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Henry can help Walcott to become top striker at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has not ruled out a third spell at Arsenal for the goal scoring legend Thierry Henry, and the 35-year old is already training with the Arsenal squad. Even if he doesn’t end up playing for the Gunners again, his contribution could be significant, because Wenger is in the process of turning Theo Walcott from winger to striker as he did most successfully with Henry.

There could not be a better teacher for Walcott as he possesses the same basic qualities that Henry had as a young player, speed and finishing ability. Before he joined Arsenal in 1999, the French forward had never scored more than 11 goals in a season. Under Wenger he became a striker hitting more than 20 every year. Wenger and Walcott will hope that his experience will help the England international do the same.

“Thierryu gives him advice, which is important, and Theo is a very intelligent boy.

“He understands very quickly when you tell him something and that’s why I think he can do very well in that position.

“I like what I have seen of Theo through the middle.

“It’s an interesting challenge. I think he can take it on. He is now 23. I decided to play Thierry Henry at 23 through the middle because you have to learn a lot before.”

Walcott may not get the central striker role today, as Wenger may expect a stout, organised defence which may not leave much room for Theo to utilise his pace. He may be started on the right wing where he can get behind the full back and provide balls for Olivier Giroud to challenge for and use his strength and aerial ability.

Arsenal vs. Newcastle will be on

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33 thoughts on “Henry can help Walcott to become top striker at Arsenal

  1. TKC

    When the King retires, Wenger should sign him as a coach. He would be such a great presence for the players, especially the younger ones.

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    Walcott is not the answer up front right now and we need a world class striker to play up front and will also bring the best out of Walcott and Giroud.

    Henry should be signed up as coach at end of his season in the USA for sure.

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  3. No more excuses

    We need winners at this club – as much for presence as their ability . Thierry is a legend and any player who doesn’t feel inspired around him should just go to another club . If wenger signs a proven striker I think Thierry will maybe not get a loan deal but however will stay and train and give us a lift for a few mths . Realistically though – we need a striker in his prime – the sensible 1s knew we needed this from the start of the year – just a pity wenger DOESN’T know best .

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  4. nir

    the metro claims we want luke shaw, reina, nani and zaha! i would take all of them apart from reina. yes even nani. he is really good. better then gervinho by miles.

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  5. Greg

    With thierry Henry’s experience he can take theo under his wing and mould him into a very good striker!point out to him the wrongs and rights he needs to be doing to excell him in the game to become that great striker he is capable of fitting that14 of henry!

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  6. landi

    Dont be stupied!!!
    We wont sign another cf, walcott will be our new ”cf signing” LIKE IT OR NOT. We will go after a winger now
    Nasri ( i doubt it),
    nani, turan,zaha, isco (move cazorla to the wing)
    I also belive that we will get a dcm, i would get m’vila.

    This is how i want it :
    * sell as many deadwood you can
    * Get walcott and sagna sign the thing
    * Get turan, m’vila and ryo miyachi back!

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  7. MDOwn

    King Henry has already expressed his desire to work at Arsenal as a coach, and one day manage them… He’s been saying since he left, so is pretty much inevitable.

    Is a great influence for the players both with regards to ability and for passion of the club

    All hail King Henry! Long live the king.


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  8. No more excuses

    Wenger also said that playing Walcott in a striker position would have no impact on negotiations . Thumbs up if u think this is more bullsh*t .

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    Am confident WALCOTT will be one of the most fearful striker if he stay with us bc he’s an Intelligent player, always ready to lean. #SignDaTing

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  10. Dan

    M’vila/Diame – will add strength to the midfield.

    Nani/Turan – if Walcott moves to the middle (not Zaha, if Walcott goes to CF then we need proven quality to provide for him)

    Reina – Liverpool are going for Butland, we can steal Reina on the cheap to show Szseseny the ropes.

    If Wenger can get three of these players then we could potentially challenge for top 3. I have a horrible feeling nothing will happen though.

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  11. abel

    Is miyaichi not good enough? Y is he being wasted in wigan…dnt tell me he’s injured..wen he was fit he was not getting games. Since the beginning of last season till now, if he was with us he wld have developed so much…i believe he is more talented than chamberlain but chamb came with a 12mil pricetag and miyaici was free and 1 of them had to be loaned out…therefore miyaichi’s loan.

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  12. nir

    miyaichi is genuinly injured..and i think he is better of at wigan then arsenal at the moment. don’t put to much pressure on him just yet.

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  13. dboy

    We are not in good position at all. If we lose today and Stoke win, we could fall down to 8th place. We could probably win against Soho in the next game, but than we face Man city next, after that Chelsea. Failure to collect points from the last two could see us in serious trouble. That just shows how important a win is today, or else our 4th place trophy is in jeapordy.

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  14. No more excuses

    Why all this faith in ryo ? He hasn’t set any games alight where I watched him – either for arsenal or on loan . I can’t see him getting an important game for us any time soon . Another vela , bendtner , park , chamakh …… The list goes on . It doesn’t matter how good they are in other leagues or for their country – it matters in the epl !

