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Have Arsenal made bid of £30m for Cavani?

Arsenal rumoured to have bid big for a player by Twig

According to rumours on Twitter, Arsenal have reportedly bid 30 million pounds for a player today. The story originated from the trusty GeofArsenal who has got some insider information on Arsenal correct in the past. Wenger has consistently said he would bid that much if he found the right player. His comments after the Swansea game show that Arsenal is indeed looking but that he would not mention names.

So which player could it be? Wenger notoriously bids a bit less than the parent club think the player is worth. In that light, if the rumour is true, it is quite possible that the player in question could be Falcao or Cavani who could easily cost more than the 30 million pounds reportedly offered.

Looking at yesterday’s game it is clear that Arsenal sorely miss a clinical target man. Chance after chance was created by our midfielders but our strikers couldn’t score. A striker in the mould of Cavani will give Arsenal that much needed penetration and ruthlessness in front of goal. Another player that could probably need such big money investment is Fellaini. Even though Moyes has played him primarily as a forward, the player fancies his best position to be in central midfield where Arsenal need strengthening.

There have also been reports from Spain that Real Madrid are unhappy with the Argentinean star Angel Di Maria, with Jose Mourinho dropping him from the starting line up in recent weeks. However, he plays in the same position as Theo Walcott on the right.

So which big name player would you like to see? My hunch is that the player is Cavani. I honestly don’t see Madrid selling Falcao at this crucial moment of their season. A bid for Falcao is additionally likely to be unsuccessful, since Madrid can potentially get much more for him from Chelsea than Arsenal. Fingers crossed.


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149 thoughts on “Have Arsenal made bid of £30m for Cavani?

  1. LoCkAy

    Sell Walcott…

    Most overrated English player in the last decade…

    £100,000 for that! Please let’s keep it serious… He is not even worth the £60K is making right now. All of that due to Wenger youth policy of keeping the worse and selling the best.

    Right now he is bitting his fingers because he is about to confirm an average player into a massive undeserved salary.

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  2. JellYbAby

    Got to be said! This site along with everyone else interested in Arsenal are desperate for any hint of a transfer but lets all remain a little realistic.

    If this amount of money was spent in this window or any other, I would personally upload a video of me eating my own underwear!

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  3. AmericanGooner

    AW was quoted talking about Cavani last night. However, Cavani has a 50 million buy out, so there is no way it would be accepted if it is him and if its true.

    Lewandowski put on Facebook that a suprise for the fans is coming. I think this is his new BvB contract, but that could have something to do with all of this.

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  4. Invincibles nice (1)

    My guess is that Geoff doesnt actually have any information whatsoever so is going with his gut and taking Arsene at his word, with our boss stating we will only bring in top players.

    Also my guess is that maybe Geoffs gut feeling has served him well in the past.

    Saying that we have made a substantial bid without naming any names and at a time when all the sounds coming out of Arsenal point to such is very clever, if Wenger sticks to his aim and pulls it off well then Geoff looks like he actually new something, and if we fail to add this top purchase it can always be said that the bid failed and again Geoff looking like he actually new something when in fact he just took our boss at his word.

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  5. S. Lahiri

    Any proven striker will do. Walcott will never be albe to emulate any fantastic striker, however good his talent may be. He could be a supporting dtriker but not an out and out finisher.

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  6. Orus

    We Nigeria fan wish its true, we use to own ds country, now we cant talk. AW dont think, just do it as you did Wiltord. DI it for we Nigerians.

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  7. Doc

    I think if Arsenal can get someone like Diame for 3.5 million then maybe we could see a big transfer, maybe that has been part of the delay for instance if we have to go to 10 million for a midfielder then we have to step back our big player bid?

    Well I’m hoping something like that anyway. Wont get his shirt yet though. Cavani

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  8. cornwall Gooner

    I’d love to believe it’s Cavani,he’s class.However at £30m this would be completely out of character for Wenger.

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  9. alby

    am a seriouse wenger fun but that doesn’t mean i can’t criticise him when he’s percieved not to be doing well.we are all falible to errors as humans you know,hope we have a successful transfer.i ll support whoever we sign .

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  10. Ene (kc)

    Haters of walcot should pls alow other fans to discus current matters. Even if Arsenal pay Walcot 50k the remainder wil nt near ur pocket. Jelousy is a silent deasese that troubles the heart.

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  11. TrueGunner82

    Could this be our first major signing? Is this the start of Arsenal taking this seriously? Come on Wenger. F*ckq da haters.

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  12. johnverdal

    arsene wenger said he is interested in cavani. he also said he will cost a lots of money but our banker lives next to me and he is ready if we find the right player.

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  13. landmind111

    Fans talkin about “haters”, everybody wants the club to do well, so if fans are gettin on somebody’s back,its not personal, they just want wots best for club. Fans pay clubs, clubs pay players. Give us our moneys worth lol

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  14. Gbarr

    Any player worth 30 million to wenger (100 million to man city) would player probably require a hefty salary. Arsenal are not known heavy hitters in the salary department. Just saying. And just because I’m writing I might as well state how annoy I am at the fact that Walcott is going to get paid 100K per week as a result of us losing players over the last few years. i’d like the lad to stay, but Christ Almighty he’s not worth the 100k per week.

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  15. gooner_4ever

    shud have signed some one like cavani as rvp replacement during summer..we might be well ahead of manure..manshity and chelski…any how if wenger does couple of such marquee signings..then there will be change of fortunes for us.who knows? We will be the KIngs of Europe!!!!! Come on wenger!!

