally would be more than content to have M’Vila instead, and if the reports are true than it wouldn’t be too far fetched to think we could get Llorente or Navas and a defender- happy days at Arsenal!

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  32. Riichard

    I understand that all players receive similar earnings , but in any business the high achievers will always earn more than the wannabeys. By having this system it hinders the better players and discourages those who are squad players to take other opportunities with other clubs. Its almost like being on the dole where you earn more by not working. If this system was utilised through out the world we would all be living in a marxist society, wonderful in theory but unworkable in practice. How many more players are we going to be stuck with while the better players leave to follow their dream, how many more seasons before the penny drops that with a slight change of direction and we can not only be profitable but successful.

    As for financial fair play, well I doubt it will be implemented as surely its restriction of trade under EU law and all the big spenders already know this which is why they still keep on spending.

    Any other view points out there.

    Come on Solvent stan put your hand in your pocket.

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  33. vincent

    From what I’m hearing, Madrid wanted 2 mil for loan fee plus paying player wages, AND no option for permanent transfer after the year. So in essence they wanted Arsenal to pay upwards of 8-10 mil for 1 year which I can’t blame for turning down. Arsenal always wanted option to buy.

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  34. caribgooner

    This is an excellent piece…Am wondering why all the negative comments by the readers…the author mentioned Sahin but this piece is about alot af good quality players that we have lost because of wengers hard headedness and money..Sahin is just the latest but remember:Mata,Ricky Alverez even Hazard to a lesser extent…Somthing has to change…If the club cant afford then why is Wenger taking so much home…Think people…think…things at Arsenal has to change

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  35. Gooner Cape Town

    WTF admin have you jumped ship to spuds or some other lowlife team? What crap. Wenger is a shrewd business man and this deal did not make sence.

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  36. Dismuc

    Is arsenal fc more of a business club than the intrests of their funs and players?I fail to understand as a gooner how we keep lossin’ gud players on grounds of money matters.Pliz,change towards the satisfaction of every1.

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  37. real gunner

    Wow get over it people. Wenger knows what he’s doing. If u think u can do better then send ur CV to ashburton grove for consideration. If it fell through cos of personal terms then fine cos it basically means the player is more money orientated rather than wanting to play for one of the biggest teams in the world. He would have been yet another player who wld have left us in search of manshittys millions. And for those of u that don’t know it may appear we pay our players peanuts but in reality what u hear about is their basic salary. Wenger exploits certain financial loopholes where buy they set up extremely high off shore pension funds which in essence can boost weekly wages by abt 20-30k pw with no uk tax and interest too. The downside of this is they don’t get the money upfront but have to wait for it which can cause some players problems but AW is adebt at selling them this package. Other things to remember is the 50% high earning uk tax. So our players wages are on par with the other clubs apart from the ones who wanna pay their players £200+pw which is an obscene amount for anybody to earn let alone someone who kicks a ball for a living. The way some of u guys talk about us being tight and not paying players the way other teams do shows zero business acumen and if u ran ur OWN business or finances the way u wld like arsenal to spend then u wld probably be looking at bankruptcy. U don’t have to look far to find clubs who pay inflated wages to their players but can’t afford to pay HMRC. In wenger we trust.

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  38. Pierrot

    Can’t deny I’m disappointed Sahin didn’t happen, but we’ll have to trust Wenger’s judgement on this. No point paying over the odds only to face the possibility of him going back to Madrid after a year.

    Besides it says a lot about his motivation and ambition if he would rather choose to play in the Europa League. This is our beloved Arsenal we’re talking about, not some stepping stone for players who don’t want to be here 100%.

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  39. Elvissenthil

    u r full of sh*t, bob!
    r u the le groan sob?

    I don’t really care as long as you


    admin comment
    i did not write the story
    you will now be banned so you can get a life

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  40. real gunner

    Continued sorry. This also applies to what we pay for players. Big money signings as a few of u have eluded to above does not mean u get a good player. Andy carrol @ 35m was abig money signing what has he done to earn that? 50m for torres lmao. Were any of these 2 value for money?

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  41. Nick barry

    Moruniho simply don’t wants to loan Sahin to Arsenal that is the simple truth.

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  42. Graham

    Spanish Breakfast

    Well said. This article is awful. It is totally lacking in any of the facts reported. Real were looking to screw us over and we decided not to play ball. £5m for one year loan for a player that cost £8m is robbery. Liverpool are so desperate that they agreed to everything Real said. It was like a man and his dog.

