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Have Arsenal now got the momentum for a title challenge?

Although some of the teams that are likely to be fighting Arsenal for a top four finish and a place in next season’s Champions League won this weekend, there was some good news for the Gunners. The fact that we scored five without reply against Aston Villa and then Shelvey scoring for Swansea means that we are only outside the top four of the Premier League by having a goal difference just one less than Southampton.

But the way that Arsenal are playing at the minute and with the injury problems almost over, Arsene Wenger and the players could be forgiven for aiming a little higher than the top four. The draw between Chelsea and Man City at Stamford Bridge was the perfect result for Arsenal and was what the manager was hoping for.

Now we are just 11 points off the league leaders and just six behind City with 15 games to play. And one of our games is the visit of Jose Mourinho and his team to the Emirates. They also have two more games without Diego Costa and Fabregas with a hamstring problem.

Both Chelsea and Man City are struggling for form at the minute, while we have the momentum, scoring plenty of goals and keeping clean sheets. And after the derby we have a nice looking run of fixtures with Leicester, Crystal Palace, Everton, QPR, West Ham and Newcastle. The confidence is high in the team and Wenger’s options are looking really good now that Coquelin has come good, Walcott and Ozil are back and playing well and Gabriel has arrived from La Liga.

But we need to keep up that momentum and keep the pressure on the clubs above and around us. We have a great chance to that next weekend when we play the first game of the weekend, away to Spurs. We always want to win those of course, but we have an even bigger reason this time, as it could just be the difference in Arsenal making a late charge for the title or fighting for the Wenger trophy again.

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19 thoughts on “Have Arsenal now got the momentum for a title challenge?

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    The real test for all players and manager will be vs


    Mourinho FC


    Robin Van De Gea FC

    Those who cant perform will have to leave and make way for new talents at the end of season….

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    1. fred cowardly

      You went on a great day. 5-0 is great way to lose your Emirates virginity

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  2. Ks-Gunner

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  3. AlmiR

    We can win EPL only if we win all our games, which is close to impossible, chelsea will have very rough end of season, plus add champion league and cup final they will be very tired, who knows i remember 2 seasons ago, we needed 30 points we end with 27, with arsenal you never know, lets start with beating spuds next week!!!

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  4. AlmiR

    OT: Ospinas long balls are amazing, every long ball he passed was on mark, which szcz cant do, i am very pleased with this formation, against spuds i predict, walcott will be on bench, and alexis will play, cuz i cant see wenger droping ozil!!!

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  5. tubby

    Let’s take 1 game at a time guys. It’s still highly unlikely we’ll win the title since we still 11 points behind. But if we treat every game like a cup final, who knows what will happen come end of season.

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  6. fred cowardly

    We are still 11 points behind

    Henry made a good point that Chelski can avoid loss even when they play poorly or have key players absent. For us to win the PL Chelski have to lose some games and we need to win most of ours.

    The only thing we can and should try to do is focus on our own matches. Every week focus on winning like we did yesterday.

    If we win win win and it’s our destiny to win the PL then fantastic. But 4th does not have to be our destiny either. We are only 5 points behind 2nd place.

    The point is lets try to WIN every week and hope for the best finish possible.

    Also, we are in the FA Cup and Champions League. We have a good chance in the former and the latter is not an impossible dream either.


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  7. Jonny

    Winning the league is almost impossible realistically. Chelsea would have to fcuk up big time and we’d have to win 13 or 14 games at least.

    Let’s admit its too late and aim for second place then go for title next season with a much better start hopefully.

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    Let’s not delude ourselves after a few good results, we are 11 points behind.. It’s all lovey dovey right now until the next bad result and we are back to the usual catch phrase on this site “Wenger Out Now, sell all the average players and only keep Ozil and Sanchez”. Blah blah..

    Let’s take it game by game before we build ourselves up again and then start the normal moaning after each bad result.

    One game at a time, let’s make sure we are secure in the Top 4 for now and then move on from there..

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  9. RSH

    offtopic: its not that i dont understand american football… its just boring… and commercials every few seconds

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    1. NY_Gunner

      I barely watch it anymore because of the commercial interruptions after every play. When I was younger, I followed it religiously as well as played it after school. Then, the players were payed less, had less padding and battled from start to finish in some harsh conditions. It was exciting to watch. Now, every bodies an overpaid whining puff padded primadonna and the commercials kill off the atmosphere. It’s turned into a real clown circus…

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  10. GoonAR

    We are in good form. I think that it is still possible to mount the title challenge but we must keep the momentum going against Spuds, and keep the focus every league match. The obvious deciders are if we take points against the teams above us that we still have left to play. KEEP FOCUSED. COYG.

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