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  16. Davin Alfa

    Dream on !! Wenger will always b̶̲̥̊ε̲̣ Wenger. A miser never turns his back.

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  17. saras


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  18. trm

    Either AW has changed his transfer appoach and actually speaking about targets which means either he is trying to lure, encourage the fans or create a smoke screen for another signing. I can understand publically saying I am interested in Zaha when Man U have started the ball rolling on the verbal luring.

    Ultimately is AW going to spend around £60million on these two? History says NO.

    But its all not about ‘known’ players. Arsenal spend £17m in January on Reyes and nothing on Fabregas.

    Are we looking for a today solution or a future plan?? This is the current problem at Arsenal.

    Man U can buy Zaha with a long term objective, Arsenal can buy him with an immediate requirement. It just aint happening, but whatever does, it will on the 31st Jan around 6pm.

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  19. bob

    Will Never happen…planted by Wenger’s Public Relations Team to GoArsenal. This is all part of a plan…first they told Wenger(the P R Team) to say he will spend big. Then they put this out their…but Wenger will still keep saying his crap about it is had to find players etc.
    So when the window closes and no one is signed…it will be made out that Wenger did his best to sign him, but because of how hard January is to sign players, they could not. They also told him to say that thing go to the last 48 hours, so they will make you think they did all they could till the end, but….
    I will eat my cat and put it on youtube if we sign him…I love my cat, so I know he is safe.

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  20. andy

    Get Cavani and pay Theo his 100k because then the pressure is on Walcott to perform and while his teammates get less than he does. Sweeet.

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    Sell Theo and double the offer!!! Problem is, no one would pay close to this for Theo.

    100k for Theo? JC! This is the corner AW painted himself into and this would offend the talented players on the squad. Theo would (“is” I read) become less of a chum with his English pals . . . . or . . . maybe Jack is thanking him for holding out? Imagine then what Jack, Santi and Arteta would be holding out for? There goes the wages, up, up, up. I mean if a mediocre player could command 100k . . . . ?

    Hey, Theo, I’m bit light this month, mate, could I borrow a few quid? Well, ok, Jack, but you owe me 20% on top of it next week. FUNNY.

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  22. yaseen

    we have the money buy how ever much he cost him and wilshere UNSTOPABLE!!!!!

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  23. mario

    I cant beleive that this overrated crap like Walcott can be allowed to hold Arsenal to ransom.Whats wrong with the media and other arsenal fans.Cant they recognise a pretender when they see one.

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  24. gunna

    Cavani would be an oustanding transfer, let’s hope wenger will come good and spend his warchest on top quality this time

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  25. TRM

    People on here have a lot to say about Walcott!!!!

    Lets not forget he is Far from the finish article.

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  26. King Henry


    Wenger haters would not eat humble pie at all.

    One signing, that incidently wont happen because his buyout is about 50M and we wont pay his wages, wont change what Wenger has done.

    The lies, the constant flip flopping, selling our best players, selling RVP to Man F’in utd, his absloute lack of tactical nouse, the constant story of ‘in two years’, the disappearing re-appearing transfer money, the belief about 4th place being a trophy, the wage structure, the players sat on their a*ses earning 65k for nothing………..etc.

    Anyone who thinks that this solves it all is as much of a mug as Wenger has been treating us as.

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  27. Simon

    Cavani could be amazing, but I think its very unlikely we’ll get him. Theres no way we’d spend £30m on one player when we have several positions that strengthening.

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  28. Cristian5

    I relly hope we get Cavani
    He is top quality! and will send a message to the other top clubs on premier league:)

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  29. Doc

    I watched Arsene’s interview today about Cavani and maybe I’m wrong and I certainly hope so but one thought I had would this be a smoke screen from either another player or just to take away the pressure full stop.

    I feel 30 million for Cavani would be a safe bid to take away a bit of pressure from fans. It won’t buy him in my opinion.

    I will be glad if I’m wrong.

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    If he’s not the finished article why pay him 100K per week? Don’t get me wrong I like Walcott but don’t like the way he’s got our club by the balls!

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  31. kaz

    Frisco.. u Wright … But now we dont trust them eny more …8 good years they feed us with crap..

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  32. rhys

    Does anyone listen/read arsene’s interviews? He said the market is good in spain at the moment. Too excited, who would cost 30 mil in spain? Or is it a double swoop? Don’t think its cavani. Could be but I doubt it.

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  33. trm


    Is AW worth £115k a week when he has not won a trophy in 7 years? I assume he is being paid this because of his value to the club. He has set up links with clubs around the world to send players to, or able to keep a close eye on talent, invested in and developed scouts, he has been apart of the development of the stadium, training facilities… All towards creating a structure which I assume would be a long term practise towards attracting top players to ultimately win trophies.
    This is why I guess AW is still the Arsenal Manager.

    Likewise I assume Walcott is an investment, this next contract is possibly a 5 year deal…by which time he would be 28/29 and by which time I hope he has won many trophies and been touted as one of the best players around.

    I think we can both agree, no one is worth this type of money but this is the mad world of football now.

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  34. Mickey

    Personally as long as we get somebody who can score no matter what position they play it shouldn’t matter if it’s Falco, cavani or di Maria. I’d love to see Messi in an arsenal top but that won’t ever happen, but then again we were supposed to sign Cristiano Ronaldo before man ushited stuck there nose in

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