    Real/Mourinho said Sahin does not possess some of the qualities he needs and a top premiership club would give him that. In other words he can’t be bothered to coach anyone that is not in the first team. He wanted to pay £5m for improving the player then just hand him back. What a joker.

    The irony of this situation is that liverpool have too many midfielders and signing of sahin is likely to create unrest. Unfortunately Rogers is making the same mistakes dalglish made, paying too much for players. We paid £16.5m for Carzola and liverpool paid £15m for Allen. I know which one I would rather have.

    On a final note, I get really frustrated with fans that say we are a selling club and Arsene Wenger doesn’t know what he is doing. Anyone that has ever been to the emirates will admit that it is a major improvement on highbury. It has to be paid for. Also Football is a business and clubs have to balance their books. We don’t have a sugar daddy and I would be extremely worried if we did.

    I will get off the box now.

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  43. Adizza

    Fellow arsenal fans,when are we going to start thinking rightly? Sometimes, i wonder if some of us are happy with the situation of the club.My God,i so much love my darlin arsenal,and some people want to kill this club with their greediness. Arsenal fans! Cant we see??? The board is corrupt,and the managements are corrupt. This club is no longer ready to make sacrifice in order to reclaim her glory. The club only goes into the market for the sake of profit. Oh gush,can some1 tell me why we shouldnt make van persie and song happy to stay. If wenger could sell hleb,toure,adebayor,fabregas,eduador,nasri,clichy,van persie,song,and walcott(to be next) for the sake of cash,definitely there is nobody the club cannot sell just to satisfy their greed for money. I know if players like iniesta,messi,xavi,ribery,sneijder,ronaldo, etc were arsenal players,the club would have sold them a long time ago. Instead of us to swallow our pride and learn from how big clubs keep their key players, some fans will start chanting ‘NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN THE CLUB’. This is arrant nonsense! As far as i’m concerned we dont have DM that we can vouge for in the team currently. When song was being interviewed after signing for barca,he said he was waiting on the issue of how his contract would be extended with arsenal 2 weeks ago b4 he was sold to barca.Which means he wanted to stay.If we’ve not sold song,we cant find ourselves in this mess. If wenger does not provide adequate replacement for song,he’s running a big risk.I’m guessing he’s buying time for diaby and coquelin to pick form. Well, dont mistake me for a persimmist,cos’ i believe we should speak our minds in our closets. As it is now,i find it difficult to believe wengers words.He said he would keep fabregas at all costs,pls where’s fabregas now?Same for nasri,rvp,song. And he’s still saying he wants keep walcott,pls how would you expect me to believe that? Pls, i need someone to prove it to me that wenger and the board are not corrupt. Arsenal till the devil repent!

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  44. caribgooner

    @ realgunner ….get over yourself…How old are u ..2….Carrol and torres are bad examples…ok so these 2 failed…Mata did not,hazard havent and i doubt he will..and so many others…No one is asking 4 billion dollar signings…the post is simple…Why is arsenal losing out on players because of a few million bucks…Sahins deal may have been a bad one…but lets face it we have missed out on much better deals in the past…the alverez a nd mata ones come to mind

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  45. Craig

    I could not be more proud of being an Arsenal supporter. Do I care that we do not win the title or a cup, of course I do, but it is going to be so much sweeter when do it the right way, by continuing to invest in our youth policy and buying in quality that is proven and affordable such as Cazorla. Some of our best players are leaving but they are going to double or triple their wages with clubs who do not operate within a budget. $235K a week for RVP, $180K for Adebayor, $185K a week for Nasri. Do some of our fans truly believe we could have paid all of that to keep these players. Good luck to them, a footballers career is short and they should be maximizing their return when an offer like that comes along (even though it makes me physically wretch when I see RVP in MU’s colours).

    Some of the Arsenal fans out there (Stewie Griffin) need to stop and think about what they are wishing for. Would you rather support a well managed, financially sound club with a peerless youth system or Man City’s riches. It is a fair question that you must answer to understand whether or not Arsenal is the club for you, because sure as hell the current board are not going to change that anytime soon and I for one agree fully with their policy.

    In Arsene we trust.

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  46. femi

    sahin is a a very good player technically and will do the job in adding that extra strength in midfield however for the price that Madrid wanted that is ridiculous for a player who is coming on loan,and where there is no option to buy the player permanently nor even have first option on buy.if i was wenger i would pull out also.