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  15. Gautham

    I really hope Wenger doesn’t back down on the deadline he set for Walcott to sign. If he does then it’s a win-win situation for theo and a lose-lose situation for the club. Its win-win for theo since he still gets playing time and he can listen to offers from other clubs. If none of those clubs give him a bigger contract than Arsenal then he can still sign for us. Its a lose-lose situation for Arsenal because we still give him game time to impress other buyers and even if he does sign it will be because he didn’t receive better offers elsewhere.

    In my opinion, if theo doesn’t sign, then Wenger should sign a quality winger in the january window. Someone like Turan(exceptional whenever i see him play), Pato or even Nani. Then demote Theo to the bench. Maybe promote Ox over him too. It would really make a statement. Make players think twice before considering Arsenal as a stepping stone for the bigger paycheck.

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  16. landi

    ryo another park ?
    In feyenord they came with japanese flags and gave him the nickname ryonoldinho or something like that. He is superb, quicker than flame, deadly, great shots (from what i have seen) and quick stepovers, He is our chanse to get our own ronaldo! Propably on of our rawest talent ever, Either he will get world class or just decent.

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  17. CRABBY

    @no more excuses You have not got a clue what you are talking about he was terrific at Feyenord and done very well at Bolton so I suggest you get some knowledge of the guy before you talk him down!
    He will be a very good player for us maybe coming off the bench next season as he is quick, can take players on and can cross the ball as well as score goals.

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  18. No more excuses

    Crabby I watched his games to u donut . He’s that good he doesn’t make the squad . I know a hell of alot more than u bout football after readin ur past comments . I give honest views . Does wenger or does wenger not give young players a chance ? Yes he does – and Is ryo good nuff to get into our squad ? No ! Read the comment – I said it doesn’t matter how good they look in inferior leagues . Play away with ur keyboard warrior nonsense and feel free to call me out if and when ryo comes this great player !

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  19. CRABBY

    You mean you watched him too you idiot!
    Wilshere played at Bolton and done well and so did Ryo and the lad has only just turned 19 this month and signed from his Japanese high school team so needs time to adjust so stop being a nob head all your life and grow up Mr I know more than you Bull crap!

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  20. S.H

    There’s only so much you can teach a dumb dog! Save your efforts Henry, Walcott wasn’t born with natural skill and brains like you my majesty. It’s like training shark to swim backwards

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  21. No more excuses

    Crabby – take a chill pill lol . Jack went to Bolton and kept them up – then he went into our 1sts next season . How did ryo do ? He was good nuff to goto Wigan on loan – and if I mind right he played a few average games . Thanks for the English lesson . If that’s the only grammar mistake u can find in my posts then u cud maybe do with English lessons urself . Mr I know more than u ? Read ur 1st post – clampet . Pmsl

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  22. Hass

    Miyaichi and Eisfeld can become top top players, why aren’t they (I know Miyaichi is injured on loan) given a chance. Walcott, Chamberlin and Ramsey all in the first team because of their price tag.

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  23. Albrightgunner

    What has Demba Ba just did to Arsenal? Yes, he did what he knows best, SCORING. This is what this guy is good at and this is what we want in ARSENAL. I see no reason many arsenal fans played down on Ba’s move. \I still can’t get it…………

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  25. georgegooner

    If after todays performance, against two physical center backs, who both had at least half a foot in height on him, Theo hasn’t done enough to convince Wenger to pay him just a little more in order to finalize the contract talks, then i don’t know what he has to do, he already has 13 goals this season, the majority coming off of the bench, he had 2 emaculate finishes today, his first and 3rd goal ( especially the 3rd ) and gave a top strikers fox in the box style finish for his second. His movement all game was amazing, breaking up room for the OX on more than one occasion to get past santon and put deliveries into the box ( needs improving though ) and the same for Poldi and Gibbs on the left hand side, he brought the rest of the team into the game constantly and was the key reason why we scored so many goals today, not to mention his David Beckham-esc cross to set up Girouds header. Had the game of his life today and has proved that we don’t need another striker for the first team
    Gooner Til I Die!!!!!!!!

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  26. S.H

    @That Gunner

    I have to say well done to Theo for his hattrick. Now if you watched carefully, how many chances did Theo bungle in open space which could have led to goals? How many first touches did he mess up, which slowed the forward play? There were at least 2-3 chances on the counter where Theo’s decision-making and technical ability were in question again. Don’t get me wrong, I thought he played great and full credit to him. That assist he gave to Giroud was bang on! I just want to see more of this consistently. He still lacks so much technical ability and creativity. Walcott could have easily scored 5 last night as Newcastle’s extra game in the week took its toll in the last 15 mins of the match.

    My man of the match was actually Podolski. I thought he worked most diligently to attack and defend. Gibbs had a terrible game IMO. The German was everywhere on the pitch. But then again, I analyse the game differently from others who just look at goals and flashy movements.

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