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Have Spurs ruined Arsenal’s January transfer plans?

Arsene Wenger may have started to spend a lot more money on Arsenal transfers in the last couple of years, with the smashing to pieces of the Arsenal transfer record for Mesut Ozil a huge surprise to everyone. And the Frenchman has followed that stunning deal up as well, with decent money spent on Chambers, Debuchy and Welbeck last summer as well as over £30 million on Alexis Sanchez, although that now looks an absolute steal.

But a leopard cannot change its spots entirely so you know that Wenger is still always looking for a bargain and would hate to spend more on a player than he thought they were worth. That may still end up costing us as well, according to a report in The Mirror which claims that the Gunners are going to miss out on the January transfer of the West Ham and New Zealand international defender Winston Reid.

The reason, apparently, is that we are not willing to meet West Ham’s valuation of their centre back and Reid himself is not too bothered as he knows that his ability to leave on a free transfer in the summer could help to earn him a better contract.

In fact, the report claims that our north London rivals Tottenham have made it clear that they will give Reid the £60,000 a week and £1 million signing on fee that he wants. So unless Wenger is willing to dig a bit deeper into the Arsenal coffers, our January transfer plans could be at real risk of being mashed by the spuds.

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22 thoughts on “Have Spurs ruined Arsenal’s January transfer plans?

  1. Greg

    If reid goes to them, we shouldnt worry about it, there are better more solid CB out there than reid like hummels, howedes, and fabian schar!

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  2. Champagne Charlie

    Spurs are irrelevant, in more sense that one. If WE don’t get Reid and we want him, then we’ve nobody to blame but the board/Wenger. Reid is there for 6-8mil, all about the penny pinching if Arsenal don’t get that done and want it.

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  3. akuma gouki

    Read: “I prefer Arsenal over spurs!”

    Wenger: “Join us whenever u want.”

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    1. Incarnate

      Is this the same Reid that played so terribly against us? Thanks but no!

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      1. jermaineBryan

        Reid is a decent player performing well this season. As analysed by reid has a higher performance score than all our cb.he has very good but is weak in passing according to this season performance. He wouldn’t command a starting place but to be part of a champions league squad so he would be happy.

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  4. Mk2013

    It’s not about quantity, its about quality and reinforcing the right positions.He should have bought a top striker, a proper DM, and a good replacement for Vermaleen instead of Welbeck and Chambers

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    1. Champagne Charlie

      Lacazette, Schneiderlin, and Howedes. I was banging that drum all summer mate

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  5. Greg

    Winston reid > mediocre
    hummels> quality
    howedes> quality
    schar> quality

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  6. Hafiz Rahman

    Reid? really? gosh…..did people juz write articles without actually seeing him play?

    this guy is juz crap and average

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  7. rools

    I really think we are after Mats Hummels and i think he would be the best possible CB for Arsenal.
    Lets hope.

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  8. antiwenger

    Last January we signed an old injured midfielder, this January we are signing a young unproven midfielder. More like beating around the bush.


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  9. Tope

    @anticommonsense,is the transfer window is closed? Why not relaxe and store your venom till the closing day to sting wenger.

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  10. supertuur

    If we look at stats for this Season Reid is a lot better player than Mertesacker. In tackles, interceptions and headers. He has the third highest rating of interceptions in the EPL.

    His biggest drawback is his passing. He likes to clear with a wild shot. For Arsenal that likes to build up from the back this might be why we do not go after him.

    Otherwise, he is cheap, has EPL experience, lives in London and is available.

    We complain about all the transfers that need doing and we are impatient. However who have Spurs, Pool, Chelsea and ManU signed yet. This to indicate how difficult a Winter Transfer period can be.

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    1. jonestown1

      Always dubious of defensive stats – teams with high possession have less defending to do. Lower ranked teams generally have more of everything to do as well including defending. In terms of tackles, interceptions and headers etc won the stats also say that Reid is better than Kompany, Terry and Cahill and we know that ain’t true. Funnily enough if you remove Reid and do a comparison of PM with the 3 above mentioned he is comparable on the key defensive stats. Perhaps Reid is just way better than all four.

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      1. jermaineBryan

        i have to disagree if the stats are showing averages then it can be fair reading.

        Your kompany comparison is weak because he has been dreadfull this season.He lacks any discipline and has been poor in the air.he also commits too many fouls very overrated.

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  11. kia_SA

    I don’t think Wenger will sign him… We’ve seen lately that Wenger will either splurge out on one top quality player, or invest in younger players with loads of potential (ie, Welbeck and Chambers)…

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