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  47. antarchile

    No mate ..Arsenal are not a club for a loanee whithout a buying clause..We are not going to give Real Madrid a platform for getting value for a player they don’t want..That is Liverpool’s job

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  48. boss man

    you know this site’s lost it when every time i prefer to read the comments than the actually article it self!

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  49. Dadista

    The saga of sahin is quite strange , every time arsenal was close to seal a deal something unwelcome always happened . Real ,s board is extremely calculative and think people at arsenal can’t do simple accounts. Commercially sahin is a bad deal and good that arsenal did not falls into the mean attitude of real.

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  50. Patrick Ssekatawa

    How exceptional is football in the business world? In no way! Any business that is mismanaged will at one point collapse. Rangers, Leeds United, Portsmouth and now Malaga are very good examples. Even in Italy, SS Lazio are no longer the glamour club they once were in the days of Crespo, veron, Inzaghi, etc due to financial indiscipline. Do you want Arsenal to go the same way? For me, you may not love this, Arsenal are the best run club in Europe, and only time will tell. Why do you think, Mancini, who said he wanted to add 4-5 new players has only managed one no-namer? Answer it yourself!

    One thing is for sure. All clubs go through barren spells and periods of transition. Barcelona are now winning, but it took them time to reach that stage, and players like Xavi started winning at the age of 27-28. Spain as well. It took United over 20 years to win a league title in 1992. They had to wait. Dortmund waited nine years before winning again. Liverpool, even after 20 years or so, are still waiting, why can’t Arsenal?

    If world Phenomenon-The Lehman Brothers went bust, why can’t football clubs? UEFA saw it, they established the FFP to come into action next year. Arsenal saw it, they prepared, and will surely benefit and lavish spenders will be left to suffer. Maybe only then will the mouthy critics stitch their restless and uncontrolled mouths.

    As for the Sahin saga, Arsenal were absolutely spot on to pull out of the deal. First, their proposal to buy the player after the loan was rejected by both Real Madrid and the player himself. He didn’t love us. Simple. He only wanted to use us like a sewage system is used to pass all wastes on and remain empty for other wastes to come. We are not a sewage system, Sahin/Real, are we?

    Second, Liverpool agreed to pay all his wages, a whopping 120k for 52 weeks, that will total to 6,240,000. They also offered 5m to fend off competition from Arsenal who had offered only 2m. that will make a total of 11.24m not mentioning match bonuses, of course! All that for a player on loan? A player who after spending almost a year without playing would need some rehabilitation and acclimatisation to get to his old self again? Arsenal, so astute in their business, would never have sanctioned such a move. Never!!

    I’m sure when it came to that, the Arsenal negotiators had nothing else left but to pull out and turn to other options who they would sign permanently. Reports in Spain are insisting that Arsenal are seriously considering signing Sevilla’s Navas. For me he would represent a better deal than the Turk and would allow Theo to play more centrally, a position he says he favours, and give more potency to the Arsenal attack. Well done Wenger, there are other bigger fish in the sea!!!

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  51. mikegooner

    Liverpool paid a certain amount to get him on loan. They also are paying 9.3mill of his salary with no option of buy. So you tell me did we lose out?

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  52. mikegooner

    If we need anyone it is Yann M’vila. He does not play out of position, his passing is precise, defensive beast and organizes plays from the back end.

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  53. Rob

    This Sahin business is a classic case of “counting your chickens before they have hatched”… This happens far to often due to all the over speculative media hype and the myriad of so called bloggers who are ‘in the know’… How do we know for certain that Wenger and Arsenal were ever serious about Sahin in the first place ?.. NO ONE directly connected to the club confirmed this at anytime (they never do) and as a result the Newspapers (and in this particular case the Daily Mail) started hyping it all up as if it was a forgon conclusion and a done deal, I think I even read on one ‘blog’ that this deal was going to be announced on “Arsenal.com” last Friday (a week ago) at 4pm that day… Don’t beieve anything you read on ANY of these sites or in the Newspapers, only start believing it when you see a ‘new’ player posing for the press at the Emirates with and Arsenal shirt in their hands.. I foe one will be glad when the transfer window closes and we can get down to supporting the players we have an focussing on the task ahead..

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  54. Busch

    Counting on Wilshere, Diaby, Rosicky, and Arteta to either come back fully healthy and 100% for the whole season or stay that way is the type of gamble we make every season (the last dozen)…

    but you guys are right.. we don’t need anymore midfielders.

