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Have Wales problems reminded Arsenal of Ramsey’s worth?

The Wales manager Chris Coleman and the Arsenal boss have not always seen eye to eye on the subject of Aaron Ramsey and as we approached the current international break and it became clear that the midfield star would not be able to recover in time to play for his country, Arsene Wenger received another blast from the Welshman, for playing Ramsey too soon after the summer. The Frenchman has aimed the same sort of rebuke the other way in the past and they certainly seem to have a prickly relationship at best.

One thing the two manager’s do seem to agree on, however, is the ability of the man in the middle of their fall-outs, and the value of Ramsey to the Wales team was highlighted over the last few days as they only managed two points from the games away to Austria and at home to Georgia.

Wales took the lead in both games but were unable to exert the control they needed to see them through, or to really create enough chances to seal the wins. Judging from the impact he had at Euro 2016 and the way the Welsh played with him pulling the strings in central midfield, Ramsey is a big loss to them.

By extension I think that Wenger will also be very keen to get the 25-year old back from his hamstring injury and with suggesting that he will be available for the Premier League game against Swansea on Saturday, it will be interesting to see just how keen the Arsenal boss is. Do you think he should come straight back into the starting XI?


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4 thoughts on “Have Wales problems reminded Arsenal of Ramsey’s worth?

  1. Tas

    Bale is awesome ruining with the ball but Aaron is the conductor of the welsh team without him they fall short on making real chances, we at arsenal not so dependent on the Creative player because we have a few like him infarct these days Aaron is some way back in the pecking order for that position.

  2. Wilshegz

    Wales is not Arsenal… they are a side full of average n below average side (xcept Bale) so Ramsey ll surely b more crucial to Wales than Arsenal.
    Ramsey can’t get into Arsenal starting XI on merit.

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