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Hilarious! Spurs complain about Mike Dean influence in Arsenal win…

Mauricio Pochettino has claimed that refereeing decisions went against his Spurs side as Arsenal claimed all three points today.

The Gunners would have had reservations about the fixture upon announcement of Mike Dean officiating the North London Derby, having seen Dean appearing to celebrate a Tottenham goal against our side previously, and decisions have gone against us in a number of big games in recent years.

Dean did his job perfectly well in my opinion however, refusing to give Harry Kane a penalty which a biased referee cold easily have given, as well as being rather fair with his other decisions also.

Manager Pochettino has claimed that the decisions did not go his way, which has come as music to my laughing ears.

The Argentine claimed that Granit Xhaka shouldn’t have been left on the pitch, due to two supposed yellow card decisions.

Poch said: “I think Xhaka was a second yellow, the first I don’t know why because he stopped Sissoko break.

“Sometimes I am disappointed and frustrated.

“I’m disappointed because it changed a lot.

“When you play this level a small detail can affect the game.”

The Spurs boss then went onto complain about our opening goal, claiming it was offside, while also insisting that the initial free kick which led to the goal shouldn’t have even been given.

“I do not need to say anything. It was obvious for everyone here and watching at home. It is not easy to accept because we lost the game but we have to move on and keep going.

“The free-kick for the first goal and the first goal was obvious offside, maybe the second was too. When you play against a team in the top six, the big details are up to you. Sometimes things go against you but that is football.”

Sounds to me like he is simply bitter, and the fact he is complaining about playing 11 against 11 shows you just how much belief he had in his side to win the game.

Does Poch have any right to complain? Is claiming his side should have been gifted a man advantage jokeable?

Pat J

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27 thoughts on “Hilarious! Spurs complain about Mike Dean influence in Arsenal win…

  1. mikeB

    What ??? Nobody on here screaming Wenger should go, Arsenal are crap, sick to death of paying good money to watch rubbish, week in week out???
    We won the most important fixture in our season, and we won it well. . . Be happy Gooners!!!!

    1. OxInTheBox

      one win doesn’t change anything. Wenger must go. our weak and spineless team didn’t became a world beater because of one win over a top 6 opponent (out of 4 games so far), at home, after the international break.
      we have a team that when everyone fit and in top form, can win big games AT HOME. we knew that already. we can’t do that away, and we don’t have good enough squad or manager be convincing regularly.
      delusion no more!!!

    2. McLovin

      Well we are now…12 points behind the leaders.

      Great win indeed, but does this win wash off the Watford, Stoke and City defeats?

      Are we back in the title race?

      I enjoy this win wholeheartedly, but top 4 is not a trophy for me. Next two away games, especially Burnley will be tricky.

      1. ADoseOfReality

        Are the richer Man Utd or Chelsea in the title race? Are the supposed better managers in Klopp/Poch in the title race? Are the runaway leaders hands down the richest team in the league with by far the best facilities in England?

    3. reddb10

      so wenger is a god because we beat the scum at home and ozil is suddenly brlliant.
      its always great to win the derby but how easy some of you get disillusioned.

  2. Robin Vanpayslip

    One of the spuds players said they played well and game went to plan. **** me but that was one **** plan

    1. Anko

      When Jamie Said Tottenham are becoming arrogant, I thought he was being too critical of them, but hearing one of their players saying they played well and the game went as planned makes me think Jamie is right to say they are becoming arrogant!

  3. Jeff

    Spurs fan here, Poch was obviously just avoiding criticising his team in public. Arsenal were clearly the better side and deserved their win. It’s also true that Xhaka committed two clear yellow card offences, the most blatant being the one that Dean didn’t book him for. It’s also true that, with the benefit of slo mo, you can see that both goals were technically offside ( although I wouldn’t complain as in normal play they were both too close to call). The first goal also came from a free kick that even I could see watching on tv in normal time was a ridiculously bad decision. So Poch is right about the refs poor performance. But we didn’t lose because of the refs decisions. We lost because we produced our worst performance of the season and you probably had your best. Managers are prone to blame refs for their own teams errors and both Poch and Wenger do this regularly. Not sure if I’m looking forward to your boys visiting us at Wembley but it will be interesting to see if this result has any impact on both teams performance for the rest of the season or if it’s just a one off.

  4. Kenny Rolfe

    Just back from the game (and the pub) so haven’t seen any replays but I’ve heard the Spuds are moaning about our goals. Ain’t seen nothing yet from Sky Sports or the BBC who both tipped the Spuds to win , so no change there and can’t wait to see Lineker’s face on MOTD tonight. Got a feeling he might take the night off, always was a coward. Anyway concerning today’s game, to be honest, I’ve seen us play better but not with as much commitment, we wanted it more than them, right from the first whistle and if we show the same commitment for the rest of the season 4th place is the minimum we can achieve.

  5. Mitch Connor

    Happy days are rare for us Gooners. Enjoy it while it lasts. This is the happiest I’ve been since our FA Cup win.

    As much criticism I give Ozil for going walk-a-bout often, if he and Alexis can get us into the top 4 and win us a trophy of some sort, it will make them leaving in the summer more bearable. I hope they play like this more consistently.

    Chelsea and Liverpool looked really good and United are doing the business so I still think it’s unlikely that we will finish top 4 BUT today’s win makes it at least possible to me now. If we had lost, I would have said impossible.
    Besting Spurs is always lovely though. Let’s do it again when we go over there 🙂

  6. Waal2waal

    …nice satisfying game, nice result 2 – 0 is a perfect win (imo). i salute the team and i’m happy for all arsenal fans. If only for the moment let’s enjoy this result as well as the fact there’s NO power shift, not today, nor tomorrow, NEVER.

  7. Godswil

    We are not competing against Spur.
    Who comes up next?
    Let go there and hit them.
    We need to catch up but am still fed up with Wenger until he completely repent or quit if he doesn’t.

  8. Joe Llabtoof

    1st goal offside. 2nd goal close but NOT offside. Most other calls were fair. And Arsenal did not let Spuds play their game – that was key.

    The spuds whining is a joke. Since when does anyone sympathize with Arsenal when things go wrong for them?? They always just say Arsenal were not strong enough.

    So spuds……. give me a break and stop your crying. Play better next time if you want to win.

  9. Tommy

    You played well but only won with 2 offside goals and a lot of help from Mike Dean and his officials and us not turning up, is that something to celebrate? well yes if you have fallen as far down as Arsenal have, hence your players classless twitter taunts to us it’s like a chav culture down at the Emirates! do we do that? no because we have class and dignity and are aiming higher than the odd FA Cup! your club and players are only obsessed with having some kind of moral high ground to be above us it’s tragic! if you were aiming high you would of said ok it’s 3 points now lets aim higher and win the league or champions league but no you have sunk to a low level of accepting a top 4 finish which you are struggling to do now and with 4 times the budget of us, what happened to competing with Europe’s best when the stadium was built? a cash cow more like! your getting robbed by your chairman to watch Thursday night football in the Europa League! it’s reality and i can’t wait for you to come to Wembley! Coys!

    1. Mobella

      You cracked me up when you say you are aiming hire than the fa cup. so in your little spurs mind fa cup is not a trophy. Please remind us again when was the last time you won anything and how many epl have you won in your existence.

    2. Mobella

      For info, it only us who has the right to say fa cup is not a trophy. Not you, not Liverpool, not even the Manchester clubs, you know why, because we hold the record of winning it the most and won 3 in the last for 4 years. You lot should be glad if come close to winning it.

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