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  55. bc

    ok we missed out on signing a player for 9 months…. so effing what? the fact is that of the 3, us, spurs and the scousers, the last team sahin would be joining was us. at least in the eyes of madrid it was. sahin would prefer champions league football, but he also wants all his wages as per his contract, whilst madrid would not want a champions league rival being made stronger by one of their own players.

    the club has pretty much done all what we asked of them this summer. everyone was moaning that we had too much dross and too many players, we have cut the pro squad from 79 to 57 through sales and loans and they are making every effort to unload a few more, whilst bringing in “special players”

    we still need to reduce the non-homegrown quota to enable players to join. plus to be quite honest, we do have a pretty strong first x1, perhaps our 2nd choice could be stronger but our third team is no weaker than our rivals.

    szcesney fabianski mannone
    sagna jenkinson eastmond
    mertesacker djourou squillaci
    vermaelen koscielny miquel
    gibbs santos coquelin
    arteta diaby frimpong
    wilshire ramsey henderson
    walcott chamberlain park
    cazorla rosicky lansbury
    gervinho arshavin bendtner
    podolski giroud chamakh

    there are 33 players there, that is a pretty damn goosd squad

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  56. Tekkun

    Like many Arsenal fans, I do get frustrated in losing players due to money, but I have to say Arsenal is doing it the right way. Trophies will arrive soon!! But just to put things in perspective, a 50K weekly wage equals more that 2.5 million pounds…I would be happy with half of that, just to do somethin I love to do…so to Asshley Culo, Nasrat,and Van Pursey…they can suck it!!!

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  57. Damir

    I am sure the problem is not about the payment of his loan but the fee to have an automatic option to buy Sahin afterwards. Wenger is right not to be willing to pay ridiculous amounts (I heard 14 mil. pounds). I mean Nuri is a great prospect but we paid for Cazorla some 16 mil. Why should we pay almost as much for the work-in progress? Arsene is not stingy! He has never been stingy. He just refuses to act like certain managers/owners who like splashing money that their clubs receive not earn. I am proud to have him as our manager. Comparing him with other famous managers in the world is like comparing Stanley Kubrick with typical Hollywood s**t.

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  58. sebas

    Okay first of all he is NOT on €120,000 a week salary…people get real this isn’t fifa. Secondly the reason why we might miss out on this deal is because Madrid don’t want the buy option at the end of the loan. And thirdly he is NOT going anywhere until the modric deal is sorted.

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  59. albanian-gooner

    calm the f**k down guys you think its that easy to go and speand milions what about if these players turn to be unsuccesful what happen then i dont want ARSENAL to end up like portsmuth and allmost like liverpool coz they will be heading soon towards that directions if not in 5 years trust me it will happen in 10 years but our beloved club ARSENAL FC will allways be there thank you very much arsen wenger for what you achived brown new stadium 62 000 new training ground 15 years champiuons league and hopefully now its time for trophies

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    Some of u gunners Fans need to use a bit common sense. Gettin a player on a years loan on £120,000+ a week with no Option to buy may cause disharmony in the camp. Imagine that, highest paid player, only on loan??!!?? Imagine thé backlash people, Arsène Wenger aint no mug!

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  61. Gooner 1

    Mourinho is clever,he never wanted to sell Sahin to arsenal.He knows sahin is not a world player now,he is just average at the moment.But once he play for arsenal,he will immediately become a top player and probably valued at 25 million. If he is good,why he is on the bench.something fishy around sahin.A lot fan is saying Arsen is stingy. CAN SOME ONE TELL US HOW MUCH ARSEN IS EARNING WEEKLY AND WHAT IS HIS COMMISSION EARLY.THEN WE CAN SAY HE IS MEAN OR NOT.

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  62. Dhrumil

    Some guys in here are freaking idiots behaving as if sahin was our player and we sold him to liverpool…come on guys…12m for a guy that too without epl experience and that too for 1 year only…thats too much…i would rather have coquelin play that role and develop him…surely he wouldn’t create much but he will defend properly…and i know wenger will spend that 12m wisely…he hasn’t got his greys just like that…just believe in this team..they will do miracles..all we need is belief.

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  63. Skeeza

    Simple answer, profit over tropheys until we are bleed dry and kronke fucks back off to the states an gazidas worms his way into another established footballing position and sucks even
    More arse!

    Hope your happy hillwood cos your fans aren’t

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  64. Nakago 心宿

    So is it 100% confirm that sahin will join liverpool? Then what about AW comment on this “At the moment, it is not alive. Can you be not alive and not dead? It is possible.” Is there any possibility that Sahin will join Arsenal? I’m really sick with this saga ~___~

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  65. ymoola

    Admin in general its a bit of both. AFC are very good at signing players for good prices(even this summer)but there are times when they offer bids that would be laughed off. I can understand not getting Hazard as he was too expensive but we could have at least got Mata for £17.5 mil. We can’t expect to always sell our players for top dollar and buy as cheap as possible sometimes you gotta spend a bit more than you would like if you really want the player.

