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Higuain saga to work out for Arsenal with Mandzukic transfer?

He may not be the striker that a lot of Arsenal fans were hoping to see come to north London this summer to boost the fire power of the Gunners, but the Croatian Republic international Mario Mandzukic does have a lot going for him. And according to the latest Arsenal transfer rumours he could be available after his current club Juventus beat us to the mega money transfer of Gonzalo Higuain.

Not many centre forwards in the game today can boast a record as proud as the 30-year old, with six league titles with Dinamo Zagreb, Bayern Munich and Juventus. Add in the Champions League, domestic cups, super cups and even a club world cup and Mandzukic has won an enviable 17 trophies, so you would think he would bring a bit of winning know how and experience to go with his undoubted talent.

It may not have gone exactly according to plan since the striker left the Bundesliga champions two years ago but he did score 20 goals in his year with Atletico Madrid and 13 last season for the Italian champions despite their options up front limiting his game time somewhat.

It remains to be seen how keen the Serie A club are to let him go but Metro among others are reporting that a deal could be on the cards. It would not be too expensive and at 30 the striker is still at the top of his game, plus his style of football and attributes make him a like for like replacement for our own Olivier Giroud.

Would you be happy to see Mandzukic as the striker that Arsenal sign this summer?


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15 thoughts on “Higuain saga to work out for Arsenal with Mandzukic transfer?

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    No thanks… He didn’t do jack 💩 during the Euro’s!
    Which suggests he is nothing more than a “Has Been”

    Nice try though 😉

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  2. Fatboy Gooney

    Per Mertesacker tells Arsenal fans not to worry about needing a striker, as he jokes he will score ’20 goals this season’ after knee surgery.

    He said “Got my knee pimped now. The doc said this will guarantee me scoring 20 goals this season. So no more rumours about striker signings anymore.’ 

    It’s good to see that BFG is in good spirit and I’m sure that all Gooner’s wish him a speedy recovery. .. into retirement 😉😂

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  3. ButtFlaps

    We better than Juventus leftover foods! Why we not increase bid to Lacassette? WHy we not in to Marhez???? WHY!

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    This bloke gets dumped by bayern, then dumped by athletico, now looks to be gettin dumped by juve… If we think he’s good enough for us then we have to except we are not a big club anymore..

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  5. Robin Vanpayslip

    @ admin

    You’re just messing with me. Ever since I announced I can only express myself through poetry the names have become more and more difficult.

    Nothing rhymes with Mandzukic

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    1. Krish

      hahaha xD try it with other names 😀 like modric grujic etc.

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      hahahahaha…….omg!………hahahaha……… Admin got u where it hurts most

      Mandzukic really?…..that 30yr old bloke to replace a 30ur old giroud?……how does this Augur well with us?

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  6. Tidan2

    I was down voted a hell of a lot for mentioning Bony before so genuine question: What is wrong with him as an option? Better than Mandzukic.

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  7. kev

    At times it’s I feel like being slapped to wake me up from this dream.So are we again saying Giroud is better than Mandzukic.Goodness!!!! it’s just unbelievable how we rate Giroud despite him being nothing special and will never be.I wonder if Ozil and Sanchez also think Giroud is better than Mandzukic and would rather stick with Giroud upfront than Mandzukic.

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    1. dragunov762mm

      Most of us rated Giroud only little bit higher than average. Today of Mandzukic must be lower than that according to his recent performances.

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  8. Redeye

    I rather we threw 50 million on dybala instead, at least try you never know.

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    1. dragunov762mm

      Nope. This is better : throw 45M pounds on Mahrez then we’ll get double king of assist pair with Ozil. Throw another 5M then we’ll Wissam Ben Yedder. A serious gamble on the last, but I think many gooners will like this idea.

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