    In terms of wages afc must increase it to about 150k for only the best players.

    In terms of the Sahin situation if the players wages are over 100k why even bother trying to sign. I felt that we took too long on this.It should have been we offer 80k and we buy after or we spend less on the loan and wages or no deal. He is probably worth 20mil in todays market.
    I understand that transfers are complicated but last year Arteta said he wanted to join arsenal at 8pm on deadline day and it was done within 4 hours.

    In terms of M’vila deal we are at a disadvantage, now that Songs gone the club know afc are desperate so they will play hard ball making it harder to sign him than it would have weeks ago.

    I still believe in wenger but the board must give him the money to spend that little extra on “Special Players”

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  66. Genesis o .

    Welcome nuri sahin is not destiny to play 4 arsenal, if he does he would have stay. But 4 how long we continue sporting players 4 other clubs to buy.? Well no skin pain. Wenger go 4 naval n mvila. I hope we will be ok. Gunners 4 life one luv..

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  67. Big Chief

    Madrid bought Sahin just a year ago for £8m on a six year contract: that is £1,333,333.00 per year. He was injured, came back and has been mostly on the bench; he has not played much for one whole year now and has never played in the EPl, and if he came would need to adjust first. Madrid now want to “loan” him to Arsenal for £5m for one year which equals £30m for the six years they have him. What sort of deal is that?: so the value of a player who has been on the Madrid bench for one year has suddenly inflated from £8m to £30m? Speaking for myself alone, Wenger is the best thing to happen to Arsenal. We all have seen what happened to Portsmouth who paid wages they simply could not afford to players like Kanu and Co. Yes they won the FA cup but where are they today? The greatest club in the history of Scottish football is Rangers. Where are they today? What is happening with Malaga? What will happen to ManCity if their Sheik gets bored tomorrow and decides to get a new play toy? Not wishing anyone evil, but suppose Abramovich’s private jet crashes tomorrow, what happens to Chealsea then? Even the economy of Nations which are not run well have been known to crash and football clubs are not immune. It is sure to happen if this foolishness goes on. I am proud that my club is run on a sustainable basis. When we eventually get that trophy, it will be sweeter knowing that we earned it and not buying it. In the meantime, Liverfool is most welcome to splash out almost £12m in loan fee and wages for one year for a player who has been on the bench for one year: just as they paid out £35m on Andy Carroll. A fool and his money are soon parted; is that not what you English folks taught us? lol

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  68. Ezat

    Arsenal Fans!!! I suggest JUSTARSENAL shall be shut down for ever. Is used by other club for easy scouting, and the details of the prospects.
    How many years in this blog you guys talked about Eden Hazard? where is now!!! how many year have to pass that AW, and stingy greedy owners, sold more than buy!!! every year like this, and you wind up getting French useless Like Squashi, Silver Wastere, Always Injured diaby, Chamakh, Park, and slew of not good for nothing players. This club is turened to a trading buisness, so forget about trophies, star players.
    So please some one shut down this blog coz you give competition ideas where to go to get top rated players.

    I am sick and tired of this, and if I had a choice I would have buycot this place of buisness called Arsenal for good but what can I do, I still have lots of love for this club, which is in the WRONG hands of stingy AW, and owners.

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  69. Shah95

    We better sign some players b4 the window closes! Bcus we are just not gd enough at the moment!!!

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  70. Ringy542

    I am going to write my next comment in capitals because it deserves to be !!! NO PERSON IN THIS WORLD SHOULD BE PAID OVER 200K A WEEK OR 100K A WEEK OR EVEN 50, 30 , 20 , 10 OR 5K A WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    RANT OVER !!!
    COYG !!!

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  71. Smash

    So I’m guessing a lot of arsenal supporters think liverpool has the best transfer market approach. What was it 35 million for carrol?? That’s been a brilliant return on their investment hasn’t it. Didn’t King Henry ome to arsenal much in the same fashion the ox and theo did? A young winger Wenger saw potential in and….well needless to say a fair number of you would have been against Henry joining the club. Shall we go even broader? What was Messi’s transfer fee? Oh yeah he was signed as a kid and brought up through the youth. I seriously am appalled by some of these “supporters” go hop on the city and united band wagon while they are still relevant and not bankrupt.

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  72. Ben

    I’m over this. Different sources are saying completely contrasting things. At the same time one source says his an Arsenal player while another says he’s a Liverpool player. But now he seems a Liverpool player, Brendan Rodgers was talking about him. Not sure why anyone whose not a Liverpool fan from boyhood would choose them over us? They’re sh!t as.

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  73. Ganaz

    My fellow Gunners we have to learn to accept the truth:- 1.Wenger can manage buying/signing where there is no competetion. 2.He’s used to make last day poor signing where he finds many deadwoods last season we got only two players Arteta and Ox. 3.The club that compete for titles should have a depth interms of quality of players on the pitch and on the sub bench.You dont go for titles with players short of skills and confidence like Chamack,Ramsey,Squillaci,Park,Gervinho,Diaby,Eastmond etc…on the sub bench. 4.We needed a player of Sahin’s calibre.Wilshere will not come as good as he was before injuries caught him just for a month.As we’ve experiences from Pires,Eduardo,Ramsey ,Capt.Verminator.So Sahin was an ideal player to come in.If we took in Suker,Cygan,Silvetre,Squillaci why say Sahin spent his time on the bench? 5.Dein was behind Wenger’s success whenever Wenger needf a player Dein stepped in to help. 6.We still have time if Wenger does not lie go for M’vila,Lewandowski and van de wiel/debuchy.VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRESIT

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  74. Kholofelo Stixx Sebati

    Why is every Arsenal fan so worried about what salary bracket we have to break into, who we are loosing out on or how Manager AW is running tigh strings on our purse. Hello! Incase you didn’t know, the clubs that are splurging are either on a defict/austerity or oil money backed. This model of the “Big Spenders” will wear-off with bad repurcuations for the clubs that are debt ridden or the day the oligarchs decide to buy. Our job as fans is understand what our manger is doing, support our players on Matchdays and be patient. There’s a formular to all this madness the EPL has become. Mark my words…

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  75. Alpha Chukwunelo

    Hate it when u guys blame Arsene. The reason for the breakdown was because, Wenger wanted a clause that would make the loan move a permanent one at the end. Mourinho and Sahin only wanted a loan deal only. If we accepted their proposal, it would entail that Arsenal return Sahin after one year. That wud mean that we r a breeder club. Imagine a scenario where Sahin fits into our style of play…then after one year we wud vomit him and start looking for a replacement. Think this out dudes…if there is no option to buy at d end of the loan deal, then there’s absolutely no need for the loan. We are no breeder club.

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  76. Ryo

    Nuri Şahin – Wikipedia, the free
    Nuri Kazım Şahin is a footballer
    who plays as a midfielder for
    Arsenal in the Spanish La Liga
    and the Turkish national …..
    Rily ?

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  77. mark

    ı heard reports that lıverpool sıgned hım on a year loan for 5m pounds wıth no optıon to buy. ınsanıty. that ıs just desperatıon and fortunately Arsenal are not ın such a desperate posıtıon wıth great players lıke cazorla, arteta, wılshere, etc.
    ım pleased we dıdnt get sahın because we have too much talent that ıs commıtted to the club and Arsenals focus must be on keepıng these players happy, as the future ıs brıght.

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  78. Delano

    How much is we get on …. A few grand more than are salary cap … I thought we moved to the new stadium to be able to compete at the top end of the market … We don’t spend the money on players and we sell every year so why can’t we pay the same as utd , Liverpool , spuds etc

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    They saw Liverpool coming. Brendan Rodgers doesn’trealise the
    the problems he may have started in the dressing room. What à mug.

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  80. Gooner

    Liverpool are seemingly going to pay a fee to loan Sahin for 1 year, they will have no clause to buy and they are payig his wages. Seems like the sort of deal that Arsenal was right to walk away from, brilliant for Real Madrid and smacks of desperation on Liverpools part.

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  81. elvi

    hey news butler come to my house if u can’t find anything to write,u wrote 3 artical about sahin he has sign n even showed fake pic n now saying noo…check my comment if u don’t belive what did i comment.i know my comment are not liked my many visitor of this site bcos they are kids. which location would u like to visit me, islington?bangkok/thimphu.any time do let me know 2 days B4 i will tell u some very old history of arsenal n about future of arsenal under wenger.

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  82. bb+haq

    We Arsenal fans wr true fan despite all most say about our club am happy to read al dis good article about us KEEPIT UP GUNARS FORLIVE.

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